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the godsquad doth hateth

updated: 05.17.22
   we do not hide our atheism and occasionally receive notice from the devout, that we have fallen out of favor with the jesus/god and risk everlasting torment in the lake of fire it created, because it loves us just that much. sad how we must continue to deal with such bronze age notions into the 21st century, as grown adults believe the unbelievable and commit child abuse, by injecting their children with the god virus, thus infecting them with their fictional belief. the circle of delusion, unbroken. meanwhile, religion, the #1 source of hatred in the world, continues to plague humanity, generation after generation.
   to each their own, the way it should be, right?
   that is, until they judge us and insist we see the light of their heavenly daddy or else. we have heard it all before. it can be tedious, ridiculous, and sadly humorous, but we will continue to include and respond to wacked out and/or scary religious nonsensicals. after all, mocking and disrespecting superstitious peoples' powerless invisible man-made magical mind reading never existed nothing but trouble imaginary sky wizard, who lives somewhere out in space and manifested himself onto earth as the son of himself to die for our sins, can be a hoot.
   we assume these self righteous and often volatile hypocrites know everything about the mindset of their god, have full authority to judge for their god, and we fully understand they want their chosen supreme entity to send us straight to hell, the sooner the better.
   while we tolerate their freedom of religion, we atheist infidels cherish our freedom from religion. we have zero use for any and all religion and feel that each and every one is, without exception, exquisitely orchestrated cults and hoaxes of monumental magnitude, duping many gullible billions throughout history, often through force, intimidation, war, and death. while it is totally understandable when science and credible information were scarce, today there is no reason to believe in a fictional faith with absolutely zero evidence of reality. religion is truly one of the world's most accepted and sanctioned mental illness, often forced upon others against their will.
   we did not solicit these missives, although we don't mind receiving the occasion rant from the faithful. do understand, we did not start the debate, we are simply responding to the words heaped upon us, in kind.
   if your delicate insensibilities take issue with us taking issue with your fictional manmade nonsense, while using adult words, do continue to judge us about it, or better yet, proceed no further, have a nice day, and go away, never to return.

cognitive dissonance; noun: the mental discomfort experienced by a person who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. this discomfort is triggered by a situation in which a person’s belief clashes with new evidence perceived by the person. i.e., a religious person listening to facts and/or opinion, that flies in the face of their belief, that gets them thinking about it logically and critically. these conflicting thoughts create anguish, doubt, stress, depression, and/or anger. the notion of "could i be wrong?" or "i can't let my mind change!", is hard to deal with. they have put forth so much mental energy into this belief and to think otherwise, is an admission of being wrong and is often a feeling of embarrassment.
religion: a self created prison of the mind.
05.16.22, Kelly B., facebook, The devils is hard at work, y'all..
(her comment garners a couple emojis.)
05.16.22, Kelly B., Those fooled by the devils handiwork laugh at my comment.
(our page then offers an additional .)
05.17.22, Kelly B., Real mature Skyway Bridge
05.17.22, Skyway Bridge, posted a link to this page.
05.17.22, Kelly B., No devout is attacking you or your page. You're claiming all that want to jump are atheist. This is comical. I am IN TEARS this morni because you choose to laugh at me and my opinion. I'm sorry you've been hurt. Don't mock those that have faith. I'll leave your page simply because I do not like how you communicate. Also, I'll pray for you.. because I never came after YOU.. unless you claim to be satan.
05.17.22, Skyway Bridge, twisting things much? how and where do we claim "all that want to jump are atheist"? i am IN TEARS this morni because you do not like how i communicate. you post devil nonsense and i respond (with a emoji and a link to this page.), then you take issue that i responded. have a nice life and good luck with your faith.
05.17.22, Kelly B. tags Christopher B. (calling for backup?)

06.26.19, Rhiannon D., facebook, So i went over the skyway bridge last night driving to Tampa and I decided to pray and plead the blood and rebuke all the darkness and was specifically calling out suicide , death etc .. Anyway after I got home and went to sleep I was ATTACKED by these spirits all night long .. they tormented me and woke me up and I rebuked them and we just HAD IT OUT last night wow! And I woke up this morning to this post , a jumper was saved ! Jesus IS FAITHFUL .. prayer works , but there is a cost, you will fight and you will wrestle , but greater is he who is in you (Jesus) than he who is in the world !
06.26.19, Skyway Bridge, well sure, makes perfect sense.~  glad you have it all figured out, but wouldn't the jesus kinda know ahead of time, that jumpers were going to jump and maybe do something about it before they jump and not wait until all the prayers pour in after the jump, when the jumper gets zero benefit of the prayers? just curious how all the jesus stuff works and doesn't work. where is this jesus when the suicidal is screaming inside for relief? perhaps stopping them would be the prudent move, but what do i know.

06.26.19, Rhiannon D., Reading your Bible and asking God to reveal himself to you will definitely answer your questions .. if you are truly seeking with an intent to know and not argue , humble yourself and crack open the Holy Bible and invite the Holy Spirit into your reading .. I have not claimed to have all the answers , I am a finite , fallible human being obeying God to pray and fight .. this is a fight and I’m doing all I know to do .. I will pray for your journey in understanding Jesus ..
06.26.19, Skyway Bridge, would this be the same bible jimmy revised? thanks anyway, but save your time and effort and pray for something worthy, like reality.

03.06.19, Mrs. Icet, St. Pete, I am very disappointed in the "skyways" comments. I don't think it's your place to say such nonsense. People come on here to say how they feel for these individuals that take their own lives. For you to argue with people about whether or not God exists is ridiculous and shamefull. Its funny how people say that now, but at their last hours, they are always the ones asking for Gods help at the end. All I can say to you and others that don't believe, you better hope your right or your gonna find out the hard way..... (imagine our sadness at your disappointment in our comments.~  this website is the perfect place to give our opinion on religious nonsense, as it is our website. we can post whatever the hell we want. you, as well as anyone else that finds our words ridiculous and shameful, are free to be offended and send your outrage, then see yourself out of here and stay the hell away. we allow everyone to post their opinions, unedited, and we allow ourselves to post ours. how is it that those on the godsquad, feel they can interject their beliefs, anywhere and everywhere, and then expect everyone to honor and respect their words with no dispute? yet when an atheist does the same thing, it becomes ridiculous, shameful, hateful, and bigoted. we have been asked, "how dare you disrespect someone's faith?!" in kind, how dare you disrespect someone's lack of faith?! it works both ways, sweetcheeks.)

01.13.19, Terry D., fbplugin, Perhaps he can use this experience as a testimony. He said he recently gave his life to Christ, then he likely has a lot of unfinished work here. Christ wants and needs Desciples not just converts.
Skyway Bridge, did the jesus send you a memo, detailing his wants and needs?
Terry D., Yes, as a matter of fact he did.
Skyway Bridge, imagine what that would fetch on ebay!

11.15.17, John N., fb plugin, about the 11.14.17 jump event, ...... he jumped in public.... he made it public, not me!..... suicide=eternal damnation ...... straight to hell with the devil!!!! homosexuality=eternal damnation ......... you'll be joining him soon enough!!! its never too late to repent!! Jesus forgives!!!! if you stop and ask for forgiveness !! repent or burn in hell!!!!!!! everyone wonders why.... i just asked..... (another hypocritical jesus follower, doing exactly what the jesus tells them not to do.)

12.06.16, Ryan O., Antioch, Jesus Christ Is God Almighty In The Flesh! Believe Jesus Christ Shed his blood and died for all of our sins on the cross, he was buried and he rose again from the dead three days later by his power and if you believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ then you shall be saved and go to Heaven forever. None of our good works shall save us or anything else will from our sins that deserve destruction and death in a Lake Of Fire for all eternity. Once saved always saved forever by the gospel of Jesus Christ for all our sins. Ephesians Chapter 2:8-9, 1 Corinthians Chapter 15:1-4 And Romans Chapter 3:25. The King James Bible. (right, the bible revised by a king, a mere mortal man, rewritten just the way jimmy wanted it. nice try. you apparently devote so much of your life worrying about the afterlife and not making a mistake, otherwise your loving jesus will toss you in the lake of fire it created, just in case you don't love him sufficiently as he demands. we can not imagine the lifelong fearful torment you must subconsciously harbor within, constantly worrying that you might not love your favorite fire condemning monster enough to make the cut. that you will somehow let him down, make a mistake along the way, and then all of a sudden, HELL! good luck with that.)

10.11.15, david, tampa, just wanted to make y'all still here gathering wrath. Your best and most horrid surprise awaits you when the God you mock make amends. Please by all means continue to mock and deride the families and victims here. Your sweet wrath awaits. (didn't even know we'all were gathering wrath. good thing we have one of god's spokesholes judging in and letting us know his spooky space genie is a thinned skinned narcissistic cry baby, that throws a hissy fit and punishes anyone that fails to worship it properly. maybe a nice wrath gathering basket would help.)

08.15.15, anon, For all of you with rude comments, you need to keep your comments to yourself. You do not know what these people are going threw and the reasons behind thier suicide. These people have family and do not want to read the rude things you are saying. I just hope God has mercy on your stupidity and never lets this happen to any of your family members. Regardless of how they died, the families are griving just the same. Maybe you should think before u speak. (ok, anonymous whiner, let's try and work "threw" your complaint: are the comments on this site rude or truth? maybe they are simply opinion. either way, people have a right to them. we do not care if you are offended and do hope you get over it soon. without trying to be repetitive, redundant, and recurrent, let us recapitulate and regurgitate that people have little to complain about when putting their suicide out for all to see and many to get involved, regardless of what drove them to jump. if they go all public, then expect the public to go all in. the family and friends of these jumpers are not being forced to visit this website. we do not track them down and make them look at it, like alex in 'a clockwork orange'. they can actually never visit. we recommend as much on the very first page. like you, if they are reading this website, it's because they have chosen to do so. we simply report skyway jumpers and allow anyone to comment on them, even you. people can send us jumper newstell their stories, offer an opinion, find some information, or hate on us. god does not have mercy on our stupidity, because there is no god. if there were, god could very well stop people from committing suicide, yet it does not. instead, your god leads them to the bridge and casts them off. your god is fail. it has always been fail. "u" follow a fail god. "u" worship fail.)

07.21.15, Michael B., Parrish, FL., You had asked someone "where was your Jesus before the woman jumped and what good can he do her after he led her to the bridge and heaved her over the edge." You may not understand, but Jesus did not "heave that woman over the edge" as you suggest. Rather, it was the absence of a relationship with Jesus, coupled with troubles I can not begin to speculate on, that led this woman to HEAVE HERSELF over the edge. You see, Jesus gives us all free will to do as we please. I am amused that someone who obviously doesn't believe in Christ would believe a non-entity would have the ability or wherewithal to shove a person off of a bridge. As moderator of a site that chronicles suicides, perhaps you'd be nicely served by speaking to some survivors of suicide attepts who have had experiences with Christ post-facto? There are many examples out there of people who, prior to said attempt, were devout non-believers for lack of a better term. Jesus showed himself to these people during these times and they are now believers. Why some receive intervention and others don't...couldn't tell you, I'm not privy to that level of understanding on how He works. But I do know that he does exist, he does want to have a relationship with you and he is what the Bible says he is. Blessings on your path towards the truth brother or sister, Jesus be with you! (it's cute how you in the godsquad declare your lord is the creator, overseer, cause, and controller of all things, yet conveniently pick and choose and bend the rules to suit your need. mere humans speak for the jesus/god that "god allows this", "god does not allow that", "god is all powerful", "god can/will not do that", and the classic coverall non-explanation, "it's god's will". come on, make up your man-made-god given minds. you can not simply invent god's motives. in an effort to clarify just what your god can and can not do, we offer you this simple handy four part 'what can god do?' divine options guide:
1 - god can not stop bad things from happening.
therefor, it is not 'all powerful'.
2 - god will not stop bad things from happening.
therefor, it could be surmised that prayers will fall
     upon the cruel murderous god's deaf, uncaring ears.

3 - god causes bad things to happen.
after all, god is the cause of ALL things, thus cares not how many
     of it's pawn children perish for it's apparently devious enjoyment.

4 - god does not exist.
makes the most logical and realistic sense.
   there are no other options. we highly recommend that you use some of that free will you mentioned, open your delusional mind, and wake up to science, logic, and reason. we know the truth and it has nothing to do with your fairytales, fables, and fictional characters, in a book written by man, hundreds of years after the "facts", based on handed down stories and misunderstood science, that is chocked full of contradictions and horror, with "god's word" revised countless times over the centuries, again by man. religion is a powerful tool, used to control the gullible weak of mind, unwilling or too frightened to know the truth, wielding the fear of hell like a hammer. persistent religious dogma poisons everything.
   if we truly believed in fairies, prayed to them, built lavish buildings to house the fairy faithful, had a holy fairy bible that we used to "prove" their existence [which you can not disprove], shoved it in everyone's face, insisted that fairy lore be taught in the schools, created laws written for all that are based on these fairy beliefs, insisted that 'in fairies we trust' was printed on all the money, pledged 'one nation, under fairies', raked in countless billions of tax-free dollars in the process, and worst of all, forced this belief upon your children, or else fairy hell, you would think we were completely mentally ill and perhaps criminally insane. need we say more? it's exactly the same thing! your god is nothing more than a fairy king. it's humanity's greatest fake-out.
   as for the jesus occasionally appearing to people experiencing 'near death', we're sure it's simple shock and hallucination as a result of hypoxia. alas, their experience is as real as a dream. every religion in human history, has had those that insisted they saw and/or communicated with their version of any one of the 3000 or so gods and/or deities that man has invented along the way. how can this be if there is only 'one true god'? it had to be a miracle that you were to be born to the right people in the right location to hit the lucky 'one true god' lottery, where anyone born outside any of the 'one true god' geographical locations and believing otherwise, will be cast into hell's fire. how loving of it.
   in conclusion, from your beloved book of fables, god's own words: Isaiah 45:7 - "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." therefor, it can be surmised that, "i the lord doth heaved that woman from the elevated smooth stone travelway into the darkness, as i created evil upon her. i the lord do all these things.")

07.21.15, Jack, florida, regarding: what Jesus will do or not. Please don't blame Jesus for the lack of good judgement of people. We all have free will. He does not make one do things. (he does not do anything because he does not exist. if he did exist and still let the historically long list of horrific things happen through the ages, that still continues today, then he is a raging douche and we have little use for such a creation, much less worshipping one. the jesus has the same chance of coming back as l. ron hubbard coming back to the scilons. your lord/god could solve all of man's strife, bewilderment, struggles over religion, and literally everything else, by making itself known. simply show itself. get everyone on the same page, stop the bullshit, and simply appear. nope, never did, never will. god would much rather the world suffers, fighting over who's invisible super friend is the real god. your weak no-show god is playing the universe's worse game of hide-n-seek. come out, come out, wherever you are! it can not, because it is not.)

07.14.15, Corey B., Clearwater, Florida, To whom it may concern... God blessed all the family's who's lost loved ones on this bridge. If I had the money and the power I would build a safety net and fence along the edges to keep people from doing this to them selves and mentally torturing the one's who witnessed. Peace to all. (god blessed all the family's who have lost loved ones on this bridge, by leading them to the bridge and making them jump. it's what your all powerful and loving god does, for it is the cause of all things, both good and bad. of this you can not argue. amen.~)

06.07.13, Chase C., Tampa, FL., I think you guys deserved to be flaid and crustified. Jesus doesn't appreciate the humour that you are using in regards to pepople with mental problems. It's not funny when people kill themselves especially when it comes to jumping off a bridge. This makes me sick with vomit and I want to throw up. Take down this site or I will find you and make you. (is "flaid" a stylish form of flannel and plaid? one could only imagine what involves being "crustified". we don't think the jesus likes your tone, mister! if only you jesus "pepople" would practice what he supposedly preached. did he advocate peace or violence? make a damn choice. besides, what do you really know about the jesus' sense of humor? it says right there in the bible, that he was a desert wandering comic, before he landed that swell savior of mankind gig. "Hosea 4:20 ...and the lord walketh amongst the people, cracking wise about the naughty shepherd and the sheep...". then again, with the vicious and violent followers he tends to have, maybe he was a raving douche, just like you. it would be way cool if you would succumb to your vomiting sickness, but if you manage to survive, then start looking for us, you lunatic jackass.)

06.02.08, Paula, Florida, The 2000 # 5 Jumper you refer to on this date, was my Mother. To correct her age & DOB is 75, 9/17/1925 I pray to God that you never know the pain of your parent taking their own life in such a tragic way. I look in to the eyes of Virginia's two beautiful Grandchildren and Five innocent Great Grand children and her only child & Daughter, myself. I had to move away and leave Bradenton and the area, having to many painful memories there. I lived there over 50 years. I will never get over this, But my Love for Jesus has made it bearable. So I hope all you SICKIES enjoy your little lottery of guessing when the next troubled, maybe physically in pain person, like my Mother will end their pain. My Mother & I will be standing inside the gate to Heaven, and we will be the ones doing the laughing when you don't get to enter, and as you step onto the BUS TO HELL. Have a nice day !! (we are truly sorry your mother took jumping off the bridge as the only way to end her pain and in doing so, creating so much pain for you and all those that love her. all we did was post the sheriff's report and the winning guess, yet you are so sure your god/jesus will send us on his bus ride to hell. you know that book of fables you love? that's right, the bible. in it you will find where this same god/jesus you so adore, declares suicide practitioners will also be going to hell. that's right, HELL! yet even though the bible declares this, you self righteous hypocrites bend and change the rules to suit your need and always ignore this bible truth, as well as any other you deem worthy to ignore. religion is awesome that way. you get to pick and choose the laws you will believe in, all the while sure of your place in heaven. it's a sweet deal and we hope it works out for you. perhaps you best not judge us, or you will have a seat on the bus too, as the jesus/god does not take kindly to you judging others, right? then again, ignoring that little rule is just another of those hypocritical moves the devout love to make. we do hope you cope with what your god has dealt you.)

09.18.07, Jennie, Orlando, florida, I wanted to let you people know that on that day that was my father. I found this site last year trying to find out what had happened. Now I am sure that I didn't want to find. This site hurts people and families. Most people who commit suicide are DEPRESSED! It is not right that you mock them. I am forever scarred and hope that one day you can realize that. Ok, well I hope that you know everyone is hypocrytical first off. THat demonstrates that we are humans and we sin. So that means you! Second off, the people who are mad at their family members that died are in the grieving process! They can seriously have some mental problems if they dont go throught that. They need to deal with it! So next time, before you post something think about it. And I know people might of said that Jesus will send you all to hell. But they learned it all wrong. Jesus doesnt send someone to hell because of their sins....He sends them to hell for lack of relationship. And for anybody else reading this, I was told a while ago that before my Dad hit the water that Jesus caught his spirit and he was lifted into heaven. God has mercy on those who aren't in their right mind. Keep that in mind! (sorry about the loss of your father. you say "Jesus doesnt send someone to hell because of their sins", yet all we have ever heard, was that's exactly the procedure. it sends sinners to it's super duper special eternal torture place, because it loves them just that much. we sin, we go to hell. seems pretty cut and dry. not sure how you haven't picked up on that little gem yet. who was this person that told you "that before my Dad hit the water, that Jesus caught his spirit and he was lifted into heaven"? that's some special insight into nonsensical spiritual manipulation, where anything can be made up, passed along, and believed as true fact. the justification of fiction as fact, is the root of religious belief. exactly the same as believing in fairy tales or any other fictitious writing. religious belief is believing in lies and outright fabrications of fiction, that have little to nothing to do with reality.)

05.17.05, Prayer Warrior, Sarasota, Florida, The only one who can help you, sad, lost soul, is the Lord Jesus Christ. For the pain and suffering you are causing people, especially families of those who have jumped or fell or were pushed off the Sunshine Skyway. Your experience as a family member of suicide has, sadly, not brought you to value life or feel any compassion for anyone who has survived a suicide attempt or has lost someone dear to them as a result of suicide. You can sugarcoat your arrogance and words from the pit, but anyone who joins in with you in making a mockery of tragedy will answer to God, like it or not. The same spirit of perverse "humor" existed long before you were born. By you investment of your time, the time God gave you, to cast lots on the deaths of troubled people, you are no different than those who crucified Jesus Christ. When you stand before God, as each human being will on the day of judgment, and God asks you what you were thinking when you came up with your website, will you or God think it was so funny? I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that God intervenes on the behalf of all who have died or attempted suicide via the Sunshine Skyway and for all family members of the lonely, hurting people who felt their circumstances were overwhelming and that suicide was their only solution to the problems they had or faced in this life, and that God moves supernaturally and miraculously to close down your website, convict you through the Holy Spirit, bring you to repentance and salvation. Better people than you, judging not you but your actions, ended their lives. But even a perverted, sick individual such as yourself can be forgiven by God. God will ease the pain in your heart that you somehow seem to think your website will take care of. Your website is atrocious, an abomination, an insult to the memory of those who died and their families who live on and deal with the pain only through the love of God and His compassion. If your loved ones who committed suicide accepted the Lord as Savior prior to their deaths, they are in a better place and are praying for your health and mental health. Grow up, guy. Get on your knees, and if you can muster up the courage to ask God to forgive you, and if you really mean it, God will forgive you, you will know that your eternity will be in heaven, and He will help you to use the life that He gave you to help people, not hurt them or push them over the bridge. Putting links on your site to help people, while at the same time, making a sick joke out of tragedies, is like saying you're on the way to hell and anybody can join you, but just in case you're wrong, check out some links that may better lead you in the right direction. John 3:16 in God's Word states, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM shall not perish - but have eternal life." If you accept the Lord and turn from your wicked ways, you won't have to suffer in hell for causing people to relive their hell on earth in the name of "humor". I would like to refer yo (hate in the name of god. some people are so into their chosen religion, they insist you join them in their enthusiasm, whether you want to or not. sorry you were cut off, just as it was getting good. ok, that's a lie. we read your every word and now ponder the fact that we lost that much time from our lives, that we will never get back. thank you for the mind numbing lecture on how you truly hope your lord/god punishes those who don't goosestep down the same path you do. we can not imagine how much time you have wasted, by praying to your mystical hiding cloud buddy and dedicating your short earthly life to an afterlife in a nonexistent heaven. so very sad indeed.)

04.28.05, dwb, washington, usa, Whoever created this website, and anyone who would find it enjoyable, is demonic. The fact that you are completely unembarassed about it, and even combative and sarcastic to those who point this out to you, proves that you lack even the most basic moral instincts, and are under the control of something outside of human dignity, so much so that you won't even comprehend what I am talking about. However, I hope that someday you will understand how your participation in this website has harmed you, and others, and that you will completely redeem yourself. Only you will know how and when to do that. Maybe you just don't understand. Very well, then there is only one way that you could ever possibly understand, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even you. then later:
I like your instructions: "try to be original and/or clever". You haven't managed to live up to your own criteria in creating this website, or in any of the comments you add to incoming hatemail. The feelings of guilt you hide deep inside, past the bravado, below the fake laughter and smiles, will rot you from the inside out. I cannot judge why you decided to bring this idea to the web, nor can I know how your past experiences have removed your conscience and cauterized your compassion. It's not too late to admit you were wrong to conceive of and create this website, or participate in it. Bring dignity and self-worth back into your life, and remove this website from the internet, forever. but wait, there's more:
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the cruel and sarcastic attitude displayed by you who have created and participate in this website. However, why do you hide your whois identity behind Obviously you need to, because you are hiding something much, much bigger, something you are afraid will be exposed. Be assured, you have not hidden it from the Almighty, and everything bad is exposed sometime, somewhere, somehow. And usually, it happens in the most embarassing way possible. Enjoy yourself while you can, for that outcome awaits you. (we demons find great humor in you self-righteous extremists. your judgmental ranting in the name of the lord makes us doubt the lord would even want to walk with you. we're sure he would place his hands squarely upon your shoulders, look you straight in the eye, and with his divine good wisdom, shake the shit out of you in an attempt to shut you the hell up. you do not speak for him and you are in no position to judge us. we are indeed completely unembarrassed about this site. your determination we harbor guilt and a lack of conscious could not be more wrong. our combative and sarcastic way in which we respond to you haters, proves that you lack even the most basic understanding of humor and are simply determined to control those that do not do as you demand they would do or live the way you require them to live. we imagine you often lower the fun quotient in the presence of others, with your endless judgmental blather. you are correct, we don't comprehend what you are talking about because we flat don't care what you are talking about. you keep on believing that you and only you are on the right path, just do the world a favor and keep it to yourself. you are correct with one thing, there's nothing original and/or clever with our response to your input, as we're sure you've heard all this many times before. in closing, we have no desire to be harassed in a more direct manner by the meddling volatile likes of you, therefore we do use a domain proxy and repeatedly thank the almighty non-existent lord baby jesus for it.~)

05.27.04, jan p., columbus, GA., I was just going over your site and saw where you answered a hate mail by questioning where God and Jesus were at the time of the jump(s). God and Jesus were there and I am sure quite saddened. Christians, just like everyone else have freedom of choice. Just like you have the freedom to not believe. No one should question God or doubt God when a person has made such a desperate choice. They let go of the rope, not him. (this website is not here to argue whether or not your imaginary friends are real or responsible for anything, although this page is. of course everyone should question god in an effort to educate oneself to the idea that there is perhaps no god and you can live a good moral godless life without fear. you offered your beliefs and we hope they work out for you.)

12.07.03, Servant of God, Suicide is a demonic spirit that works for depression, mental illness, rape or molestation. Murder or even poverty. The cure is Jesus Christ. Depression is not part of one's personality. It invades the soul through the realm of darkness. Jesus, the power of His name and faith in His name alone can and will set you free. Ask Him to remove te spirit of suicide and replace it with the spirit of Joy, believe that He can and watch Him set you free.Coninuing to FIGHT the demonic forces of suicide over this bridge and a ll people and PRAISE THE LORD there has not been another jumper since the 12th. A servant and prayer warrior for the Kingdom of Light. (insert 'twilight zone' theme music here. mental illness is strong in this one. dear servant, your cure is actually the cause. the jesus could very well heal the mentally ill, such as you, instead of creating the mentally ill, such as you. the jesus created the darkness, as is written in your book. asking it to remove the same spirit of suicide that it placed within one, seems illogical. can't the jesus make up it's own mind? either make you jump or stop you from the thought of jumping. such a fickle one, the jesus be. "fyi, my sheeple, i have lead more to the elevated travelway and cast them into the waters of death, since the 12th", so sayeth the jesus.)

11.15.02, Gary, Hey guys, I am not here to say anything bad about your site. I am from that area and have always had an interest in the Skyway (not jumping from it myself though). I have stopped before and looked over the side of the new span. What a site! I remember inching my way to the side wall. I also remember me and my buddies jumping the fencing of the old Skyway and walking up the ramp of the old Skyway (the one which had been hit). We actually walked out onto the metal grate one night about 1 in the morning. We were about 20 feet away from where the metal roadway was demolished. Looking up that night at the red lights on top of the old bridge was freaky. And the thought of all those who had jumped was haunting as well. It was like you could feel them there with you. One could not help but to think that night that we were standing where many people made their final decision that they just could not face the world any more. I am a cop and seeing/reading death does not phase me. You do have some interesting reading I must say. It is sad that people think suicide is the only way out of their problems. They must feel a hopelessness that you and I have not felt. I would like to make one comment to you guys and please, take it or leave it, it's up to you and I leave it at that. There is a God. There is a Jesus. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. You and I both will do this. Now, I'm not trying to "win you over", it's just a fact. Believe me though, if you die without accepting Jesus as your Savior... you will be reminded of this email that fateful day when you are bowing before Jesus... begging for His mercy on your soul and He says "depart from me you evil doer of eniquity, I never knew you". Your next stop will be hell. There you will remain not for a day, week, month or year. Not even thousands or millions of years, but for all eternity. And you think the pain the "jumpers" feel is bad? It would be pure pleasure compared to what non-saved people will feel. Like I said friend, I'm not trying to start an argument with you by no means nor am I asking you to discontinue your site. I just want to bring this truth before you. Accept Jesus today. Ask Him into your life. Have a good weekend bud. (you just can't make up this crap. oh wait, yes you can, it's all made up. writing the word 'fact' does not automatically make anything a fact. your almighty super friend will not be there for you when you die, it's just a fact. see how easy that works?)

07.11.02, Melissa M., Largo, FL., USA, You must never have had a loved one commit suicide this way or you wouldn't be doing this. My elderly father was one of these jumpers a few years ago. It was the most devastating & gut-wrenching thing that I could ever imagine feeling. It was totally unexpected but he was the fulltime caregiver for my mother who was chronically ill for 30 years. I was with them helping everyday until midnight the week before he died trying to help them during a bad "spell". But no one ever saw my father as being a depressed person... he was the "life [and joy] of the party". It is very sad & I pray for you and for those in the pool that they you would all find Jesus. Ask him into your heart right now and he will forgive you... of anything! All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God but Jesus came so that we could be free of sin. Ask him into your heart and he will give you the power to overcome sin. You don't have to sin. You can be free. We are all here on this earth together, and if you have not experienced tribulation in your life yet, YOU WILL! The bible says that in this life we WILL have tribulation, but to be of good cheer because HE has overcome the world. We need to love one another instead of hurting one another. God loves you but he hates your sin. Repent and he will forgive you. (first of all, melissa, we did have a loved one commit suicide. he jumped from a bridge too. it was his choice. did he think about what his family would go through after he pulled off his asinine stunt? did he give a rat's ass what the driver of the truck went through after plowing into him? if he did, it obviously didn't matter to him, as he did it anyway. secondly, we are sorry your dad chose to end his life as he did. again, it was his choice to do so. the fact he used the bridge was unfortunate, but since he had a goal set in his mind, we're sure he would have found some other way, had the bridge not been there for him. it would also appear to us that your god and/or the jesus assisted your dad in taking that final step. was it god that allowed him to jump? where was it when dad was screaming inside for help? where was it when dad was driving to the bridge or stepping off the edge? reading the last half of your submission about made our heads explode.)

05.21.00, Toady, I pray for the helpless, hopeless people who have reached the bottom and have no one to turn to. I pity (and pray for)the scum of the earth who wager on when they will take thier lives. Have you ever wondered what gnashing of teeth and eternal flames will feel like? (judging us now, are you? if anyone will know what the "gnashing of teeth and eternal flames will feel like", it will be the likes of you. there is no hell, so we won't be going there. however, if there was a hell, we're sure you'd be a greeter there. "hello and welcome to hell. your reserved spot in the lake of fire is right over here. today's specials are pain, suffering, and a reminder that the all loving god created this horrific torture for those that do not worship him properly, for he is a narcissistic god. it's all about him and his delicate fragile ego, that you failed to stroke sufficiently, so like a spoiled child, he threw a fit and dropped you in here. have a shitty eternity.")

05.03.00, Ann G., saint petersburg, I did this only because it was here i was curious to follow up with your article in the st. pete times. I think you are very demented and you might need more psychiatric help then the jumpers do. i do not think that these people that choose to jump. these people have troubled minds and need help from our God the father and i resent the fact that you are making fun of them. moreover this is not a very good form of reverse psychology. I think if you had enough time to think up this demented website then you might want to take the time to find a way to help these poor lost soles instead as as human life is a gift and it is a shame to take it away.. i will get a petition together as i know people all over the web world wide and i will get have an email sent to you like this and worse by my many online friends. I have them all over the U.S and to Africa and Astralia etc. so hold on to your demented hat there comming your way. Thik of these poor lost soles and maybe thier family their trying to leave behind. (please note, she ventured a guess as to when the next jumper will jump and she almost won. she guessed june 06 at 3am, just 3 hours too soon. come back and try again, ann. that tends to render her whining as perhaps satire. let's assume she is indeed very upset and a bit too inattentive to skip the guessing part of the form and really just wanted to complain. she claims jumpers need help from "our God the father". now, correct us if we are wrong, but if these "poor soles" are indeed so screwed up, wasn't "our God the father" responsible for making them that way? apparently, "our God the father" has chosen some from his flock to be pawns in a game where he must get pleasure from having them leap from tall structures in a single bound, put a bullet into their own heads, gulp down too many pills, or any number of other ways to become inanimate. she has decided to be the 'political correctness police' for our "demented" personality. as far as getting a petition together, go ahead, but we are betting she is just full of noise and too busy meddling in other people's business to follow through. instead of getting all her world wide buddies to send us e-mail, we'd rather they send nice postcards from their homeland, especially "Astralia". we assume any of her world wide buddies that did come to the site, all ventured guesses and want jumper t-shirts.) [as of yet, we have received zero emails or notice from ann or her world wide web of friends.] 
people respond to ann g:

• 05.03.00, Kimberley K., Austin, Texas, I just wanted to give rebuttal to the complaint from Ann G. In her complaint she mentions " These people have troubled minds and need help from our God the father". Well evidently he doesn't give much of a shit, or he would step in and do something, don't ya think? I liked your comments after her complaint, Phil. I don't think "God" made them that way, but "He" sure as hell could do something about it. Of course this makes the assumption that he actually exists, which is a completely different subject that I will not bother you with. Oh, and as far as these poor lost souls families?...that is generally where the f**ked up shit starts. I said generally, not always! You must keep in mind that there are several sides to each jumpers story.
• 05.04.00, Dan, Tampa, FL., Regarding the comment you made about God making people f**ked up, I must disagree. One of the wonderful things is he gave us the ability to choose for ourselves. If God constantly interfered with our lives, telling us what to do, how to do it, we would not be free. Yes, it has it's downside, but if you believe in freedom and you cherish your freedom, then you could not possibly want God to make you or anyone else do things differently. I believe we all were given a conscience by God as our last resort, IT tells us if we are about to do something wrong, but in the end it is OUR decision to listen to it. Now, with regards to Ann G.'s comments about seeking out help. Definitely, people should whether it be from God, friends and family, or even the darn Tooth Fairy for all I care. Killing oneself never solves anything. I adamantly disagree with her trying to petition against you for whatever she wants to petition since she didn't specify it. I assume it would be to get you off the web, which goes back to the whole freedom thing. You have the freedom and the right to go to Times Square and stand there babbling like an idiot if you want to, I have the freedom to stand there and listen or to walk away and leave. That is the beauty of freedom, it works both ways. BTW, if you're not quite sure after reading this as to whether it should be in the complaints or comments section, put it in both, more people can see it and decide for themselves. Wow look at that another wonderful thing about FREEDOM! (if your god is indeed a loving god, it would not have created the horrific conditions so many humans find themselves in throughout history and today. there is no freedom of cancer, there is no freedom of starvation, there is no freedom of natural disasters killing thousands. what "loving god" creates childhood cancer? these are just a few of the horrific conditions your god created and casts upon the very people that love the god that supposedly loves them. where is your god when it's people are crying out, begging for it's interference when they need it most? your god could very well not decimate it's people like it does. it created hell to torture it's people, forever in eternity, for simply doubting it's unprovable existence or for touching themselves for the pleasure this same god gave them the ability to enjoy. it hides itself from detection, allowing thousands of other "false" religions to exist throughout history and all around the world, instead of simply showing itself and establishing the one true religion, with everyone on the same page globally. does any of this make sense to you? have you ever taken a minute to rationally consider, that the religion you were forced into as a child, is nothing more than a made-up system of faith in nothing, a massive control tool handed down from parent to child, generation after generation, with no basis in reality? finally, god did not create freedom. freedom is granted or taken away by humans. your god allows mere humans to dominate other humans through force, often hellishly. slavery is condoned by the bible and continues today around the world. sex slavery and child murder by the victorious is also condoned by your holy book. where god could very easily stop the pain and suffering endured by millions today and throughout history, it would rather cast people to hell for an eternity, over trivial bullshit, such as how people want to have sex, using it's name in vain, or having impure thoughts, whatever those might be. these are the things you truly believe, whether you will admit it or not.)
• 06.14.00, Lynne, Tampa FL., Why the heck is Ann G. so worried about her shoes? It seems to me she might be better serving to saving souls who are in peril and leave the 'soles' to the cobblers. Oh well, maybe she has a really nice pair of pumps.
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