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2013 jump events

updated: 07.16.20
15 years of skyway jumper news.
have any factual news, updates, or additions?
our comments follow)
12.12.13: who knows?
12.12.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SKYWAY BG, 1747, 2222, 4h35m

any more info is welcome.
12.03.13: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.03.13, Lindsay K., Possible jump? My boyfriend was driving home from work tonight from SRQ to Tampa when he saw an emergency vehicle behind a car on the peak of the bridge. He didn't see if anyone was in the car though so not sure if a jump or attempted even happened. Any one else see anything? (yours is the only news we have on this incident. we are having trouble seeing a car in front of the trooper vehicle. thanks for the image.)

any more info is welcome.
11.17.13: possible jump, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.19.13, EW, Clearwater, FL., (11.17.13), A family members childhood friend, jumped Sunday, did not survive, police were on scene.....I have no more information. Her name was [withheld], she had lost her job after 30 years. Please do not post what I have shared, due to privacy. If you could find news information on your own that would be great, just wanted to bring to your attention. (yours is the only news we have on this incident. we removed the name and hope that was enough to preserve the privacy, as requested.)

any more info is welcome.
11.07.13: possible jump, 2:18pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
11.07.13, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (2:21pm), HCSO dispatched to 1 Skyway bridge...possible jumper. later: No FHP or Pinellas EMS dispatch. No scanner talk. Probably false alarm.

any more info is welcome.
11.07.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1418, 1452, 0h34m
10.26.13: possible jump, 6:30pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.27.13, Julie H., Bradenton, FL., Did someone jump on 10/26/13 at around 630pm? I was on my way to work northbound on the bridge and at the top of the span were a tow truck (with emergency lights on), a car (or truck, didn't pay attention) and a sheriff's vehicle, also with it's emergency lights on). In the past (about 4 times now) I have been heading in to work, always about the same time, and have seen the same thing, only once I saw a sheriff's patrol car with lights flashing and an empty vehicle. In two of those instances I have found out that they were jumpers, one lived and one did not. (yours is the first and only report of any such activity. if we get anything more, here is where you will find it.)

any more info is welcome.
10.21.13: possible jump/save, 4:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.21.13, Rich C., St Petersburg, FL., (4:00pm, was stopped from jumping), Overheard radio chatter the Florida State Troopers and Pinellas county Sheriffs were looking for somebody in a black pick-up on the bridge for a possible suicide attempt.

any more info is welcome.
10.21.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, REFER - FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1649, 1650, 0h1m
10.07.13: save, 6:50pm, female
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.07.13, Larry W., Saint Petersburg, (6:50pm, female), Saw female lay down on bridge put Leg over wall cop was approaching. small black car

10.07.13, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (7:07pm, female, never jumped), Monitoring HCSO live on Radio reference, dispatched to Skyway to assist Pinellas Co with female that was hanging over the side. She is now 10-4 (ok).

10.07.13, Bart, St. Pete Beach, (7:00pm), Police and fire in left lane of bridge mid-span as of 7pm. Looking down at water.

10.07.13, Caroline, St. Pete, FL., (6:50pm, female), I was driving over the northbound hump around 6:50 and saw a car stopped and a woman hanging over the side (she was kind of balanced up there with her right side on one side of the railing and her left on the other). It took me by surprise, so I didn't have time to safely stop or slow down, but there was a police officer out of his car some yards away who looked like he was trying to talk to her. I didn't see what happened next. Not sure if it's related but as I was heading north, I saw several more police cars and an ambulance heading in that direction (going south on the other side of 275). I hesitated to send anything (I'm aware of this site, and since I drive over the bridge everyday, I check it from time to time). This is the first time I've seen a potential jump in progress, so I guess I feel the need to tell someone without disturbing my friends and family.

10.07.13, Lynn M. Z., facebook, End of Monday... jumper on Skyway Bridge with a dozen emerg vehicles when I drove by.

any more info is welcome.
10.07.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, MENTALLY ILL PERSON / NON VIOLENT, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1903, 2128, 2h25m
10.07.13, iontb/, Pinellas Sheriff K-9 Deputy encounters suicidal woman on the Skyway Bridge, County Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy encountered a woman who was hanging over the edge atop the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The Deputy noticed her car stopped on the side of road in the Northbound lane and quickly relayed crucial information to Sheriff’s Office Communications Center regarding her location. Multiple units were quickly dispatched to assist the Deputy on-scene with this difficult situation. A Florida State Trooper did arrive quickly and they were able to secure the woman from jumping from the bridge.
Attached is some of the audio traffic which shows the professionalism of how this situation was handled by the Sheriff’s Office Deputies. These are just some of the split second decisions that they are trained to deal with on a daily basis. Their extensive training allows them to calmly, effectively and professionally respond to these difficult situations at a seconds notice. Sunstar Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter along with units from St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue.
Several witnesses on the Skyway posted their observation at They described the woman as having her right leg over the wall as the Deputy approached.
In the past 10 days, there have been at least 3 other people that have attempted to end their life at the Sunshine Skyway.
2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares partners with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, answering suicide calls primarily for Pinellas County. 2-1-1 TBC is accredited by the American Association of Suicidology for crisis intervention services and utilizes and evidence based training called the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) model for suicide/crisis intervention.
If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or has become withdrawn, please dial 2-1-1 from any phone 24 hours a day.
compelling audio of this skyway save:
  4.25 minutes

10.08.13,, PCSO: Pinellas County deputy stops Sunshine Skyway Bridge suicide attempt, By: WFTS Staff
PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - A Pinellas County deputy traveling across the Skyway Bridge on Monday saw a female preparing to jump. He stopped and convinced her to get back on the bridge, according to a sheriff's statement.
K-9 Deputy Anthony LoRusso was heading northbound for his nightly shift when he spotted a black sedan stopped at the top of the bridge. He then saw a female near the car leaning over the guard rail.
He pulled over "and observed the female begin to lay on top of the guard rail and hang off the edge."
Deputy LoRusso approached her and saw she was crying. He began talking with her and she began to calm down. She eventually placed both feet back on the bridge, according to the statement.
Deputy LoRusso rushed forward to secure her and waited for other deputies to arrive.
No other information was immediately available.

09.26.15, Chris, Tampa, FL., Found a short Bay News 9 segment about this save on YouTube, though I doubt she was ever 275 feet in the air. (one of the easiest skyway statistics to research, results in a journalistic fail.)
10.23.13, karen, bradenton, florida, I am the sister of the woman that tried to jump off the bridge on 10/7. I understand that this is newsworthy, however posting audio of a person going through the worst period of their lives is in poor taste to say the least. Do you ever consider the family members that may hear it, not to mention the suicidal person themselves? I hope our mother never tries to investigate this site for information as to what happened that day, it would destroy her and my sister would certainly not get any better knowing that you post that horrible audio. Show some decency and remove it. Stick to written information please. (first of all, we are sorry your sister put you and your family through this, but we did not post the audio of which you type. we posted a link to the website that hosts said audio. [update 10.26.23: we posted the audio, above.] perhaps bringing this up with them would provide a more preferable result, as we have no control over their postings. secondly, let us reiterate our position on the public versus the private suicide, or in this case, the public suicide attempt. your sister chose to go all public with her end of life desire. a police officer came to her aid and while doing his job for we the people, your sister's audio was captured on his radio dispatch, which was publicly broadcast to anyone so publicly receiving. thirdly, our concern with the family members or even the suicide attempter that may visit this site, is the same as for everyone else. they are free to peruse the site any time they wish for as long as they wish. however, it is their responsibility to decide whether or not a site like this is something they should visit. there is ample warning as to what they might find here, so there should be no surprise in what they do find here. many family members come here for the very purpose of finding out just what happened and/or to try and get answers to their skyway bridge jumping questions. many have great success, while others perhaps wishing they heeded the warnings. lastly, we highly recommend you steer your family clear of this website, as well as the one with the audio of your sister's troubled evening. make it abundantly clear to them that they may find these sites disturbing. in the end, it's up to them to decide how far they want to go with any investigation and whether or not they actually want the answers to their questions. again, we are truly sorry you and yours are experiencing this unfortunate string of events.) jeff addresses karen's concerns:
12.05.13, Jeff, Tampa, Florida, Karen, while I can sympathize with you and your family, I will not sympathize with your sister. She chose to perform a cowardly act by putting herself in the public limelight to commit suicide. She didn't attempt to hang herself in the woods or her house or attempt to die by carbon monoxide poisoning. Suicide is THE MOST cowardly act to undertake, by doing it publicly! Countless other people witness the death. Death is something that the average bear cannot fathom or digest. It takes someone with halfwit and lack of gears upstairs, to deal with it. Those who work for the Medical Examiner are people who walk sideways and play by themselves in left field. They are definitely not all there, if you catch my drift! Your sister chose to mentally and visually anguish hundreds of people by using an iconic bridge, to end her life. Luckily for her, her suicide was stopped early enough to get her some help. However, had she actually went through with it, those hundreds of people who travel the bridge, fishermen below, the deputy, would have witnessed her actions and caused mental and visual memories that stay with people FOREVER.
On the nasty side. if the searchers (firefighters, paramedics, Marine Patrol, Eckerd College Search and Rescue) do not locate said body, it becomes a disgusting transparent/opaque hue that is haunting by itself. The body sinks immediately, then gets bloated and floats back to the top and then a few days later, if they are not located, they will sink back to the bottom for the fishes. How do I know this? I have been a Paramedic for 21 years and have witnessed these instances when I worked for Sunstar. Once they sink to the bottom, they are declared Lost At Sea, which some are termed. So, if you want to slam this website, which is based on the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, slam your sister for leaving lasting impressions on your mom, yourself, your family, the hundreds of drivers over the Skyway that day, the Deputy who SAVED her life and the countless Paramedics, Firefighters, SAR crews and Deputies who witness this. Additionally, when a COWARD decides to jump off the bridge, it brings many, many units from South St Pete, Marine Units, SAR units and Deputies from Hillsborough County, since the bridge is legally in Hillsborough County, to expend countless hours searching in grids and examining the ebb and flow of the water current to determine that IF the body is below the surface, how far the current can take them before they are SPIT back out like a dead fish! By the time they are found, they have zero pigment left, no muscle mass and when you go to grab their limbs to drag them in, they usually depart from the body. So, when your sister is having a "poor me" day and decides that ending her life is the ultimate scenario and because her life is just THAT bad that she no longer wants to live, tell her to think about everything that goes into locating her body after she so selfishly chose to jump from the Skyway Bridge! And tell her to think about the anguishes she leaves behind for her entire family, drivers, responders and law enforcement! Once she jumps, its NOT all about her anymore! And tell her.....Suicide is a long term solution to a temporary problem!
10.06.13: jumper, 6:15pm, female, lives
Katie Freeman (unconfirmed), 26?
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.06.13, zolter, facebook, Jumper today at 6:15pm. Witness atop bridge states body picked up by 16ft SeaFox boat down below. later: St. Petersburg Fire Boat 11 has female subject on-board and will transport to awaiting Sunstar unit.

10.06.13, anon, Toyota Corolla on top of span with police cars. Just now

10.06.13, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (6:17pm, lived), At 1817, Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and both the Rescue Lieutenant and the District Chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. At 1834 Eckert College SAR reported they had patient transferred from a good samaritan boat. At 1836, Fireboat 11 assumed patient care from Eckert College SAR.

10.06.13, FRANCO, BEACH, FL., (6:30pm, female, no crisis phones, hit water, lived), 26 year old female jumped today, fisherman picked her up and took her in. she survived with severe injuries

10.06.13, Bill E., Riverview Fl., (7:10pm), Grid 723, fireboat, marine unit, police unit & ambulance on scene with patient. Another ambulance shows @ hospital with patient. No USCG, no HCSO unit dispatched on HCSO site.

10.07.13, anon, A female was transported by Sunstar as a trauma alert to Bayfront Medical Center. She was in hypovolemic shock due to a fractured right hip, and a fractured right femur. She was also in a lot of pain so doubtful of any paralysis. Expected to survive.

10.07.13, jimmy w., tampa, fl., (10.06.13, 6:10pm, female, hit water, lived), 2 friends and i where fishing the rocks in the middle of the skyway bridge when we heard a loud scream followed by an explosion in the water. few seconds later a young lady surfaced screaming for help less than 50yds away. we made our way over to her. she was in a lot of pain and having trouble keeping her head above water so i jumped in and helped her to the side of the boat. we where able to get her aboard and started toward the boat ramp, about half way there we meet with a rescue boat that took her from there. hands down the craziest thing i've ever been involved in. (can not imagine that change of scene. one second, fishing enjoyment, the next, horror from above. there is a good chance that were you not there, she would have died before anyone else came along to find her. thank you for your story.)

11.27.16, Jb, St. Pete, (10.06.13, 6:10pm, female, hit water, lived), Pretty sure this was Katie Freeman and she jumped because her boyfriend broke up with her.

any more info is welcome.
10.06.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1828, 2112, 2h44m
09.30.13: jumper, 5:15pm, female, hit water, died, body missing
Vanessa Blanchard, 26
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.30.13, zolter, facebook, 515pm units responding. Callers advised that the person jumped.

09.30.13, Tom S., facebook, Possible jumper. Fhp fire trucks and lots of boats under the bridge. No car on bridge. later: I'm not sure but the fire department was looking over and down with binoculars. I didn't see a car in the southbound lane though. There were tons of boats circling under the bridge.

09.30.13, Milli, Bradenton, FL., (5:30pm), Around 5:30 today (9/30/13) I was driving southbound on the skyway. At the top I saw a group of people on the northbound lane out of their cars waving franticly towards the bay (as if to flag a boat down), while on the other side of the north bound bridge a young man was standing, peering down in-between the two bridges. I kept driving, did not stop or take pictures, as it is dangerous to do so, and did not want to cause harm or danger to the people that did not selfishly chose to jump of the bridge today and want to get home to their families. I am very curious to see if there is any other news on this. later: When I drove by shortly after it happened there appeared to be NO car accident and traffic was moving smoothly in both directions. There were at least two cars pulled over on the northbound lane. It looked like the cars belonged to the people (there were about 4 of them) waving and the young man that was looking down on the other side of the road. Im assuming if there was an accident especially on the southbound lane, that it was caused by spectators after the fact.

09.30.13, sam, (5:15pm, female, hit water)

09.30.13, Kristin J., facebook, So I'm stuck in traffic, there's a helicopter and boats. Me think there was a jumper.

09.30.13, Jessica F., facebook, This is awesome. I'm stuck in traffic. I'm going south. I am not on the bridge yet. Traffic is backed up just after toll booths.

09.30.13, anon, facebook, Looks like here as an accident. Multiple cars. Bottom of northbound lanes. Heading up the bridge. Lots of sheriffs and state troopers. Sorry for typos. I'm doing 80mph now. we ask: so no jumper? Not from what I could tell. Unless someone jumped and that cause a multiethnic car collision. Multiethnic. Wow. (auto-incorrect strikes again.)

09.30.13, Kristin J., facebook, Imma send you all the pics I took, feel free to use any or all of them. (thank you.)

09.30.13, Kendalyne O., facebook, Just came over the bridge about an hour ago..several police cars and what looked like an empty car...

09.30.13, Rick L., facebook, I saw her go over today! She was sitting on the wall next to her Toyota Avalon. She literally jumped as I drove by!

10.01.13, Aaron H., St Pete, (09.30.13, 5:15pm, female, did not use the crisis phones, hit water), I was driving up the skyway heading north bound we looked over and see a car10 feet away and some lady stood up on the wall and jumped. It was the most surreal thing I've ever witnessed. Radio in her car was blasting the radio when I walked up cell phone on the seat and empty babyseat in the back seat...

10.01.13, Greg A., facebook, A friend of mine and his Dad witnessed the Jumper yesterday. They said it was surreal: They were driving up the bridge towing a u-haul trailer. They noticed the car pulled over, but not on the very top. Right then she crawled up on the rail in what looked like her work clothes and with no hesitation jumped. They immediately pulled over. They ran to the side, but never saw her. They tried to yell to boaters, but they couldn't hear them. They noticed her car was still running with the stereo playing loud. There also was a baby seat in back. A Trooper was there within minutes. Very sad. (the people that witness such events, are often changed forever by them.)
10.01.13, Greg A., facebook, Yea they both said that is something they will never forget. They also feel guilty they couldn't of got there 5 seconds earlier..maybe they could of prevented it from happening. (we're sure that at the time, it was somewhat hard for their minds to fully grasp what was going on, much less how to immediately react to it.)


any more info is welcome.

09.30.13,, GRID 723S, MEDICAL, R11, D5, LR1, PD3, FB11, ECSR, USCG, FFWC, T11, PCSOM (look it up)

09.30.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, 1 SKYWAY BG, 1714, 2322, 6h8m
09.30.13,, Coast Guard searches for possible woman jumper from Sunshine Skyway Bridge
MANATEE — The U.S. Coast Guard was searching the waters beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at 7 p.m. Monday for a woman who may have leaped from the bridge.
"We have received reports of a female who jumped off the Skyway Bridge," U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Eric Wells confirmed Monday shortly after 7 p.m. "We have been so far unable to locate the person but we do have a unit on site still conducting searches."
Wells could not confirm motorist reports a vehicle had been abandoned on the northbound lanes of the Skyway Bridge just after rush hour.
"Fire and rescue units from Pinellas County took the lead on this," Wells said.
St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue referred reports about a possible abandoned vehicle and its involvement in a search to the Florida Highway Patrol.
A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson could not immediately be reached.
Wells is stationed in the U.S. Coast Guard’s St. Petersburg sector.

10.01.13,, Coast Guard suspends search for possible jumper from Sunshine Skyway
The U.S. Coast Guard has called off the search for a woman believed to have jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Monday.
Multiple calls came in that a woman had jumped off the bridge Monday afternoon, according to St Petersburg Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Joel Granata.
The Coast Guard search and rescue efforts were called off at 7:11 p.m., according to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Michael DeNyse.
Granata said a search rescue of this kind is generally suspended eventually.
"We can only search for so many hours," Granata said. "We will wait until the body rises up and somebody finds a floating body." comment from article:
•10.05.13, Jack C., Orlando, Florida, That woman happen to be my cousin,she'd suffered from depression after her sister passed away in a car accident six years ago.
09.30.13, Sadie S., facebook, Really people get a grip and a see this as what? a joke? Every person that jumps from the friggin bridge has loved ones whose life will be forever changed...each holiday, birthday and anniversary is just it is the date of birth, the day they chose to end their life and the day we buried them. Suicide is not a persons death, it is a death that claims family, no one can explain one understands it. It is not the way to leave, no good bye, no last hug, no I Love You... just the final act for something that could change tomorrow. Each person that jumps off this bridge is not ending their lives but also destroying the dreams and hopes of all who loved them. This act is final, no second chances, no wait, life on earth is better, no I am coming home. We get to visit a grave each time, thinking why was our love NOT enough, what did I not see, how could of I stopped this? So while you are sitting stuck in traffic, think of the mother who lost her son, the wife losing husband, the child losing a parent, sorry but if you hate traffic.. then walk! Maybe all of you out reporting this pain should sit in my shoes... explain it to a child. Have you ever thought of all those faces you walked by, avoiding, crossing the street to not be on the same hello, one look could of made them change their mind? No you are too busy taking friggin pictures? No I do not need pictures of his death, I read an autopsy.. I can tell you how many pennies, dimes and nickles were in his pockets, each scar on his body... yet no one remembers his name. Karma, it does come so when you think of this as news, worth taking pictures, wait until it happens to you... because suicide is growing at an alarming rate and those who judge it make it increase! (we have made our opinion of suicide very known. we have never held back our declaration that suicide is a right we have, as our life is ours to take, anytime we wish to take it. we have also indicated too many times that suicide should be a private affair, involving one person in a solemn location, out of the public eye. when someone chooses to perform their last dying act in the public presence of hundreds, if not thousands of spectators, they lose all expectations of privacy and decorum. it becomes an event and this event was scheduled during rush hour. in the current digital age, with everyone having full access to high quality recording devices at any given time, any event in the public eye has the potential to be photographed from every angle. right or wrong, this technology has made everything immediately viewable globally and there are people willing to post and view anything and everything. all that being said, we do share your opinion of who the real sufferers of suicide are, those left behind. the public skyway suicide performance is an additional slap in the face of those that know and love the suicide practitioner. we get it, but we also fully understand those that want to share an experience not all that many people have.) additional response:
•10.01.13, Jessica F., facebook, I do think of the families. I don't think it is a joke. I lost my sister in law of 28 years to suicide. Don't preach to me about suicide. When you choose a public place - (that affects people outside of your family) - to take your life - when a stranger involves me in their ignorant decision to end their own life - I have earned the right to voice my opinion. Regardless of if you agree with it or dislike it. By the way - the traffic I was stuck in - had nothing to do with the jumper. It was due to a multicar accident. So your ramble not only falls on deaf ears, it falls on deaf ears.
•10.01.13, Kristin J., facebook, Some people just need to get a grip and learn that everyone has an opinion, has a right to voice it and shouldn't be screamed at about it. Life's too short, which I think should probably be your point. But whatever I'll take pictures of whatever I want to take pictures of. Thanks

10.01.13, Ryan N., facebook, saw her sitting in her car on the shoulder on my way home from work...

10.01.13, Hanns Jones, facebook, I think so many jump from skyway is because it's the only place high enough in Florida to jump. (aside from the bridge being high enough to jump from, it has a mystical allure like the golden gate bridge in san fransisco, but on a lesser scale. people are drawn to it for some reason. there were 10 suicide jumpers off the golden gate in august alone. that is roughly one year's tally of skyway suicides. people travel from around the world to jump off the ggb.)
09.28.13: jumper, 1:08pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day
Gerald D. Norwood, 43
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.28.13, iontb/, 1:08pm. Jumper confirmed. Body in civilian boat under the bridge. vehicle on top of bridge. FD responding. later: 1:30pm Deceased. Body being brought to O'Neills.

09.28.13, lester, tampa, (1:09pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day), I seen this happen my self while i was taking pictures of me and my friend facing the bridge, its caught on pictures when he is standing on top of bridge and then next pictures shows that he is already in water, also i have a video going around the body in my boat while coast guards came and pulled him out the water.... Any questions call me at 813-###-####. (thank you for the images. however, we will refrain from posting them here.) 

09.29.13, Donesha, Saint Petersburg, Gerald Norwood jumped 9/28/13, please if any one has pics or videos may i please take a look. that is my uncle who actually jumped yesterday. email me [email withheld] or call 727-###-#### ANYTIME. (we are sorry for your loss. we do not post email addresses or phone numbers. we did connect you with lester and hope you find what you seek.)

09.29.13, s.b. sent this from his phone:


09.29.13, Bob D., Sarasota, FL., (09.28.13, 1:07pm, hit water), We were at the rest area on the North side of the bridge (SB) and saw two emergency boats respond to the skyway. One looked to be Customs Border Patrol while the 2nd boat appeared to be police. When we left the rest area and got to the crest of the bridge (SB), we could see that traffic was backed up and merging to the inside lane. Getting closer we saw this St. Pete ambulance and an empty car. Two pics from the scene as we passed. Did that other guy really have video from the water?

That's a USCG cutter in the background and it was circling the scene. (thanks for these images and your input. we will update if more comes in.)

09.29.13, matt c., Tampa, fl., I was heading out to Egmont key with 8 people and saw him jump yesterday. He climbed over the side of the bridge and hung for a few seconds before letting go and falling. He landed about 20 feet from a man fishing with his young son. I called 911 and turned the boat around but by the time we got over to him it was too late. When I was on the phone with the dispatcher it seemed like it was a very common occurrence to have someone call in a jumper from the bridge. Coast guard was on scene in a matter of minutes to recover the body. Still haven't wrapped my head around what happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. (seemed surreal, didn't it? to watch as someone chooses to take their life before your eyes and there is nothing you can do. it happens more than people realize. we receive far more reports of this very thing happening than you will ever hear about from the lame stream media. to them, it's 'spin the wheel of news worthiness', where it's a slim chance of happening. we hope you cope with what you saw.)

any more info is welcome.

09.28.13,, GRID 723S, MEDICAL, DV11, FB11, E11, R11, D5, LR1, PD2, USCG, 445BA, T11, HCSO (look it up)

09.28.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1312, 1740, 4h28m
  Gerald Norwood

09.30.13, Terry G., facebook, I'm stating the obvious, but today on the site I read that the person who jumped recently landed 20 feet from a boater with a child. Also, anyone in the area on the bridge when someone jumps is at risk of a car accident. As much as I feel awful for any jumper, it really seems selfish to choose this way out where so many besides the jumper are put at risk. (at times, the first responders suffer injuries during jumper events.) 

09.27.13: possible jump, 4:45pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.17.13, mikej, bradenton, FL., (4:45pm), Suspicious activity on bridge northbound. Highway patrol stopped at top of bridge right next to call box with lights flashing. Looking over edge. Two helicopters circling overhead. No abandoned vehicle seen.

09.27.13, Kendalyne O., facebook, Came over the bridge at 8:20. Noticed flashing lights at the top southbound lane but couldn't really see anything else.

any more info is welcome.
09.25.13: some sort of incident resulting in death, 4:02am
thank you, boatingnews reporter:
09.25.13, A Ghoul, Tampa, FL.,, Potential jumper from FL Highway Patrol incident site. Incident #: TBRC13CAD115747, Date: 09/25/2013, Incident Type: Fatality, Dispatched: 04:02 AM, Arrived: 04:18 AM, County: PINELLAS, Location: SKYWAY BRIDGE NB [7 BRIDGE SKYWAY NB] [SAINT PETERSBURG], Remarks: NO ROAD BLOCK

any more info is welcome.
09.20.13: possible jump, 4:13am
09.20.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0413, 0501, 0h48m

any more info is welcome.
09.07.13: jumper, male, 7:37am, died, body found same day
unknown, 33
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.07.13, iontb/, Emergency activity atop the Skyway bridge. Search beginning for a jumper at 7:39AM. Southbound lanes at the peak of the bridge. later: Recovered victim about 9am.

09.07.13, Scatt k., St. Petersburg, FL., (7:30am), State Troopers passed me at the south bound toll. Empty white sedan parked at the crest of the bridge. 4 squad cars, 1 rescue SUV and a firetruck parked in the far right southbound lane. All were searching the water with binoculars.

09.07.13, Dan, St. Pete, Empty white Toyota Camry parked at the top of the south bound lane of the bridge. Lots of police activity. I passed the scene at around 8:30am.

09.07.13, Tim J., Lithia, FL., 2 officers are still at the top looking at the white sedan!

09.07.13, gwenhara, From the iontb/ twitter feed (2 hours ago), Skyway bridge victim was located. #Skyway search has ended.

09.08.13, NOID, St. Peterburg, FL., (09.07.13, 7:30am, male, died, body found same day), From people who knew him. 33 years old

09.08.13, kirk, Sarasota, (09.07.13, 7:30am, male, did not use crisis phones), Saw the car pull over as I went by at bridge's peak. He quickly got out of car and immediately went to the side. Did not see him actually go over but kinda knew he had as I drove down the hill. It was pretty oblivious his mind was made up. Seemed to ignore the emergency phone right there.

09.08.13, anon, there were flip flops on the ledge and a suicide note on the dash.

any more info is welcome.
09.07.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0737, 1545, 8h8m
09.09.13, anon, Florida, This family is struggling and now have much guilt wondering if they missed signs and could have done more. My 1st husband also committed suicide - totally devastated his family for the rest of their lives. Our children never knew their dad as they were SO little when he died. If you are thinking of jumping - please reach out for help. It doesn't matter what others think of you - be brave and call someone. You are worth it! (the ripple effect it has on the family is indeed devastating. most everyone takes some of the blame, even though it's most often self-imposed needlessly. we often get chastised for our opinion that we feel suicide is usually selfish to those left behind. we're sure some that are will agree. we hope your friends cope.) anon replies:
09.17.13, anon, Florida, I am worried about how they will cope ... and I am sorry about your own family member. Perhaps I have a different opinion about what causes suicide. I think it is a selfish act brought on by the person's belief that he is letting others down, not living up to expectations or that he has failed them in some way. Those are my beliefs based on knowing a few people who committed suicide ... I have not researched them further but will one day. All I know is that my husband's family valued how things looked on the outside more than they cared about how he was feeling on the inside. I think that there is a lot of dysfunction in our society - people have misplaced values and care more about "things" than people. People don't know how to communicate with each other and ask the right questions. There should be a lot more education about the causes of suicide because I think it's such a sad end to what could be a temporary issue ... and because of our economy being in the mess it is I think that there will be more suicides in the future - by people who will think that they should be able to live the life that they saw prior to the start of the recession. Anyway - thanks for the note ... let's just pray for each other and try to be better people. (we concur with your opinion of these current issues and trends. we feel, as a society, that we have never been more socially connected, yet so isolated at the same time. we have hundreds of "friends", in theory, but how many real ones? instead of being together and enjoying each other's company, we now hang out and keep our faces buried in our devices, either seeking out something better, checking to see if our other friends are doing something better, or bragging about the great time we are now having, even though all we're doing is living on our devices. you see it everywhere. you see a family out to dinner and most of them are looking at their phone. they are all sitting at the same table, but they are miles away mentally. hanging out with friends in real life is often exactly the same as if you were doing it alone at home. with all these social networking tools, we post a wonderful fun filled existence, but often live shallow, self involved lives, chalking up "friends" like some sort of commodity, perhaps hoping no one sees us as we really are. many feel alone, empty, sad, and hopeless. thank you for your reply.)

09.10.13, john, tampa, florida, If anyone can post more details that will be appreciated. This was a family member of mine (sorry for your loss. we will post anything we get.)

09.10.13, RBN, I would like to thank all those who posted info about this tragic day as this is the only resource some of us had to recreate his last moments. His family respectfully asks that no one post any of his personal details such as name or location. I am sure he would not want to be remembered in this way. (we appreciate your thanks for the information found here and truly hope this man's friends and family will cope the best they can. however, when one chooses such a public venue to make his final departure, it becomes a public event and that is indeed how he will be remembered. if we receive his real name and can verify it, we will post it here.)
09.03.13: possible jump, 1:45pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.03.13, R. S., Brandon, Fl., (2:30am, male), Headed south bound from fishing trip, saw man sitting at top of span, on outside barrier wall, feet over edge. We called 911.

any more info is welcome.
08.31.13: possible jump, male
Andrew McCaskill, unconfirmed
07.16.20, Jessie J., Durham, NC., (08.31.13, male, died, body found), The individual was named Andrew McCaskill, died 8/31/2013.His father a neighbor but only said that he jumped off a bridge that was famous for suicides in Florida. I do not know what bridge as I did not find his name in your archives.I couldn't find anything really on the internet and was wondering if there are other bridges. Thank you for any helpful info.

any more info is welcome.
08.26.13: jumper, 4:56am, male, died, body found same day
William J. Schmitz, 59, former pasco county high school football coach
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.26.13, Jack, Pinellas park, (4:55am, no crisis phones, hit water, body not found yet), I was just monitoring police scanner and heard of a jumper on the bridge. a vehicle with the drives door open and a note has been found in extensive search in the waters below is currently under way.

08.26.13, Mark, Tampa, FL., (5:15am), Driving south across the bridge this morning at about 5:30 and there were at least 4 police cars, a rollback wrecker and a fire truck at the top. Wrecker driver was loading a car (could not tell what it was) and the other police/firemen were looking over the railing.

08.26.13, Carrie, Florida, (male, died, body found), Husband works on Atb, it came over the radio. Crew mate saw the body.

08.26.13, nick, St Petersburg, Florida, (7:45am), just drove by southbound lane of Skyway Bridge there is an empty gray sedan car and two police officers. Nobody was in the car

08.26.13, Thomas, Sarasota, (6:00am, body not found yet), Saw 3 cruisers on top of Southbound lane. Police helicopter was searching below high point of bridge on east side with searchlight.

08.26.13, Devin, Tarpon Springs, FL., (8:40am), Drove past an empty Honda civic with a cop behind it

any more info is welcome.
08.26.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE, SKYWAY BG, 0456
08.26.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0456, 1414, 9h18m

08.26.13,, Sunshine Skyway Suicide, Man suffers fatal injuries after jumping from the center span of bridge. Monday, August 26, 2013, Time: 4:56 AM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Victim: William J. Schmitz, DOB: 3-30-54, [address withheld], Land O’Lakes, FL.
Details: On August 26, 2013 at approximately 4:56 a.m. Schmitz drove his 2010 Kia to the center span of the Sunshine Skyway bridge. He exited his vehicle and jumped over the side of the railing. The body was recovered approximately 4 hours later.
a bit of fame brings all the media to the skyway jumper yard:

08.26.13,, Authorities respond to call of jumper from Skyway Bridge
Someone jumped off the Sunshine Skyway bridge early Monday morning, authorities said.
Authorities responded to a call just after 4 a.m. of a suspicious vehicle atop the bridge. Further investigation revealed that a person had apparently parked a car on the bridge, got out and jumped off, authorities said.
The name of the person was not immediately known. Pinellas County marine units and the U.S. Coast Guard were still at the bridge as of 7 a.m. Further details were not immediately available. later:

08.26.13,, Former Pasco County football coach identified as Skyway Bridge victim,
A former assistant football coach at Land O'Lakes High School in Pasco County drove his car to the center of the Sunshine Skyway bridge early Monday morning and jumped to his death.
William J. Schmitz, 59, of Land O'Lakes left his 2010 Kia atop the span, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. He leapt from the side of the railing at 4:56 a.m.
His body was found about four hours later, authorities said. Further details were not immediately available.
Schmitz came to Land O'Lakes with a strong football pedigree. He previously served as an assistant at Cincinnati, Vanderbilt and UAB, among others. In 2003, he was chosen over Robert Weiner as the head coach at Jesuit, where he led the Tigers to the 2004 Class 3A region final.
He was the Tampa Bay Times' North Suncoast track coach of the year in 2012 but was not on the football staff this season. Schmitz led the track team to the Class 3A, District 6 championship each of the past two years.
School officials told Land O'Lakes athletes after Schmitz's death Monday morning and let the rest of the students know at 1 p.m. He was also a social studies teacher at the school.

08.26.13,, Land O' Lakes coach commits suicide off Skyway
LAND O' LAKES - A Land 'O Lakes man died after jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning, deputies said.
According to the sheriff's office, it was just before 5 a.m. when William J. Schmitz drove to the center span of the Skyway, got out, and jumped over the side of the railing.
Schmitz's body was recovered four hours later.
SSchmitz, 59, was an experienced football coach who most recently had served as the offensive coordinator at Land O' Lakes High School. He had also been the head coach at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Austin Peay State University.

08.26.13,, Land O’ Lakes teacher, coach dies in apparent suicide
A Land O’ Lakes High School teacher and coach died in an apparent suicide leap from the Sunshine Skyway bridge early Monday, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
William J. Schmitz, who taught history and coached the boys track team at the Pasco County school, was 59.
According to a sheriff’s office report, Schmitz drove his 2010 Kia to the Skyway’s main span at 4:56 a.m., exited his vehicle and jumped over the side of the railing. The body was recovered about four hours later, the sheriff’s office said.
Schmitz, a former college football coach, also was Land O’ Lakes’ offensive coordinator in 2011 and 2012.
Students were told of his death this morning. The football team canceled practice today.
Schmitz also served as Jesuit High’s head football coach in 2004, leading the team to the 2004 Class 3A region final.
Schmitz compiled a 39-65 record as head coach the Coast Guard Academy (1993-96) and Austin Peay (1997-2002). He was also an assistant coach at several colleges, including Cincinnati and Alabama-Birmingham.
He was named the Pasco Tribune’s boys track Coach of this Year this spring.
William J. Schmitz taught history and coached the boys track team at Land O’ Lakes High School.
Players and students reacted to Schmitz’s death on Twitter:
"RIP Schmitz. Hands down one of the best guys ive ever met. These tears suck man #InShock," tweeted senior Shaheed Salmon.
"I know Coach Schmitz is in heaven drinking a Coke and talking to God about how to run the football down someone throat," football player Jamal Wells tweeted.
"#RIP Coach Bill Schmitz if there was any person that brought the best out of anyone it was him," added football player Liam Heaney.
Stay with for updates.

08.26.13,, Florida teacher and coach jumps to his death off Sunshine Skyway bridge
A Land O' Lakes High School teacher and coach died Monday in an apparent suicide jump from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to authorities.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said William J. Schmitz, 59, of Land O' Lakes drove his 2010 Kia to the center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge around 5 a.m. He left his vehicle and jumped over the side of the railing, a news release said.
Schmitz's body was recovered about four hours later, deputies said.
Schmitz was a college head football coach at Austin Peay and an assistant at Cincinnati, Vanderbilt and Alabama-Birmingham before becoming head coach at Tampa Jesuit in 2003. He led the Tigers to the 2004 Class 3A region final.
At Land O' Lakes, Schmitz taught history and coached the boys' track team. He was not on the football staff this season, but had been offensive coordinator for the Gators in 2011 and 2012.
Land O' Lakes players were already expressing their grief on Twitter, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
"I want to say RIP to one of my past coaches Bill Schmitz he taught me everything I know about the game of football and being a better person," junior Kamal Wells wrote.
"RIP Schmitz. Hands down one of the best guys I've ever met. These tears suck man. #InShock ... Im plahying thi sseason for you #RIP," senior Shaheed Salmon tweeted.

08.26.13,, Land O' Lakes coach dies in leap from Skyway
By Cait McVey, Reporter, LAND O' LAKES --
A Land O' Lakes High School teacher and coach died Monday in an apparent suicide jump from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to authorities.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said William J. Schmitz, 59, of Land O' Lakes drove his 2010 Kia to the center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge around 5 a.m. He left his vehicle and jumped over the side of the railing, a news release said.
Schmitz's body was recovered about four hours later, deputies said.
"They called the track and football people to a room and told them personally. And then they made an announcement in 7th period over the intercom," said Julia Watson, a student. "There was a lot of people crying. It was depressing. The atmosphere was just sad."
Schmitz was a college head football coach at Austin Peay and an assistant at Cincinnati, Vanderbilt and Alabama-Birmingham before becoming head coach at Tampa Jesuit in 2003. He led the Tigers to the 2004 Class 3A region final.
At Land O' Lakes, Schmitz taught history and coached the boys' track team. He was not on the football staff this season, but had been offensive coordinator for the Gators in 2011 and 2012.
Land O' Lakes players were already expressing their grief on Twitter, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
"I want to say RIP to one of my past coaches Bill Schmitz he taught me everything I know about the game of football and being a better person," junior Kamal Wells wrote.
"RIP Schmitz. Hands down one of the best guys I've ever met. These tears suck man. #InShock ... Im plahying thi sseason for you #RIP," senior Shaheed Salmon tweeted.
"They called the track and football people to a room and told them personally. And then they made an announcement in 7th period over the intercom," said Julia Watson, a student. "There was a lot of people crying. It was depressing. The atmosphere was just sad."
Students say Schmitz had shown no signs that anything was wrong.
"Everything seemed perfectly ok. Nothing was wrong. So it comes as a real big surprise that he is gone," said Jenna Shavor, a student." And I know he made a real big impact on the students. He wasn't just a coach. He was also a mentor and a friend to most people."
08.14.13: possible jump, 1:45pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.27.13, Kim Z., Bradenton, (08.14.13, 1:45pm), I was driving NB over the bridge from Bradenton and noticed a lot of activity on the top. As I got to closer, I counted about 8 people (appeared to be HCSO) looking down/out on all sides of the bridge. I returned a few hours later, traveling SB from St. Pete and everyone was gone.

any more info is welcome.
08.11.13: possible jump, 1:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.11.13, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (6:48pm), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Station 11, District Chief, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and the Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. (we always appreciate your acronym laden reports.)

any more info is welcome.
06.29.13: possible jump, 1:30pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.01.13, Crystal, Lakeland, FL., (2:00pm, male, used phones), We were crossing the bridge going south towards Bradenton, there was a red what looked like explorer parked on the top of the bridge with a man standing at one of the phones, we were just crossing the bridge because my daughter had never been over it, we made it to the end and turned around to come back over going north and when we got to the top i looked but didnt see the vehicle anymore, but right as we were getting back to the bottom, about 5 state troopers were headed to the top..Im not sure what was going on.

07.01.13, Scott K., Sarasota, Fl., (1:30pm, male), I came over the top of the skyway heading south and saw the fifty something white male pacing in front of his red Jeep Cherokee... I called 911, and they had received several reports, but i do not know what happened...

any more info is welcome.
06.29.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1322, 1351, 0h29m
06.08.13: possible save, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.08.13, beach lover, Sarasota, (8:30pm), Heading south police cars racing by cars backing up. when we got to top police cars on northbound side behind empty pick up truck.

06.08.13, pinellas, seminole, fl., (8:45pm), Just drove over skyway. Man standing outside of his red truck. Three cops up there with him with four more racing up the bridge.

06.09.13, david d., Saint Petersburg, (06.08.13, 8:07pm), We were driving over the northbound span right around 8. As we got to the top of the span, just before the apex, we approached an older red/white pickup truck pulled over to the right in the barricaded area. A gentleman, I would say about 60-65 got out in the drizzle with a somber look upon his face. After I drove about five more seconds I got a pit in my stomach as I realized what the likely business the man had there atop the bridge. I had reminded myself that there is a FHP somewhere nearby and just hoped he got to him in time. Sounds like they did from the other accounts. Makes me wonder if I should have stopped? (most of us like to think that if the situation presented itself, we would be able to step in and save the day. however, at that sudden moment, on the highest bridge in the area, in a scenario of uncertainty and darkness, self-preservation and/or fear can steal our heroic thunder. you can continue to wonder, or understand that perhaps we can't always be a hero. this man could have been a danger to you, as well as himself, you just don't know. as it seemingly turned out, it's ok.)    

any more info is welcome.
06.07.13: possible jump, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.09.13, Anon, St. Pete., (06.07.13, 12:30pm, female), We were driving southbound on the skyway and saw a woman standing with her arms on the rail and her red car parked. She was barefoot and wearing a white t-shirt. We called 911 to report a possible jumper and 911 took the details and said another caller was also reporting it. Do not know if she actually jumped or if someone talked her out of it. (thank you for your report, but yours is the only news we have received on this. since you did not leave an email address, you will have to check back here if anyone else responds to this incident.)
any more info is welcome.
05.21.13: possible save, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.22.13, anon, st. pete., (05.21.13, male, was stopped from jumping), As an official source I can confirm that nobody jumped from the bridge on May 21st.
any more info is welcome.
05.16.13: possible jump, 6:23pm
05.16.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1823, 1935, 1h12m

any more info is welcome.
05.10.13: jumper, 2:15pm, male, hit water, lived
Adam Christopher Rozamus, 26
09.17.13: died as a result of an overdose of his meds.
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
05.10.13, jc, palm harbor, (2:25pm, male), Pinellas 911--5-10-13 2:25 PM,911 call reports male jumper-doing rescue op now. Alive on south side of rocks-boat near him to pick up. Picked up -going to Oneils Boatyard for transport.

05.10.13, Steven H., facebook, 2:15pm. Northbound lanes. White Ford Fusion. White male jumper in the water. Search underway. more: Jumper is alive and holding onto the rocks. more: Two boats attempting to bring him aboard more: Jumper being brought to O'Neill's Marina. He is being declared a Trauma Alert.

05.10.13, billy, holiday, (3:07pm, male, lived), I saw it happen

05.10.13, sean davis, Just drove over Skyway and there is an empty white sedan with 2 FHP cars, looks like another jumper.


any more info is welcome.
05.10.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, SKYWAY BG, 1419, 1658, 2h39m
07.01.13, Adam [last name withheld], Bradenton, FL., 05.10.13, 2:15pm, male, did not use phones, lived), I am the jumper. I would be happy to answer any questions you have on one condition. That is as long as you don't post my full name. First name is fine, but not the last name at all. You can can email me at [address withheld] with your questions.

07.01.13, hello adam, thank you for your offer. since the beginning of the site in 1998, we have never posted names of anyone asking us not to. [under the circumstance of mr. rozamus having taken his life on 09.17.13, we now include his last name] having been over the bridge many times, the idea of jumping off eludes me, so i am always curious what powers someone to do so. here are some questions. please excuse me if i ask too many or get too personal. obviously, answer only if you feel comfortable in doing so.
first and foremost, why did you jump? what made you do it?
why jump off the skyway instead of another method of suicide?
some claim to change their minds the moment they step off. did you?
what do you think allowed you to survive, when so many others did not?
to what extent were you injured? any lasting effects now?
how long did you plan your jump?
did you jump as soon as you stopped the car and got out or did you hesitate for a while?
why didn't you use the 'crisis hotline' phones?
did anyone stop or slow down after seeing you up there? if so, did anyone offer assistance or talk to you?
do you still have suicidal thoughts? if so, are you getting help?
how has your jump affected your family and friends? do they treat you differently now?
have any of your relationships changed for the better/worse because of this?
were you arrested?
are any government personnel in touch with you still?
were you on medications at the time of the jump?
are you on medications now?
how often have you crossed the skyway before the day you jumped?
have you crossed the bridge since? if so, what are your feelings as you cross it?
how did you find the website?
only one jump survivor has ever contacted us before. why did you?
i do thank you again for your offer and truly hope you are doing better.
thank you for your time. - phil

07.14.13, First off, let me start by apologizing for not getting back to you sooner. I've been going through some things that consume a bit of my time.
   A little history... I have been with my ex girlfriend for 7½yrs. We bought a house, have 2 kids and 2 dogs. We have been working opposite shifts for most of our relationship. I was going to marry her.
   The entire week prior to the jump I had been going through a breakup with my girlfriend of 7½yrs. She was under the impression that I had been cheating on her for the last few years. But I haven't been. Unfortunately if you put yourself in her place and look at things from her angle, you will think that to. (false evidence).
   After days of her not even looking at me, won't answer my phone calls or texts, my stress level got so high that I couldn't eat or sleep. After 5 days of no sleep or food I was no longer thinking straight. I went to work on Friday morning after an argument with her. About 10am the police show up at my job looking for me. I didn't know if they were going to arrest me or not so I slipped out the back door. (I had done nothing wrong but, again, I wasn't thinking straight).
   After a 3hr walk home, we again got into an argument. I left to go get my belongings from work. I then though "screw this shit. I am just going to go jump off the skyway bridge." my entire world was collapsing around me. I picked up the kids from school, dropped them off with her and left for the bridge.
   By this point I had a kind of tunnel vision. I paid the toll and drove to the top. On the way I call my ex and she ignored my call. I called again. Again she ignored me. I then called 911 from my cell phone to report the jump and told them to call my ex to inform her where her car was. After I hung up the phone, I emptied my pockets (cell, spare change, wallet, etc), put the key in the book bag on the passenger floor, got out of the car, closed the door, walked to the rear of the car, turned and took 3 rapid steps then dove over the wall.
   I chose the skyway bridge because I don't own a firearm anymore and figured it would be quick and easy. When I decided to jump, I did not hesitate or change my mind at any point.
I was very blessed by a force much greater than myself. Some would call it god, or the powers of the universe. I was knocked unconscious on impact and awoke at the surface. I suffered a broken neck, broken back and ribs, and I broke my right wrist and ruptured both lungs as well.
   I was then faced with a choice. I had to choose to swim or drown. I looked up at the bridge from the water and literally said "well that didn't work!" I looked around and thought about my kids. I realized I need to be here for them. I began to swim against the current to some rocks at the base of the pylons supporting the bridge. (About 100ft away.) Needless to say, I was exhausted when I finally got there. I passed out. I woke up in the hospital.
   To date, my neck and back are still healing and I am paralyzed from the ribs down. I plan to walk again one day even though the Dr's say I won't. I don't have any suicidal thoughts. My family and friends have really come together to show their support and how much they care. There has been no legal action taken by anyone. I was not on any medication at the time of the jump. The only medication I'm on is what I need to recover (pain medication and others) I am still in the hospital for now. I have crossed the bridge many times before and ironically always got "butterflies" due to how high it is. Always had the "what if..." in the back of my mind. Like falling over the side due to a car accident for example. I do wonder if I will be affected when I go over it for the first time since I jumped. But I don't think I will. I just stumbled upon your site by accident when I was looking up information on the skyway after the jump.
   If you have any more questions or comments feel free to ask. I am willing to help any way I can. I am still at Bayfront medical center in case you need anything else. I am healthy enough for visitors. Also you have my email address to contact me. - Adam

07.14.13, hello adam,
   you do not need to apologize for anything. i thought you may have thought better about contacting us further and decided not to. that would have been fine, as we never expect anyone in your situation to be compelled to tell us anything. i'm sure you have much more on your plate now and i truly thank you for your story.
   it seems personal relationships play a major role in people's decision to end their life. there are few things more mentally debilitating than when someone you love no longer loves you or breaks things off for whatever reason. it's especially hard when misunderstandings create scenarios that can not be straightened out.
   i thank you again for your story and i truly hope you recover from it. suicide events and details are usually hidden from the public in a misguided effort to stop suicides. i feel it's important to tell your story in the hope that someone thinking about doing the same will see how your attempt has so tragically altered your life. maybe then they will seek help before things get so out of hand. i wish you well. - phil
  images from Adam Rozamus' facebook.
05.19.13, anon, So called jumper close Friend young man with family confused. Alive in a lot of pain .Whole New Respect for Life.

09.17.13, Sonja, bradenton, I was reading your post to adam. He was a close friend of mine for a long time. We havent been in contact due to me having a child a few months ago he was the sweetest person i knew. As long as i have known him he never had suicidal thoughts. Adam was always there for me through thick and thin and when he needed someone I was there. Now I feel guilty because I never checked my email and maybe if I did he wouldnt have jumped. Adam your an amazing friend. (we doubt your lack of response to adam's unread email had anything to do with his decision. it's often easy for friends and family to feel responsible in some way for someone's end of life decision. we further doubt adam wants you to blame yourself for what he did and does not want you to go through life with these feelings. in the end, what he did was his decision and his decision alone.)

09.18.13, Denelle, Bradenton, FL., I am a of friend Adam who jumped May 10, 2013. I am writing to inform you that Adam passed away yesterday morning (9/17/2013) due to an overdose of his medications he was taking from the jump. I am telling you this because he had mentioned that he is no longer suicidal in his post back to you. I am just hoping that you can post something for other readers to be aware of their loved ones who may survive the jump and say that they are mentally fine and no longer suicidal. Adam was telling everyone that he was fine and no longer suicidal anymore. But monday night Adam took all of his medications at once and didn't wake up. Please, if possible, post something to families to watch out for their survivors of the jumps so they can try to avoid any further heartbreak. We all thought he was fine, but we were all wrong. Just be careful and watch your loved one closely. Thank you for your time. (it is quite the shock to get this information, but not really a surprise. we imagine when one does attempt a suicide and survives, one might lose that desire to self exterminate. they wake up to this new lease on life and become determined to make this second chance work. on the other hand, it may increase the desire to try again and do it right the next time. under the circumstances, he tried to end his life and failed, and now lives as a paralyzed man. we can fully understand his increased desire to end his life. however, in order to do so with as little outside interference as possible, he told everyone he was no longer suicidal. while we are sorry you lost your friend, we accept his desire to end what is truly his to end. he is no longer suffering the pain he must have been enduring, both physically and mentally.)
facebook dialog:
•Terry G., So sad, so very sad. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
•Kelly S., Hope he found the peace he was looking for.
•Skyway Bridge, his facebook page paints a very sad after-jump.
•Emma C., So so sad my heart goes out to his family, especially his children. And yes, Skyway Bridge, his Facebook had me in tears.
•Alison E., Oh gosh, so sad.
•Jessica S. S., I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing in his situation... going to sleep and never waking up or spending the rest of your life paralyzed and possibly in an enormous amount of pain, both mentally and physically... unable to properly care for your children and be the dad that you want to be, that you think you should be... whatever thought(s) took him to the bridge in the first place, I'm sure, was only intensified after his failed attempt... I guess when you have your mind set on something, no amount of meds or therapy can change it...
•Pat M. K., Wow..apparently he had a goal..meds nor docs could not help.
•Silvia L., that's a bummmmmer!!!
•Mindy McC., Oh shit....for real.... what a waste! Bless him....
•Erica E., Whyyyyyy!!!! How?? I don't understand, I had hoped that this would give him a new appreciation for life How absolutely horrible for his family and friends, especially his children....your site has inspired me to help people who are suicidal, I'm not sure how yet, but I know this is what God has planned for me. Thoughts and prayers for peace and understanding...
•Sadie S., Until you have lost someone to suicide, you cannot understand. Those left behind are searching for answers to questions unknown. We will never know why, so please stop asking. He did not commit a much for committed suicide quotes. His mind did not snap, he knew what he was doing. He will go to heaven,God does forgive what others never can. No one left behind should feel guilty...sometimes love is just not enough. In time we will look at how he lived, not how he chose to die. free. Please people choose life......choose love.....ask for a hug, a kiss, for help....this is not the answer...EVER. To his family, you are now a member of a huge family, none of us asked to be part of, we were not given a choice..we just are..survivors of a suicide. more: If anyone needs to talk about this, please let me are not alone. I lost my baby brother 27 years ago Sept.9th, many followed him...the last a good friend in July of this year. To not suffer with emotions you cannot understand or feel you should not is one type of death we will never know the answers to. I did not know Adam, had I, I would of been there to tell him... the hurt is still there, this world is NOT better without you and you are loved, still and always. So please, do not remain silent.....this bridge was not called The Skyway Bridge to plunge to the death of yourself to the skyway.......let it bring you peace...The Sky is your Bridge if you are willing to travel it with all those who love you...until it is God who calls you home.
•Beth M., I just want to add, I am so sorry, for the loss of this man, may his family and his soul be at peace. I also want to say that awhile ago, I reached out for help and posted some thoughts on the Bridge page and several people reached out to help me and sent me messages of hope and really, truly cared. I am still friends with a few of them here on Fb, Suzi G. and Novette D. G. are 2 of them...I'm doing much better now, and thank you to everyone who reached out to help me in my time of need! This page definitely helped me!!!

09.20.13, Jennifer Rozamus, Adam Rozamus is my cousin. As you already know he passed on 9/17/2013. I was online this morning looking for articles related to his death and I stumbled upon this website. I was touched by some of the comments people posted with their condolences. I wanted to thank everyone. I spoke with Adam 10days before he passed. I thought he was doing much better. He had contacted me to see how I was doing and to let me know that he missed me and loved me. When I got the message 3days ago about him being gone, I was shocked. I am extremely upset and have repeatedly asked myself if I missed something when we talked 2wks ago and could I have stopped it in any way. I finally realized that he had his mind made up and the reason he contacted me was to say goodbye. I wish I had noticed it then but I really don't think it would have made a difference. My brothers and I grew up very close with Adam and his sister. We were always together. I miss him so much. He had the biggest heart and family meant everything to him. I still can't believe I will never see him or hear his voice again. He truly was a beautiful person. Thank you. (we are sorry you lost your cousin. this particular event has effected us differently, as he extended his story to us. obviously, dealing with his life after his attempt was more than he could handle. we do hope you and yours cope with your loss.)

09.23.13, anon, Adam was the nephew of my wife and we are sad to see him go. It is always too late after a suicide. I know because my sister used a shotgun and it was definitely too late. Don't know if we'll ever if Adam was an intentional drug OD or just pain, but he was a good kid.

• Charlene G., fbplugin, I have a question concerning his death. Considering that this young man was a skyway bridge jumper and the attention it has gained by him doing so, why is it that there is nothing on his death? I would think that being that his actions on the bridge caught so much attention why wouldnt his death? If indeed he did comitt suicide and succeeded you would figure this would be documented everywhere considering his first attempt on the bridge was a failure. Just asking the question. There is nothing nowhere stating this young man is dead. Please advise......
04.28.13: possible jump, 4:00am, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.21.13, Tony R., Bradenton, (04.28.13, 4:00am, male), We were driving south from the Airport and were crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge about 4:00 AM. We saw the flashing lights towards the top of the bridge. As we approached the top of the bridge, we were going very slow and we saw what appeared to be a male standing on the wall of the bridge holding onto the to sign. A police officer was running to his position as we passed by. There were police cars parked about 50 feet from him in each direction. I was hoping to see on this site that he was talked down OK. (this is the first we are hearing about an incident on this day. if we hear any more, here you will find it. thanks.)

any more info is welcome.
04.27.13: possible save, 04:12am
04.27.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, MENTALLY ILL PERSON/VIOLENT, 3839, SKYWAY BG, 0412, 0418

any more info is welcome.
04.25.13: save, 6:51pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
04.25.13, J. B., facebook, Bridge alert right now.

04.25.13, Shepdog of Skyway Lane, St Pete, FL., (6:51pm, male, was stopped from jumping), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Station 11, District Chief, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and the Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. At 7:05pm, Rescue 11 advised FHP had the male in custody.

any more info is welcome.
04.10.13: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.12.13, Scott H., facebook, On wed a little after 9am heading north a small pickup had stopped at the very top and a man got out and headed toward the front of the truck. I kept my eyes on the mirror and about a minute later could swear I saw something falling to the bay side of the bridge. Any word of a jumper on wed or a body recovered? (yours is the only news of this.)

any more info is welcome.
04.08.13: jumper, 6:52pm, male, died
Phillip A. Elbs, 52
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
04.08.13, Steven H., facebook, Abandoned car confirmed on top of the bridge

04.08.13, Tony D., facebook, Friend works for DOT, confirmed it was a jumper.

04.13.13, Mike S., facebook, Cops firefighters all on the Skyway Bridge did we have another jumper?

04.08.13, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (6:52pm, male), Scanner broadcast...all typical units to Skyway for jumper. Off duty paramedic witnessed it. more: facebook, Units responding. scanner radio dispatched all usual units @ 6:52pm. male jumped, searching still in progress

04.08.13, Tom, Tampa, FL., (6:30pm), Police and fire reports.

04.08.13, Dennis, Saint Petersburg, FL., (7:00pm), VHF radio / coast guard broadcast

any more info is welcome.
04.08.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1854, 0001, 5h05m
04.08.13,, Man dies in jump from Sunshine Skyway
A St. Petersburg man plunged to his death from the center span of the Sunshine Skyway just before 7 p.m. Monday.
A short while later, authorities recovered the body of Phillip A. Elbs, 52, of [withheld], the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reported.
A witness saw the man park on the southbound side of the bridge and jump over a rail. comments follow article. such as:
tbtno0503, ...It looks like this man's son has been a constant drug infested thorn in his side at the same residence and has finally done it's damage. People can only handle so much this I know. I hope this man is at peace
04.01.13: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.01.13, at, tampa, florida, (12:00am), Driving over the skyway and saw a police cruiser with its' lights on at the top. Driving back over the skyway at 1:30 we saw a helicopter with its' spotlight on and searching the water.

any more info is welcome.
03.14.13: possible jump, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.20.13, witness one, sarasota, (03.14.13, male), I witnessed someone preparing to jump on Friday March 14, 2013. Police were called. results unknown

any more info is welcome.
03.06.13: jumper, 6:50pm, female, died
Shira Lotoyia Young, 31
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.06.13, johnson, clearwater, fl., (6:50pm, female, body not found yet), pinellas county fire scanner has units responding for water rescue for female that jumped on the south side... units still searching for body

03.06.13, Steven H., facebook, Jumper. Search in progress

03.06.13, Calvin R.H., facebook, Jumper N bound lanes.

03.06.13, Babs M., Ruskin, Fl., Possible jump. My mom just drove over and there was a car with the door open at the very top with cops and fireman looking inside the car and over the side of the bridge.

any more info is welcome.
03.06.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1853, 2241, 3h48m
03.06.13,, Authorities looking for possible Sunshine Skyway Bridge jumper
ST. PETERSBURG - Authorities were responding late Wednesday to a report that a person possibly jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
The Florida Highway Patrol received the report about 7 p.m.
Rescue workers were searching the water and rocks below the bridge about 7:15 p.m. for signs that a person had jumped.
No other information was immediately available. Check back with for updates.
  Shira Young

Joe Winko wiki
03.08.13, ryan, orlando, fl., (03.06.13, female, did not use phones, died), The jumpers name is Shira Young.....a real good friend and some of the stuff I read on here some of you are heartless. (sorry you lost your friend, but what has anyone said about her that is heartless?)

03.09.13, jason P., orlando, fl., may she R.I.P
03.03.13: jumper, 4:18pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day
Christos Bekas, 45
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.03.13, Tom, St Pete Beach, Fl., (4:40pm)

03.03.13, mark t., pinellas park, vehicle parked south bound, police looking over edge in north bound lanes , boat searching water 4:40

03.03.13, Kelly C., facebook, Empty car at top of Skyway with FHP behind it.

03.03.13, Anonymous, Clearwater, (4:00pm), From, SO13-087424 4:16 PM,HIGH,SO ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, SKYWAY BRIDGE,0 SUNSHINE SKYWAY LN S ST PETERSBURG S15B, and From, GRID 723S MEDICAL, DV11 M11 ECSR R11 PD3

03.03.13, boomdog, st pete, Jumper reported by US Navy vessel....body found by Eckard college Search and Rescue....4:30 pm

03.03.13, Shepdog of Skyway Lane, St Pete, FL., (4:15pm), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Rescue 11, Truck 11, Engine 3, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and the Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

03.03.13, anon, St Pete., (4:15pm, male, hit water, died, body found same day), I watched it happen from ship. US Army vessel found victim. Eckerd College rescue 6 recovered.

03.06.13, Todd F., facebook, I seen him about to jump on Sunday when I passed by, very sad

any more info is welcome.
03.03.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1618, 2222, 6h04m

03.04.13,, Sunshine Skyway Bridge Suicide
The man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified.
Sunday March 3, 2013 Time: 4:18 PM Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Victim: Christos Bekas DOB: 3/26/67, [address withheld] S Belcher Road Largo, FL
Details: On March 3, 2013, at 4:18 p.m., Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was notified by FHP that motorist traveling on the Skyway Bridge witnessed a male subject stop his vehicle at the top of the bridge and jumped over the side. A short time later, a marine unit with Eckerd College recovered the body of Christos Bekas deceased floating underneath the Skyway. The body was taken to O'Neal's Marina in St. Petersburg Florida where the remains will be turned over to the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner's Office.
03.03.13,, Body recovered off Sunshine Skyway
ST. PETERSBURG - Eckerd College's marine unit recovered the body of a man who jumped Sunday afternoon from the Sunshine Skyway, authorities said. A passerby on the bridge notified the Florida Highway Patrol of the incident about 4:15 p.m. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office sent patrol cars to the scene, and detectives were working to identify the body.  
  Christos Bekas

10.16.13, Felicia, florida, I wasnt sure how to respond to the specific post on Christos Bekas, however I was shocked to find his image on here. The female he is pictured with is his daughter, who i grew up with and his son was a family friend. As an update, the kids are fine... this was just very sad.

07.28.14, Tomi K., Hudson, Fl., I was a good friend to Chris, as he was a colleague of mine for many years. We worked together and advanced at the same time period. I lost touch with him, as that is what happens in our line of work, transfers, promotions, etc. I am still devastated to this day, that he would have done such a selfish act, impacting many people who truly loved him. His family friends, children, co-workers, etc. have all been put through tremendous grief. He had a great family network and, personally if I had known, I would have done everything in my power to have tried to prevent this. I too suffer from depression, and I think this is a great site, for people to really think about the full spectrum of their actions. God bless Chris and his family, especially his children, and the life impact and the toll it will bear and them.
02.24.13: jumper, 9:00am, male, died, body found same day
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.24.13, Steven H., facebook, 9:12 am today. Reports of jumper southbound. Keys in car. No further info.

02.24.13, P.j. P., facebook, Just went over the Skyway Suicide Bridge... There was an empty Toyota Prius at the top of the bridge with the door open and a few cops looking over the side barrier. So sad

02.24.13, Don S., Tallahasee, Fl., (8:30am), I was driving over the bridge this morning on the way back to Tallahasee and saw a car parked at the top from the St Pete side. 2 Firetrucks and the FHP also. They were all looking over the edge to the water and a Pinellas Co Sheriffs boat with lights flashing was high tailing it out to the underside of the bridge from the St Pete side. I dont know what the result was.

02.24.13, JRC, Palm Harbor, (died, body found same day), TECHNICAL RESCUE,02/24/13 09:50,,(ST. PETERSBURG - FD-1E (36692)) E11 SS371 FHP ON SCENE D5 INCIDENT COMMAND MALE JUMPED OFF THE BRIDGE, PATIENT IS DEAD ON SCENE/DECEASED M11 TX BODY TO ONEILLS AT THIS TIME [FLA061]Source: Radio Pinellas Fire & EMS

02.24.13, jen, bradenton, (2:00pm), Was passing the top of skyway at 2:00 p.m. cops were on top with a car that was about to be towed but no one else around. not sure if it was a jumper or not? does anyone know?

any more info is welcome.
02.24.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0916, 1527, 6h11m
02.04.13: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.04.13, Libby, (11:30am), Driving over the southbound side of the skyway and saw a small dark green SUV parked at the top. FHP was going through the vehicle. A tow truck was parked behind the FHP car. No other information.

any more info is welcome.
02.01.13: possible jump, male, hit water, died, body not found yet
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.07.13, jo m., Greenwood, Indiana, (02.01.13, 7:30am, male, hit water, died, body not found yet), Police called wife and she went to get his/their car Saturday 2, 2013

any more info is welcome.
01.17.13: possible jump, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.17.13, Lisa, Palm Harbor, (9:30am, male), Driving South over Skyway this morning. There was a small white box truck pulled over to the side (against the concrete railing) on the Northbound side. I noticed he was in the drivers seat with his door open looking down over the railing. I don't know if he jumped or not but found this site while trying to see if I could find out any information.

any more info is welcome.
01.07.13: jumper, 4:00pm, male, hit water, lives
unknown, 22
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.07.13, shepdog of skyway lane, St Pete, FL., (4:03pm, male), Pinellas County received two calls of someone going off the bridge and dispatched St Pete Fire and Rescue Station 11, Fire Boat 11, Marine Patrol, the Coast Guard, Eckerd College SAR and the District Chief from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper.

01.07.13, Steven H.,  facebook, Black Honda Accord atop bridge northbound. Keys inside. 4:02pm. Search in progress. later: Responsive subject picked up by Tugboat guiding a freighter thru the channel. later: 22 year old male.

01.07.13, Kaitlyn M., facebook, Drove SB over bridge around 4:20pm. FHP, EMS and Fire all on bridge. Fireman looking over the edge. Helicopter circling above.

01.07.13, Jim, Sarasota, (4:30pm), I saw first responders on the bridge, and eyes in the sky. It appeared the police were also trying to enter a vacated vehicle on the Northbound span.

01.08.13, Nichole B. P., facebook, Sooo I was at a dead stop on the top of the Skyway Bridge coming home today...there were police and helicopters flying above ...someone jumped again today...Just a few days ago on Jan 4th a 23 yr old female jumped and died before jumping she lit her car on fire ....crazy.

01.08.13, anon, (01.07.13, 4:00pm, male, hit water, lived), Tug Achievement reports person in water as they pass inbound under bridge. The tug quickly deployed their launch while holding position, and was able to retrieve subject still alive!

01.08.13, Thomas N., oldsmar, (01.07.13, 4:30pm), I was driving north on 275 and there was a white car that the police was trying to get into. Right lane was blocked and there was a helicopter in the air as well.

01.09.13, Jane Doe, Bradenton, Florida, (01.07.13, 4:30pm, male, hit water, lived), Saw two police boats arrive to pick up jumper while a helicopter circled above. Cops at top of span going through an abandoned black Honda Accord.

01.10.13, carl v., saint petersburg, I was at work and a friend of a co-worker walked in and said that one of they're old friends jumped off the top of the skyway. He said, he's alive and well in the hospital, didn't break a bone.

01.11.13, Brenda C., Ellenton, FL., (01.07.13, 4:00pm, male, hit water), My mother in law was driving from Manatee to Pinellas County when a young boy ran across the road and over the edge into the water. He ran right in front of the car that was in front of her. It really upset her to see this happen. We tried to look for reports of this event, however, we have not been able to find anything. It's almost like the media attitude is "Another Skyway jumper so what?" - It's sad. Both the MEH attitude and even more tragic - the fact that someone so young felt there was no other option but to take his life, or attempt to take his life since we don't know if he survived.

any more info is welcome.
01.07.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1614, 2000 3h46m
01.08.13,, Man jumps from Skyway, picked up by passing tugboat,
ST. PETERSBURG — A 22-year-old man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge Monday afternoon was picked up by a passing tugboat and transported to Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg Fire Rescue spokesman Joel Granata said.
The man had been driving a black Honda and jumped from the northbound lane, somewhere below the top of the bridge, about 4 p.m., Granata said. The man was injured but alert when fished out of the water, Granata said.
No further details were available.

open request to this person: care to tell your story?
01.05.13: possible save
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.05.13, Ashley, st. pete., fl., (4:35pm, was stopped from jumping),, Pinellas Sheriff Active call website

any more info is welcome.
01.04.13: jumper, 11:06am, female, died, body found same day
Meghan B. (Meg, Meig) Flanagan, 23
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.04.13, Steven H., facebook, Female jumper 11:06am. Body recovery in process. Deceased. Vehicle on fire?

01.04.13, anon, Someone jumped today, around 11 an. Doa

01.04.13, Crazy John, Clearwater, Florida, (11:00am, died, body found), somebody jumped before or around 11 am 1/4/13 i heard it on radio referance pinellas county 911 calls. sounded like the person set their car on fire before jumping

01.04.13, Tampa Bay Traffic, SUNSHINE SKYWAY UPDATE: Delays earlier due to woman who set car on fire, then jumped to her death.

01.04.13, FL511 Tampa Bay, CLEARED: Vehicle on fire in Pinellas on I-275 south at Sunshine Skyway, right lane blocked.

01.04.13, Bradenton Herald, Body recovered beneath Sunshine Skyway Bridge; traffic delayed by car on fire

any more info is welcome.
01.04.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1116, 1708, 5h52m
01.04.13,, Bradenton woman's body recovered under Sunshine Skyway Bridge; car set on fire before jump
The body of a 23-year-old woman from Bradenton was recovered by St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge about 11:35 a.m. Friday, according to agency spokesman Lt. Joel Granata.
The woman, whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at the time of recovery, Granata said.
She jumped from the bridge, which spans from Palmetto to St. Petersburg, at about 11:07 a.m., Granata added. Dispatch immediately began receiving phone calls about the incident, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
Traffic moved slowly in the southbound lanes where the decedent’s vehicle was on fire, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
"She lit the car on fire prior to jumping," Granata said.
An investigation of the incident is ongoing.
The recovered body was taken to O’Neill’s Marina and transferred into the custody of a medical examiner.
comment from article:
01.06.13, Aubrey H., For the record, she was one of the most amazing girls I have ever had the luck of knowing. She will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by everyone who knew her.

(this is the second known instance that a car was set on fire prior to a jump. the first one was on 10.12.09 and is perhaps the most bizarre skyway jumping event on record. odd the other local "news authorities" are silent on this unusual skyway incident. "nothing to report here, and now, sports.") obituary/guest book

Meghan Flanagan on youtube • more
comments from youtube:
Bangkhen Thai, Rest in peace beautiful human. Stumbled upon a site listing your incident and am quite shocked. Don't know you but a deep sadness comes over me for your loving friends and family who must live with your departure. I wish all of them well and they find peace. I wish for you Meghan, peace and security now for whatever was troubling you and know that strangers Do care.

Heather Generous, This makes me smile soooo much!

tumble0weed, i didn't know this person in life, but i was on the sunshine skyway bridge page and came across her. I don't think i'll ever quite think of bridge jumping in the same romanticized way that I admit i did. She seemed like such a free spirit and beautiful person, hurts my heart that she took such a way out so young even though i didnt know her.
01.04.13, Sara P. K., facebook, 4 days into 2013 and the first jumper off the Skyway Bridge is reported. Unfortunately, it is a 23 year old female from Bradenton, who set her car on fire, prior to taking her final plunge. Hopefully this wasn't to cover-up another body or crime. The world just breaks my heart... EVERY life has VALUE! Do not forget that somebody loves you! Makes me sick, especially knowing so many people. I am always afraid that when the name gets posted, it will be someone I know/knew.

01.05.13, Aleece, Sarasota, Florida, (01.04.13, 11:00am, female, body found), The jumper was the Step-daughter of my coworker. Out of respect for the girl and her family, please remove this from your site. My coworker is contacting an attorney on Monday if this post about her step daughter is not removed. You reported on it but do not have the family's consent to continue the post. (get the lawyer and give it your best shot. while you're at it, have him/her go after those listed above on twitter. be sure to make your silly demand from them as well. we're sorry your co-worker's step-daughter is putting her friends and family through this, but there is zero you can do to eliminate the news of her very public and newsworthy act of arson and subsequent self-departure off the very public conveyance known as the skyway bridge.) a response:

08.17.14, facebook, Thanks a million for allowing me to be a part. My step daughter from Thailand arrived last week to begin studies here and me being a life long resident of Tampa bay I want to give her the full history of all. Yesterday we crossed the skyway to visit friends in Sarasota. Last night I was talking with her about the good and bad history of the bridge. This a.m. I searched for info and remembered about (this jump and the above comment). Interesting, I know it's over a year but it would be nice if Aleece understood that it's yours and my tax dollars that paid for recovering Meghan and we have 100% right to know exactly where our money goes. I wonder if Aleece knows that us taxpayers also can receive autopsy reports from every one preformed. Tragedy yes but Meghan chose her selfish act . Thanks a million and a big thank you for the sb jumper site. It's the perfect tool for those thinking of jumping. If it prevents just one death it is priceless.

01.05.13, christy, clayton, new jersey, (01.04.13, 11:07am, female, did not use crisis phones, died, body found), I am a relative to the Victim, Her name was Meghan.F a Jersey native, May she rest in peace. Information has not been released to the press so I will not be disclosing her last name at this time. She is active on many social website and traveled all over. (we are truly sorry for your loss.)

note: we have received several contacts referring to possible reasons leading up to this suicide. since we have no idea as to the accuracy of these reports, we have refrained from posting them. we understand family dysfunction and/or substance abuse are common causes of suicide. to what extent these issues may or may not relate to this incident is unknown to us.

01.09.13, Concerned, Bradenton, FL., I knew the deceased and her family for roughly 5 years but lost touch after an extreme falling out. The name that people are bringing up is correct and the information brought forward (about drugs, etc) is relatively true. Although I never knew exactly what was wrong with her, she was always very to herself and always very much a free spirit. You could tell, just by being around her that she was a little off kilter, but she had a very good heart. The "F" family is very troublesome and although I never saw this coming (as I haven't spoken to anyone in the family for quite a while), it really does not surprise me seeing as there is a lot of substance abuse in both households. She was a very kind-hearted girl and it's a shame that she didn't get the help that she needed in time. Maybe this will make people realize that they should stop worrying about their own lives so much, and make sure that the ones you love around you are okay.

01.10.13, anonymous, sarasota, fl., Adding to the story about Meghan (Meg) Flanagan. Former friend here. I got news yesterday that she was the one who jumped. She seemed happy, but I do not know what her home/relationship life was like. I am confirming that she is indeed the one who jumped to her death on January 4, 2013. Very unfortunate that she chose this path out. I knew her, but not in great depth. Do not have her facebook profile added - cannot confirm that. Condolences to her family/friends that cared about her. In the time that I knew her she was a great young woman. Very sorry that she chose this path. I learned of her death through a text alert. Set her car on fire before leaping to her death. Confirmed to be Meghan Flanagan by several friends/familial sources as of 01/08/2013. May she rest in peace.

01.24.13, anon, I just wanted to thank you for posting those pictures of her. At the time of her suicide she really wasn't much of a drug user, and from what I understand they didn't find anything in her system after the body was recovered. She had problems, and her family has problems, but I know she loved them very much. I know this because she told me. Outsiders and even people within her circle often assume the worst for various reasons, but it's important to understand that she did what she did totally sober, and with love for the people around her. Life is never as black or white as we'd like it to be, and you can't just assume one thing or the other is the problem. It might be part of it, but it's never as simple as that. In any case, thank you again for dodging all the venom and seeing her for the person she really was. She was amazing. (we know it's usually not any one thing that makes someone self-exterminate. more often it's a series of hardships or issues that add up to a desire to end whatever pain and/or suffering consumes a person, when it seems there is no other apparent way out. it's a shame that such a young free spirit was unable to find peace within. we are sorry you lost your friend.)

01.29.13, a star passing by, FL., I only met her a few times over the years, but you could tell she was full of a light energy. She was a pixie who could be silly and full of love. She was too free for this world. Diving into the mystery. The spirit is stronger than the body. She had an eccentric sense of humor. (sad she chose such an abrupt ending to her young life.)
a facebook discussion about meghan's 'unicorn' video and her untimely departure:
•Devon P., I thought it was a spoof at first, but she has very troubled eyes.
•Emma C., I really don't know what to say. I am from Bradenton and there is another girl with the same name and same age who I went to middle school with and I wanted to make sure it wasn't her which is the main reason I watched this. Turns out it wasn't but either way I send my regards to this girls family. When it comes to the video I don't really know what to make of it. It seems like she had a sense of humor which is a nice quality to have. Not sure what else I can really say...
•Bill A., just watched a few videos that chick is i mean WAS a nuttball
•Elaine J. E., I just watched the "Unicorny" video...I agree with Devon concerning her troubled eyes.
•Ashley C., This girl was my friend. She is not a nutjob, she was creative and passionate. Please have some respect for her, her family, and those who will always love and miss her.
•Mindy M., Yes, I can see it in her eyes and voice... a time bomb. Definitely. It takes one to know one. I'm glad I dont live in the dark space anymore but I have a special empathy for those who do. Bless this girl and her sweet spirit. And as always, thanks SWB for satisfying the death hag in me on this fine morning...a morning in which there is every reason to live.
•Daniel C., God what is it about bradenton that attracts odd, crazy people.. what a weird girl...
•Mindy M., Weird? and you are making that judgment of her based on viewing a YT video of her?
•Elaine J. E., I was just reading her obituary online, very lovely photo of her in addition to listing some of the things she liked to do. (Roller Derby, Travel). I wouldn't classify her as 'weird' however...
•Daniel C., Ya anyone who makes a vid like that an is serious about it is weird. Now, if she made that vid in jest, its hilarious. What? Should I not talk about the dead girl in a negative way? It sure isn't "normal".
•Mindy M., No Daniel, what isnt "normal" is living in your mom's basement and frequently masturbating to BDSM midget porn.....
•Daniel C., I would agree to that also. But.making.videos about conjuring unicorns is? Nope. Don't think so. And you're getting pretty close to passing judgement on me, which would be pretty hipocritical of you considering that's why you're getting on my ass in the first place. Or because I'm alive that would be acceptable? Gee, I didn't know I should've been more PC when making comments about the idiots who jump off the skyway.. maybe cause this is fb an not the actual site? Lmao
•Elaine J. E., She could have made the video in jest but it looks serious...nobody knows but her, (and that friend who was in it with her) but she's dead now, so one won't know. She obviously was 'eclectic', several people mentioned that on her "Legacy" obituary I was reading earlier. Oh hell, I'm eclectic and proud of it, LOL.
•Skyway Bridge, anyone with at least two brain cells dedicated to creativity, has no doubt made a video for fun or just to be silly. bottom line, what the hell was going on in her 23 year old life to drive her to suicide? what torment did she feel the need to escape? i'm willing to bet there are those close to her feeling the sharp pangs of guilt about it.
•Mary G., And Ashley, hate break it to you, but people who think they can create unicorns are nutjobs.
•Skyway Bridge people that think this girl thought she could create unicorns is of equal nutjobbery.
•Elaine J. E., Skyway, I agree. So sad that she would decide to commit suicide at that young of an age. a 19 y/o cousin of mine did it as well, but right in front of me decades ago, not a pretty sight. What has had me wondering is why she set her car on fire before she jumped..I guess we'll never know.
•Skyway Bridge, the car fire detail is baffling. why the press ignored this, just shows the media can not be trusted to tell it like it is on virtually any level.
•Christopher O., It really is sad that this girl did jump, I wish she would have had someone to stop her.
•Skyway Bridge, i know i would stop if i saw someone stopped on top of the bridge. i'm guessing that many of the people driving across, fear it enough that they would never stop, get out, and venture near the edge. it's just too scary for them. that and you never know if the person may harm you or take you over the edge with them.
•Daniel C., Oh I get it now, she's not weird, she just wanted to keep people guessing.. the vids, setting her car on fire, then jumping off the bridge.. she's a creative genius
•Mindy M., uhhh... I dont think its that hard to figure out why she set her car on fire... she did it as an act of art, a final release of creative energy. Look at the type of person she appears to be on her YT channel. Look at whats been said about her. You guys are trying to look at her car arson on a surface level, with your logic. She was not logical and the act of arson is the perfect representation of how she felt within. I guess only a suicidal or formerly suicidal person (like myself) would "get it".....
•Elaine J. E., That's very true when it comes to fear and not wishing to stop and perhaps help. I would stop too, you never know if that act could change a person's mind. I was reading about the SF Golden Gate jumpers, one of them left a suicide note in their apartment that read "If one person smiles at me along the way, I won't jump."
•Mindy M., That jumper was Kevin Hines... and he lived. One of the few living that jumped the Golden Gate... The GG has a higher fatality rate than the Skyway... and higher body count. I know, Im a sick puppy and I research these things.
•Elaine J. E., Thanks Mindy, for that...I didn't remember if he lived or not. Oh you're not sick at all, I'm the same way, always researching things like that.
•Skyway Bridge, the golden gate is the most notable suicide spot in the world. it's a suicide destination bridge. people travel from very far to jump from it. it's higher than the skyway and thus, harder to survive.
•Daniel C., Oh mindy you're so enlightend, an idiot such as myself, who has never, ever thought about suicide, and surely wasn't sent for evaluation because I was suicidal, would have never guessed that's why she set her car on fire. We get it. You thought about offing yourself.
•Mindy M., "The Bridge" is like mental/emotional porn to me... and Gene Sprague is my ghostly dream man. I kid you not.
•Mindy M., Not enlightened by far... and I was actually not responding to you... as I was in the process of typing that response at the time you posted yours. Dont take things so personally bro.
•Daniel C., Or maybe her car was a POS, broke down on her earlier in the day, then just so happend to break down again at the apex, an she had enough. She killed the car then herself.
•Daniel C., Oh I know it wasn't directed towards me silly, and I don't take anything personally. But its slightly annoying you keep pointing out that you're suicidal/was suicidal and you can relate to jumpers better than the next. That was my point. But to me it would've just been boring to say exactly that.
•Skyway Bridge, daniel, we have many fb friends and fans of the site that have battled suicidal thoughts at one time or another. if they find answers or it helps them in any way to involve themselves in these dialogs, then i hope they stick around. i have plenty of time to chat them up if and when they need it.
•Mindy M., Thank god I dont battle those horrid thoughts anymore... I maintain a delicate balance... now if I ever did kill myself it would ne because life is just so f-ing beautiful and cant possibly get any better. Im like you though Skyway.... I would like to help others who are still struggling in any way I can.... The suicidal moment always passes if someone can just hang tight or reach out... the most tragic thhing is I dont think the people on the other end of those call boxes have the "proper" training or really know what should be said to the jumpers. Maybe one or two are good at their job... but logical minds cant really relate to a temporarily illogical mind... you have to have been there yourself kinda thing... I would love to take calls from jumpers... my aunt is a 911 operator who lives in Largo. She gets upset about the SW jumpers... I dont have the heart or guts to tell her I am obsessed with the SW. Like I fear she would judge me and think back to my bleeding arms and ER stomach pumps etc... and it would just traumatize her all over again. Anyway, Im ranting...but thanks, as always SWB, you serve a real purpose and Im sure you have saved many lives with the site.
•Skyway Bridge, thanks mindy. if it helps anyone, it's worth it.
•Daniel C., Even though I blatantly put my.point out there, it seems to have been missed. I've been suicidal more times in my life than I can count, I have helped many friends with their thoughts, but I just don't like the "holy than thou" additude some get about themselves. That was the point of the last post or two. An you are better people than I, I will never try and help another person with that specific topic. They don't listen anyways. If they're that stupid, oh well.
•Sean B., I have had thoughts for 35 years. Can't believe still here.
•Kristi W., And you 35 year gonna be here for at least another 35 years. I love you Sean.
•Kristi W., What I don't understand is, why the bridge? It's not a guarenteed kill. You think the last thing you encounter will be final peace? It will be intense pain. crushed ribs. Broken bones and drowning. And that pain is nothing compared to what your friends and family will feel the rest of their lives wondering what they did wrong.
•Kristi W., I think at one point or another, everyone feels hopeless. But they next day comes and you go on. I've tried a couple times, but have had far more experiences where I actually came close to death and even died once and was in a coma....and I'm still here, so there has to be a reason. when your done doing what you were meant to do, your time will be up and you pass. don't cheat it.
•Skyway Bridge, thanks, kristi, anyone thinking of ending it should read your words.
•Suzi G., What a shame..... Wish I was in her life and could've made her smile...and/or stopped her from jumping. Very sad.
•Kristi W., Sadly, that's what everyone is left to wonder. "Is there something I could have done or said to that person that would have made a difference?" and that thought is torture.
•Kristi W., Taking your life in such a violent and public seems like they were seeking the attention in their death they didn't get in life. They won't see the reactions of the people they knew. They won't see their funeral or tears shed by people they probably had thought didn't care.
•Kristi W., have you ever been shopping or walking on the street and simply smile at someone, or say a kind word about them and watch their reaction? You never know what someone is going through in their life, or what they are thinking, but that small effort on your part could change that person's day.
•Emily L. W., Ok... is it just me or was this girl crazy? It sucks that she jump'd to her death; who cares about the damn car fire thing, but I don't know if having someone to talk to would've stopped her... clearly she was delusional, who's to say that if she did try to call someone first, their natural reaction wouldn't be," ok- we'll transfer ur call to the mother-ship delusional girl." Maybe she was depressive, and we all kno if ur depressive," it doesn't matter who u call, noone will answer you." --ofcourse those r just play-on words, but individuals who suffer w/ mental illness can be sweet AND deviant, I don't think any one person, other than the individual, can make a clear determination as to why they would do this & for what reason...we're all just speculating, but the unicorn video made it very clear to me, this girl was internally looking for a way out of this world & into a much sweeter one; with rainbows, sunshine and pixie dust! -i personally, hope she found it.....
•Kristi W., she obviously made that video several years ago. Watch her other videos. I see she had short, cropped blond hair and I think she mentioned being in the military. She made this video FOR someone.....not for herself. It was to get a reaction. Look at the details. Windows perfectly sparkling, table spottless, the light coming in from the morning sun.....and I wouldn't be surprised if her suicide was to get a reaction FROM someone specific.
•Kristi W., when someone suddenly commits suicide, like from a breakup from a boyfriend/'s to cause that person to grieve and suffer and wish they would have stayed together. But guess what. that person who died never gets to see the reaction. They will never know if that person cried, laughed, was glad they were gone or inconsolable. They are just gone. she'll never know we were even talking about her. She would be surprised that people that do not even know her, never met her or even saw her on the street were spending time trying to figure her out. see....maybe if we had made this much effort BEFORE, she would still be here. sometimes that's all it takes.
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