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2003 jump events

the 4th busiest suicide jump year in skyway history.

updated: 08.28.22
5 years of skyway jumper news.
have any factual news, updates, or additions?
(our comments follow)
12.19.03: possible jumper
Johnny Jones Nolton, 42 (unconfirmed)
10.19.15, Tracey R., Sarasota, Florida,
regarding: Johnny nolton in December of 2003,
This is my brother I didn't see his name on the list. (sorry for your loss. all we found is an obituary, which may or may not be your brother.)

any more info is welcome.
12.09.03: jumper, 02:27am, female, hit water, died, missing
Jennifer Francis, 32
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
12.09.03, Dave Z., Dunedin FL., Heard it on the morning show on WFLA at 6:00a woman jump from North bound lane seen by construction worker.

12.10.03, John R., Clearwater FL., (6am, hit water) A friend of mine told me yesterday that a women jumped from the bridge and the Coast Guard was searching for her body. He said he had heard it on Ron Diaz' show on 103.5.

12.10.03, Randy L., Lakeland, FL., (am, female, died) News break on 98 rock during the Bubba show. I believe it said they had called off the search.

any more info is welcome.
12.09.03, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 2501 1SKYWAY BRIDGE 0227
12.10.03, Howard B., Lakeland, FL., (6am, female) The "jumper" you refer to so callously is my stepsister. I will not give you her name due to respect for our family, and for my fear that you would place it on this site. She did take her life but she deserves better than that. Perhaps you could find a more productive way to excercise your free speech rights. Our family is devastated over this, as I'm certain all the other families are whose loved ones you are lampooning on this site are. My stepsister had problems, obviously, and sites such as yours only deepen the pain and sorrow of those of us who are trying to find information and answers. To verify the authenticity of this email, I can tell you that as of 11:39pm dec. 10, 2003 she has not been found. Everything in me wants to berate you for your cruel, tasteless insensitivity to grieving families but my guess is that would only feul for fire. I just ask you to put yourself in our shoes and show respect. Thank you. (we refer to jumpers as jumpers because they are jumpers. is there a word we should use that would better suit who they are? she took her own life and having done so, she has put her life's end on this site. we are sure her family is devastated and it's very sad that she has treated them more callously than we could ever do here.)
 Jennifer Francis
12.11.03, unknown, Tampa, Florida, She was a dear friend and we hope they don't stop search and we have her family in our prayers.

12.12.03, Karla M., Tampa, Fl., any word on the search? Why is nothing being said about her? I hope they find her soon so we can put her to rest. She was a long time friend of mine and I know she had no idea how much hurt she would cause everyone who knew and loved her. She was truly a special person and is going to be missed! You are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers always. I wish I would have had a chance to say goodby. LOVE YOU GIRL!

12.13.03, tampa, i known that she is a hair stylist (spanish) and that she left letters and asked to be cremated. i was told that her boyfriend [name withheld] broke up with her the day before. she was a very week female and i wish that she known that after death their will be no coming back. female needs to know that a man is not worth it. i hope that [name withheld] learn is lesson because he is a wellknown womanizer. yes she was a messed up female but i wander what he was telling her to make her lose her self.

12.15.03, DV, I know who the 'jumper' was. She was the 13th this year. She was loved so much by so many, it's a shame that she did not know that or feel that. We worked together at 2 salons and she was a wonderful hairdresser with a huge clientele of people that loved and trusted her work. J was friendly and personable. I don't know of any one that did not like her. I am saddened by the loss of such a beautiful person. I cannot criticize or condemn her decision. I am sure it was a very painful one for her. I just have to remember that it was HER decision. People are not always well equipped to deal with pain and rejection and that DOES NOT make her 'bad' or 'wrong' or even 'weak' it just means that she was hurting and could not process or handle that pain. This is a huge loss. I only wish J could have felt how big it would be. You are loved and missed my friend. You have touched many, many lives in wonderful ways. I will always remember your pretty smile and friendly ways. (it's a shame she did not allow those who loved her to help her. you sound like a good friend.)

12.15.03, Jennifer G., I would like to say I am very sad that my best friend who jumped on 12.09.03 is gone I hope and pray that they find her body so we may lay her to rest. J was a very wonderful person not a weak person, and I will miss her deeply and will never understand why she never showed any signs on the days leading up to her taking her own life. I wish she would have just showed one sign. May god bless her soul and that she is now in a better place and at peace. I will always remember the good times and miss her very very much. She will be missed more then she would have ever known. This is a tragedy and a great loss. I will miss her and not being able to see or speak to my best friend ever again. Please keep us up dated on her search.

12.19.03, Greta W., Tampa, FL., Well guys, I have to say this site is not what I expected, but without it I wouldn't have known how to contact any of J's friends. I too can not believe she is gone...I was her neighbor for over 5 yrs and we spoke all the time about MEN. Chino, I hope this hunts you for the rest of your life. J was not a weak person, she was very strong, independent, and full of life. What ever she was thinking at that last moment we will never know. We can only remember the good times we shared with her and I pray that God has saved her soul. I know we are all dumb founded, because she had true friends she could talk to. Now we are left wondering why didn't she come to us. For what ever reason that brought her to this decision, I hope she knew she was loved by many. J you will be missed. My prayers go out to her family. A soul so young and full of hope. We were suppose to take classes together this January. I still can't believe she is gone! Please contact me for the memorial. The last I heard from our other neighbor, it had not been decided. J. I love you and may you rest in peace. Love your friend always G.

12.19.03, Devin, I just want to add that the creators of this sight are not 'out to get' any one! I feel they serve as a means to find answers when the other mediums can't be bothered because they do not feel that a person suffering and taking their own life is "news worthy" unless it has blood and guts and gore attached to it or unless they can beef it up. I have written a brief comment about a friend of mine that jumped. I stuck to my feelings and did not put any of my issues on them nor did I blame them. How in the *BLEEP* can any one fault the website? I just want to say thanks to you jumperpool, otherwise I would have had no outlet to express myself about 'J'. 'J' was a nice person and I can tell by the other nice responses to this tragedy.

12.19.03, Tanja, Chicago, IL., J was a great person, with a huge heart. I remember going out with her and some other girlfriends and we would have a great time, she always kept it real. That's what I loved about her. She was also super talented-she was a Super hair stylist that could hook up any type of hair, like magic. She was a lovely soul, trendsetter and great friend. The world will miss such a angel. I will pray for her soul-and hope that the family finds her remains soon to lay her to rest. Bye Girl we all love and miss you very much. Men/Women -Please treat people right-your actions can really have a impact on others. Love Peace 

12.21.03, How can I find out about J's memorial? Who do I contact? I am a client of hers. (sorry, we have no idea about her or what is going on with the family's plan.)

12.30.03, Gina, Tampa, FL., I will always understand her and miss her deeply. She was my best friend for 20 years. I miss those long talks on the phone for hours. I miss her like crazy, she was not only my best friend but she was a sister to me. There will never be anyone like her in my lifetime. I am so sorry I missed her call, it breaks my heart. I wish I could see her right now. I wish my cries would of been answered and if at least one person would of answered me she could still be here. I can not express the toll this has taken on my life. She was there through the birth of my children, my divorce, my depressions. She was always there for me. I know one day I will see her again. I love you J... your best friend, Gina (this is the first time so many people that knew a jumper have come here to speak fondly about their lost friend. usually they spend considerable energy bashing us.)

01.01.04, Carolyn, Tampa, Fl., I just became aware of this site a few days ago. To answer her clients question... no, there will not be any information on any type of service until her body is found. If you keep in touch with her last place of employment they can inform you on any updates. I have looked thru this site enough to see that almost everyone was recovered that day or within 3 days. Has it ever taken this long to find them? It has now been 3 weeks and 2 days and still no recovery. What is taking so long? Is this unheard of? It is devastating to us all and that much more since they can't seem to find her. It just still doesn't seem real to me, it's this horrible nightmare that can't and won't be real until she is found. The reason why so many people are writing so many nice things about her is because she was a very special, extraordinary, gifted, talented, insightful, fun, articulate, intelligent, understanding, compassionate, beautiful human being who as said before me "always kept it real". As beautiful as she was on the outside she was 100 times more on the inside. She possessed more gifts and talents then everyone else I know put together. I felt truly blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her my friend. It's not going to be easy going thru life without her. I miss my friend. She can never be replaced. If this nightmare really is real then I know she is in peace and will become an angel for those who she cared for and who cared for her. (a very touching testimonial. we are sorry you lost your friend. we have never heard of it taking this long to recover someone. sorry to say this, but at this point, we wonder if she will ever be recovered.)

01.01.04, C.M.L, New Tampa, Fl., The "jumper" you're refering to on 12-9-03 was a great person. She was my sister's hairstylist as well as mine. J was a beautiful and wonderful person. I've been viewing your site, and I'd like to say that is a great way to inform people on the amount of victims that take their lives over the skyway. Except, I don't like how you handle the mood of this site. Many people are drawn to this site to find out more information on loved ones that took their lives on this bridge. I believe you who controls this site, could have alittle more sensitivity, and be more unselfish to the feelings of YOUR VIEWERS. The pictures you post of the Skyway and your captions are harsh. Your crude humor can be taken down a couple of notches, especially once it comes to serious subjects such as suicide. This site could be more informational, other than taken as a joke. You should present this site to inform those on the matter of suicide. Not on counting the great amount of lives that have taken their own. It only seems that you are posting these to prove a point which you are hardly defending, especially in your sarcastic manner. Thank you for your time. (in the beginning, this site was designed as a joke. we had a few laughs at the expense of jumpers. soon after the beginning of this site, we have tried to convince those that wish to leap off the bridge to get some help. it was not our intention to be the saviors of any "jumper", but if we succeed, good for us. we doubt many jumpers even know about this site, much less take the time to read our advice against jumping and then taking it. it was never our intention to be the main source of information on anyone's loved one that jumped. we leave that to the media and officials that handle the aftermath of a jumper's stunt and let them work out the details with the next of kin. we offer whatever information we can to those that simply have an interest in reading about jumpers. the "mood of this site" is exactly how we like it. we're sorry you don't like it, but to be honest, we care not what you or anyone else thinks about it. most of our visitors have commented favorably about the site, what humor found within, and the sarcastic manner we deliver it. more like it than dislike it. we are not going to change a thing to please you. we are not going to show "more sensitivity" then we already have. if "viewers" are displeased, then they can go away, buh bye. we will continue to display the folly of jumping off the skyway in our "crude" little way. if you want to "be more informational", not "taken as a joke", or present a "site to inform those on the matter of suicide", then we invite you to do so with your own website. thank you for your time as well.)

01.03.04, David S., Tampa, Florida, As disturbing as I find your site to be, I will enter my thoughts and feelings about a very beautiful person. The last "Person" on your site for 2003 was a very dear friend and is loved & missed by many. I remember the 1st day I met her and I instantly felt she was a compassionate and very kind person. She could always make you see the light side of any problem and bring a smile to anyone's face. She was a very strong-minded friend that brought happiness to all that knew her. She would listen to any problem and make anyone laugh about the fact they saw it as a problem. I just wish that she gave us that opportunity before she made up her mind. I also wish that her last message to me "I'll see you tomorrow" was true. I miss you and will always love you.

01.29.04, B., Clearwater, After reading the posting on your site I notice that the last jumper for 2003 (the female) has no update by the Hillsborough Sherriff dept. Why is that? Did she jump are not? (from the outpouring of response to this 'supposed' jump, we would bet she actually did jump. how the sheriff's department picks and chooses who they list on their press release page is a question only they can answer. we are baffled as to why some jumpers get much press and some get a small mention, while others get zero press, zero mention. either report the news of suicide or suppress every suicide as if they never happen and maybe no one will ever self exterminate again. right.)

02.05.04, Billy B., The last jumper of 2003 was jennifer francis. I still have no clue as to the actual facts of the 'jump' (?) If her 'family' has information and is intentionally with-holding it from Jennifer's friends and loved ones I can certainly see why she felt that she had nobody to turn to. If you are a family member and reading this.... STOP BEING SO SELFISH AND SCARED. STOP TRYING TO HIDE THE REALITY OF WHAT HAPPENED! GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET THE WORD OUT THERE THAT A WOMAN IS STILL MISSING. WE ALL WANT CLOSURE. SCREW YOUR PRIDE. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, IT IS ABOUT JENNIFER. MAYBE YOU NEVER TAUGHT HER THAT IT IS GOOD AND OKAY TO REACH OUT? (You obviously aren't doing it)! HONOR EVERY ONE THAT JENNIFER TOUCHED, NOT JUST YOUR SELFISH SELVES! SHE EXISTED BEYOND YOU! GET THE WORD OUT THERE, NOTIFY EVERY PAPER AND MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER THAT YOU CAN! AS FAR AS I CAN TELL YOU ARE PULLING THE O.J. SIMPSON SYNDROME. Professing your innocense yet not doing a thing to get to the REAL TRUTH! HMMPHH!

02.15.04, TC, St Petersburg, It's Valentine's Day and today I just got the shocking news about J when I visited the salon where we first met. J was my hairdresser and she made me and my bridal party very beautiful on my wedding day the Saturday after 9-11. Although J and I had more of a professional relationship, she always knew how to make me feel good. She was a beautiful woman with strong convictions and values. When she styled my hair we would fondly talk about family, friends, and special people in her life. I felt comfortable talking to J b/c she genuinely cares for people and she had a gift of making her clients look and feel good. J was there for me when I had miscarried my first baby last April. I wish that I was there to support her when she needed it most. I am saddened by the shocking news and my heart goes out to her family and friends at this very difficult time. My prayers are with you and J.

02.19.04, A friend of J's, Tampa, FL., I would like to comment on Billy B's statements. First off, let me say that I think it’s sad that we feel we have to come to this site to connect with others on how we feel about her. Your words may have seemed harsh towards her family but I understand your pain and frustration. It may seem like they are trying to hide what happened... keep it ‘hush hush’ and sweep it under that rug and maybe no one will notice. She did exist beyond them. She did touch a lot of people. She is a major loss to anyone and everyone that knew her... especially her family. I keep searching and searching for closure and have come to understand that nothing is going to give me the closure I am looking for. This is a complicated one because there isn’t a body. It's hard because I can and do see both sides. I do know that she did not attend funerals and always said that she did not want one. Well... I guess she is getting her wish since there isn’t a body there can’t be a 'funeral'. However... SOMETHING should be done... either a "celebration of her life" or a simple gathering of everyone to honor and respect her. Even military people still have memorial services without bodies, if we know what happened why do we have to wait this long? No matter what, nothing is going to be that magic pill that makes this all better. Recently there have been all of these other searches in the water and she still isn’t recovered? WHY NOT?!?!?! It f**king sucks! Sometimes I think that if a gathering isn’t done soon than I am going to start crashing funerals and mourn with strangers! A gathering of some sort would be nice. I still think about J. everyday and the pain isn't getting any easier. I miss her! (closure comes in different forms to different people for different events. having a loved one go missing is an open wound with no real healing. it spawns continuous sadness, anger, and frustration. we feel for you and wish closure could come to all that do love her.)

03.20.04, Gina, Tampa, FL., Who are you Billy B? The family really does care and is devastated. There will be a memorial someday, it is just really hard right now. Believe me, everyone still thinks about Jen... we loved her so much. She was more than my best friend, she was like a sister to me. The pain in my heart runs deeper than the blood in my veins. Everyday is hard for us. Think about it Billy B.... They haven't even found her body!!! We all wonder why such a beaufitul person had to leave us. So if you think her family doesn't care, they are more devastated than you know. My life is so different, you can't even imagine. I just want her back!!!!! Instead of spending time with Jen I am stuck here with a jackass society that doesn't understand what a important loss this is. Instead of putting down her family Billy B. you should be more open minded and realize what a tragedy this is to them. If you were close with Jen than you should be more understanding. She is truly missed by us all. As I sit in my room I sit and wonder why things like this have to happen... it just plain sucks. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for us all... (gina, we are sure jennifer would want you to know how sorry she is for putting everyone through this hurt. perhaps if she knew how her loss would affect those that knew her, she would have realized how important she was to them. sometimes we can't or won't see how important we are to those around us. it is so important to hold close those we love and to always assure them of that love, not just in words, but in action. make the effort to demonstrate the love we have for those we love.)

05.31.04, unknown, is the girl that jumped dec.9,2003 the only one who is missing did they ever find her? (as far as we know, she has never been recovered. remember, it's not like the authorities or the families get right with us and update. they generally wish we would go away. unless the news is posted publicly and brought to our attention, it's up to you out there to give us the latest news on jumpers.)

05.31.04, unknown, Tampa, Thanks for your concern. It has almost been 6 months and to this day she is still missing. No remains, no memorial, no nothing. (still no closure for the family. a memorial service could be a step towards healing.)

12.08.04, unknown, St. Petersburg, Some of you who read this may not find this believable, but I will share it anyway. I know that many of us wish we had some kind of closure with JF's passing away. As I really do not know any details from her death, she visited me in my dreams this week. I spoke to someone about it, and we were able to make some contact with her spirit. J said she is fine, and our prayers helped to take her to the other place. For some reason, J was making reference to something green--a green vest? I'm not sure what this means, but one of you that reads this might. In my dream I felt that she was trying to tell me where we might find her remains. Somewhere off the shore in Clearwater. Perhaps, if someone wants to check with the Sheriff's Dept and check to see if there have been any unidentified bodies, we might be successful finding her. I'm sorry if this makes anyone feel uncomfortable. I really don't mean any disrespect. J was a very special young lady and I still pray to her and for her. As we remember her tragedy one year ago tomorrow, I hope that it gives people a peace of mind by delivering the message from J that she is fine. we respond: did she tell you why she jumped? unknown replies:
12.08.04, unknown, St. Petersburg, The information that I received was that she was probably in a very difficult stage of conflict, and this is what pulled her down. I really don't think that J wanted to die this way, but somehow she felt that she was going to be brought to shame, and someone (man in her life?) was making her feel this way. J loves her family dearly and it seems as though the conflict she was feeling internally had something to do with what this person was capable of doing. It seems as if J may have tried to turn back or swim back to safety, but she was not successful. I am seeing her somewhere in amongst rocks offshore in Clearwater? Once again, J was able to move on to the next life and from what I gathered she is fine. (thank you for your input. we hope this helps. please read the following comment.)

12.11.04, Carolyn, Tampa, Dear unknown in St. Pete. - I would like to talk to you further about your dream. You may e-mail me at [address withheld] I've talked to several people about their dreams with her and they all kinda tie together. I want to know more. Thank you for sharing and please contact me. (we never publish anyone's e-mail address on this site, as we have no way to verify it actually belongs to the person giving it. we are sure you understand. 'unknown' did include an e-mail address and we forwarded your message. we would appreciate any dialog to post in this continuing mystery.) a reply:
12.11.04, Carolyn, Tampa, Thank you for forwarding it directly to her. I've talked to several people about their dreams and they all seem to have the same visions. Something green.... black rocks.... it's all too weird. I hope she is found and if we all put our information she has given us together then maybe we can solve this mystery. She is sooo missed. I wish we could find her alive instead but I know that just is not the case. (anyone wishing to make contact with anyone else in this matter, is welcome to attempt to do so here. we will do what we can to put you in touch with others looking for closure.)

06.21.05, jen g., Tampa, Jen was never found, has there ever been in other jumper not found? Jen is still missed I miss her dearly (we are sorry you still hurt this much. we're sure there have been jumpers that never get found.)

12.07.05, a friend, tampa, fl., I am a friend of the family. Even now, at the second anniversary of Jen's death, the family is devastated. Those of you that were upset about the lack of info - the family has expressed repeatedly how sorry they are that they do not know how to contact all of Jen's friends. At first they were definitely in denial and hoped that since her body was not found that the whole thing was not true. Time has shown us that she is really gone, but there was not a way to contact all of the people that she touched and all of those that loved her so much. The immediate family has gotten together a few times to have celebrations of her life and to remember her, but the uncertainty and suddenness of the whole situation made it very difficult to get anything organized. Tomorrow will be a tough day for many - keep praying for those who loved her so dearly! (we imagine the hope that one day she walks through the door again, never truly goes away.)

02.19.06, Gina, Tampa, Who are you? I meet with Jen's dad and her close friends every anniversay and I've NEVER heard of any kind of family gathering... unless even her own father was left out of any of these 'family' gathering. Have you NEVER heard of a newspaper? It's a way to communicate with everyone not to mention the 'family' knows how to get ahold of me and I know all of her friends. Don't blame any lack of celebrations of her life on 'not knowing how to get ahold of people'. I have nowhere to go for her birthdays or the anniversary. Plain and simple Jennifer was my very best friend in my life time and no one will ever take her place. And it would be a damn shame if her father is being left out of these so called gatherings you speak of since he was and is the most important family memeber in her life. I'm ending this note to put it clearly - I have NO closure. The next time you have a 'so called' gathering - put it in the newspaper!

10.31.06, Jen G., Tampa, Fl., It will be Jen's bday 11-24 and the 3yrs shes been missing is Dec 9, 2006. She is still missed like it was yesterdey. She was never found but we all hope she is resting in peace and in a happier place. Still missed and Loved, your FRIEND

08.04.07, unknown, It really sucks that I came by this site this way. I've always had morbid curiousity and in the past I've been drawn to sites, like this one, that exploit human tragedy for the entertainment of perversely cynical folks, like myself. I used to be a client at the salon where J.G. was a stylist. Since I moved out of state, I hadn't been in touch. Today, I learned of J.G.'s death while perusing the salon's website out of nostalgia. I feel compelled to tell everyone that reads this site, whether it be the creators, curiousity seekers or J.G.'s friends and family, that J.G. was a *nice* girl. A sweetheart, really and you could tell it just by looking at her. Her entire being was so contrary to what this site is about that it nauseates me (literally, not facitiously) to see the entries her loved ones have posted here and to think of the pain caused them, not only by their loss, but by having it presented in this context. I am not judging this site's creator(s), but I would like to add that suicide by jumping is no more bizarre than the act (suicide) itself. It's more reliable than most (overdose, carbon monoxide, bloodletting, gunshot, etc.), requires no equipment and little preparation, and presents little danger to others. No clean-up for loved ones, either. Pretty thoughtful, actually. (not sure if you really hate us or not. you basically endorse jumping off of elevated structures in order to terminate oneself voluntarily and then add your list of alternative suicide methods. you confuse us, unknown person. 'her entire being' has nothing to do with this site. we have no idea who she was or what her life was about. this site is just here to report her jump. that's all it attempts to do and that's all we did. we are sorry for your nauseation.)

10.22.07, J., Japan, After I came back home from visiting back in the states in late November 2003, a friend called me and told me that a very old dear friend of mine jumped off a bridge and killed herself. When they told me who it was - J.F...I laughed to myself and thought that isn't right, she would never take her own life - that's not who she is. I live overseas and I guess it's been easier for me to cope to remain believing everything was ok and she was ok. Over the years I have been searching on the internet to try and find articles about it but nothing. Recently, I spoke with my good friend and she told me it was true but of course I still didn't believe her. I received a message on my answering machine the other day to pull up this website for proof and all I could do is cry for her and for her family. I am very saddened by the reality of the situation. I know they never found a everyone SURE she jumped? She was such a great person - what a tremendous loss for all! I will remember our crazy childhood days and the laughs we shared! (we are sorry you lost your friend.)

11.25.08, Jen G., Tampa, Fl., Here we go again another year without our friend. Missing but not forgotten. Happy Birthday my friend......

12.12.08, Amanda, pgfl, Just thinking about you JF! A very special friend who I miss dearly and wish you were here!

02.21.09, jSmokey, It took me this many years, to be able to express how much I miss her. She will aways be the lost of a real friend in my heart.

04.14.09, GEEGEE, FL., i miss u so much

12.09.09, Carolyn, Tampa, FL., I can't believe it's been 6 years. Some days it feels like yesterday. After all these years Jen is still missed very much. Sucks that the tribute page at the bottom for her was ruined. Not once but twice something went wrong with the salon's website and all the nice words written about her were deleted. Now it's just a copy of what's here. (sorry you are having trouble with her tribute page. it appears the original tribute page is no longer available. we did locate some of it here. if you wish to post some of the lost posts on our site, let us know. your dedication to jennifer is commendable. you are a true friend.)

08.07.10, geegee, tampa, I miss you much, LOVE YOU JENN

06.03.11, Laura, Tampa, fl., Jenn was my aunt and I miss her deeply, I think about her everyday and wish my daughter could have met her, its nice to see how loved she was..

12.09.11, S., Tampa, FL., Jennifer may have been the only one who understood me in tough times. We were very close and leaned on each other for guidance at times. She is loved and missed by all. Its hard to believe it has been 8 years. She was a great person and I truly hope no one will ever forget about her. December 9th will be one of the saddest days for the rest of my life. If I only had the chance to speak to her one more time to let her know how loved and adored she was. She will always hold a special place in my heart!!

you are welcome to leave your words.
11.12.03: jumper, 12:41pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died, body found same day
James Massolio, 46
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.13.03, Jim, St. Petersburg, It would appear he attempted to cut himself with as much blood as there was.

11.17.03, Jay, St.Pete., Just an update. A suicide note was found at his residence and he had cut his wrists prior to jumping.

any more info is welcome.

Hillsborough Sheriff, Victim: male, 46, November 12, 2003, 12:41 p.m., Constructions workers observed a white Chevrolet parked on the center span of the bridge, with blood on the outside of the vehicle. They then observed a male body floating in the water. St. Pete Fire Rescue boat recovered the deceased body. He has been tentatively identified. He had injuries to his wrist. The investigation is continuing.
09.18.07, Jennie, Orlando, florida, I wanted to let you people know that on that day that was my father. I found this site last year trying to find out what had happened. Now I am sure that I didn't want to find. This site hurts people and families. Most people who commit suicide are DEPRESSED! It is not right that you mock them. I am forever scarred and hope that one day you can realize that. Ok, well I hope that you know everyone is hypocrytical first off. THat demonstrates that we are humans and we sin. So that means you! Second off, the people who are mad at their family members that died are in the grieving process! They can seriously have some mental problems if they dont go throught that. They need to deal with it! So next time, before you post something think about it. And I know people might of said that Jesus will send you all to hell. But they learned it all wrong. Jesus doesnt send someone to hell because of their sins....He sends them to hell for lack of relationship. And for anybody else reading this, I was told a while ago that before my Dad hit the water that Jesus caught his spirit and he was lifted into heaven. God has mercy on those who aren't in their right mind. Keep that in mind! (sorry about the loss of your father. we will withhold comment on your god/jesus nonsense, so as to not to upset you further.)

07.21.09, Kelsie, Boise, Idaho, I miss him so much. He was a great person and not appreciated enough. I loved him more than anyone will ever know and we will always have that bond. I wish I would have told someone...

02.06.10, sherry, boise, Id., Dear brother Jim. Still love and miss you very much. Pray you are in a better place.

03.16.11, Kelsie, Boise, Idaho, I have been searching for information on my Dad for a long time now and it seems you guys have come up with more information than me. Is there any way that if anyone knows anything about previously posted statements or even new information please let me know? Also how did you guys figure out my Dad's name? I just need to know information. I would so greatly appreciate it! (sorry for your loss. when people jump off the skyway, they are bringing their actions to the public eye. we get names and other information through news, press releases, and searches on these interwebs. if we get any more info, we will post it here.)

06.12.12, Kelsie Massolio, facebook, I know that some people disagree with the site, but thank you for every death you may have prevented. My Dad's name is on the list of jumpers who didn't make it and if anything, I would hope that someone would realize how much they would be missed and how much loved ones would be hurt if they jump by the list of names. It's been almost 9 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about my Dad or miss him. (thank you for your input. it's nice when family expresses their feelings in the hopes that others will see the hurt they leave behind. this hurt you feel will last a lifetime and it's sad there is no relieving. people don't believe it, but we wish we didn't have a reason to continue the site. it's not like we do it for the money, because even with the ads, it costs us out of pocket to run this. suicide is a prevalent way to life's end and it seems that will always be the case. we hope you cope.) kelsie replies:
06.12.12, Kelsie Massolio, facebook, Always do! Thanks! I'm making it my life's work to go into suicide prevention. It's something that I felt has affected my life and that I need to help with. You guys are great! (we wish you well in your endeavor and thank you for your kind words.)

11.07.15, Kathleen S., Port Charlotte, Fl., Dearest Jim and your beautiful daughter Kelsie, Jim it's 12 years and you are still thought of and missed by so many. You were so funny, I have never laughed, before or after, in my life the way we laughed. We laughed for hours, we laughed every day, laughing with no sound except tears of joy. I loved you so much, I know we won't know why until I am in the light and we meet again. I haven't and won't forget you my friend. I hope I will flying through the universe and meet up with you and Kelsie in eternity and will be able to see the joy on your faces to be reunited. See you in the light, Kathleen.
11.05.03: jumper, 6:00am, male, died, body found two days later
Don Whoberry, 53
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.05.03, ESP, (6:00am) lots of police/fire activity on top of bridge, helicopters, boats with flashing lights...parked red honda on side of road.

11.06.03, Nichole P., Palmetto FL., (6:30am, female, no hotline phones) I was driving over the Skyway Bridge yesterday and I heard over the radio Morning 93.3 show that there was a female who parked her white vehicle and jumped from the top of the Skyway and there were tons of police units and fire trucks and boats in the water ...looking for the jumper....has anyone reported in about this? (this seems to be another one of those times where all that bridge activity fails to appear in the news.)

11.11.03, unknown, (male, died) this was a male jumper with the small red car. (red car, white car, male, female. so much mystery. who knows what happened?)

11.18.03, mike, bradenton, Fl., (male, no hotline phones, died) His mom called me. He had the suicide preplaned. There was a shrine in his home from a late lover who had passed three years prior to Don. The cat had enough food for a week. It was planned out. Don suffered from depression for 20+ yrs

any more info is welcome., Abandoned vehicle on southbound side with key in ignition, medical records on seat. Body found two days later near Egmont Key.
10.06.03: article • Skyway safeguards don't deter jumpers.
10.06.03,, At least 10 people have jumped already this year, despite crisis phones and 24-hour patrols. By JAMIE JONES
ST. PETERSBURG - The lonely young blond left church on a windy afternoon and drove to the top of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.
Wearing black pumps and a shiny black dress, she climbed onto the ledge and looked at the chilly blue waters 197 feet below. The wind seemed to nudge her. It's time, she thought.
She raised her arms skyward and pushed off the edge. Two boaters watched as she began a swan dive into Tampa Bay.
Halfway down, Dawn Paquin wanted to turn back. "I don't want to die," she thought.
A second later, she slammed into the water. It swallowed her, and then let her go. She broke through the surface, screaming.
* * *
Paquin, a 34-year-old New Port Richey woman, is different from most in that she lived to talk about jumping off the bridge, one of the most popular in the nation for suicides.
Responding to numerous jumpers in 1998-99, officials installed six crisis phones and began a 24-hour patrol, costing taxpayers $956,000.
But the problem isn't going away.
At least 10 people have jumped to their death this year, including three last month. Since 2000, when the new safeguards were fully installed, more than 22 people have scrambled over the concrete wall and plunged into the bay.
An additional 40 people have been talked off the bridge, said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Harold Frear, who supervises the suicide patrol. Some, he said, cannot be deterred.
"The ones who are serious about it, they park the car, go right over and jump," he said. "There ain't no talking."
Some national suicide experts believe nothing short of a fence will work, an idea that has been deemed architecturally unsound for the Skyway.
Eve Meyer, executive director of San Francisco Suicide Prevention, has advocated a fence around the Golden Gate Bridge, which ranks No. 1 for suicides, with more than 1,000 before officials stopped counting in the mid '90s. But in California, the idea has been dismissed as impractical and aesthetically unpleasing.
"A bunch of dead people," Meyer argues, "is very, very aesthetically unpleasing."
* * *
The original Sunshine Skyway was open for three years before the first jumper arrived.
On Nov. 11, 1957, Doris Ann Reed, a St. Petersburg maid, leaped off the bridge as her husband, a cafeteria bus boy, tugged at her clothes and begged her not to jump.
By 1960, nine people had plunged the 155 feet to their death. The 13th man, Robert E. Morris, a Pinellas Park bookkeeper, left a book in his car before stepping over the edge in 1963. Three poems were marked, including one that read:
I am standing on the threshold of eternity at last, As reckless of the future as I have been of the past: I am void of all ambition, I am dead of every hope: The coil of life is ended; I am letting go the rope.
By 1977, at least 32 people had died from the fall. Six had survived, including 29-year-old William Russell, who later offered this advice:
"There are no problems that can't be ironed out by using a little reason."
In 1980, part of the bridge collapsed after it was hit by a freighter during a rainstorm. Thirty-five people died.
The new Sunshine Skyway opened in April 1987, arcing 4.1 miles across the Tampa Bay, its golden stays shimmering skyward.
Five months later, the first jumper plummeted to his death, hitting the water in roughly 3.5 seconds, at about 75 mph. (actually, the first jumper from the new span jumped 07.24.87 and lived. he jumped from a lower portion of the bridge and spent four nights naked on tarpon key island before being rescued. the first jumper death from the new span occurred 10.07.87.)
To date, at least 127 people have died from the fall.
* * *
For decades, Florida Highway Patrol troopers, who handle the bulk of the suicide calls, have been coaxing people away from the edge.
Lt. Frear thinks their success probably has increased since 2000, when the state began to staff the bridge full time with off-duty troopers - paid time-and-a-half for eight-hour shifts.
The move came after Gov. Jeb Bush asked state transportation officials in 1999 to find a solution to numerous jumpers. They said fences would cost millions and make the bridge less safe in high winds. They also thought nets would entangle seabirds. They opted for the patrols.
"If we weren't out there," Frear said, "there would probably be a lot more jumping."
On patrols, troopers often park at the top of the bridge, lights flashing. They hope jumpers will be deterred by their presence at the highest point.
He says troopers encounter two kinds of jumpers: those who move quickly, and those who linger.
"We have actually talked to people who have jumped while we were talking," Frear said. Lingerers typically can be talked down, he said.
Cpl. R.J. Kraus has encountered 26 people on the bridge during his night patrols since 2000. He has talked down seven. The other 19 jumped.
"It seems a lot more jump on the midnight shift," said Kraus, a 22-year veteran of the agency.
About a year ago, Kraus discovered a woman sitting on the bridge and, with the help of two other troopers, snatched her off the wall. Two weeks later, as Kraus sat on top of the bridge, the woman stopped on the other side. She looked him in the eye before she ran over to the edge and jumped.
"It usually happens pretty fast," Kraus said.
Late Tuesday evening, Kraus sped toward the bridge after hearing that a young woman had abandoned her Toyota 4Runner in the southbound lane. As Kraus drove toward the top, he turned on his spotlight and looked around. Nothing.
Then he saw a woman hiding near an emergency phone. She had teary eyes, and wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Kraus took her to St. Anthony's Hospital for a mental evaluation.
Standing in the windy darkness, the woman tucked safely in his car, Kraus looked relieved.
"It's a good night," he said.
* * *
Along the highest points of the Skyway are six boxes containing emergency telephones that ring in an old bank building in Tampa, home of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.
The Skyway lines have a louder ring, signifying they are top priority, said Cragin Mosteller, center spokeswoman. Since the phones were installed in July 1999, for $30,000, 18 people have called for help. None jumped.
"If we didn't have phones up there, we'd have 18 more fatalities," said Debra Harris, director of the center's 211 & Hotline Services Division.
As soon as a call comes in, operators alert the FHP, which can pinpoint their location on one of 15 cameras, installed last year for roughly $1-million. Within minutes, an FHP trooper is heading toward the phone.
But some people, like Paquin, don't pick it up.
"I didn't want to talk," she said. "I didn't want anyone up there."
* * *
For all the deterrents - the troopers, the phones, the cameras - the suicides continue. Some relatives think more should be done.
But Lt. Rod Reder, spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, which investigates all Skyway suicides, says he's not sure what else could be done. (this)
"These are people who are making a last-ditch attempt to end their own lives," he said. "There's no way for me to speculate what they're thinking or why the numbers are up."
Meyer, of San Francisco Suicide Prevention, said the answer lies in delaying the jumps.
She and others cite a 25-year-old study by Oakland psychologist Richard H. Seiden, who tracked 515 people prevented from committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge between 1937 and 1971. Ninety percent did not go on to kill themselves.
Additionally, Meyer thinks jumpers might be deterred if they realized the pain involved.
"It's a rather slow death of multiple fractures," she said. "You bleed to death. It's very horrible."
* * *
Dawn Paquin thought she saw angels as she traveled headfirst toward the water. She thought they were telling her to turn her body around.
She said she flapped her arms like a chicken and righted herself, ensuring that her feet hit the water first. The entry felt as if she were crashing through a wooden deck. Pain splintered through her body. Her dress and shoes were ripped off.
Paquin's bowels ruptured. She broke her back and dislocated both shoulders. Still, she surfaced and screamed for help. A business owner and his teenage son, who witnessed the jump, helped rescue her.
Paquin said loneliness led her to the bridge that day in January 2002. She said she had developed a habit of attaching herself to abusive men, and her boyfriend had beaten her that morning. He took her to church. During the service, Paquin excused herself. She told him she was going to the restroom.
Instead, she walked out into the sunlight. She got into her gray Cutlass Ciera and drove toward the Skyway. Ever since she was a teenager, she has admired the bridge.
As she looked over the edge that day, she didn't know what else to do. Then, the wind came along.
Paquin spent several months recovering at Bayfront Medical Center and then moved in with her mother while her back healed. Her body still bears scars from surgery. Otherwise, she feels fine.
She is making a new start. But she still feels lonely sometimes and tells few people of her fall from the sky. She thinks officials should put a fence around the bridge.
And she feels lucky.
"It was a long way down," she said. "It wasn't like, boom, a car accident. There was time to think. And that's when I turned around."
- Times researchers Kitty Bennett, Mary Mellstrom and Cathy Wos contributed to this report, which contains information from Times files.
09.28.03: jumper, 11:53pm, female, no hotline phones, hit rocks, died, body found same day
Grace Anne Deluso, 41
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.30.03, Kelly, Tampa, I heard on 970 WFLA that she was found "on the rocks".

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, Grace Anne Deluso, 41 DOB 9-15-62, September 28, 2003 at approximately 11:53 p.m. passerby’s saw the victim park her vehicle in the emergency lane, exit her vehicle and then jump over the side of the bridge. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded as well as marine patrol. Marine Patrol recovered the body from underneath the bridge.
Skyway death
A Bradenton woman jumped to her death late Sunday night from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, authorities said.
A passerby saw the woman park her car in an emergency lane atop the bridge about 11:53 p.m. The woman then jumped over the side, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
State marine officers later recovered her body from underneath the bridge. The woman was identified as 41-year-old Grace Anne Deluso. She was the third person this month to commit suicide by jumping off the Skyway.
09.23.03: jumper, 01:26am, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died, body found same day
Ian Kenneth Keller, 20
Hillsborough Sheriff, 09.23.03, Ian Keller, 20, Sarasota, deceased, September 23, 2003, 1:30 a.m., Witnesses observed a vehicle on the bridge and the FHP responded, to find it abandoned. Originally, it was reported by other agencies there was a man and woman possibly fighting on the bridge. That witness was re-interviewed and it was ascertained there were on the south side of the bridge at a low point and were not affiliated with the vehicle on the center span. Detectives believe Keller jumped off of the center span. His body was located by St. Pete Fire Rescue at 1:00 p.m. The vehicle was registered to his father. This is the 9th suicide off of the bridge this year.

09.23.03, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGN 1SKYWAY BRIDGE 0126 
09.23.03, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1SKYWAY BRIDGE 1037

Man jumps off Skyway
A 20-year-old Sarasota man jumped to his death from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge early Tuesday, authorities said. Ian Keller was pulled from the water by a St. Petersburg Fire Rescue boat crew around 1 p.m. Tuesday, said Lt. Rod Reder, Hillsborough sheriff's spokesman. Reder said someone reported seeing an abandoned car about 1:30 a.m. on the center span of the bridge where Keller likely jumped. Reder said the vehicle was registered to Keller's father. The incident was the ninth suicide off the bridge this year.
09.26.03, obituary, Ian K. Keller, 20, of Sarasota, Fla., formerly of Stroudsburg, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 23.
Born on May 21, 1983, in Easton, he was the beloved son of Richard A. and Sue Ellen (Duckloe) Keller.
Ian was a wonderful son, brother and grandson. After graduating from Stroudsburg High School in 2001, he moved to Florida, where he worked for Laurel Oaks Golf Club in Sarasota, Fla. Ian was an avid sportsman, he enjoyed golfing and played varsity soccer and basketball while attending Stroudsburg High School.
Surviving are his parents, Richard and Sue Ellen of Sarasota, Fla.; a brother, Tyler, of Sarasota, Fla.; his maternal grandparents, Norman K. and Jean (Pearson) Duckloe of Stroudsburg; his paternal grandparents, John and Suzanne (Driebe) Quaresimo of Stroudsburg; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Ian will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved him.
A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, at Lanterman & Allen Funeral Home, 27 Washington St., East Stroudsburg, with the Rev. William Ramsden officiating. Burial will be privately held at the family's convenience at Laurelwood Cemetery in Stroudsburg.
A visitation for family and friends will take place from 2 p.m. Saturday, until the time of service on Saturday at the funeral home.
09.28.03, JEN, Stroudsburg, PA., First off, I am more educated than any of you low lives will ever be. Secondly, you obviously can not find anything better to do with your time than rub people's faces in the fact that there friend commited suicide. This is the lowest thing a human being can do to another person. I will not wish death upon you although you will get what you all deserve in time. (jen, thank you so very much for telling us all about your outstanding education. just yesterday, we were discussing our concerns about where we stood in comparison to you, in that area of our low lives. for future reference, superior girl, it's 'their friend', not "there friend".) a comment:
07.04.10, Melissa R., Scotland, UK., I just read a lot of the hate mail on this particular jumper. What a truly fabulous comeback! Well done! Keep up the good work! (while we appreciate your kind words, we always hope people input their kind words about their personal jumper, instead of bashing on us. while it matters not how they feel about this site or us personally, it usually tarnishes their jumper's space and comes off as petty and most times immature on both our parts.)

09.29.03, Kayla, Stroudsburg, Pa ., I really don't understand where you get off making a pool about this. Your 'latest winner' was one of my best friends. You don't know what was going on in his life and i'm sure you don't care but we (his family and friends) did. Yes he committed suicide, people do things, but he has family and friends who have to see that you have a winner guessing the next time somebody (who eventually turned out to be somebody i was close to) would die. Thats sick and demented. I don't wish death on anybody, but i hope all of you who are involved in this have a horrible death and rot in hell, you after all deserve it for doing something like this. (kayla, it's all fun and games until someone you know commits suicide. then you can blame someone other then the person that killed himself. if it makes you feel better by lashing out at us, then we are here for you, sweetcheeks.)

09.29.03, Karrie B., I think this website is a bunch of shit and should be shut down. Ian was not a jumper, he was not insane in any form, he is a 20 year old who had problems, all you idiots who find this shit funny have serious problems. (this site reports the news of skyway bridge jumpers. ian keller committed suicide by jumping off the skyway bridge. he was a jumper, and he will always have that as his legacy. you insist that this site be shut down. should the media be shut down too? they posted his name and what he did on the radio, tv, and in the newspapers. sure, ian had problems, but it was his choice in how he handled them. in the end, it's simply our opinion as to who the idiots are, right, karrie? instead of blasting us, you could have said some nice things about ian.)

10.01.03, Colleen, Stroudsburg, PA., This website is disgusting and a disgrace to humans. What kind of f**ked up lives do you have that you have no other thing to do than to sit at home, probably on your fat f**king asses and make a site this f**ked up. And yeah, one of my best friends just committed suicide. What if his little brother found this site, or someone in his family. Don't you think they've suffered enough to lose their 20 year old son, than to find something this horrible on the internet? Think about could be you (and honestly, I hope you're f**king next). RIP Ian Kenneth Keller. Love you always and forever. (colleen, we are truly sorry you lost your friend and that he could not cope with the problems that were plaguing him. however, people have the right and the duty to avoid this site, if they think they will be offended or hurt by what they read. it's their responsibility to leave, not our responsibility to tone down our content to please everyone, like that could ever be accomplished anyway. we are sure that everyone that visits this site, sees immediately what it's all about and should expect how they will feel about it. your artful use of the f-word prompted us to offer you this short piece. it's an attempt to educate you in how to expand your use of this versatile word. as you will learn, you could have inserted it several more times in your diatribe above. no need to thank us, as just knowing we are furthering your verbal education is all the thanks we need. oh look, a tear in our collective eye.)

10.13.03, Nipples, oregon, all i have to say is that was my cousin and i love him you all are some f**ked up people and i am glad that you have found some form of entertainment to get off from. I really dont care what you right about my cousin Ian keller cause i love him to death and you guys can kept writing this shit cause you obviously dont have anything else to do. to all my family that waste there time and go to this site dont even worry about it cause these f**king people do not matter. F**k YOu (you are f**king right, we don't f**king matter and we are totally f**king to blame for your cousin's f**king untimely self elimination. all the f**king hurt is because of f**ked up us. mr. keller had absof**kinglutely nothing to do with all the f**king pain you and everyf**kingone that knew him is f**king having at this f**king time. feel f**king better now? now let's f**king kiss and make the f**k up.~)

11.12.03, JvH, Pennsylvania, I really wish you would take Ian Keller off of your list. As you can see, there are many people that have been really hurt by this site. While you do have the freedom of speech, you need to realize that the people of victims who visit your site are all human beings with real feelings. As if losing a friend to a suicide isn't bad enough, you need to make it 10X worse. and although the pain everyone feels will never be erased, removing his name from this site will all help them in some way. i don't want to see anyone else cry due to pointless cruelty. Ian was a great guy that touched a lot of people, but please just let them all grieve on their own... (the people that have responded to ian's self inclusion to this site have unduly highlighted his last act. had they not vented to this site as they did, all that would appear here would be the newspaper articles and sheriff's press release, all of which were published publicly. we added no additional editorial until ian's friends and family tore into us. look how much space ian's jump consumes now. it's mostly a lot of hate about how much we suck. ian brought the end of his life into a public light and it was he that added himself to this 'list'. it was he that hurt everyone that loved him. we are sorry this site brings sorrow, but again, the sorrow anyone feels by being on this site can be avoided by staying away from it. we recommend that the friends and family of all jumpers keep quiet about this site and thereby save themselves from the sorrow they will no doubt find here.)

12.30.03, beluga, sarasota,fl....this site is a piece of shit.ian keller was my true love. i loved him with all my heart. this site needs to be shut down. i really wish that you could take him off. i loved ian and his brother and his parents. ian i love you so much and i will never forget you. you were my best friend. this site just makes me want to throw up. what if one of your family members or friends became a "jumper" how would you feel?!?!?we will always remember you! (just when we think all the "ian was such a great person" noise was over, we get more. obviously, something drove him to end his own life. after reading all the crap you harpies have submitted, perhaps it's all of you. maybe he was escaping all the high pitched
, ear bleeding whining we have witnessed here so far. a guy can only take so much nagging before he longs for the solitude only death can bring. seriously, if we knew all of you personally, perhaps we'd be asking a psychiatrist if suicide was right for us.)

12.30.03, Scrum, i think this web shit is a load of shit. I was one of Ians friends..I am his girlfriends best friend. I think it is really sick that someone out there got money for Ians death. You people are really sick! (who received money for his death? did someone take out a policy on him prior to his jump? just who was that sick person? what did they know and when did they know it?)

01.11.04, Hannah, Ian was one of my best friends, someone that I will never forget and love with all my heart! However I wasn't aware of Ian's death until I read about it in the papers. if anyone can let me know more about the situation I'd greatly appreciate it. I LOVE YOU IAN! (hannah, we are sorry for your loss. we doubt we will get any information you would find useful, as we are simply the target of everyone's hate, anger, and hurt. if we get any info, we will post it here.)

05.02.04, Albert R., Stroudsburg, I dont understand why you sick people have to have a bullshit site like this. when i first heard about his death i was crushed big time. And then when i found out about this site i could not believe you people have a mind still to think to do something like this. Ian Keller was my best friend when he lived right up the road from me. Ian was a great person and his family was also great too. i just want to say i will miss you always and i am thinking about you every day. And to the people that run this site you must get off by having a site like this. I hope you live a horrible rest of your lives. And i hope you die and rot in hell. RIP Ian Keller and i miss you man!!!!
(we have this bullshit site to document and chronicle the insanity known as 'jumping off the skyway bridge'. let's face it, albert, your great 'ol best friend off'd himself. he ended his own life. it was his doing. the sooner you get your head out of your ass and come to grips with that fact, the better off you will be. all we did was report his final act, yet you are angry at us as if we helped him over the edge. apparently you weren't important enough to hang around for. he did not care enough for you. so now you want us to "die and rot in hell". are you a believer? follow the bible, do you? if so, then you know that anyone committing suicide is doomed to hell as well. when we do "die and rot in hell", we'll let ian know you miss him, man.)

05.09.04, e. l., Stroudsburg, PA., After reading peoples' comments for nearly 8 months, I have finally decided to post one myself. Having known Ian for most of my life (since I was about 5) and being an ex-girlfriend of his, I was deeply saddened when I heard of his suicide. It is very nice that everyone has polite comments to make regarding Ian, however I am not surprised that most of you are placing the blame where it does not belong. Yes, I agree, it is somewhat shocking to see a website of this nature, but is it any different than the things we see each and everyday on TV? Let me ask all of you who wrote in to criticize this site: Have you wrote to the newspapers and TV stations that covered his suicide? Did it bother you to see his name across a TV screen or the front page of a newspaper as their headline of the day? Please know that they had no remorse in reporting this either. Grow up and place the blame where it belongs. And as sad as it is, that blame is on Ian. Rest in peace, Ian. I pray to God that your pain and suffering is finally gone.
(we are truly sorry for your loss. it is not our goal to see anyone commit suicide, but death is a part of life and this site details this one facet of self death. it is our opinion that at times, those that commit suicide do so with the knowledge that they will be revered in high regard. the old "they'll miss me when i am gone" mentality. friends and family will get in line to give glowing praise and say all the great things, as is demonstrated over and over on this site. we can only guess that these suicidal people rarely hear these words when they most need to hear them, long before they take their last breath. perhaps if those that commit suicide were chastised and shamed instead, there would be less suicide. of course, that will never happen, as shame is something we have lost in society, as no one is to blame for the actions they take. where shame once held people to take responsibility for their own actions, the current practice of blaming someone or something else for our mistakes, has created an atmosphere where people can pull off all sorts of atrocities to themselves or others and get away with them blameless. nothing is anyone's fault anymore. as was stated before, ian's inclusion on this site was his own doing. it is all his fault and only he is to blame, regardless of why he did it.)

03.15.05, realist, stroudsburg, I'm writing about Ian Keller, I knew him, I went to School with him, and I remember Him having hard times at the end of his senior year. But I dont feel sorry for him. Actually I do feel sorry that he only saw jumping off a f**king bridge as his way out of trouble. The fact is I have seen people go through twice as much as he did and they chose to stick around. To all of his SO CALLED FRIENDS Which Half of you made fun of him. You are all known for back stabbing each other and your all full of shit! and i will end the note by saying, If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen! (we can well imagine some of those posting their condemnation on this site, have to some effect, directly caused ian's desire to end his life. they can come on here and pound their chest to his defense, proclaiming their undying love, but they will never end their inner guilt in how they treated him while he was alive. the hate bestowed upon us about ian, may be hiding the guilt within the haters and how they feel some degree of fault.)

04.25.06, unknown coward, first off i am ians younger brother i am 18 years old and i have been through alot of shit in my life. you people just dont know how hard it is to lose your own brother, the person who u looked up to for 16 years of your life, the person that you learned everything from. Im not goin to sit here like ians friends and bash you f**ks for having this shit up on this site because every comment you people right back to are stupid as hell because you dont even know the person. I read in one comment you wrote back to one of my brothers friends saying that killing yourself is a sin and you go to hell for doin so well god forgives everyone for there sins, even yours for having this up. Please write me back and please add one of those silly remarks in you f**kin smart ass, like all the others you wrote back to. Hey one last thing your a "big man " that talks "big words" why dont you come visit me sometime then we will see how "big" you are buddy. PS - ill be waiting for you (we do not need to know someone in order to respond to them and their actions. you, as well as most all of of ian's friends and family, come on here and give us nothing but shit and then wonder why we come off so callous towards you and your feelings. we give as we get. you want to berate us with your abusive text, that's fine, just don't be shocked when we then give less than a rat's ass about you or how bad you might feel that your own brother didn't care enough about you to fight through his problems and not take his own life. we didn't kill him, he did. he disappointed you, not us. he let you down and you lash out at us. ps - keep on waiting, as we have just spent our limit of time on you.)

04.09.07, f.d., Stroudsburg, PA., I've come across this site a few times in the past few years. At first it upset me to read something like this about someone who was so deeply cared about. Now I just feel sorry for you all. Ian was a great person. He helped ME, when I was going through something where I wanted to end MY life. He got me through it and the fact that 3 years later he did the same thing is mind boggling to say the least, but he obviously felt like he could not go on. I know most people think of suicide as the easy way out, selfish, cowardly. In my life, I've had 2 people close to me commit suicide...and both of those people were deeply troubled--always. I miss you Ian, everyday. (sorry about the loss of your friends. thank you for feeling sorry for us so we don't have to. perhaps there is something in the water up there that makes people want to check out early. it definitely makes some of you stroudsburgadites mean and nutty as hell.)


06.09.12, Shayna, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Obviously the U.S.A., I think I'm posting on the wrong link but I want to say something anyway. I think Ian's death was tragic. After reading a lot of these posts, and giving this site a lot of thought, I have come to three conclusions. One, you guys are vile, but two, you are wickedly funny. And three, I don't have to read this, I can just place my cursor on the little "x" on the tab button. On that note, I do find the word "jumpers" a bit disrespectful, but I also cannot think of another euphemism to replace it. And it does accurately describe the actions of the people who choose suicide by Skyway. And although i get a kick out of most of your sarcastic comments, I think that in certain cases, maybe they should have been reserved or done in better taste. Other than that I really have no criticism to offer, not that I belong offering it in the first place. I will say rot in hell though, not necessarily because of your site, but because I'm quite sure your smart ass comment that comes next will be more well thought out than mine. (of course ian's jump was tragic. there are few jumps that are not tragic. not sure how we can be both "vile" and "wickedly funny", but we thank you for the latter. while it's true you don't have to read any of this, we are sure you can find some worthy reading stashed within our wickedly funny vileness. mind you, we do not attack anyone first, we only retaliate when attacked. we find it odd that people take issue with the word "jumpers". when people walk, they are walkers. when they run, they are runners. when they jump, they are jumpers. like you said, what other word can we use? the media refers to them as jumpers as well. sorry if we didn't live up to your expectation of a "smart ass comment". thank you for your input.)

any more info is welcome.
09.04.03: jumper, 9:30pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died
Steven Edward Simpson, 22
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.05.03, Paul, S., Sarasota, FL., An AP report in the Bradenton Herald tells of a man found Thursday night in the water below the Skyway. A motorist called authorities at 9:30 P.M. reporting a running abandoned car on the northbound lanes. As of this report, identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, 09.05.03, White Male, 22, Death Investigation/Suicide, September 4, 2003 – 9:48 pm., Skyway Bridge, On September 4, 2003 at approximately 10:00 pm, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the middle span of the Skyway Bridge reference an unattended vehicle with the motor running in the emergency lane. At approximately 10:49 pm, the victim’s body was observed floating directly below the Skyway Bridge and recovered by the U.S. Coast Guard. Positive identification has not been made.
09.05.03, st. petersburg times, Man's body is found in water near Sunshine Skyway bridge,
ST. PETERSBURG - A man's body was found Thursday evening in the water near the Sunshine Skyway bridge, the result of an apparent suicide. 
Officials said a motorist called the Florida Highway Patrol about 9:30 p.m. to report a car that had been abandoned along the northbound lanes. The vehicle's engine was running, and a driver's license and credit card lay on the front seat.
A trooper peering over the side of the bridge with a spotlight noticed the man's body in the water.
Crews recovered the body shortly thereafter. Authorities did not make an identification Thursday night, pending notification of kin.
   07.04.13, anon, The only thing missing in this report is a photo of the man. As a relative I was reluctant to share this, but with time I felt it would be good for others to see. He went through his problems as we all do. It's just that he made a poor choice on that night. Here is a link to Steven's photo.
Joe Winko grave visit video.
12.06.12, anonymous, I know it's been almost 10 years since this suicide, but I just now found this site, and felt that what I have to say surrounding Steven might help others who feel like there's no other option. Steven was my nephew, and like the brother I never had. The night I received word of what happened was one of the most crushing things I've ever had to endure. Particularly so because I was one of the last ( if not the last ) person to see and speak with him while he was still alive. When last I saw him, I had no idea what his intentions were. He was supposed to go see his dad in Clearwater, and his last words to me were, see you tomorrow. He left, and that was that. Now, I knew he wasn't the happiest at the time. But never did I suspect that he was going to do this. All he talked about the last week of his life was how he looked forward to joining the Air Force. Whether that was a hint, I'll never know. Anyway, when I got that phone call letting me know what had happened, my initial thoughts were, maybe he survived. Well, needless to say, I was not able to get any sleep and sat waiting for further info. What I learned later made it even more difficult to bear. I had learned that he had broken every bone in his body because instead of just hitting the water, he hit the supports on the way down as well. It's the details that makes me to this day cringe every time I read of another jumper. To this day I still despise that bridge even though I know it's not it's fault. For a long time after I refused to cross it, because passing " the spot " was just too much to bear. Steven would have been 32 this coming January. And the memory of who he was will never fade. I know one of my other relatives scolded you for posting the details, but for my own part, I say thank you. If hearing our stories helps prevent one person from taking that jump, then it's worth it. The reason I was drawn to this site was a result of reading about the latest jumper. To those considering this as the only solution to whatever problems you may be having. Think twice. Because the pain might end for you when all is said and done, but for those who remain.... It's really not worth it. (we are sorry for the pain you continue to suffer. seems more times than one could imagine, those close to the suicidal have no clue of the coming event. we do understand the anger towards us from the days when this site was the jumperpool. thank you for your story.)
07.17.03: jumper, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died, body found 07.19.03
Patrick Coelingh, 28
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
07.17.03, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., Time is only a guess. Body was found Sunday by a citizen and turned over to St. Pete Fire Rescue... Story is in today's Bradenton Herald....

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, white male, On Friday, July 17, 2003, FPH discovered an abandoned vehicle parked on top of the center span of the bridge. The trooper found a wallet and shoes within the vehicle. On Sunday, St. Petersburg Police Marine Unit discovered the body of a white male floating in the bay near the bridge. Positive identification has not been made.
Boater finds dead body
A passing boater discovered a dead man's body floating in the Gulf of Mexico on the southwest corner of the Skyway bridge Sunday afternoon, according to Petty Officer Robert Suddarth at the U.S. Coast Guard Station Cortez.
St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue responded to the call around 1 p.m. and turned the body over to the Medical Examiner's Office, Suddarth said.
Officials believe the man was a jumper who committed suicide Friday.
"That's about how long it takes before the body surfaces," Suddarth said. "Either you find the body immediately or a couple days later."

08.02.12 (added to this site. published date unknown),, Unsung Hero Bunny Coelingh
   According to numbers compiled by SCOPE in 2005, one out of every four residents in Sarasota County, or 75,000 people will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. That makes the incidence of mental illness in our community more common than diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Bunny Coelingh has known the personal tragedy of losing someone she loves to mental illness. In the summer of 2003, after suffering through seven and a half years of schizophrenia, her son, Patrick, a graduate of Pine View School for the Gifted and former student at Trinity College, took his own life by jumping from the Sunshine Skyway bridge.
   When Patrick was diagnosed in 1995, Bunny didn’t even know what schizophrenia was. But she made it her business to learn everything she could about mental illness, returning to school at Argosy University for a Masters degree in mental health counseling. She joined the board at Mental Health Community Centers and became a volunteer for the National Association for the Research of Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD), working on their Annual Scientific Symposium. She also served on the board of directors for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) and conducted many training sessions for families with mentally ill members. She continues to volunteer many hours a week with several support groups at the Mental Health Community Centers as well as handling fundraising projects, such as the High Hopes breakfast and the CARE dinner. Bunny wrote a heartbreaking book about her experience with Patrick called, "Patrick and I - a Mother’s Tale."
   A tireless advocate, educator, fundraiser and spokesperson for patients, their families and especially other mothers, Bunny fervently wishes that mental illness would lose its stigma and that people would understand, support and contribute toward early detection and treatment. "If you scratch the surface of any person you will find a story," she says. No one’s family is untouched in some way and all of us run up against the stigmas. The problem is getting money. "No one makes huge pledges for mental illness because it’s too scary and not too pretty," Bunny adds. "They’re afraid of being connected to it and worried what will people think. We live and dream for the day that people line up at our door to help."
   A native of Connecticut who was raised in upstate New York and New York City, Bunny and her husband, Bart, lived in Holland for many years and had their two children there. They moved to Sarasota in 1977 with Patrick and daughter, Suzanne, who also serves on the board of directors of the Mental Health Community Centers. Bunny’s family has created the Patrick Coelingh Award, a scholarship at Pine View given to a graduating senior with a great interest in the arts to keep Patrick’s memory alive. Along with her cousins, they gave the Mental Health Community Centers the "Coelingh Humphrey Community Room" in loving memory of Patrick and Heidi, a cousin who also had a mental illness and took her own life.
   Moving on from grief to action, Bunny offers the community her leadership and inspiration, always demonstrating creativity and passion for helping others. Whether fundraising for research and programs or providing direct services and family support, she is an understanding friend who has truly "been there".
08.02.12, C., Tampa, FL., I stumbled upon your website. Suicide is when someone leaves their problems for others to live with. There is so much shame, hurt and blame involved (with the living left behind). Everyone wants to brush it under the rug and pretend like it couldn't happen to someone they know. Or pretend as if mental illnesses do not exist. If we could only interview the people who jumped and died, I bet most all of them changed their mind on the way down. Anyway, I located additional information about someone who died in 2003 (Patrick Coelingh) online and wanted to share it. (article posted above) I hope his legacy can bring joy to others and therefore bring his family joy. Don't know him or the family - just know someone that killed themselves. I had to withstand the destruction of others that followed it. I wish there was a way to make suicidal people stop hiding their intentions and reach out for help before they believe it's too late. People do care and will help. (we have been yelling about how suicide is just a way to push all your problems onto those that know and love you for many years now. people do brush it under the rug, as well as wish this site would go away. suicide can happen to people we know. the troubled and tormented need to reach out for help. thanks for your input.)
06.21.03: jumper, male, no hotline phones, hit rocks, died, body found 06.25.03
Timothy Chance, 39
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.23.03, John R., Clearwater FL., Read in the St Pete Times on Sunday that the Sheriff's Dept was searching for a body of an unidentified male that may have jumped from the Skyway.

06.23.03, Chance, Relative notified that he got out of a cab near center and this why there is no vehicle at scene. You will find that if this is indeed true, that the name matches. (cabs stop at the top?)

06.26.03, John R., Clearwater, FL., This morning's St Pete Times had an article about some boaters finding a body of a male near the skyway. Coast Guard team fished it out.

any more info is welcome.

Hillsborough Sheriff, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office investigators have positively identified the individual and next of kin has been notified. Timothy Chance, DOB 4-13-64, St. Petersburg, Fl. This morning, June 25, 2003, at approximately 11:30 a.m. a private citizen discovered the body of a white male on the north side of the channel located on the rocks under the Skyway Bridge. The Coast Guard responded and transported the body to O’Neal’s Marina where Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Detectives responded. At this time, it appears that the body could be that of an individual that jumped off the middle span of the Skyway Bridge on Saturday, June 21, 2003.
06.22.03, st. petersburg times, Search for possible Skyway suicide comes up empty, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 
After searching for more than an hour Saturday, U.S. Coast Guard officials called off a search for an unidentified man who reportedly jumped off the Sunshine Skyway bridge earlier in the day. 
An off-duty Coast Guard pilot was driving across the bridge when he saw a man climbing over the railing of the southbound lane, Petty Officer Brian Dorsey said. 
The off-duty pilot called authorities, and a search and rescue team was dispatched by boat and helicopter about 25 minutes later. 
"When we finally got to the location he had already jumped," Dorsey said. "We searched for an hour and a half and couldn't find the individual so we suspended our search." Dorsey said because there was no vehicle parked on the bridge it is thought the man walked to the point from where he jumped. 

06.26.03, st. petersburg times, Man's body discovered under Sunshine Skyway
The U.S. Coast Guard recovered a body beneath the Sunshine Skyway bridge Wednesday, thought to be that of a man who jumped off the main span Saturday night. 
Passing boaters saw the body about 11:30 a.m. on the rocks under the first pier north of the main channel, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said.
The man's identity was withheld Wednesday, pending notification of his family., Took a cab to center span, began yelling and got out. Body recovered from rocks four days later.

12.01.03, william c., My brother jumped from the skyway june 21,'03. He had a very painfull life and anesthetized himself most of it, we grew up in an upper middle class family without a lot of love, it's amazing how tramatic events affect the way people react, I wonder how you would react if you seen your wife and child die right in front of you in an automobile accident? (sorry to hear about your brother's sad life.)

03.07.04, unknown coward, The so-called senario you mentioned in your reply was a fact that Tim lived with for 14 years after watching his wife and child die in front of him a decade and a half before taking his own life. He never was the same after that. Count your own blessings and keep making fun of those people less fortunate than you, it seems to make you feel above them. (we can not imagine having such a loss and have no doubt that such a traumatic event would alter one's being forever after. we would be negatively affected, that's a no brainer. obviously the pain was more than he could handle and we understand his desire to take whatever method he saw fit to help him end that pain. however, it's a safe bet we would not end our life over it as he did.)

03.12.04, unknown coward again, If you're not a lesbian, you should be!! (send up a flare when you get close to making a logical point. we do like the ladies, does that count?)

10.11.04, william, st. petersburg, It's been almost a year since I've visited your site, and now I remember why. your perception of reality has'nt changed much, I still have my brothers ashes and I wonder if I gave them to you if you would feel superior because he was in a box and you were not? If I have learned anything from my brothers suicide,it's that no matter what is happening in someone's life (good or bad) it is only temporary, including your website. Thanks for keeping my grief as fresh as it ever was. (our perception of reality is very sharp. your brother killed himself and left you with that pain. we post his jump as a newsworthy item and you disagree with that. reality, crystal clear. as we said before, we are sorry for your loss. having his ashes would not change us in any way. we would dispose of them in an area or areas he was fond of and we suggest maybe you do the same. keep the memory of him within you and lose the ashes. your brother is gone and possessing the spiritless carbon remnants of his body seems to understandably bring you sorrow. to us, they seem to be an unnecessary reminder of his death. you may also save yourself some grief by staying away from this temporary website.)
06.02.03: jumper, 11:00am, female, no hotline phones, hit water, died, body found
Theresa M. Lorusso, 49
Hillsborough Sheriff, Theresa M. Lorusso, 49, Brandon, FL., On June 2, 2003 at approximately 11:00 am the victim drove her car to the middle span of the northbound section of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge exited the vehicle, climbed over the railing and jumped into the water. She was recovered by a private citizen in a boat and subsequently transported to Bayfront Medical Center where she was listed in critical condition. Ms. Lorusso expired at approximately 1:30 pm on June 2, 2003.
06.07.03, Gordon G. H. Jr., Miller Place, NY.: I just wanted to say that I was good friends with Terry Lorusso and she was one of the kindest people anybody could meet. We went to school together years ago and I just attended her wake tonight in Pleasantville, NY. We will never forget her. (sorry you lost your friend.)

06.11.03, MV, NC., Our of respect for my sister Theresa Lorusso and her family... I am requesting that you remove all information concerning her from your website. Thank You (we understand the sorrow you and yours are going through. sad your sister did what she did. we have posted only the news as was reported in the newspaper and by the police. anything posted publicly will be listed on the site as published. we did not add your sister's home address, as was posted on the internet by the sheriff's department. if you wish to add your words, please do so.)

06.12.03, Maryanne V., It is very sad that you would make a game out of someone's tragedy... (we did not make the game, your sister did. she was the only player, she played by her rules, she took her turn, and she chose to lose. obviously, she wanted out. all we did was report the result, as grim as it is. again, sorry for your loss and may your sister be happier now.)

06.18.03, pwc, tampa: I worked with Terri...and the news of this tragedy has haunted me since I first learned of it on 6/3. The Terri I knew was kind, and had a good sense of humor. The reality of it all is shocking and nobody can ever really know the answer to the ever-lasting question "Why".
05.17.03: save, male
Andre Talley, 38
luckily, was found hanged to death on 05.27.06
05.20.03, st. petersburg times, St. Petersburg, Fla.; CHRIS TISCH; 
Capt. Cal Dennie thought he heard the whoosh of passing cars. He heard wind and water. 
"Where are you?" he asked the man calling from his cell phone. 
"I'm on the Skyway bridge," Dennie recalled the man saying. 
The man said he was either going to jump or put a bullet in his head. 
"Calvin, I'm in trouble," the caller said. "I lost it. I stabbed her 20 times. I can't go to jail." 
Dennie told him: "Let's deal with one thing first. Let's get off the bridge." 
Such was the situation Dennie, a 21-year Pinellas Sheriff's Office veteran, found himself in early Sunday morning. He had been awakened just before 2 a.m. with news that a suspect in an attempted murder wanted to speak to him. And then he was thrust into talking the distraught suspect off Tampa Bay's suicide bridge. 
The chain of events leading to that phone conversation began just after 10 p.m. in Dunedin. Sheriff's officials say Andre Talley, 38, got into an argument with his 34-year-old wife at her home. They had been married only about a week, though they had been together for about nine years. 
Their children, a 5-year-old girl and an 8-month old boy, were at the home. As the argument escalated, Talley grabbed a steak knife, deputies said. His wife and daughter darted out the door. Talley gave chase, deputies said. 
Talley caught his wife in the middle of the road and stabbed her six times in the upper body, deputies said. His daughter witnessed the attack. 
Talley left the scene in his car as several witnesses helped his wife. Paramedics took her to Mease Dunedin Hospital, and she was transferred by helicopter to Bayfront Medical Center. Her wounds are not considered life-threatening, deputies said. 
Talley eluded a manhunt. 
But just before 2 a.m., Talley called the Sheriff's Office. He told deputies he would speak only to Dennie, whom he has known for 15 years. Talley met Dennie through the captain's ex-wife. She and Talley worked together in the health care field, Dennie said. 
"He's a real good worker," Dennie said. 
Though Dennie said he does not socialize with Talley, they talked maybe once every eight or nine weeks. Though Talley has a criminal history including charges of stalking and domestic battery, Dennie said he never saw a violent side of him. 
After hearing from Talley, deputies called Dennie at his home at 1:50 a.m., awakening him. Talley had not left a phone number, so Dennie gave deputies his cell phone number. He told them to pass it to Talley if he called back. After hanging up, Dennie called the department's communications center to learn more details of the stabbing and the condition of Talley's wife. 
Within 10 minutes, Talley called the Sheriff's Office back. Then he dialed Dennie's cell phone. Dennie immediately heard the rush of cars and what sounded like water. 
"I was wondering what was this rush of water," Dennie said Monday. "I heard cars go by." 
Talley told Dennie he was at the apex of the bridge. He had climbed over the rail, but retreated after he looked down, Dennie said. 
"He figured he didn't want to go that way," he said. 
Dennie told Talley his wife was alive, that there were better ways out of this. He urged him to leave the bridge. 
"Let's first talk about this suicide thing," Dennie remembers telling him. "Christians don't commit suicide. You need to remember that. Your soul depends on your actions." 
Talley listened to Dennie and left the bridge. He asked to meet. They decided on the parking lot of the Old New York New York nightclub on U.S. 19 at 3:30 a.m. 
"Will you arrest me?" Dennie said Talley asked. 
Dennie told him yes. Talley said he didn't want any uniformed deputies at their meeting place, so Dennie summoned two plainclothes detectives to join him. 
Dennie and the detectives arrived at the parking lot and waited. Talley didn't show. Dennie immediately worried that Talley had returned to the bridge. 
"I was concerned," he said. 
He called Talley's cell phone. Talley said he was scared. Dennie again encouraged him to surrender. At about 3:55 a.m., Talley drove into the parking lot where deputies took him into custody. He was being held at the Pinellas County Jail on Monday in lieu of $250,000 bail. 
Dennie, who was promoted earlier this year to captain to serve as the agency's diversity officer, said he only did what comes naturally to a deputy sheriff. 
"Saved a life, that's what it's all about," Dennie said. "That's just part of the job. I didn't do anything spectacular." 

05.24.03, st. petersburg times, Woman's dream dashed amid violence 
CHRIS TISCH; All Terri Stevens wanted was a happy family. 
Her family says she put up with abuse. She perhaps forgave more than she should have. She listened to false promises, her brother said. 
On Friday, Stevens lay in a hospital bed on a ventilator that pumps air into her lungs. Doctors have given her medication to induce a comatose state. She is too weak to endure surgery. Her prognosis for recovery is shaky, said the family. 
"If it wasn't for this ventilator, Terri wouldn't be with us right now," said her brother, Rick Stevens. 
Last weekend, Terri Stevens was stabbed six times in the upper body by her husband, Andre Talley, Pinellas sheriff's deputies said. Talley, 38, later was arrested on an attempted murder charge. He was being held at the Pinellas County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail. 
Rick Stevens said his sister suffered through previous incidents of domestic violence from Talley, who court records show has been arrested on four domestic abuse and stalking charges and convicted once in the last three years. 
"We want the public to learn from this," Rick Stevens said. "We want to make sure it doesn't happen to somebody else. (Victims) need to seek help as fast as possible. We want people to learn from this because we're learning from this." 
Meanwhile, family members stay at the hospital with Terri Stevens around the clock, her brother said. He hopes people in the community will find a place in their prayers for her, too. 
"We pray for Terri every day," he said. 
According to sheriff's deputies, Talley and Stevens, 34, have been together for about nine years, though they got married only about two weeks ago. The couple maintain separate residences. 
Talley came over to Stevens' Dunedin home Saturday night. An argument ensued. Deputies said Talley threatened his wife. The couple's 5-year-old daughter and 8-month-old son were at home at the time. 
Rick Stevens said Talley spanked the 5-year-old after she cried, "Don't you hurt my mommy." 
Deputies said Terri Stevens gathered up her daughter and headed for the door. Talley grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen and gave chase, deputies said. 
Talley caught his wife in the middle of the street and stabbed her, deputies said. The 5-year-old girl witnessed the violence, reports state. 
A taxi happened to turn onto the street at the time. One passenger grabbed the girl while the other ran to Terri Stevens, her brother said. 
Deputies said Talley fled. He eluded a manhunt, then called a deputy from the top of the Sunshine Skyway bridge. The deputy, Capt. Cal Dennie, talked Talley down from the bridge. Talley later turned himself in. 
Terri Stevens was flown by helicopter to Bayfront Medical Center, where she has been listed in critical condition, her family said. 
"It doesn't seem like she's healing very fast at all," her brother said. 
Her daughter is suffering emotionally from witnessing the violence, said the family. She has been receiving counseling. 
"She's not understanding the reasons why he did this," Rick Stevens said. "She wanted to help her mommy, but she couldn't. He left her for dead in the middle of the street." 
Rick Stevens said his sister was working as acting manager at Stepping Stone, a transitional housing program in Largo operated by Religious Community Services. He said she was well liked and enjoyed helping others. 
"It's just a shame that she tries to help people as much as she can and now . . . this has happened where she needs help," her brother said.

05.27.03, St. Petersburg Times, Paper failed readers by ignoring victim's plight 
Re: Deputy talks man off Skyway, story, May 20. 
I just read the article about the man who attempted to jump off the Sunshine Skyway bridge after having tried to kill his wife by stabbing her several times. 
I am absolutely appalled by your article. I'm not sure if you are complete idiots or if you are just cold-hearted and completely clueless about the reality of the situation. Did you even bother to learn the facts in this case before you wrote this article? 
Your article stated that her wounds are not life-threatening. (Editor's note: The story attributed that information to sheriff's deputies.) Her condition is very life-threatening. She's been given a 50/50 chance of survival. How in the world could you make so light of what this man did to his wife in front of their children? And then, to add what a hero the sheriff's deputy is to have "saved" him from committing suicide! 
I understand the Sheriff's Office's first responsibility was to get him off that bridge, regardless of what he had done; however, to lightly brush over the real crime that had taken place and put all of the importance on this "poor man" being so distraught that he tried to kill himself makes me sick and extremely angry. 
The article stated that he had a criminal history including stalking and domestic battery, yet you chose to quote the officer who said, "He's a real good worker." I think it was in very poor taste for you to build up the man's character and focus on what a "great" guy he is. You might as well have said he's "a great guy, and his wife and children are completely insignificant and unimportant. As long as we saved the poor guy from killing himself, we can all sleep tonight." How could you have been so incredibly indifferent about something so serious? 
If this is how your writers (and I use that term very loosely) research and write articles, I think we'd all be better off getting our news from a gossipy neighbor. There would be far more facts involved in secondhand gossip than in what I just read from your newspaper. 
Jennifer A., Clearwater 
(perhaps letting this guy jump would have been a good thing. there is something to be said about thinning out the herd. we have always wondered about the 'suicide watch'. what's with that? just turn your back and let mother nature's lunacy complete it's cycle. all jail cells should be stocked with a strong rope, a ceiling hook, and a stool to kick out from under anyone that wishes to do so. good riddance. we are surprised jennifer's words were published. way to go, jennifer.)
07.08.03, St. Petersburg Times, Husband charged in stabbing jailed again 
CHRIS TISCH; Six weeks ago, Terri Stevens was in a coma. A ventilator breathed for her. A half-dozen stab wounds scarred her upper body. Her family didn't know if she would ever wake up. 
Her husband, Andre Talley, sat in the Pinellas County Jail charged with attempted murder. Pinellas sheriff's deputies said he tried to stab Stevens to death in front of their 5-year-old daughter. 
In the weeks since then, Stevens woke up from her coma and was discharged from the hospital. And on Wednesday, Talley posted $250,000 bail and was released from jail. 
On Sunday afternoon, Talley was arrested again, this time on charges that he repeatedly drove by Stevens and her family, frightening them by rolling down his window and staring at them. 
Clearwater police arrested Talley, 38, on a felony charge of tampering with a victim and a misdemeanor charge of violating a domestic violence injunction. He was being held at the Pinellas County Jail without bail. 
According to court records, Talley has a history of domestic abuse, having been charged with four domestic violence charges in the past three years. He was convicted of only one of those charges, however. 
Deputies said the couple have known each other for years but married only a couple of weeks before the May 17 stabbing. 
Deputies said Talley and Stevens argued that night. After he grabbed a steak knife, she scooped up her 5-year-old daughter and ran outside, officials said. He caught her in the street and stabbed her in front of the child, according to deputies. 
While Stevens, 35, was taken to Bayfront Medical Center for treatment, Talley drove to the Sunshine Skyway bridge and considered jumping off. A Pinellas sheriff's captain talked him off the bridge and persuaded him to turn himself in. 
A few days after the incident, Stevens' family members described her condition as dire. She didn't have the strength to undergo surgery and doctors induced a comatose state. 
About three weeks ago, doctors decided to wean Stevens off the ventilator, though her doctor was unsure how she would respond. 
"He didn't expect Terri to pull through," said her brother, Rick Stevens. "But by prayers and everything, Terri did." 
She was discharged two weeks ago. She receives physical therapy and is starting to walk without having to grab onto things. She also is undergoing emotional counseling, her brother said. 
"Even though the wounds are healing, you still have the inside that may never heal," Rick Stevens said. 
He said Terri Stevens and her sister took their children to the Martin Luther King Recreational Complex in Clearwater on Sunday afternoon. Police said Talley drove by them three times. 
"He was just driving by. That's fine and dandy, but you don't drive by at 10 mph and then come back 10 minutes later," Rick Stevens said. 
He said his sister was rattled by what happened. She had obtained an injunction ordering Talley to stay away from her family. 
A judge also had ordered Talley to stay away from Stevens and her children when he was released on bail. 
"I think she was upset about it. She's scared of him. The whole family is," Rick Stevens said. 
"He had an injunction he should have followed and he didn't. And that's why he's back where he's at." 
(maybe 2 or 3 more pieces of paper will do the trick. how about 6 pieces of paper? can someone please help this guy finish what he started up on the bridge? to think he was allowed to torment this family again shows just how screwed up our legal system is. had this dirtbag's dog simply bit terri stevens, the dog would be put down with little regard, yet he is capable of acting worse than an animal and he isn't put down like the vicious dog he is. we wonder if there is a jury in the country that would convict anyone in terri's family that took matters into their own hands, "in fear of their life". the preceding was simply our opinion.)

05.29.06, full article
05.09.16, Reesa P., Illinois, I love you site! I'm one of those people who love to research jumpers, just because. Anyways, I'm writing you regarding Andre Talley, a save in 2003, after stabbing his wife in front of their 5 year old. I found an article, published on May 29, 2006, in the Tampa Bay Times, about him finally succeeding in committing suicide. He was finally sentenced to 30 years for the stabbing the week prior to his suicide. He had also become despised and placed in PC due to becoming an informant. He was found hanging by a bedsheet at 4:16pm on Saturday May 27th. Figured I would send you an update since this dude was a complete clown anyways. (we love you too! thanks for the update. we found the article and posted it above. it is nice seeing a righteously successful suicide watch come to fruition.)
05.14.03: jumper, 6:30pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died, body found same day
Michael A. Mielcarek, 32
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
5.16.03, Kevin S., Tampa, At about 7pm were coming in from a day of fishing in the bay and saw the body at Oneil's Marina in St Pete. (They were just putting it in a body bag) Our boat slip was right where the EMT's and ME were working on the body. Per one Sheriff a Florida State Trooper saw him walking over the bridge. When he approached him he jumped. Two dudes fishing under the bridge took the body to Oneil's. Must suck to be a good citizen because the cops held them for a very long time. We left the marina at 9pm and they were still there.

05.23.03, Allen A., St. Pete., I was one of the two in the boat that brought the jumper to shore. What was a great day of fishing, a 120 lb Tarpon, 2 nice keeper gags, and two Kings, quickly turned out to be a day to remember. The outcome was more than just pulling a lifeless body from the water. It entailed a 4 hour detention by authorities (which they were all very kind), but damn we were beat after 12 hours on the water. In addition, my friend, who was under stress and thought that the jumper was still alive (due to body twitching), proceeded to give CPR. This alone presented many factors that my friend did not foresee. I won't detail the story here, but look for the article in the St. Pete Times in the near future. (great fishing, nice haul. thank you allen. we will look for the article. if you can, remind us when it appears.)

any more info is welcome.

Hillsborough Sheriff, Michael A. Mielcarek, 32, DOB 7-10-70, St. Petersburg, At approximately 6:30 p.m. Florida Highway Patrol observed the victim walking in the southbound lane on the middle span of the Skyway Bridge. The trooper made contact with the individual and they engaged in conversation. The victim continued to walk and then jumped off the bridge. Two citizens were in a boat in the area of the bridge, observed the victim fall and were able to retrieve him from the water. The boaters called 911, transported him to O’Neal’s pier where Fire Rescue met them. The victim was pronounced deceased at the pier.
05.15.03, st. petersburg times; Man leaps to death from Skyway bridge; St. Petersburg, Fla.
A man jumped to his death off the Sunshine Skyway bridge on Wednesday as a Florida Highway Patrol trooper tried to talk him out of it, authorities said. 
About 6:30 p.m., the man parked his vehicle in the breakdown lane on the center span of the southbound side of the bridge, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. 
The man, wearing a white, long-sleeved business shirt, started walking. 
The trooper made contact with him and was talking to him when he jumped, sheriff's officials said. After he hit the water, two men in a private boat brought him to O'Neill's Marina in St. Petersburg, where paramedics pronounced him dead. 
He was a white man in his 30s. It appeared he was from St. Petersburg, authorities said. 
His name was not released Wednesday because relatives had not been notified.

05.16.03, St. Petersburg Times; Authorities identify man who jumped from Skyway; St. Petersburg, Fla.;
A man who jumped to his death Wednesday off the Sunshine Skyway bridge has been identified as Michael A. Mielcarek, 32, of St. Petersburg. 
Authorities say Mielcarek parked his vehicle on the southbound center span about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and then jumped off the bridge as a Florida Highway Patrol trooper tried to talk him out of it. 
Then, on Thursday morning, a woman jumped off a low section of the Skyway or off a nearby fishing pier, but she was unharmed, authorities said. 
Crew members on a fishing boat saw the woman on a buoy at the base of the bridge. The St. Petersburg Fire Department took the woman to Bayfront Medical Center for an evaluation. She told firefighters she swam to the buoy from the fishing pier at the Manatee County end of the Skyway. 
The Manatee County Sheriff's Office investigated the case and decided not to take the woman into custody under the Baker Act.
"She talked to our deputy and said she wasn't trying to hurt herself," said Manatee sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow. "She said she jumped in to go swimming." 
05.11.03: jumper, 6:36pm, male, no hotline phones, hit rocks, died, body found same day
Marcin Edward Gawle, 21
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
05.12.03, John R., Clearwater, FL., Heard on Thunder 103.5 this morning that we had another jumper. I guess Diaz isn't one of those wimpy media people around here. (thanks again, john. also thanks to ron diaz.)

05.12.03, unknown, While driving accross the sky way bridge last evening at about 50 miles per hour a man left his car on the left hand side of the road and darted in front of my car. I took my foot off the gas hoping not to hit him. He dove over the abutment and I don't know what happened. The car in the other lane appeared to go left and use the call box. I am shocked there is such a following for jumpers. (we are shocked too. we're sure your encounter with a jumper was a bigger shock. now you see him, now you don't. poof, he's gone.)

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, Marcin Edward Gawle, 21 DOB 3-18-82, Holiday, Florida, May 11, 2003 at 6:36 p.m. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Skyway Bridge reference a jumper. A passerby utilized the crisis phones on the Skyway Bridge and notified authorities. A 1992 Plymouth was found abandoned in the southbound lane of the center span. The victim’s body was discovered on the rocks underneath the bridge. The victim was positively identified today, May 12, 2003 through fingerprints and next of kin was notified.
04.18.03: jumper, male, hit water, died, body found 04.23.03
Cameron Holsey, 18
from jumpnews reporter:
04.23.03, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., Page 7C of April 23, 2003 Bradenton Herald stated the body of an April 18 jumper washed up near Port Manatee and was being investigated by the Hillsborough Sheriff dept. Might be on their online version.

any more info is welcome.
Body found
The body of an April 18 Sunshine Skyway bridge-jumper was retrieved near Port Manatee on Tuesday, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, who is reportedly investigating the incident, did not have any more information Tuesday., 18, male, died, Body found five days later at Port Manatee.
04.23.03, K., Sarasota, Florida: I had, hopefully still have a friend named Cameron Holsey. I wasn't "true" friends with him, but knew him well enough to be affected. I was told to keep it on the DL but I heard that his car was found about 4 nights ago parked on top of the skyway w/ keys in ignition and cell phone in the car. was wondering if you had heard anything about him, im praying he's still alive. (we're sorry you lost your friend.)

05.06.03, Brian A., Cape Coral, Florida,You guys are a bunch of f**king a**holes. Cam H., they ki who jumped 4-18, was a good kid, not some "person out of there senses" like you refer to it. It is incredibly sick and in bad taste that you would make a site, and find humor in the misfourtune of others, and especially the friends and family that survive. I am working with a lawyer, and i a determined to find a way to have you shut down. I will leave you this option. You have 7 days to get anything about Cam off of your site, or i shall take legal action against you. You can keep the date for your purposes, but any detils, i demand you remove. I have linked this site to the famiy of this young man, as well as his religious advisers, and frends. All of whom are more than willing to put out money to shut you down, its your choice. Brian A. (brian, we're sure cam was a good kid. young jumpers seem to be good people, just unable to cope for some reason. it's a shame they choose to end their young lives by any means. any public information is public and as such, is posted publicly here. details sent in by individuals are posted as long as they don't divulge personal information. if you read this site at all, you would see we never personally attack individual jumpers, unless they have a criminal reason for us to do so. our opinions on jumpers in general are just that, our opinions on jumpers in general. it's called freedom of speech. perhaps if you were polite and asked nicely, we would have honored your request. in the past, we have pulled a thing or two when asked by the people hurt by this site, as they were polite. you were just rude. your opinion that we are "f**king a**holes" is your opinion, as well as a personal attack. should we get our lawyer after you for that? we doubt many site visitors read these jumper details anyway, but many do love to read the hate mail and whining such as yours. you have pushed this particular jump into the spotlight with your ranting bravado. your legal action will boost this site's rating incredibly. don't get us started on "religious advisers" and don't bother wait the 7 days. bring it on, brian, let's dance now. gather up your forces and all their money. just do it or shut your hole.) update 07.06.18: over 15 years and still no word from blowhard brian and/or his "famiy" and "frends".

03.15.04, Ricky K., Detroit, MI, United States, First off I used to live in Sarasota and I moved about 4 years ago... People always used to joke about the people who jumped off the Sky Way. But now its just kinda sickening to think about it... I think this site is hilarious and I always come to it just to see how close the people are that won. But my friend Cam jumped off April 18th, 2003, almost 1 year ago. And I just saw his story on here. Now there was some asshole kid on there, I believe his name was Brian, that totally just called you guys out without giving any explination why he wants this off besides the fact that you guys are "f**king a**holes". It would be appreciated by me though, someone who visits the site quite often to see that story removed. It is the 2nd Jumper of 2003 on April 18th, 2003 but the body was found April 23rd, 2003. I see on there that you guys are sometimes nice about removing certain situations if people are nice. This happened last year and I am sure nobody won, so can you just please take that off of here. It would be appreciated. Thank you, Ricky K. (ricky, we are sorry you lost your friend. his inclusion on this site was a result of him jumping off the skyway bridge. that is what this site is all about. people jump and we post the news of said jump. we were not the first to publish his jump, as it was published in the newspaper. if we remove this jump, then others will want their least favorite jump removed. then one by one, all the jumper reports will be gone. that's not how it works. the scant few items we have removed were comments a few site visitors made about jumpers, as sometimes they get a bit harsh and we re-think things. once a jumper jumps, any and all news we get will be posted on this site, no removals, no exceptions.)
04.12.03: save, male
04.13.03, st. petersburg times, Man talked out of bridge jump, By Times staff writer 
The Sunshine Skyway bridge was closed for three hours Saturday morning while emergency responders talked a man out of jumping off the bridge. 
The man was spotted at 6:25 a.m. by Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Knight, who was patrolling the bridge as part of FHP's Skyway Suicide Watch. 
Sgt. Steven Hooppell said a trooper patrols the bridge 24 hours a day, looking out for jumpers. 
Officials from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team were able to negotiate with the man, whom they took into custody, sheriff's officials said.

any more info is welcome.
04.13.03, janet t., sarasota, florida, I was the fourth car at the toll booth on April 12, 2003. I was heading for Tampa airport, missed our flight, and this caused untold havoc for the two handicapped passengers we had in our party of four. Is there no other way that one can reach the airport other than sitting for three hours at a dead stop. I understand it was a female who jumped and that happened with a crisis management team. Would appreciate any news coverage as we are now up north.
02.28.03: save?
or just a floridiot with cowboy hat and lasso that climbs the skyway.
Izra James Richard Nowitzke, 25
02.28.03, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office: Izra James Richard Nowitzke, DOB 3-23-77, Polk City, Florida, February 28, 2003 at approximately 8:00 a.m., Skyway Bridge, Center Span
   At approximately 5:00 a.m. this morning, Elmer’s Towing responded to call in Bradenton. The tow driver picked up Mr. Nowitzke and his pick up truck. As the tow driver was driving over the Skyway Bridge, Mr. Nowitzke opened his door and proceeded to get out of the vehicle. The driver slowed the tow truck at which time Nowitzke jumped out ran back to his pickup truck where he retrieved a rope and then ran to the yellow girders in the center of the Skyway. Nowitzke climbed up approximately 50 to 60 feet. Traffic in both directions on the Skyway was closed down for approximately one hour. Negotiators with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office talked to Nowitzke for approximately one hour and were able to talk him down. Nowitzke was transported to a Pinellas County hospital for evaluation.
02.28.03, st. petersburg times, A man wearing a cowboy hat and wielding a lasso climbed a cable on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning and stayed there for more than two hours before coming down. Izra Nowitzke, 25, was taken to a hospital for mental health evaluation under the Baker Act, officials said. The incident started at around 7:30 a.m., when Nowitzke's car was about to be towed from the bridge, said Maj. Gary Terry, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Nowitzke grabbed a lasso out of the back of his truck and started to ascend the cable on the bridge, ending up about 50 to 60 feet above the bridge, where he threatened to jump, Terry said. A ladder from a fire truck had been put up to stop him from climbing any higher. "He was despondent over financial issues and marital problems," Terry said. "He was twirling the rope around and at one time threatened to hang himself." FHP Lt. Mike Rushing said Nowitzke told negotiators that he was on crack. The bridge, which had been shut down for two hours during negotiations, was reopened. Several law enforcement agencies were involved, since the bridge falls under control of three counties - Manatee, Pinellas and Hillsborough. Hillsborough County negotiators talked Nowitzke down at around 10 a.m.

03.01.03, st. petersburg times, Man with lasso is coaxed down from skyway cable.
A man dressed as a cowboy and wielding a lasso climbed a cable on the Sunshine Skyway bridge, then remained there for two hours Friday. Negotiators with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office persuaded Izra Nowitzke, 25, of Polk City to climb down. He was taken to St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg for evaluation.
"He was actually twirling the rope around up there," said Hillsborough sheriff's Maj. Gary Terry. "He made a comment that he was going to lasso the bridge."
Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Rushing said the bridge was closed in both directions for nearly two hours after Nowitzke climbed 50 to 60 feet at 8 a.m. Rushing said Nowitzke told negotiators that he was on crack cocaine and that he was distraught over financial and marital issues.

03.01.03,, Man with cowboy hat, lasso threatens to leap off Skyway. The man was despondent over marital and financial problems, authorities say.
SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE -- A man in cowboy garb wielding a lasso climbed a cable on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Friday morning and stayed there for more than two hours while motorists waited in traffic.
Izra Nowitzke, 25, a former Bradenton resident, was wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and overalls when he jumped from a truck and ran to the cable.
After he climbed down, he was taken to a Pinellas County hospital for mental health evaluation under the Baker Act, officials said.
The incident began at about 7:30 a.m., while Nowitzke's truck was being towed across the bridge from Bradenton to St. Petersburg, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
Nowitzke called Elmer's Towing in Bradenton at about 5:30 a.m., said a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, Lt. Mike Rushing.
Nowitzke told the driver he wanted to go to his brother's house on Gandy Boulevard in the Tampa area, Rushing said.
Nowitzke jumped out of the tow truck as it crossed the bridge. The truck driver had been driving slowly because of thick fog, Rushing said.
Nowitzke grabbed a lasso from the back of his pickup, which was adorned with a spray-painted obscenity on one side, Rushing said.
Nowitzke climbed 50 to 60 feet above the bridge, then threatened to jump, said Hillsborough Sheriff's Office Maj. Gary Terry.
"He twirled it (the lasso) around like he was trying to rope a calf," Rushing said. "I thought I'd seen it all, but I've never seen anything like this before."
Traffic was stopped in both directions as rescue workers tried to get Nowitzke to come down.
A St. Petersburg Fire Rescue crew moved a ladder above Nowitzke to keep him from climbing any higher.
"He was despondent over financial issues and marital problems," Terry said. "He was twirling the rope around and at one time threatened to hang himself."
Nowitzke told negotiators he had been smoking crack cocaine, Rushing said.
In February 1999, Nowitzke's wife, Amy, sought an injunction to protect her from him. That order was later dismissed. Nowitzke now lives in Polk City, according to court records.
This report contains material from The Associated Press.

03.02.03: full article

 yee haa, ride 'em clownboy.. photo: ALEX DIAZ, Bradenton Herald

it appears that someone with a bucket of rocks or a taser could have had clownboy down and traffic flowing once again in short order. judging from this picture, too much time, money, and effort were involved in his jackass prank.

Rescue on Sunshine Skyway Bridge: Trooper Kristi Menzies 
On Friday, February 28, 2003, during the early morning rush hour traffic, Trooper Kristi Menzies responded to the scene of an attempted suicide on the Skyway Bridge. Upon her arrival, she was able to make contact with a subject who was threatening to jump from the bridge.
The subject was standing on the top of the center span bridge support cable approximately fifty feet above the roadway. Through her efforts, Trooper Menzies was able to build a rapport with the subject, learning that he was despondent over past and present events in his personal life, which resulted in him threatening to commit suicide.
Trooper Menzies talked with the subject for over two hours until the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded with a trained negotiator. After an additional forty-five minutes, the subject voluntarily came down to the roadway and was no longer threatening to jump. According to the lead negotiator, Detective Todd Anthony, Trooper Menzie’s efforts were instrumental in helping to save the subject’s life. For her actions, Trooper Menzies was selected as the Florida Highway Patrol’s Trooper of the Month for February 2003.
unedited from
07.17.10, About me: My name is CRACKHEAD!!!!! My favorite color is clear, and I like to jump off big ass bridges!!!
33 / Male, polk, Florida, US
Interests - General: The work i prefer bout 6 story s up 10. 12 30year high definition arks. an put no less than 20sq on or cut.n the top out of a huge pecan tree bout 45ft up with no harness run.n a husky 359 20inch wide open. an then we bump the shoot an head out wess to a feed lot to kick off the 86 fat cattle off an head to the house
Television: if i had a girl friend i would watch more of it.
Books: none
Occupation: Rooftechnology

07.11.12, About me: I.m an ass hole. beer i like,
Interests - General: tires are good. i used before.
 Izra Nowitzke, myspace gangsta
 Izra Nowitzke, facebook floridiot
07.15.18, facebook 1
 Izra Nowitzke, facebook floridiot
08.02.18, facebook 2
 Izra Nowitzke, facebook floridiot
06.30.21, facebook 3
 Izra Nowitzke, facebook floridiot
12.15.21, facebook 4
 01.05.10  02.07.10  01.21.11  06.13.12 - beat the hell up
 09.05.12  10.07.12  03.08.13  05.27.14
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florida mugshots • each image opens a new page of taxpayer burden.
play the game.

an offender list:
00) 02.28.03, climbs the skyway, may or may not have been arrested.
01) 10.29.04, Manatee County, dui alcohol/drugs 1st off.
02) 07.19.05, Manatee County, battery - touch or strike-simple/domestic.
03) 08.13.05, Manatee County, probation violation/reckless driving.
04) 10.07.05, Manatee County, contempt court-not answer summons misd
05) 05.05.06, Manatee County, probation violation
06) 10.04.06, Manatee County, utter false instrument
07) 11.15.06, Manatee County, probation violation/domestic battery.
08) 04.25.07, Manatee County, larceny petit 1st off
09) 05.17.07, Manatee County, probation violation/add domestic battery, larceny petit 1st off/retail theft, and contempt court-not answer summons misd/vop- domestic batt.
10) 01.05.10, Manatee County, contempt court-not answer summons misd/driving while licens.
11) 02.07.10, Polk County, battery(dv) felony by strangulation, and battery dv 2nd subsq off.
12) 01.21.11, Polk County, waoj - dwlsr - manatee county, smuggle introduce contraband into det fa, and poss of meth.
13) 04.08.11, Manatee County, contempt court-not answer summons misd/dwls.
14) 06.13.12, Manatee County, #1 battery - non serious injur, #2 battery - touch or strike-simple
15) 09.05.12, Manatee County, s/m/d oth sch i & ii
16) 10.07.12, Manatee County, #1 probation violation
17) 03.08.13, Manatee County, #1 delv/poss/mfg wit sell/distrb drug sched i/ii/meth
18) 05.27.14, Manatee County, criminal registrant felony/dist of cntrl subst.
19) 11.20.14, Manatee County, viol prob/comm cntrl/s/m/d other sec i&ii.
20) 02.19.15, Manatee County, viol prob/comm cntrl/addendum s/m/d/ oth.
21) 01.11.16, Manatee County, viol prob/comm cntrl/sale/del contrl subs.
22) 04.07.17, Manatee County, theft 300-5,000 - shoplifting
23) 09.30.17, Manatee County, petit/grand theft-shoplifting.
24) 11.09.17, Manatee County, resist/obst- ofcr w/o vio, loitering/prowling
25) 12.21.17, Manatee County, assault - law ofcr serious, battery - touch or strike-simple, crim misch misd 200 dollars and under, and resist/obst- ofcr w/o vio.
26) 08.06.18, #1 burglary w/aslt/bat, bond: $20000
#2 burglary w/aslt/bat, bond: $10000, notes: battery on officer, ff, emt
#3 burglary w/aslt/bat, bond: $1500, notes: flee/elude leo w/lgts-siren active
#4 burglary w/aslt/bat, bond: $1500, notes: resist w/violence
#5 burglary w/aslt/bat, bond: $1500, notes: with intent to use, total bond: $34500
27) 06.09.19, #1 First Degree Arson, BOND: $15000, #2 Dom Viol-Battery Prior Conviction, BOND: $5000 • more
28) 01.17.22, Trespass Prop other than Structure/C, BOND: $500
29) 02.13.22, less than one month later:
#1 possession of methamphetamine, statute: 893.13(6a), bond: $1000
#2 poss of drug paraphernal, statute: 893.147 (1), bond: $500
#3 battery - prior conviction, statute: 784.03(2), bond: $1000
#4 resist officer w/o viol., statute: 843.02, bond: $500
#5 felony criminal mischief (prev conviction), statute: 806.13(1)(b)4, bond: $1000
#6 robbery - sudden snatching w/o f/arm/weapon, statute: 812.131(2)(b)
30) 07.27.22, five months later:
#1 Exposure of Sexual Organs, STATUTE: 800.03(2)(A), BOND: $500, case summary: STATE OF FLORIDA vs. NOWITZKE IZRA JAMES released 11.03.22
31) 11.10.22, one week later, stepping up his game:
#1 Dom Viol-Battery By Strangulation, STATUTE: 784.041(2)*, BOND: $15000, NOTES: DOM VIOL-BATTERY BY STRANGULATION
#2 Dom Viol-Battery on Person over 65, STATUTE: 784.08(2)(C)...**, BOND: $15000, NOTES: DOM VIOL-BATTERY ON PERSON OVER 65
#4 False Imprisonment- (Domestic Violence), STATUTE: 787.02(2)(A).., NOTES: FALSE IMPRISONMENT- DV
#5 Hold for another agency, STATUTE: DETENTION HOLD, NOTES: HOLD FOR GPS - Total Bond: $80000
facebook article posts,
• Terri O., They keep letting them out and I’m sick of it. RIP to my daughter. He has been arrested 67 times 27 felonies.

if only there was a '31 strikes and you're out' law.~

12.21.17,, Cops arrest man who had been punching mailboxes. But first they had to shoot him with stun guns four times.
Bradenton: Police had to use stun guns on a Bradenton man not once, not twice, but four times before he could be taken into custody after an incident early Thursday morning.
A Bradenton police officer on patrol just before 12:30 a.m. could hear screaming from down the street. Izra Nowitzke, 40, shirtless and bleeding from his head, was pacing and yelling outside a home in the 1500 block of 19th Street West, according to the probable cause affidavit.
The man at the home told police he didn’t know Nowitzke, but Nowitzke came up to him, started calling him names and hit him with a beer he was holding. Nowitzke punched the man’s mailbox and stood in the street, still shouting threats. The man was not injured, according to police.
Officers on the scene tried to talk to Nowitzke, who lives a couple of blocks down the street, and calm him down. But he did not respond to several orders to get on the ground, according to the affidavit.
Instead, Nowitzke ran from officers, one of whom fired a stun gun at him. It had no effect. A second officer’s attempt still did not stop Nowitzke, who ripped the probes off his skin and continued running down the street, according to police.
All the while, Nowitzke continued to punch mailboxes off their posts as he ran and even knocked off a side-view mirror from a vehicle.
Officers took off after Nowitzke until he suddenly stopped, turned and started running straight toward the officers, yelling that he would kill them, according to the affidavit.
Officers again pulled out their stun guns. The third stun did nothing to stop Nowitzke, however, the fourth and final attempt incapacitated him, the affidavit stated.
Police were able to take Nowitzke into custody, where he told police the man he was yelling at "jumped him." He also continued to threaten to kill the police.
"Y’all don’t got (stuff) that can slow me down," he said, according to the affidavit. "Next time, I’ll have a pit bull to kill you and the police dogs."
Police also quoted him as saying: "Once I do some steroids I’ll be real ferocious."
Officers also noted alcohol was involved in the incident.
Nowitzke was booked into the Manatee County jail on charges of aggravated assault on an officer, simple battery and resisting an officer without violence. He was being held without bond., stungun used on man punching mailboxes.
the 'guess when izra gets arrested again' game.
your chance to win big nothing by predicting #32.

12.05.23, tittie.bits, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, (will be arrested again, 12.05.23, for drugs, beat up, not locked up for good), He will definitely be involved in a few crimes for the rest of his life. he probably won't be locked up for good though... just in and out of jail.

10.07.23, Lizra, Down yonder, (will be arrested again, 10.31.23, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good, He’s a whole new level of special.

06.20.23, Cyn, Washington, GA, (will be arrested again, 07.02.23, for something new, beat up, not locked up for good), Hes a fucking dumbass yee yee boy. Theres not much else to say.

04.16.23, JESSICA L., Clermont, fl., (will be arrested again, 07.07.23, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good), He's due for another

04.15.23, Pooh Sheisty, Sandals Beach Resort, (will be arrested again, 08.18.23, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good), Maybe he’ll find his true love in lockup this time :D

03.31.23, Belle, Timbuctoo, (will be arrested again, 05.04.24, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good), LMFAO!!! HA HA HA!!!

01.07.23, Izri, Trailer park, Florida, (will be arrested again, 11.11.24, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good), Lofl hahaha 🤠 🤡

11.27.22, Dirk N., Dallas Mavericks, Texas, will be arrested again on 04.12.23, for exposing his junk, beat up, not locked up for good, He will be arrested for rubbing fentanyl powder on his balls within 500 feet of a public playground

11.23.22, Kimmy, By the skyway, (will be arrested again on 04.05.23, for drugs, beat up, not locked up for good), He’s one consistent character I’ll give him that

04.08.22, jebus rice, (will be arrested again on 05.09.22, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good)

04.01.22, Reno, Delaware, (will be arrested again on 11.07.22, for probation violation, beat up, not locked up for good), yippee ki yay motherfucker

03.29.22, slumpy the squirrel, (will be arrested again on 07.19.22, for combo, beat up, not locked up for good), his favorite color is clear... that says enough

03.27.22, gashbell, (will be arrested again on 06.10.24, for combo, not beat up, locked up for good)

01.26.22, You know like irza, Cousinfuckalabama, (arrested again on 08.10.22 for drugs, beat up, not for good)

07.07.21, Shug_Nasty, Anaheim, Ca., (arrested again on 01.01.2022 for combo, not beat up, not for good), Idiot will probably outlive us all. (only off by 16 days!)

06.12.19, Izra is life, your local mobile home park, (arrested again on 07.04.19 for drugs, beat up, not for good), Go make me proud cowboy

01.09.19, Luke Starwalker, St. Petersburg, Florida, (arrested again on 01.14.19 for something new, not beat up, not for good), So Ive never seen a prediction game based on someone fucking up. What a muppet.

12.12.18, floridiot, hell, (arrested again on 02.03.19 for probation violation, beat up, not for good)

11.29.18, mothman, Texas, (arrested again on 02.06.19 for combo, beat up, not for good), he's going to attempt to shoplift condoms from a gas station after going absolutely hogwild on cocaine, proceed to yell "yuppie tomfuckery" at an employee and punch them.

12.22.17, In-store, (arrested again on 03.18.18 for probation violation, not beat up, not for good)

10.10.17, Staci M., Clearwater, FL., (arrested again on 01.03.18 for probation violation, not beat up, for good)

09.06.17, Frank R., Lealman, Florida, (arrested again on 10.31.17 for drugs, not beat up, not for good) (your guess was only 9 days off.)

04.17.17, Faustus, Vald, Ga., (arrested again on 07.06.19 for combo, beat up, not for good), Idiots that don't die, keep getting older.

07.30.16, LC, (arrested again on 10.14.16 for combo, beat up, not for good), If I believed in an all loving, benevolent, omnipotent god I would pray that this man's testicles have never and will never function properly.

06.23.16, Roxie, bradenton, fl, (arrested again on 06.28.16 for drugs, not beat up, not for good), I hope he gets the help he needs before he joins the club 'noone really wants to be in'.

05.10.16, Tania, Chattanooga, TN., (arrested again on 06.21.16 probation violation, not beat up, not for good), "Tires are good" and "I used before" say it all.

01.21.16, NewsPhotoNinja, Sarasota, (arrested again on 10.18.17 drugs, beat up, not for good), yeehaw, crackhead cowboy (your guess was only 20 days off.)

01.16.16, YeeHaw, Florida, He is in jail without a bail, 01-11-2016, probation violation.

01.12.16, Big Chief, Maximo, (arrested again on 04.20.16 for something new, beat up, not for good), Yeeeeeee haw!

01.05.16, jack, bradenton, fl., (arrested again on 01.25.16 for combo, not beat up, not for good), if you think he is bad, you should see his girl friend. (your guess was only 2 weeks off.)

03.20.15, The real skywaybuckaroo, righ here, (arrested again on 01.01.18 for something new, not beat up, for good), This me Izra and u beter take dis pixtures down or dey gna b sum serius conskwences. I wus jus playen aroun wantd 2 b stunt mun so eras al dis crap or I gna git my lawyurs envolvd

03.19.15, coconut, bradenton, fl., (arrested again on 08.10.15 combo, beat up, not for good), Polite guy who is always courteous when sober but is an addict and his girlfriend is an addict too so no way either one will ever get clean as long as they stay with each other. Pretty sad when you scrap the siding off your trailer for drugs or the axle from under your trailer or your refrigerator. Really who does that..... a f**king fiend addict that needs help and a new girlfriend. 2 addicts equals endless cycle (we get that people can't stop their addiction, but at some point, you'd think they would connect the dots and figure out what is wrong and then try to change it. for sure it does not help when you are surrounded by enablers.)

03.16.15, Big dawg, bradenton, fl., (arrested again on 06.04.15 beat up, not for good), Known him for 15 years. Nicest guy you would ever meet and would give you the shirt off of his back but drugs have clouded his decision making.

02.25.15, Janelle, Kokomo, Indiana, (arrested again on 03.17.15 combo, beat up, not for good), He is a dumbass.

   the above guesses and associated commentary are opinions and satire, supplied by the random public and do not reflect the opinions of this website. well, maybe.
01.24.03: jumper, 7:30pm, male, no phones, hit water, died, body recovered next day
Randy Hover, 28
thanks to our jumpnews reporters:
01.27.03, jeff s., largo fl., randy hover. jumped from the top of the bridge at 8:15 on the 24th of jan it's also in the paper but his body was not identified yet. its sad but true that someone would take there own life, it was so cold out that night 41 degrees his neck was broke upon impact the body was found the next day near eggmont key.

01.28.03, Erin Z., St. Petersburg, FL., First heard news from a friend that his friend jumped off the bridge after a fight with a girlfriend, then got a speeding ticket and kept right on driving to the skyway. Report confirmed: St. Pete Times, Sunday January 26, 2003 Section 3B "Briefly".

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, Randy Hover, 28 DOB 7-24-74, Pinellas County, Suicide
On January 24, 2003, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Florida Highway Patrol observed the victim on the bridge. They dispatched a vehicle to the location, but were unable to find the victim. The Coast Guard searched the location, but was unable to continue search due to high winds.
On January 25, 2003, at approximately 12:00 p.m. the body was recovered near Egmont Key. The Sheriff’s Office was able to determine positive identification on January 26, 2003 and next of kin was notified.
01.26.03, st. petersburg times, Body found near Skyway, deputies suspect suicide.
St. Petersburg, Fla. - Authorities pulled a body from the water near Egmont Key Saturday morning. Suicide is suspected. About 8:15 p.m. Saturday, someone parked a car on the Sunshine Skyway bridge and got out, said the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The body found later was described as that of a white man. His identity remains unknown. The investigation is continuing.

01.28.03, st. petersburg times, Officials identify man's body.
St. Petersburg, Fla., Authorities on Monday identified a man whose body was pulled from the water near Egmont Key on Saturday morning. Randy Hover, 28, of Largo likely jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge on Friday evening, investigators said. About 8:15 p.m. Friday, someone parked a car on the Sunshine Skyway bridge and got out, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office report. Hover's body was found shortly after noon on Saturday. Sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said an investigation is continuing.
01.19.05, Danielle H., Caledonia, MI, United States, The jumper was my uncle, Randy Hover. I think this site is the most digusting page I've ever been to. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for this site. Instead asking everyone else, why don't you go out there and see for yourself what the jump is like and see what the outcome is. E-mail me if you make it back to computer to talk about it. My guess wont. Why don't you people get a life and cherish what/who you have instead of talking about what others have lost or have almost or are about to lose but don't know it. Maybe someone you love is about to do what you talk about everyday on this site and you're too busy obsessing over other people's loss' to even say good-bye to that person or try to stop them. I tried to stop my uncle but sometimes even the most prescious people slip through your fingers before you get a chance to stop them. (we have had suicide in our family, so what? a close cousin took his life, incidentally by also jumping off a bridge into the path of a semi truck, with no regard for us or how we'd feel about it. he didn't give a rat's ass what his family went through afterwards. he took the easy way out and we spent zero time boo hooing about it. we do not need to jump off the bridge to realize that it's not a smart thing to do. your uncle took his life, as it was his to take. that is what he wanted to do and you are left to deal with it. please do so. yelling at us may make you feel good, but it will never bring anyone back. hold close the memories of your uncle, but don't for a minute think we will stop reporting bridge jumpers, just because you think we are disgusting. we have heard it all before. ever stop to think that maybe if your uncle read this site prior to his jump, that just maybe he would have thought differently about it? maybe this site might have shown him that jumping will only bring endless sorrow to everyone left behind. maybe smacking him with some jumping reality is all it would have taken to make him rethink his plan.)

02.06.05, Jennifer H., Pinellas Park, Randy Hover was my ex-fiance. We were together for over two years and were very much in love. I do not like this website at all. How could someone talk about this so lightly. This is a very serious situation. This website makes it seem like the person who jumped was a coward and did not care about anyone but themselves, but that is not true at all. Randy was a very strong and intelligent man. I feel like I shouldn't even have to explain what kind of man Randy was. And I feel like I should not even give you the satisfaction of letting you know the man that Randy was. I know for myself and I know that I will continue to love him for the rest of my life. I have all the good times that we spent together and I will always hold them close to my heart. (we are sorry about your loss. we can only guess he was just not strong enough.)

08.28.22, Jason H. Largo, Fl., Randy Hover was my best Friend! We grew up together and I thought someday our children would play with together. Unfortunately that was unable to happen. I miss him so much I even frequently dream about him. That being said his nephew made a comment about this site being disgusting and hurtful because of the way the people running the site speak of the people who have taken their own lives. I understand it’s your site but I think your comment in response to his was ridiculous. Why would you say those things to someone hurting. People don’t just not think of how their loved will hurt. People who commit suicide are obviously hurting, depressed and don’t know how to move forward. It’s not just taking the easy way out like you said to him. They are broken and in their mind they are trying to find a way to get rid of the pain. I understand you lost someone also but there is no reason to say the hurtful things you did because you lost a loved one to suicide. Seeing the name of a loved one on here followed by the rude comments just hurts and there is no reason to hurt someone because you were hurt. Try to think of others feelings and don’t take your pain out on them. (his nephew is named Danielle? let's review: in 2003, two people made reports, the police made a public news release, and the newspaper offered two articles. all we did was post those items. nothing more. done. then two years later, in 2005, nephew Danielle came along and tore into us and this site, going so far as to invite us to also jump. we responded and still never mentioned your friend, other than pointing out that it was his right to do what he did and maybe he would have changed his mind, had he visited this site. also, to hold close his memories. you see, we try to be compassionate to those that have lost loved ones to suicide, but it is hard when they rage against us for simply reporting skyway jumpers, which is the crux of this website. it's what we do. seeing the name of a loved one on here, followed by the rude comments from their friends and/or family, to the ones running the website, will usually be followed by a response from the website operators, in kind. it then tarnishes their loved one's report. why didn't nephew Danielle leave a nice story about him? maybe paint a picture of his hopes and dreams, now lost. elsewhere on this site, you will see glowing entries and tributes from friends and family members about their loved one that jumped. people send us stories, pictures, and may respond to other people's comments. yet on this report, we find anger and venom. we are truly sorry you lost your friend and do hope you cope. 28 is so young to give up. be well.)
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