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jumper research

   many of our jumper reports are spotty at best. we could use more information from those in the know. do you have access to paid newspaper archives? any inside knowledge? your help is appreciated.
   below is a list of what could use further input. additional information you may have on any of the many 'possible jumps', saves, and anything else on the site, is also helpful. thank you.
2019: any and all 'possibles' and any more info is welcome.

06.03.18: save, 6:00pm, unknown
06.03.18: possible jumper, 6:42am, unknown
06.01.18: possible jumper, 9:30am, unknown
05.31.18: possible jumper, 9:00am, unknown
05.30.18: possible save, 7:00pm, male, never jumped, unknown
05.29.18: jumper, 12:00pm, unknown
05.23.18: possible something, unknown
05.22.18: possible something, unknown
05.18.18: jumper, 10:11pm, male, unknown
05.01.18: jumper, 11:45pm, male, unknown
04.21.18: body found near the skyway, male, unknown
04.19.18: possible jumper, 6:40pm, unknown
04.17.18: possible jumper, unknown
04.13.18: possible jumper, unknown
04.01.18: possible jumper, unknown
03.31.18: possible jumper, female, unknown
03.28.18: possible jumper, 8:30am, unknown
03.18.18: save, 8:15pm, male, unknown
03.12.18: possible jumper, unknown
02.17.18: jumper, 12:30pm, male, hit water, died, body found, unknown
02.04.18: probable jumper, 1:30pm, unknown
01.31.18: possible jumper, 5:30pm, male, unknown
01.31.18: possible jumper, 6:00am, unknown
01.02.18: jumper save, female, 11:50pm, unknown, 50

12.12.17: jumper save, female, unknown
10.06.17: jumper save, male, 8:38pm, unknown
10.01.17: woman out for a stroll, 6:30pm, unknown
07.06.17: jumper, 3:00pm, male, lived, condition unknown, Dilworth (unconfirmed)
05.22.17: jumper save, male, 12:07am, unknown
01.05.17: jumper save, male, 5:00pm, unknown

10.10.16: jumper, male, died, Fritsche (unconfirmed)
09.26.16: jumper, male, unknown
08.24.16: jumper, 10:55am, unknown
08.20.16: jumper, 12:00am, died, unknown
08.09.16: possible jumper save, 3:00pm, female, unknown
08.04.16: jumper, 7:28am, possible survivor, unknown
07.23.16: save, 7:30pm, male, unknown
06.15.16: jumper, 9:57pm, male, hit water, died, unknown, 46
04.06.16: save, 5:30pm, female, unknown
03.03.16: possible save, 8:10am, female, unknown

10.09.15: jumper, 11:18am, male, lived
10.06.15: save
09.29.15: save, 3:38pm, female
09.27.15: jumper, 1:07am, died
09.23.15: jumper, male, 6:55am, died, body missing
09.18.15: jumper, male, 10:36am, hit water, died
09.12.15: save, male, 3:12pm
08.07.15: jumper, male, 9:17pm, hit water, lived, died the next day
07.29.15: jumper, 5:42am, male, hit water, died, body found 3 days later
07.20.15: jumper, 1:14pm, female, hit water, lived
07.18.15: save, male, 2:30am
06.30.15: jumper, 7:49pm, male, died
05.21.15: save, 6:25pm, male
03.31.15: save, 8:48am, male
02.17.15: save, 11:30pm, male
02.15.15: save, 5:00pm
02.07.15: jumper, 1:48pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day

12.13.14: jumper, 8:45pm, male, lived, cardiac arrest, and taken to hospital
07.28.14: save, 6:20pm, male, was stopped from jumping
06.29.14: save, male
05.14.14: jumper, 1:39pm, male, hit water, died, body recovered
04.30.14: jumper, 9:54am, male, hit water, died
04.27.14: jumper, 4:00am, hit water, lived

10.07.13: save, female, name unknown
10.06.13: jumper, female, lives, name unknown
09.07.13: jumper, male, died, name unknown, 33
02.24.13: jumper, male, died, name unknown
01.07.13: jumper, male, hit water, lives, name unknown, 22

09.06.12: jumper, possibly named James Turner?
08.02.12: jumper?, male?, 3:38pm, green car?, died?, body not yet found?
06.28.12: possible jumper or bridge worker's car.
06.21.12: possible jumper, 10:28pm, unknown
05.04.12: jumper, 5:45am, died, unknown
04.11.12: save, 5:45pm, male
01.28.12: possible jumpers?, male?, 9:00am? 12:43pm?
01.22.12: possible jumper, 11:28am

09.18.11: possible jumper, male, 12:30pm, unknown
07.01.11: save, unknown
05.05.11: jumper, 8:44pm, male, hit water, lived, unknown, 21
03.21.11: possible save, 12:00pm, male, stopped from jumping

11.18.10: save, male, unknown
09.14.10: save, male, unknown
08.18.10: save or vehicle issue, 8:15am, unknown
08.12.10: save, 9:40pm, unknown
07.10.10: save, 2:15am, female, unknown
05.21.10: save, male, unknown, 48
04.10.10: save, male, unknown

12.20.09: save, female, unknown, 55
12.18.09: save, female, unknown, 51
11.10.09: save, male, unknown, 44
09.20.09: save, male, unknown
08.28.09: possible mystery jumper
08.09.09: save, male, unknown
05.04.09: we are told her name is Kathy Wilson (maiden), but need verification.

04.11.08: media report, Gaetano Zupa.
03.27.08: name of jumper, female, lived.
02.12.08: media report and update if he was ever found, Terry Stephens.

08.09.07: media report, Helen Miller

09.19.06: name and info on a mystery jumper.
08.21.06: media report, Brian Zazworsky
04.20.06: media report, Coren Nuckolls

08.09.05: media report, Khamla Keovongsa
08.03.05: media report, Joshua Gifford
07.06.05: media report, James Rodriguez
05.01.05: name of woman saved from jumping.
03.19.05: media report, mixed reports. male? or female named "Charlotte"?

05.16.04: we are told her name is Katy Jodat, but need verification.
03.28.04, we are told his name is Timothy Duval, but need verification.

12.09.03: media report, Jennifer Francis
11.05.03: media report, Don Whoberry
04.12.03: name of man saved from jumping.

12.24.02: media report, Richard Mahoney
08.09.02: media report, David Coast

11.13.99: name of man saved from jumping.
10.04.99: media report, Richard Elliott
09.11.99: media report, Susan Alvarez
09.01.99: name of jumper, male, 40, lives
06.28.99: media report, Daniel LaVallie
04.14.99: media report, David Morgan
03.21.99: media report, John Brooks

08.15.98: name of jumper, male, lived
08.05.98: media report, Sean Benton
03.28.98: media report, Fredrick Courtney
03.23.98: media report, Mason Dillard
01.12.98: media report, Mary Sullivan

11.08.97: media report, Edward Kuhns
10.29.97: media report, Leo Kennell
09.18.97: media report, Ronald Mutchok

01.04.96: name of jumper, male, 56, died

07.25.94: media report and name of jumper, male, died.
01.06.94: name of jumper and media report, male, 55, died

10.07.93: media report, Karen McFawn
08.29.93: media report, Anthony Olszewski

02.03.92: name of jumper, male

12.13.91: media report, William Vogel

12.24.88: name and status of if she was found, female, body missing.

07.24.87: name of jumper, male, 37, lived

06.14.80: body found, need identification.

10.22.73: official or media report, Ronald Steens

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