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~ the sarcasm punctuation mark ~

   i've been advocating for a sarcasm mark for years. too many people have little to no capability to comprehend sarcasm without help from a qualified sarcasticist.
   we need something, but what could it be? how about the little used ~ tilde squiggly thing? who uses that for anything really important? when have you ever used it at all? let's abscond with and repurpose it once and for all, to be used as the new sarcasm mark.
   the tilde or ~, also referred to informally as squiggly or squiggle, is a grapheme with several uses. the name of the character comes from portuguese and spanish, from the latin titulus meaning "title" or "superscription", though the term "tilde" has evolved and now has a different meaning in linguistics. some refer it to a "flourish".
   blah blah blah. i call bullshit! i say we hijack and repurpose ~ to denote sarcasm, when used in text based commentary in emails, on websites, social networks, and in any other of your sarcastic writing endeavors, when placed after the usual punctuation at the end of your sentence.
   for example: you might type, "the current administration is serving this country so well." and by all appearances, the reader mistakenly thinks that you really think these elected criminals are doing a great job, even though you are attempting to serve up a heaping helping of sarcasm. but how would they know? when you add the ~ at the end, "the current administration is serving this country so well.~" is easily read as, "the current administration is trying to destroy this country!"
   brrr, can you feel the cold sting of sarcasm?
   now many of you will say, "it's not officially recognized". well, neither was stupid LOL, but that never stopped every 12 year old girl and guys that want to be 12 year old girls, from using it to death. as a result, LOL is now recognized as a legit word in some dictionaries. if the ~ gets used enough, it could become officially recognized too.
   it's easy to stick a ~ to the end of your sarcastic comment. it's found on every keyboard and in the symbol menu on every device. sarcasting has never been easier!
   join me on the vanguard of clearly communicating text based sarcastic smartassery.

thank you and i appreciate your continued patronage.~

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