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2005 jump events

updated: 09.29.14
have any factual news, updates, or additions?
(our comments follow)
12.14.05: possible jumper, 12:15pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.21.05, Carolyn, Washington, DC, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG, 1215

any more info is welcome.
12.09.05: possible jumper, 11:01am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.21.05, Carolyn, Washington, DC, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1101 1152

any more info is welcome.
10.27.05: possible jumper, 4:45pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.31.05, Scott G. F., Palmetto, (10.27.05, 4:45pm), Drove by. Saw all EMT, police and emergency personnel looking over the side. Notice boat streaming toward the bridge. Notice possible abanded vehicle

any more info is welcome.
10.11.05: save, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
10.11.05, Jeff G., Tierra Verde, FL., (10.11.05, 12:45pm, male) Was driving from Bradenton back to Tierra Verde. Noticed state trooper in median talking to older man at the top of skyway. Man's big black truck parked at the top of skyway. Must have been a jumper because after we passed him the tolls were shut down and police and fire were going up skyway. That's all I know.

10.11.05, amy, Holiday, FL., (10.11.05, 12pm) I heard on the radio that there were cops at the top of the bridge and that there was a possible jumper

10.11.05, Steve, Saint Petersburg, FL., (10.11.05, 12:45 pm, male, was stopped from jumping) The possible jumper had forced at first the closer of the south bound lanes. after some time the trooper who at first was the only person there saw that the jumper was armed with a handgun. Which then ordered the closer of the intire bridge. The north bound lanes were closed for exactly 12 minutes durring which time backup that the trooper requested had arived. several officers were able to distract the man which allowed an officer who was hidden from the man's view was able to tackle the would be jumper thus ending the situation.

10.13.05, Milton K., Tampa, FL., (10.11.05, 12:26pm, male, no phones, was stopped from jumping) What Steve said is true, FHP Trooper Cole tackled him while he had his back turned and was talking to a Deputy. It was pretty cool to watch. The man jumped out of a taxi at the top. He was reportedly armed, but turned out he lied.

any more info is welcome.

10.12.05, st. petersburg times, Troopers prevent suicide on Sunshine Skyway
ST. PETERSBURG - Sunshine Skyway bridge traffic was stymied for about 10 minutes Tuesday afternoon as state troopers rescued a man who threatened to jump to his death.
The man asked a taxi driver to stop on the bridge, got out and went to the southbound side. Florida Highway Patrol trooper Charles Edwards, working a suicide prevention shift, saw the man about 12:45 p.m. and kept him occupied while another trooper, Dan Cole, crept up behind him and tackled him.
The man was taken to a local hospital and put in custody under the state's Baker Act. "The guys did a phenomenal job," said Trooper Larry Coggins, a Highway Patrol spokesman who watched the takedown via video monitor.
10.10.05: possible jumper, 11:17am
10.10.05, 11:17am, Hillsborough Sheriff, 10/10/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1117

any more info is welcome.

09.23.05: possible jumper, 05:23pm
thank you, california jumpnews reporters:
09.26.05, Terre, Ontario, California, Just found the following: 09/23/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1723 Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

09.30.05, Krysten, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 09/23/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1723

any more info is welcome.

08.30.05: jumper, 2:00pm, male, hit water, died, body found 3 days
Mark A. Levendoski, 49
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.01.05, Phredd, st pete beach fl., (08.31.05, 04:00pm), A trip to Ft DeSoto dog park last night, body on the East end of the beach, no news in the paper or television this morning. Police everywhere, no information.

09.01.05, Bill E., Riverview Fl., (08.30.05, male, water, died), WFLA 970 reported today that a male body was found at DeSoto Park, and showed trauma as if he had jumped from the Skyway. They said this may correspond to an abandoned pickup truck found atop the bridge on Tuesday. Sent you a story link at WFLA 970 website.

any more info is welcome.
08.30.05, 02:00pm, Hillsborough Sheriff, ABANDONED VEHICL 1 SKYWAY BG 1400
09.02.05, st. petersburg times, Authorities identify body found at Fort De Soto, 
A man found floating near Bay Pier in Fort De Soto Park Wednesday jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.
Mark A. Levendoski, 49, of St. Petersburg, is thought to have jumped from the bridge on Tuesday - the day the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office recovered his 2001 Chevrolet pickup on the bridge.
A fisherman noticed the body floating about 50 yards off Bay Pier about 6 p.m. Wednesday. The medical examiner is investigating.
08.27.05: possible save, 01:38am
08.27.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, MENTALLY ILL PERSON, 3839, SKYWAY BG, 0138  0359

any more info is welcome.
08.21.05: jumper, 7:09am, died
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.21.05, GA, Sarasota, (08.21.05, 7:00am, died), FHP just posted a suicide at 7:03 on the Skyway...nothing else known

08.23.05, Terre, Ontario, (08.21.05), Little bit of additional information found: Hillsborough Sheriff, 08/21/05 REFER - FHP 1 SKYWAY BG 0707

any more info is welcome.
08.17.05: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.17.05, Terre, Ontario, California, Found on FHP 08/17/05 Suicide 12:49:32 PM 12:57:55 PM PINELLAS SKYWAY BRIDGE [7 BRIDGE SKYWAY] [ST PETERSBURG]

08.17.05, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., FHP website shows 'Suicide' call, Skyway Bridge @ 12:49 8/17/05.

any more info is welcome.
08.09.05: jumper, 06:28pm, male, died, body found same day
Khamla Keovongsa, 61
thank you, jumpnews and us reporters:
08.09.05, one of us, (08.09.05, 6:15pm) one of us saw a lone, unoccupied white pick-up truck on the northbound bridge summit as we traveled south. about a hour later on the way back, there was a highway truck and a police car in attendance.

08.11.05, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (08.09.05, 6:28am, died) By checking HCSO website 'calls to service', looking up date of 8/9/05, sort by event, record shows 'dead person' at Skyway Bridge @ 18:28

08.11.05, OnTheLookOut, Florida, (08.09.05, 6:00pm, male, hit water) Driving on skyway bridge, cars where pulled over looking up. I looked up and just as I did I saw the guy jump. I could see his body falling down but was in my car and couldn't not see the ending results. Heard later on radio he did die of impact to the water.

any more info is welcome.
08.09.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1SKYWAY BG 1828, Witness saw him jump from center span. Body found same day.
  Khamla Keovongsa
08.05.05: jumper, died
08.05.05, 09:34am, Hillsborough Sheriff, REFER - COMM CTR 1 SKYWAY BG 0934
08.05.05, 10:24am, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1 SKYWAY BG 1024

any more info is welcome.

08.03.05: possible jumper, 09:38pm
08.03.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 2138

any more info is welcome.

08.03.05: jumper, 2:42pm, died, hit water, body found 2 days later
Joshua Gifford, 24
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.03.05, Cory T., St. Pete, FL., There is an empty cadillac on the top of the bridge this afternoon and the EMS was searching the water with Binoculars. Boats where searching in the water. Please let me know if you hear anything!

08.04.05, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., (08.03.05, 3:00pm, male) Bradenton Herald local section page 3 in Police Briefs stated Hillsborough Aviation and Marine units were looking for the male that jumped from the Skyway. Car was registered to a male and was at the top of the bridge. As of publication of the paper, the body had not surfaced. 

08.04.05, unknown, (08.03.05, 3:00pm, died) I saw it happen yesterday on the Southbound lane of the Skyway.

08.04.05, Kristin R., Bradenton, Fl., (08.03.05, 3:00pm, male, no hotline phones, hit water, died) I was on the bridge, driving, right after it happened. They were searching for him, he'd left his car door opened and just jumped in

08.05.05, sam w., st. petersburg, florida, we were near Egmont Key today, in our boat, and saw sheriff's boat and fire rescue pull body from the water...called BayNews9 after we got in, and they said it was a jumper from Wednesday.

any more info is welcome.
08.03.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1442, Seen jumping from southbound center span. Body found two days later.
08.05.05, Scott, St. Pete, Fl., USA, I just want to say that I have also been guilty of insensitivity in the past as to issues such as this and more than likely will be again in the future, however, opinions may change somewhat as mine has when the latest jumper turns out to be someone that you know. On 8-3-05 a young man had a plan and carried it out without the "cry for help" cliche coming into it at all. I have realised that if a person is less afraid of doing something like this than facing their life each day, a coward they are not. There are many degrees and reasons for a persons mental instability. Anyway,I just felt like sharing that those who know someone who chooses to do something as horrific as this happen to know a little more about the person than those who are so calloused as to say some of the things I have read here. This is not hate mail toward anyone who has commented on this site or the site itself, just some very real feelings of a group of family and friends who have lost a loved one to such a horrible choice. (the people that contribute to this site, as well as those that run it, merely state their opinions as to how they feel about jumpers. those opinions stand, if someone in our circle jumps. our condolences to you and his family.)

10.18.09, Mom W., St pete Fl., The 24 year old that jumped to his death Aug 3 2005 was my son. He was loved very much by family and friends and is greatly missed. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder why he did this to himself and how he could do this to me . . hurt me this way. its been over 4 years since this happened, and the pain for me is still like it happened yesterday. If you are considering suicide . . don't do it. Don't break your mothers heart this way. Talk to her and tell her how you feel and get some help. If this stops even one mother from going through the pain and loss I feel every day . . it was worth the tears I am crying right now and every day when I think of how much I miss and love my son. (thank you for your input about your son's suicide. we try to get it through to everyone that comes to the site, that they need to get help if you have suicidal thoughts. we can not imagine the pain you hold now and for the rest of your life. we have daughters, one is also 24, and can't imagine. it's unthinkable. while the site uses humor and sarcasm in it's style, we are seriously well aware of the hurt and sorrow suicide leaves behind. hang in there.)
08.02.05: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
08.02.05, Terre, Ontario, California, (08.02.05, 12:02pm) is reporting a suicide from Skyway bridge on 08/02/05 @ 12:02 p.m. This is all the information I found.

any more info is welcome.

07.07.05: possible jumper, 8:24pm
07.07.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1 SKYWAY BG 2024 

any more info is welcome.

07.07.05: possible jumper, 12:22pm
07.07.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1 SKYWAY BG 1222

any more info is welcome.

07.06.05: jumper, 1:42am, died, hit water, body found next day
James Rodriguez, 50
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.06.05, Heywood J., Palmetto, (07.06.05, 7:00am) I drive across the Skyway every day, when i got to work this morning, my co-workers asked me if i saw anybody jumping from the bridge. I did not, however more than one person asked me, so we might have another Greg Lugainus out there.

07.06.05, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (07.06.05, 8:00am) 970WFLA reported an abandoned car on skyway with a suicide note found inside. No body found yet. Can be verified at WFLA website. @4:31 PM,Pinellas County Sheriff Office shows a marine unit patrolling Grid771 Skyway Bridge.
bill writes back: It is now removed from their site. I heard it on 970 this morning, and then read it about 4:00PM on the website. That was about the extent of what was said, no names mentioned, just abandoned car and suicide note. But no body found. Not sure if a jumper, or a faker. Will keep checking local news

07.07.05, Sam F., Tampa, FL., (07.06.05, hit water, died) Per Pinellas County EMS, a body was found floating near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning. Looks like our guy from yesterday really did the deed.

any more info is welcome.
07.06.05, 01:42am, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR, 2501, 1SKYWAY BG, 0142, Vehicle found abandoned on northbound side of bridge with drivers license, note inside. Body found next day.
06.20.05: jumper, 6:34pm, female, hit rocks, died
Clara Ann Cash, 52
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.20.05, Heather, Tampa, FL., (06.20.05, 1:53pm) I saw the news on the online FDOT traffic site about 10 minutes ago. It said "Suicide, 1:53p.m" Skyway Bridge. I just checked again and its not there, so Im not sure what is going on. The site where i saw it is: (link has gone 404. heather sent this to us at 2:44pm. maybe there was another jumper prior to the one we list here or maybe heather is some jumper predictor spook. just kidding, heather.)

06.21.05, A. B. C., (06.21.05, 7:00pm) I was driving to the airport last night, around 7:30pm, when I reached the peak of the Skyway. There were two Fire Rescue trucks (one firetruck, one ambulance), a couple of troopers, and about 4 civilian vehicles stopped. All of the individuals from said vehicle were on the southbound lane looking over the edge as if an incident had just occured. That's all the information I have.


06.21.05, BigRiver, Englewood, (06.20.05, 7:00pm, female, hit water, died) Heard from a friend who was driving over the bridge, also on the radio this morning

06.21.05, Lisa, St Petersburg, (06.20.05, 6:35pm, female, hit rocks, died) According to A story in local section of St Pete Times today a woman Clara Cash age 52 jumped from the Skyway Monday evening landing on the rocks. Her body was recovered.

any more info is welcome.
06.20.05, 06:34pm, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1834

06.21.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, Clara Ann Cash, 52, DOB 6-5-53, [address withheld], St. Petersburg, FL., Suicide, June 20, 2005 at 6:34 p.m., Skyway Bridge, At approximately 6:34 p.m. Florida Highway Patrol notified Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office that a female had parked her 2000 Toyota Celica in the southbound lane of the Skyway and walked over to the railing. She stepped over the rail, then jumped hitting the rocks below. The victim was pronounced at the scene and the Coast Guard recovered the body., Clara Cash, 52, female, died, Told co-worker she was going to jump. Parked on center span, jumped. Body found on rocks same day. Pendant was tied to steering wheel of vehicle.
06.21.05, Gabrielle, Tampa, Fl., You all are terrible mother died there tonight. You should feel horrible for making light of these situations. You all f**ken suck (sorry your mom did this to you.)

06.21.05, Marie, Lakewood, CA., Claire was the love of my brother's life. Do you people take into consideration the effect you are having on others, you are so shallow and immature that you can try and make humor out of such a tragic situation. You all ought to be f#%@ing ashamed of yourselves. (not nearly as ashamed as this jumper has made her family and your brother. it's ok to yell at us, but who really hurt who here?)

06.23.05 anon, (we will avoid posting this jumper's alleged dirty laundry, especially from unnamed sources. if you have any substantiated news, let us know. please, no more unidentified hit and run comments with little or no story.)

06.25.05, A friend, I went to Clara Cash's Memorial Service last night. Very disturbing as nobody knew 'why'. All had seemed normal with her. She had just returned from a cruise with her boyfriend and seemed her usual self (which is usually upbeat). This has hurt her boyfriend, children and grandchildren as well as many friends. We all feel very helpless. No notes or known reason as to why other than she may have just 'snapped'. One individual noted that she works in the insurance industry (in Florida no less), Nowadays that in itself, is hard. Bless her loved ones. (many are the sad and destitute living in silence, apparently feeling helpless and alone. instead of seeking help, some seek an end. we are sorry you lost your friend.)

06.28.05, Gabrielle P., Tampa, Florida, Claire Cash was the most beautiful person and mother. As her daughter I am not ashamed of her I am proud of what a loving and caring person she was. How you sleep at night knowing you do this is beyond me. Maybe someday it will happen to someone you love! Gabby (sounds like you're hoping it happens to us. well, hope no more, gabby girl, it did happen. a first cousin took himself out and his brother tried and failed. feel better now? of course you do.)

07.01.05, Terre, Ontario, CA, USA, To Gabby: If you hate this website so much why do you keep coming back. You are only hurting yourself. (gabby just needs to vent out of frustration as to why her mother jumped. it's hard on her and we understand. we hope those thinking of jumping as well, will read these posts and think again as to what they will leave behind.)
from Suicide Jumper
•Epicman, 06-20-2005, 08:14 PM
Well, that is something I never thought I would see. I'm driving over the skyway today and see some cars start to slow down as they reach the top of the bridge. I thought there was a speed trap up ahead so I start to slow down. I look towards the edge of the bridge and see somebody sitting on the edge right as they jump off. 3 cars stopped. I kept going....I have no desire to see somebody die. The scary part is he might have landed on a cruise ship that was going under the bridge at the time. And sadly, there was a state trooper no more than a 1/4 south on the bridge.
MatthewDavid, 06-20-2005, 08:18 PM
Holy shit that sucks, one day i saw a guy about to jump but i found out later they talked him down
Brian, 06-20-2005, 09:28 PM
Me and my cousin were fishing one night on gandy, all of a sudden a bunch of Heli's and boats scream up to the bridge. Turns out someone jumped, missed the water and hit the pylon, i don't think they recovered the body.
_Charles_, 06-20-2005, 10:06 PM
Hmmm....I haven't seen any updates on JumperPool yet... Check it for yourself: I love that site!
Aoshi, 06-20-2005, 11:45 PM
I beleive i read somewhere that jumping off the skyway takes 3 seconds to hit the water, at around 85mph. That breaks bones and gores organs, isn't easy to live from that.
Epicman, 06-20-2005, 11:58 PM
At the speeds that you hit the water jumping from the skyway would be the same as hitting concrete. I believe only one person has ever survived that jump and they were pretty f**ked up.
ImportLuv, 06-21-2005, 12:02 AM
Hey...umm didnt a dog survive it too, but the owner didnt?
SLOWBOOST, 06-21-2005, 12:46 AM
I would climb up the yellow things to the very top and drop down in front of a school bus forever traumatising (sp) the little kiddies with my bloody corpse. F**k the water.
99YellowStang, 06-21-2005, 02:36 AM
its sad when your mom is on that website :( they found my car on the bridge
Derka, 06-21-2005, 02:48 AM
wheres that one website that people bet on when the next jumper is going to be? it was in a post before.
Alli, 06-21-2005, 03:19 AM
Hey...umm didnt a dog survive it too, but the owner didnt?
yeah i remember that story a few years back. the owner threw the dog over and then himself too. the dog survived.. i think had a broken leg or two.
ParamedicMXr, 06-21-2005, 09:04 AM
I heard on the radio this morning that the skyway jumper landed on the rocks below.
Alli, 06-22-2005, 09:21 AM
my sister knew a boy and girl who loved each other so much that they jumped off the bridge together when they found out the girl (i think) was moving to Ohio. Supposedly they held a sign with them as they jumped.
Steez, 06-22-2005, 09:37 AM
Thats a stupid reason to commit suicide, but isn't any reason? Its not as if they couldn't have kept in touch or something.
Fatalia, 06-22-2005, 10:26 AM
Why don't these people use the "suicide phones" available on the bridge... you know, for even more attention!!! :)
I'd love to work for that call center... I'd be the one whispering "Why call us.. just do it.. come on, you can do it... do it do it do it."
Alli, 06-22-2005, 05:34 PM
they were like 15 years old. im not saying i agree with their decision.. i feel bad that they really thought it was the end of the world for them.
Grangalan, 06-22-2005, 06:55 PM
then two sharks came, each took one body and they got taken two completely different ways....gotta love irony. On a serious note tho, Suicide is the most selfish, cowardly way to go. 
Carlos, 06-22-2005, 07:24 PM
Suicide is for the weak!
06.10.05: possible jumper, 04:09pm
Hillsborough Sheriff, 06/10/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1609

any more info is welcome.

05.05.05: possible jumper, 11:20am
Hillsborough Sheriff, 05/05/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1120 

any more info is welcome.

05.01.05: save, female 12 minutes after the previous male jumped
05.02.05, st. petersburg times, Man dies after jumping from Skyway bridge
TAMPA - A man died Sunday afternoon after he leapt from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies said.
The man, whose identity has not been released, jumped from the bridge's center span at 3:53 p.m., deputies said.
Twelve minutes later, in what appears to be an unrelated incident, a woman attempted to jump from the southbound lane near the top of the Skyway, Florida Highway Patrol officers said. That attempt was thwarted by a trooper.
The woman, whose identity was not released, was taken into custody under the state Baker Act.

any more info is welcome.
05.01.05: jumper, 3:53pm, male, died, body found same day
Steve Mihalopoulos, 69
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
05.01.05, M. B., Bradenton, (05.01.05, 3:15) I believe there was a jumper today just prior to a large "tanker" boat passing under the bridge. I reached the top of the sky way just in time to see cars pulling over and the "ever present" police office stepping from his vehicle. There were several people looking over the edge. There were about 5-6 cars stopped. Maybe it was a car accident. Maybe a jumper. Could you send on any info you may recieve from this. thank you.

05.01.05, zoe, sarasota, fl., (05.01.05, 3:00pm) while driving south over the skyway, I saw a few cop cars at the top of the span today (north side). don't know if it was a jumper or not, but it looked like it.

05.01.05, sf, (05.01.05, 4:00pm) we were on our way to tampa and passed over the bridge about 3:00 pm there were police cars and a fire truck and a fire rescue truck. there was also a vacant car, white on top of the bridge. this was in the north bound lane, about 1 hour later on my return to sarasota in the south lane of the bridge, there was a helicopter making circles over the bridge and in the south lane now there was a resuce truck and 4 police cars, the white car surrounded by 2 police cars but no one in the car, let me know if you hear anything. i believe it was a jumper.

05.02.05, Phred, Tampa, The Hillsborough sheriff's office says a man jumped to his death off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge... state troopers say a woman tried to jump 12 minutes later but they stopped her. No name yet on either.

05.02.05, John R., Clearwater, (04.30.05, 5:00am) According to todays St Pete Times there was one jumper over the weekend and a women attempted to, but was stopped.

05.02.05, Bill E., Riverview Fl., (05.01.05, male, hit water, Heard on radio this morning, that somebody jumped from the Skyway, and 12 minutes later a woman was going to jump, but was talked out of it.

05.02.05, Melissa, Tampa, FL., (05.01.05, 3:53pm, male, died) St Pete Times website, it was reported by the Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office... 12 minutes later on the other side of the bridge a woman was going to jump.

05.02.05, SF, (05.01.05, 3:30pm) please let me know if anyone else reported or if you know anything about activity on the bridge, empty car, lots of police with lights, fire rescue trucks and a helicopter flying over head. i can't be the only one that noticed, i am first time to this site, can you let me know how i can find out if anyone else reported this thanks

any more info is welcome.
Hillsborough Sheriff, 05/01/05 SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1502
05.02.05, st. petersburg times, Man dies after jumping from Skyway bridge
TAMPA - A man died Sunday afternoon after he leapt from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies said.
The man, whose identity has not been released, jumped from the bridge's center span at 3:53 p.m., deputies said.
Twelve minutes later, in what appears to be an unrelated incident, a woman attempted to jump from the southbound lane near the top of the Skyway, Florida Highway Patrol officers said. That attempt was thwarted by a trooper.
The woman, whose identity was not released, was taken into custody under the state Baker Act., Seen jumping from center span. Body recovered same day.
03.24.05: article - Bad case of blues found in bay area
03.24.05,, Sad, but true: A magazine survey ranks Tampa and St. Petersburg among the most depressed cities, By SHERRI DAY
TAMPA - Maybe it's the Bucs slump. Or maybe hurricanes have knocked the wind out of our sails. But something's got the Tampa Bay Area down.
Break out the Zoloft. Apparently, that's what your friends and neighbors do, at least those who aren't perched atop the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
In the April issue of Men's Health magazine, St. Petersburg and Tampa rank among the Top 5 most depressed cities in America. The worst of 101? Philadelphia, followed by Detroit and St. Petersburg. Tampa, which trails St. Louis, ranks fifth.
There is a message here.
"Looks like there's probably something here that needs to be addressed," said Matt Marion, Men's Health features editor. "Hopefully, the cities will be willing to do that."
For inspiration, Tampa and St. Petersburg could look to the city that fared best in the magazine's ranking.
And what shining metropolis might that be?
Laredo, Texas.
El Paso, Texas, Jersey City, N.J., and Corpus Christi, Texas, were close behind.
"We're all very pleased," said Dr. Jose G. Garcia, a medical psychiatrist in Laredo. "We have been very successful promoting awareness of mental health. Before, people didn't seek mental health services at all. Now it seems not only acceptable, but it is desirable." Texa s has state-funded programs to treat mental illness and a low patient-to-doctor ratio, Men's Health said.
The magazine compiled the list by comparing data on antidepressant sales, suicide rates and the number of days residents reported being depressed.
Sadly, the magazine would not reveal its raw data. But Marion did offer suggestions as to the Bay area's psychological plight.
"One possibility is that you have a lot of people that may be coming to the area, moving away from situations that weren't happy," Marion said. "You have people trying to find a geographic cure."
Men's Health ranks cities each month in its MetroGrades column, tackling topics such as alcohol consumption and toxic wastewater.
Tampa previously ranked 72nd in a MetroGrades survey of "101 Best and Worst Cities for Men" and also got an F for being environmentally "toxic." Both Tampa and St. Petersburg fared poorly in surveys of stress and stupidity.
Maybe that caused the depression.
Granted, bay area pharmacies filled nearly 1.3-million prescriptions for antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft last year, according to a drug sales data firm. And twice as many people die of suicide than homicide in Florida, the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition notes.
But even Oscar Rincones, a supervisor at the Pinellas County suicide help line 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, finds the bay area rankings hard to believe.
"I heard that and thought that was really odd after living in Seattle," Rincones said.
Likewise for Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Bruce Doras, whose agency patrols the Sunshine Skyway Bridge 24 hours a day, hoping to deter jumpers.
(Philadelphia, he understood. "That makes sense," he said. "I have relatives from Philadelphia.")
Some health care experts cautioned against accepting the magazine's findings.
Men's Health said it used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to which CDC spokeswoman Karen Hunter replied, "We don't have any type of information that would support an article that has rankings like that."
Officials in Philadelphia were naturally skeptical. They've put their own researchers on the case.
"We don't know what to think of it actually," said Paula Butler, spokeswoman for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp.
"This came out even before we lost the Super Bowl," she said. "That was the last thing that depressed us as a city."
03.19.05: jumper, 03:09pm, died
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.21.05, rachel, seattle, (03.20.05, 5:00pm, female, hit water, died) her name was charlotte

03.21.05, ZUBRA, TAMPA, Florida, (03.19.05, 3:00am, male, hit water, died) I WAS FISHING AT THE BRIDGE AND I SEEN A CAR STOP ON THE BRIDGE AND I REALLY DIDNT PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO IT UNTIL I SEEN A PERSON GET ON THE RAIL... I WAS THINKING TO MYSELF... "IS HE GOING TO JUMP?" THEN I WAS LIKE "NAH". THEN I SEEN HIM JUST LET LOOSE AND FALL . MY HEART STOPPED AND I WAS SHOCKED. I SEEN A SPLASH THEN NOTHING.. I CALLED THE FHP and i told then what i seen and i showed them exactly where it happen... (the car was still there at the scene anyway) and i think they found the body the following day. Its Just a Shame how a person could do that to himself! P.s i heard that hiting water at that height is Bone Crushing. Also Its like hiting a Wall at 50 miles an hour or jumping from a 10 story building. Imagine how that would feel? I still think he could have made it. if he could have Just landing with his Legs first. But he didnt he went head first.

08.11.05, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (03.19.05, 3:09pm, died), Just checked on your 'possible jumper' on 3/19/05 on HCSO, inquiries on line, calls to service, and @ 15:09 call at 1Skyway Bridge 'dead person. (bill is our new favorite reporter.)

any more info is welcome.
03.19.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON SKYWAY BG 1509
03.13.05: jumper, 6:04pm, female, hit water, died
Julia Marie Tyson, 25
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.13.05, Bill E., Brandon, Fl., (03.13.05, 6:03pm, water) FHP shows 'suicide' @ Skyway Bridge @ 18:04. Pinellas County 'calls to service' shows 'water rescue' with much equipment on scene, including USCG. later: My son, who is a truck driver just passed over Skyway, and saw a copter, and a lot of cops "just looking over the edge". 3 more police boats with lights on headed towards the bridge. A white older model white 'maybe a Skylark' sitting on top. As of 6:52 pm, apparently body not found yet, due to amount of police boats still headed in that direction. later: As of 9:14 PM, all units gone from bridge. It appears that the body was not found.

03.13.05, John, St Petersburg, FL., (03.13.05, 7:30pm) Three patrol cars at the top of the bridge in the North bound lane, lights flashing, behind a parked white car. Didn't see anything else but it didn't look like a traffic stop.

03.13.05, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., (03.13.05, 7:00pm) I was driving south on the Skyway approx 7:00 PM and there were at least a half dozen police cars at the top. 3 of them were HCSO vehicles, two were obvious detectives unmarked cars, along with the FHP. They were inspecting an abandoned vehicle on the northbound side and looking over the edge. Although I didnt see a jumper, it sure looks like I witnessed a jumper investigation. Keep tuned, lets see if the HCSO shows this in their reports

03.13.05, Amy H., St. Petersburg, (03.13.05, 6:00pm) I was driving N over the Skyway and noticed flashing lights at the top. When I got to the top there was a police car behind a white car that was missing a passenger or passengers. The car had alot of bumper stickers and one that read I Love Math. On the other side of the bridge there were several police vehicles and a fire truck. Everyone was looking over the side of the bridge. I am pretty sure that it was a jumper. Alot of police activity at the top of the bridge and also a large cruise ship was going under the bridge at the same time. Please let me know if they survived. By the way, I like your site. Thanks!

03.14.05, Greg, Palm harbor, FL., (03.13.05, 6:00pm, female, water, died) It was witness by the FHP camera.

03.14.05, shelly, bradenton, fl., Someone I know received a call from someone who said a friend of theirs had had jumped from the skyway last night. She is approximately 26 y/o.

03.14.05, robert h., avon park, around 6 p.m. on 3/13/05 I was fishing by the rocks at the center of the skyway when a body came crashing to the water. It hit about 50 ft from my boat and was then taken by the tides I never seen it come up again. (that had to be a surreal experience.)

03.20.05, unknown, BODY HAS BEEN RECOVERED

any more info is welcome.
Teacher believed to be Skyway jumper
MANATEE - A video camera caught the image of a woman believed to be a Manatee County middle school teacher jumping off the Sunshine Skyway bridge late Sunday.
Julia Tyson's parents searched for their 25-year-old daughter when she didn't return home from the beach Sunday night, according to a report released by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday morning.
Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies found Tyson's white 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva parked alongside the bridge, the report stated. A camera on top of the bridge captured the image of a woman fitting Tyson's description jumping off, the report stated.
A body had not been recovered as of Tuesday afternoon, according to law enforcement officials. Hillsborough County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter told The Herald that the agency along with the Coast Guard have called off search efforts.
Grief counselors were at King Middle on Tuesday for anyone who needed to talk to them.
Tyson was a seventh-grade math teacher for two years at King Middle School - a school she had attended as a student years ago, school officials said Tuesday. King Assistant Principal Sharlyn Kelly taught Tyson's honors algebra class when Tyson was in the eighth grade. Kelly also served as the math department's chair a year ago.
"She was an excellent student. She had high standards for herself, she was pleasant, very talented, beautiful and very intelligent," Kelly said. "She was a natural in the classroom with the curriculum. She was very easy to work with and the students liked her and respected her."

03.21.05,, Body recovered near Sunshine Skyway
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating whether a body recovered near the Sunshine Skyway bridge Saturday is that of a woman who reportedly jumped a week earlier, officials said.
Sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said the Medical Examiner's Office will try to make an identification. Carter said a white woman jumped from the Sunshine Skyway on March 12 (13).
"The body has been in the water for a week, so it's hard to make an ID," Carter said. "At this time, it's just a white female.", Julia Tyson, 25, female, died, Video camera caught jump. Parked at top of bridge, climbed over rail and jumped. Body found by boater six days later. Note left in car.

09.09.14,, 'Julia's story' describes Bradenton family's ordeal with suicide
At around 4 p.m. on March 13, 2005, Julia Marie Tyson, 25, a popular math teacher at Bradenton's King Middle School, drove to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and stopped her white Oldsmobile Achieva at the top. Moments later, she jumped from the bridge.
Earlier that afternoon, Tyson had told her parents, Jeff and Sally Tyson, that she was going for a walk on the beach. When she didn't come home at dark, they went looking for her.
At 11 p.m., a Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputy came to the family's door to say they had found Tyson's Oldsmobile on the bridge and that her Florida driver license had been placed on the front seat. They could not immediately find her body. She left her parents a brief message.
On March 19, the same day as Tyson's Celebration of Life service at Faith United Methodist Church in Bradenton, her body was found in the water at Egmont Key State Park in St. Petersburg.
This month, as they have done nearly every year since their daughter's death, Jeff Tyson, who remodels Manatee County homes and Sally Tyson, senior school secretary at Palma Sola Elementary School, will remember Julia and seek comfort from others touched by suicide as they take part in the 12th annual Manatee Glens' Run + Walk For Life.
The event is 7-10 a.m. Sept. 27 at Sutton Park, 1050 Sixth St. W., Palmetto.
The pain for the Tysons is still immense, as they know it is for all families who have been touched by suicide.
Julie, as they affectionately called her, was the oldest of the four Tyson siblings and the trail blazer. She was unstoppable during her short life, like an arrow ripping through the air.
When she attended King Middle School, where she eventually taught, Tyson was a voracious reader, checking off books like crazy on her summer reading list. She auditioned for the all-state orchestra in viola and was accepted. She performed at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.
When she got to Manatee High School she refused to let the acute depression and other symptoms of mental illness she kept secret deter her. She continued to play the viola and also made the Sugarcanes dance team.
After graduating from Manatee High in 1997 as a Commended National Merit Scholar, she went on to graduate from the University of Florida where she studied civil engineering.
She became president of the Society of Women in Engineering. She got a job as a transportation engineer in New Hampshire, which she left to come back home to Bradenton.
She did all she did while having a black hole swirling in her brain, Sally Tyson now says a decade later.
"I often think she crammed a lot of things into that short life and I am so very proud of her and so torn by her pain," Tyson said. "I am so frustrated that we weren't able to comfort her."
The Manatee Glens' Run + Walk is a way for the families of suicide victims to support each other and for the public to learn that being mentally ill is a disease, like diabetes, with symptoms just like a physical ailment, Tyson said.
Tyson now partners with Manatee Glens to inform the public about mental illness. It took her a decade to be comfortable enough to help others.
"A lot of what I think now I have gained with perspective," Tyson said. "At the time of Julie's death, well, those were very dark times. The memory is fuzzy. But what I have willed myself to remember are all the positive things about Julie and the wonderful life she led. I have talked to other people who lost children to suicide and everyone is hurting. It seems that no one was able to prevent it. Everyone says, 'I don't know what we didn't do.' Any parent can be consumed with guilt. But the biggest reason why I am not is that I don't want anyone to say about Julie, 'Look what she did to her family.' If I hold onto the pain and drive myself into the ground, how does that profit anyone? I tell people, 'Let go of the guilt. Of course you feel it, but let it go.' "
"I have to believe now that when people do this they are not trying to hurt anyone," Tyson said. "I think they are not able to feel how it will affect other people. I have found that all of these people who take their lives are surrounded by love. If love could prevent this, we wouldn't have suicides. It's a brain disease and they don't know how to reach it yet."
At every Run + Walk, people from the community can see the large memory quilt that has been made in honor of those lost, Tyson said. The quilt helps people let go and remember, Tyson said.
Families create their own squares for the quilt.
"We have Julie's picture and something we wrote and Bible verses," Tyson said. "When I see the quilt, I feel Julie is not forgotten."
The Run + Walk features a sanctioned 5K run and a scenic walk over the Manatee River following a 7 a.m. check-in.
Opening ceremonies feature a dove release and the awards presentation at 10 a.m. includes a butterfly release. The public is not only welcome, but urged to attend, Teves Bell said.
Julia lived a full, busy life.
The Tysons don't know exactly when their accomplished, talented, beautiful, ambitious, organized, funny and sweet daughter became mentally ill.
"We didn't know anything until college, even the end of college," Sally Tyson said, adding that they saw no signs to tip them off that something was wrong.
The Tysons believe the stigma of mental illness "absolutely" caused their daughter not to say anything to them during high school. But after Julia's death, they found her journals and realized the pain probably began in her late teens when she was in her final years at Manatee High School in 1996 and 1997.
In one journal entry, Julia writes, "Can someone help me to make the pain go away, to make me feel better?"
"She was absolutely in pain," Sally Tyson said. "She masked it for everyone. Most of what I learned was from the journals. She wasn't into drugs or anything. She was battling it and battling it."
The Tysons didn't realize that their daughter was mentally ill until 2002 when Julia attempted suicide at age 22.
"She had taken pills, things given her for depression and she did call me and say, 'Mom, I am calling to say goodbye.' " Sally Tyson said. "I rushed to her. She was still conscious. She had taken a variety of things. She didn't want to live. I know it was the pain."
At Manatee Memorial Hospital, Sally Tyson glanced at her daughter's intake papers and saw the word, "bipolar."
"The nurse also told me," Tyson said. "Later, after she was released into our care, she just wasn't going to talk to us about this. I think now sometimes 'what if we could have had more dialogue?' but it was the complete balancing act not to invade her privacy and not overpower her."
The Tysons ran into problems with privacy laws, which shield medical information even from parents. Since Julia didn't want to talk about it with her parents, they were left out.
"The biggest thing, or stumbling block, was because she was an adult," Tyson added. "She was over 18. We couldn't get any information. The doctor would not talk to us about her diagnosis. We just felt completely blind-sided."
Hanging in a hallway of their home, the Tysons cherish a cross a fellow teacher at King Middle School made for them to honor Julia. The teacher went into Julia's former classroom when King was being torn down and grabbed a baseboard to fashion into a cross.
"If anyone could chose not to take their life or if anyone could choose to help someone talk about it rather than hide it and manage it themselves, that would be the greatest moment for her legacy," Tyson said of her daughter.
Manatee Glens trying to deal with stigma
One aspect of Julia Tyson's story that Manatee Glens officials is working to impact is the stigma of mental illness, said Melanie Teves Bell, vice president of Outpatient Services at Manatee Glens, Manatee County's mental health and addiction care provider.
"We want to bring these issues out of the darkness," said Teves Bell.
Although there is no cure yet for depression and suicide, there is increased awareness, Teves Bell said.
"More people in Manatee County are seeking treatment for depression and there is a little less stigma," Teves Bell said. "I think there is a movement and we are all in it to recognize the signs of depression and suicide."
Tyson agrees.
"Right around the time Julie died there were advertisements on TV about the signs of depression," Tyson said. "I think the stigma has reduced."
Although the Tysons saw no signs, typically parents and friends should look for changes in loved ones' sleep and eating patterns, as well as social interactions and behavior.
"People can isolate themselves from friends and family," Teves Bell said. "They can call out sick from work a lot. We see drastic changes in behavior. Depression can look like anger or an angry outburst. They can sleep more or even barely at all."
Someone planning a suicide might give away belongings, including a pet, Teves Bell said.
"If people are making absolute comments, that is always a sign," Teves Bell said. "We also see people doing something with their money."
The best thing that a caring "mental health first aid provider" can do is to initiate conversation, said Charles Whitfield, Manatee Glen's manager of the Walk-In Center and Family Safety Program.
"It's fine to say, 'Are you OK?' " Whitfield said. "Try to ask questions. Give them the opportunity to talk. Your nonverbal communication is even more important than words. Use facial expressions to let them know you are there and you care."
Kathurah Nichols, a Manatee Glens administrative assistant, perhaps summed up the entire mental health modern movement with a simple observation. "Probably the biggest thing those suffering need is to share the weight."
Former King Middle School math teacher Julia Tyson was battling the intense pain of depression when she took her own life in 2005. Her family hopes her story can inspire others to reach out to those who might be suffering.
Joe Winko wiki  •  grave visit video.
to the students that knew ms. tyson: we are truly sorry about what your teacher did. we are equally sorry if this website brings you more pain. this site has been here for years, detailing the people that chose to jump off the skyway bridge. it is their actions that bring their story to this site. while we hope no one jumps from the bridge, people still do, as was demonstrated by ms. tyson. obviously there was something wrong in her life and she chose a sad way to deal with whatever those problems were and thereby, hurting all those that love her. please stay strong and be the good students she would want you to be. hold close the good memories of ms. tyson. we're sure she would want you to live the full and happy life she was unable to live herself. time will heal your sorrow and hurt. please be alert in case any of your friends think of hurting themselves too. if so, tell someone! remember this, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. things generally do get better. love others and you will be loved in return.

03.14.05, callie, Bradenton, Florida, The Lady was Mrs. Tyson yes she is dead. She was a Math teacher at King middle school and very loved by her students and relatives. Mrs. Tyson was a kind loving person and will be missed dearly. (sometimes love can't fix the pain people hold inside. we are sorry for your loss.)

03.14.05, unknown coward, florida, I know the girl who jumped yesterday and I think that whoever "won" from Germany is disgusting, as are the rest of you losers. Whoever wrote that they saw a car with an "I love math" bumper sticker was right, Julia was a middle school math teacher. All of those kids will go to school tomorrow morning to find out that their teacher is gone. She was 26 and a beautiful girl. Thin, dark hair, sweet. It is a terribly sad thing, and you all need to get a life. (it's cute how the haters of this site often never leave a name and seem too witless to create a fake one. yes, all those kids will go to the government school and learn that sometimes, people have more on their plate then they can handle and feel the only way out is self death. we're sure that head doctors will rush in to 'help' the students 'cope' with this death. we see this as a great opportunity to teach kids about the finality of death, not coddle them, shield them from reality, and pump them up with the usual cornucopia of head meds.)

03.14.05, AlLiE w., bradenton, i personally kno the jumper. she was indeed a king middle 7th grade math teacher. in fact, i had her last year. she was so nice and understanding. i loved her. she helped everyone out. and everyday this year as now im n 8th she would always wave high to me n the morning EVERYDAY...and always talk to me! she was such a sweet, nice, fun, amazing person...i just wanna kno why she did it..she always seemed so happy...:/..this is gonna suck going into first period tomorrow and no one there to wave or say hi allie to me :(! i love u and wont forget u.... (something must have been really wrong in her life, to cause her to disappoint so many that loved her. hang in there, allie.)

03.14.05, student of 7th grade, Bradenton, Fl., I loved Ms. Tyson she was the nicest teacher EVER. Im going to be so sad when I dont see her tomorrow. Ms. Tyson RIP I love you. All I want to know is Why. Lord help us!! (odd how those that seem to be happy and together, sometimes live a private hell they can't escape. we hope you cope.)

03.14.05, morgan, Bradenton, Fl., i knew the jumper. she was my math teacher this year at king middle. she was such an amazing person and would have done anything for anyone. all she wanted was for everyone to be happy and to save trees! everyday she would talk to us about anything and everything. i cant believe that she thought that this was the only way out. she will be missed and will be in my heart forever! we watched out for each other and now i hope you will watch over us forever! we love you ms. Tyson!

03.14.05, Stephanie S., Bradenton, Fl., I did know the jumper! She was my math teacher last year and because of her i improved soooo much in math!!! I will never forget her!! It really is sad because she was soo nice and a great teacher to!! (keep up your good work in math. study hard, do it for her, do it for you.) 

03.14.05, unknown, Bradenton, fl., I am going to be so sad tomorrow when i walk down the halls and dont see Ms.(name witheld)!!!! She was so cool and realy nice! I feel bad for all of her current students who have closer memories of her than i do!!! Why did she have to jump? She seemed so happy in class you would never of guessed she would have done somethig like this!!!!!! RIP

03.14.05, collin, bradington, iknow mrs t#@$!% im in 7th grade at king midle do you guys know how many kids are going to cry tomarrow. i might not go to school. why do thease things why. its just so sad. i could not beleave it i was thinking it was a joke utill i came to this site .she wasnt even that old she didnt need to go she dint deserve it . its not a funy thing. tomarrow hundreds to even thousands of kids are going to be crying all day. i'm about to cry.r.i.p. mrs t!@##@#@@ we will all miss you. (stay strong, collin. your teacher would like that.)

03.14.05, andrew, bradenton, fl., she was my math teacher. f**k everyone who worte about mrs.{cant reveal name}u guys are f**kin a** holes go to hell and burn like bitchs i knew her and loved her she was da bomb so f**k u disgusting pigs!!!!!{mrs"} i hope u rest in peace good luck to ur family f**k all u pigs who wrote this sh*t i am mrs Tyson friend u guys are ass hole and i just wanted to say rip mrs Tyson and have a great rest and good luck to ur family ...f**k all the rest of u pigs!!!!!! f**k all u pigs go to hell and dont come back i loved mrs Tyson and she was god of math she new everything about life.f**k u pigs who wrote all that sh*t and mine ur own buisness about people u dont know and u german winner f**k u and all ur german nazi friends and f**king go to hell{rip mrs Tyson live in rest peacefuly..god bless ur family i love u} (feel better now? kiss your mom with that mouth? we're sure your teacher would have been very proud of your ability to use the f-word so well. the way you reiterate is not only redundant, but repetitive and repeating. you must be a wonderful student and a delightful young man. we're sure people love to have you and your pleasantness with them at all times. just think, one day you will grow up and perhaps have your very own mobile home, a string of women you can abuse, and children you can ignore.~ anyone that thinks we are being too harsh on this little turd, probably has intolerable children themselves.)

03.14.05, Melissa B., Bradenton, FL., Ms.Tyson was one of my favorite teachers! its so hard too write this with tears coming down my eyes because our beloved 7th grade math teacher Ms.Tyson is gone! I dont know what me and alot of these kids are going to do because we loved her-ALOT! Nobody will ever know why she did this but we will always love her and have her in our memories and prayers. I just wish there was a way to bring her back, just to see her one last time. Please god take care of her because i know everybody will want you to.MS.Tyson we love you! (be strong, melissa, and try to help your friends be strong too.)

03.15.04, Caring & corncerned MOM, My 13 year old daughter showed me this site after her algebra teacher jumped from the skyway bridge. I don't really have a problem with your site however, I'm almost positive it's the first time king middle school students have found your site. Could you post sometihing positive for them. teenagers have a difficult time already I'm not sure how they'll react to your site. BUT they have found it and you can see by Andrew's response they don't know how to handle the loss/suicide of their math teacher. (just prior to your suggestion, we did include a note to the kids. you can find it above all these posts. perhaps you missed it.)

03.15.04, sheila, Bradenton, Fl., I’m a 7th grade student at King Middle. Everyone loved Ms Tyson. She was the best teacher in the whole school. She was fun, loving, supportive, and always encouraged us to do the best we could. We love yew MS. Tyson. RIP JT.

03.15.04, 6th grade student, Bradenton, FL., I am a 6th grade student at King Middle, Ms......was a VERY kind person. She was extremly smart and loving! I am very sad to see students at king and teachers as well be hurt by this situation. Also, I am disapointed that there is not any chance of me having her as a math teacher next year! to ms T, im sorry you did this, GOD BLESS

03.15.04, imahunny, sarasota, FL., i was at school and evry1 was saying she commited suicide. i was like-no way. im in a club and she helps us out and she was alwayz cheerful and sweet! i had no idea she could be that depressed. i didnt know her that well but i figured that she was loved by evry1- she was so nice. ive been dumbfounded still by the news. my thoughts will be with her family. RIP ms.t.!

03.15.04, leslie, bradenton, FL., Ms Tyson was my 7th garde math teacher. Just like everyone else said she was an amazing teacher, she could understand all your problems, and she was so nice to me. Every time going to 3rd period she would stand in the hall way and when my friend emily and i walked by she would always wave and say "hi," today was the first day we didn't get a hi or a wave. when i was told i cried. we love you ms Tyson! you will always be in our hearts and you are in all of the minds of the 7th and 8th grade.

03.15.04, michelle, tampa, fl., In all honesty I can see the humor in this site, however twisted it is. My concern is that this twisted adult humor is entertaining more adolescents than adults, as evidenced by the numerous remarks posted by middle school aged children in response to their math teachers suicide. Please help protect our children, they already have to deal with the terrible reality of suicide, what are we teaching them by making a game out of these tragedies. Cant you find a way to keep children off this site. It becomes your responsibilty, unfortunately b/c many parents do not protect their children like they should. May God convict your hearts and may you find a sense of love and compassion for humanity. Your in my prayers. (while we understand your concern for the well being of the children of this world, we can not be held to task for their parents not doing their job in raising their children responsibly. how many of these kids have unsupervised computers in their rooms? how many have tv's in their rooms and watch all manner of violence and death? how many have parents that buy and allow them to play video games like 'grand theft auto' and other games with horrid graphic violence? don't fool yourself for a minute, kids know about death. they are hammered with it on tv, movies, music, video games, etc. and are well versed in murder and mayhem. perhaps a dose of real death will put a reality perspective in their life. after all, life is terminal and people die for real. do not blame us for reporting this suicide and the hurt it involves, let's place the blame squarely where it belongs. it is ms. tyson's fault. she took herself out. no matter how great a teacher she was, she is the source and cause of all the present trauma and how it effects these students in the future. she had to know what her actions would do to these kids and those that love her, but she jumped anyway. read what they are writing. read how sad they are. did we make them miserable? no, ms. tyson did. stop glorifying the suicide practitioner. we do not know her story, but unless she was terminally ill with unbearable pain, it's our opinion that she took the easy way out of whatever problems she had. we had nothing to do with it. suicide can bring shame to one's self, not glory. the sooner we teach that to our children, the sooner they will see the folly of suicide.)

03.15.05, morgan, bradenton, fl., i had ms.t first period. today was really hard for everyone. and espicially hard for a couple of people in particular. i just cant seem to figure out why she thought that this was her only way out. she was such an amazing person and this just doesnt seem real! i keep hoping that this is just a dream and that tomorrow we will go to school and she'll be there...waiting for us like every other day. its just so scary. theres so much that we all wanted to say to her but we cant. we'll never see her again. and it tears me up inside. i had to go home from school @ noon today bcuz it was too much to handle at school. we had counslers all over and no one wanted to talk to them bcuz no one knew them, and it just didnt seem right! (morgan, if you feel the need to talk about this, please find someone, anyone that you feel comfortable with. a parent, relative, or friend. get your feelings out. time will heal your heart.)

03.15.05, Alexandra, Bradenton, FL., Ms. Tyson was my favorite teacher....i dont know what led her to do this....part of me says that someone pushed her...but then there wouldnt be a note..i loved her so much and i pray for her family and close friends... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MATH!!!!! R.I.P Ms. Tyson forever will you be loved!!

03.15.05, Emily, Bradenton, FL., I can not say that I knew the jumper, but I do know her family that goes to my highschool and I really don't think that they appreciate this. Just imagine finding all of this on the internet after your sister just killed herself... It's enough to deal with a suicide itself! Just please take into the consideration of others because it really hits home for a lot of people. RIP-Julia Tyson

03.15.05, Mo, anna maria, fl., i just wanna say that i knew ms T. and although i didnt have her as a teacher, i knew her none the less. i am a student @ king middle, and i remember her very vividly. She was always nice & seemed to have a cheerful soul...i guess i was wrong...i dont know why she did it, And to honest no 1 does. i dont care what you say. you dont know why she did it, only she knows....and maybe thats how it should be. My heart goes out to her family. and i will be attending the funeral, on sunday @ 3:00....but plz, if you do go, behave your self and dont go with a bunch of friends, that would be extrememly rude to the family.....i <3 yew Ms. T...i think we all do...c you in heaven.

03.15.05, Alex, Bradenton, FL., i love you ms.Tyson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you in hevan no matter what the bible says...your a great person your still going to hevan, god cant be that mean! RIP Ms. Tyson.... God bless all of the Tyson's....I know how hard it is to cope with a death of a loved one, i have coped with it four times in 13 months.... so hang in there, it will seem tough at first but eventually things will be okay!!! GOD BLESS THE Tyson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP JT your in my heart always < were the most awsome math teacher anyone could ever ask for! (alex, excellent positive attitude.)

03.15.05, stodds, bradenton, fl., i knew her she was a teacher at king she was kool sometimes and mean at others RIP Ms Tyson

03.16.05, Will, bradenton, fl., I didnt know Ms T but i do think that this is like tottally off the wall and random as hell. if any of the teachers at our school were gonna do this Ms T would be the last i would expect to. (btw you were right the headdoctors were all over the damn place yesterday) RIP Ms T!!!! (no doubt ready to prescribe meds.)


03.16.05, Bob, shes not going to heaven she killed herself get over it...

03.16.05, Leigh, Just reading all of your comments breaks my heart.... sometimes it is easier to type your feelings than talk to a complete stranger face to face... I have been there and I have felt what all of you are going through right now.... I want you to know that if you feel the need to talk...vent...cry.. do it. you should not hold anything inside, crying can be the best therapy. I am not a therapist or a counselor. Just a person who knows what you are feeling inside. I have been on both sides of this hell. I wish you all peace and comfort...

03.16.05, Mollie, Bradenton, FL., I had Ms. Tyson last year for 7th grade math. She was my favorite teacher. Ill miss her a whole lot, everyone will miss Ms.Tyson. I'm praying for her family and friends. Everyone at school misses you Ms.Tyson! We all love you. RIP I'll miss you Ms. Tyson

03.16.05, unknown, bradenton, fl., i didn't have ms ***** but i saw her in the halls and she'd always wave to me and she'd always say something nice!i miss her so much it's crazy to think that shes actully gone she always seemed so happy i found out on monday evening and i broke down crying on tuesday when i came to school it just made me more upset to see all theese people crying it wasn't her time to go i love you ms ***** RIP

03.16.05, Lisa and Jasmine *STAR*, Bradenton, FL., WE love miss T. she was a very graet teacher. We remember she jump rope with us at king middle. She can raelly jump rope. We just don't know why she did it. We will always miss her. She was very nice to us. I hope it wasn't king's fault . RIP *STAR*

03.16.05, shane, bradenton, i found this out from my freinds . this sucks really bad she was my favirite teacher this year.i dont understand why .she was always happy in a good mood, and she can always put people in a good mood

03.16.05, K., This isn't truely hatemail I suppose, just a chance for you at this site to broaden your horizans on the aspect of this terrible tragedy. You say suicide is selfish and weak, but is jumping over a bridge to free those you love from having to deal with you and whatever problems you may have really a weak and selfish thing. I do believe that throwing your self off a bridge for a non-realistic reason is a selfish thing to do, I can't even begin to fathom what could possibly push a person to that point of despair a point at which you think your life is no longer worth living. I know this statement is probly sterotype on this site but, my teacher comitted suicide and is listed on this site and I find that one of the good points on here is having the students write about the teacher that they loved and admired so very much. I feel great loss after losing her but she has had such a bug impact on the lives of so many. I find that you say that saying nice things about those who have taken their life purposly is bull but think of how it helps the greiveing family to know how their loss if elt by others and that other people loved and respected that person as much as they did. This site though in my view somewhat misguided in it's atempt to help those who have experinced a loss is still somewhat helpful. Good luck with it. (your question: "is jumping over a bridge to free those you love from having to deal with you and whatever problems you may have really a weak and selfish thing"? our answer: yes. it is. very much so.)

03.16.05, Maria R., Bradenton, Fl., Ms.T was one of the best teachers i had. She was able to help me very much in math. I was in her 5th per. and everytime i go in that room our class room it brings back memories wonderful memories that never will be taken from me no matter what.Ms.T why? you looked so happy but i guess you weren't i love you and will miss you very much, you will always be in my heart.

03.16.05, sheiiLa, Bradenton, Fl., well i agree with that michelle lady..i mean sure we watch that crap on TV n stuff but u guys made a f***ing game out of suicides!!! its descusting!u people are freaks n u need to get a life!! (we do not make the game. the people that jump off that bridge make the game. they play and everyone loses. it's just not fair, is it?) 

03.16.05, Amanda R., Bradenton, FL., I had Ms. Tyson every day, 5th period. I will always miss her and love her and I can't believe that she's really gone.Yesterday was so hard for everyone, and I can't believe I actually made it through the day without having to leave. RIP JT. i love you and I will never forget about how you taught me to love math.

03.16.05, Kiersten B., bradenton, Mrs.Tyson was the best math teacher ever I have always hated 
math but she made it so enjoyable I have no idea what I will do without her. She was so pretty and intelligent everyone loved her. I still cannot even begin to fathom any reason she could have had to do something so drastic, and I think if she knew how many people it has affected and how many lives she has really touched she would havn't done it. It tears me up inside to think that anyone to sweet and beautiful could have done anything like this. Mrs.T you were the only person who made me truly enjoy math class you will be remebered forever in my heart and in the heart of all your students. Coping with a tragedy such as this is truly a trying task and somehow I think it will be a long time before this wound heals. I would have done anything to have you still here with me today. Yo will always be remebered and loved.

03.16.05, Kiersten B., bradeton, Ms.Tyson you were the best math teacher ever,you were the only 
person who could really help to understand pre algebra and I now I grieve that your not here anymore to help me cope with this. I cannot begin to fathom what could have pushed such a pretty and intelligent to this sort of distress. You are remembered in all of our hearts, and always will be. It tears me up inside to think that I will never get to see your happy face right above the overhead. I will always remember your beautiful smile that played across you face so very often like when you woould joke around with us even if it meant embarresing yourself. You were such a caring and compassonate teacher and I think if you knew how many people you had touched and how many feel the loss of your passing that you would not have done it...EVER. You will ever be a reminder to me of how one person can touch the lives of so many. You were the sweetest teacher and went beyond and above tha call of duty. I love and so do all your students. God rest your soul Ms.Tyson

03.16.05, Amy, Bradenton, FL., i just wanna say that i miss Ms.T!!!!!! i loved having her as a math teacher she really helped me out!!! and no matter what she always had a smile on her face... she would always wave to me in other classes if she saw me!!! i didnt know her family but i wish them the best!!!! i hope to see her family at the funeral!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU MS. T

03.16.05, unknown, RIP MRS.Tyson!!!! AND THE GUY IN PARENTHISIES YOU ARE AWESOME!!! RIP MRS. Tyson!!! I LOVE YOU (thank you.)

03.16.05, Keeley D., Bradenton, FL., The teacher we lost was a wonderful lady,She was my all-time favorite teacher at king,I can definately understand how she felt though,I am suicidal at times as well.R.I.P

03.16.05, lindsey, Bradenton, FL., i never had mrs T but i know i will miss her.. nd so will every boby at K.M.S much love mrs Tyson your in my prayers.. xOo

03.16.05, KiRsTeN w., AnNa MaRiA iSlAnD, FL.,I knew who ms Tyson was...she was my 7th grade math teacher. She always made every one feel good about themselves,and was always willing to do stuff for others,she always seemed soo happy,with a smile on her face every day. Ms Tyson was a great math teacher, always patient, sweet, caring, and had an awsome sense of humor! She always put a smile on everyones face, whether we had loads of homework over the weekend,to working on f-cat aLL week long. Everyone enjoyed being her student while it lasted,but now theres nothing we can do to change that,besides to let her know that she is in all of our hearts, and will be missed dearly. Ms Tyson we love you!!!R.I.P

03.16.05, Sandy L., Bradenton, Ms. Tyson was a sweet person who loved all her students. Her family is having a hard time with the death of a child. Please be kind. She is to be at peace soon and that is all that matters. Rest in Peace Julia. Be glad you are missed

03.16.05, Sandy L., Bradenton, This is a hurtful place. People who's family were the one's that killed themselves see this site. This causes even more pain. To do this is as bad as terrorists. You are killing people's soul. (people can only destroy their own soul. we can't even bend spoons with our mind. people that do not want to read accounts of skyway bridge jumper activity are welcome to stay away from this site. there is ample warning as to the nature of this site. don't stick your hand in the fire and then complain that it's burning. people that do not want to be listed on this site, are welcome to not jump off the bridge.)

03.16.05, sherry h., wimauma, fl., you are a mess of sick people, my neice had her for a math teacher, this year...i would like to know why you would start a website like this you sick me back....i left my real name and email address.sick bas-ards.. (we're sure any resulting e-mail correspondence with you would be an exhausting exercise in time mismanagement. you made your point and we thank you. we do appreciate your willingness to take a stand and be identified.)

03.16.05, spic, bradenton, fl., Her name is Juliya Tyson she was my teacher and she just f**king killed hersef and you guys r f**king asswholes for making a website about the people who have killed themselfs and you guys sound like you really give a f**k about those people .you asswholes just make people this has happend to it like crushes them and you guys seem like you dont really give a f**k about those people so why dont you guys can blow yourselfs (your words read like a list. being as we are whole asses, what could we add to this?)

03.16.05, Ally W., bradenton, Hi Ms. Tyson was the best teacher I could ever ask for. She really made math fun!! She could put a smile on your face no matter what. Ms. ...... had all the perfect qualities to be a teacher it really is a loss to her family and the community!! I do not know how I am going to get through the school year. Ms. Tyson I want you to know that I will never forget you and you really where the Best teacher Ever!!

03.16.05, Emma S., Bradenton, FL., hey i am a 6 grader at king middle. i didnt have ms.t as a teacher but i do have a tacher right next to her room and i used to go over to her classroom to take a math test if i wasnt there and i had to make it up. but i use to watch her teach and wish that i got her for 7 grade. when i heard about what happened i started to cry! i felt so bad and i felt even more bad about the students that really had her for a math teacher. she was so good to her students and i could just tell by just sitting there listening to her teach. she made a GREAT teacher and i could tell that every 1 would understand her and could kno what she was talking about! ms. t was the best! i cant believe that she would do this to her self! she was only 26 years old! i hope that she lives a great life in heaven and that she rest in peace! bc she always brought peace to her students! i wil pay my respects to her and go to her funeral. i heard from a friend that she thinks that there was a note saying why she did this>? i would like to kno but then again i dont. bc its their life and i dont want to be rude and but in on their lifes. i also heard that she did it bc of a break up w/ her boy friend but i dont kno if that is the truth too!? i hope that she rest in peace and she watches down on us and hope we dont do this to our life! i love u ms. t even if i didnt kno u that well i love u and will miss seeing ur happy face in the halls again! i kno that the students that had her and even myself there hearts my be hurt and i hope that ms.t helps them repair it bac together! i love u ms. ur the best?! u will always stay in my heart and prayers! lord please watch over her and her students! and u will always be loved and missed as the years go on!

03.17.05, Mollie, bradenton, We all miss Ms.Tyson. There are tons of rumors going on about why she jumped and stuff. I don't think we should think about how Ms.Tyson died, but that we will miss her. She was my favorite teacher and I'll never forget her.I love you Ms. Tyson!

03.17.05, blowhard, you guys are sick and twisted you ass hloes need to get a life think about the family!how do u think that they feel so if i were you i'd shut this website down before i do!!!! (we imagine her family is wondering why she jumped, more than why this site is here to document her jump. we suppose you better start shutting us down. start right now!)

03.17.05, christina, orlano, fl., you people are sick and twisted nd you need to get a life you people better shut this down before i do let's just say that as my warning u sick basterds! love always christina (you have a weird way of expressing love, dear.)

03.17.05, unknown coward, Bradenton, Fl., this is the dumbest, sick site ihave ever seen. It shouldnt be legal to predict the next suicide! (it shouldn't be legal to advance any of these students that spell the way they do.)

03.17.05, unknown coward, omg you peple are going to rot in hell and i'll call the cops don't think i won't you ass holes and let's see how fast you shut this sight down whaen i get the police on your ass!!!!!so go blow your self you sick basterds!omg i can't belive you seriously please do shut this sight down asap think of their family and friends! (omg! police on our ass! kids say the darndest things.)

03.17.05, unknown coward, why would you guyts do this?put a site like this on the internet i think you need to shut it down!

03.17.05, unknown, Ms. Tyson was the best teacher ever!!!!!!!! She will be missed very deeply by every one at King We wont forget her. RIP Ms. Tyson

03.17.05, Alex, Bradenton, FL., I go to this site since my teacher commited suicide, but only to see what her students are saying, i think this site is very rude to Ms. Tyson's family, i mean c'mon there beloved daughter/sister just killed herself!!!!!!! just try and imageing what it would be like if you lost a loved one that jumped of a bridge or w/e the point is commited suicide and you found a site like this, i dont think you would be happy that much either, the only good thing about this site is how people can post stuff like RIP
so here it goes....
Ms. Tyson i love you and those people who say she is going to hell well they mine as well go to hell, cause i belive that whoever wrote the damn bible only wrote that part to keep people from doing it, and one more thing to all those people that didnt have her and are talking shit about her.... GO HUMP A RAINBOW!!!!!!! you didnt even know her, she was a wonderfull loveing person, and she will always and i mean always be loved and missed, these memorize dont go away. R.I.P Ms. Tyson i love you so much!!!! and rember people ALWAYS LOVE MATH!!!! MATH KICKS SERIOUS BOOTY!!! <3 Ms. Tyson (hump a rainbow? the physics boggle the mind.)

03.17.05, hMm., bradenton, FL., i didnt have ms.T but i know she was a sweet lady..but shes in a better place now..she was obviously unhappy and for some reason chose this way out..everyone misses u so much ms. T god bless! xOo

03.17.05, margot f., bradenton, fl., wow this was very shockin to know that our local school teacher did this to herself! my sister had he said she was always happy and never did she look sad. may god bless he and keep her safe. Lord let ms.T watch over us and keep us all safe! we love u and miss u! love local 6th grader

03.17.05, Erin D., Bradenton, even though i didnt know mrs.T. i feel so bad for her i stll dont under stand why she did this but i will alway miss u mrs T.!!

03.17.05, unknown coward, Bradenton, FL., WE ALL LOVE MS TYSON ND if you think it is funny than you should shove it bc you didnt know the lady ND NO ITS NOT YOU FAULT SHE JUMPED YOU JUST DONT HAVE TO BE SOO UNSINCER ABOUT IT I DONT EVEN THINKSHE JUMPED SOME ONE HAD TO PUSH HER ... I DIDNT THINK SHES WAS THAT KIND OF PERSON well at lest i know that shes in a better place ND YOUR GOIN TO HELL i <3 ms tyson i <3 math we all do.... (if indeed she had nothing to do with jumping, we will definitely adjust our angle. murder is a whole different thing.)

03.17.05, kathryn b., Bradenton, Fl., Ms.Tyson was a wonderful women. She was kind, smart, beautiful, and devoted to her job. No one may know the reason as to why she did what she did but always reassure yourself by knowing that she is in a better place. I was so nervous to come to school tuesday. I saw so many people that were so upset and sad, but i think everyone is doing a little better day by day. We love you Ms Tyson and we still do!

03.17.05, Andrew S., Bradenton, Florida, Hey, just to let you all know i was not the one who all the cursing and rambling about that psycho-ass german guy,but yeah hes sick! I did not personally know Mrs. Tyson but i knew her whole family and just never put them together....In the few times i talked to her she was very nice and helped me with what i needed. yes,i will miss her and bob is needs to just not come back to this site cause hes an asshole. My prayers go out to the tysons and all those who had nice comments. RIP Julia Tyson

03.17.05, Keri, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Most likely you’ve probably already heard everything I am going to say but I have read your opinions so now you can read mine. I believe this site to be very hypocritical. You say as a last resort jumpers should use solar phone and then on a another page you say if your going to jump just do it. This little joke of a website you have is a unnecessary publicity stunt. Your time would be much better spent trying to help people. When I say helping people I don’t just meaning posting a linking to a suicide prevention site on your website. If you are really this interested in suicide why don’t you just sit on top of the bridge wait for someone to try to jump and talk to them about it. It would be great for you because then you would have an eye witness account for you little website. Also you put down a little boy in reaction to his teacher’s death for using the f word, and ask him if he kisses his mother with that mouth. What does your mother think of you? I am sure she is delighted to say my child has a website that promotes horrible deaths. And don’t lie and say she supports you. (we think the solar phones are a good idea. if someone uses the phone and it helps them, good. we do not dissuade anyone from using the phones. we agree that "as a last resort, jumpers should use solar phone". that is the idea behind the phones. most jumpers do not use them. those that do have a better chance of not jumping. you the people, contribute to this site. each 'you' has your own opinion on jumping, suicide in general, or just want to make a comment. there are a wide range of opinions and comments on this site. we moderate this site to give each opinion a space to be read. "this little joke of a website" gains us nothing with publicity. if it gets a mention, cool, if not, ok. sitting on top of the bridge waiting to stop a jumper is not only illegal, but would be incredibly boring, as jumpers are about a month apart, on average, more or less. we suppose little boys that throw around the f-word are a good thing in your world. too bad. we're sure your children are dreamy little angels that society can't get enough of.~  in truth, our mothers do not approve of this website and that's ok. you don't like it and that's ok too.)

03.18.05, ciara, bradenton, fl., i knew the jumper she was my math teacher and my homeroom teacher so sumtimes i had her sumtimes 3 times a day she was very nice and funny and she had a great smile she will be dearly missed and who ever makes fun of her i am going to kick there ass cause this is not a joke. it's seems unreal that she's gone but we have to move on it's going to take a while for me and my friends cause she was very close to us. and i am probably not ever going to get math agian because of this. and to ms.tyson's parents i am sry 

03.18.05, big daddy, b town, florida, ms tyson was a good teacher to jump off a bridge was not a good idea but people do stupid things and you have to get over it. it was her choice to do that. guy in the parenthess you rock (thank you, sir.)

03.18.05, Corey D., Bradenton, Fl., From my say I dont think you should have this about ms.Tyson she was a very nice teacher everybody liked her she always looked depressed she never seemed happy. so thats why i think she comitted suicid so it kills you but it makes everybody else sad so think twice about doing it thanks

03.18.05, ralfi, bradenton, fl., All i have to say is ms. tyson was the ultimate teacher and a friend to everyone... i love you ms. tyson, and always will.

03.18.05, Kagome, Bradenton, Florida, Okeh. First of all, this woman was my best friend's math teacher, and all of you who are saying that this isn't true... You suck mega-ass gooseballs. Next, I think that it is sad. Anyone who thinks it's a joke can go die the death of a diseased hobo. Cuz everyone who knew Ms. Tyson loved her to pieces and I believe that you should not be so rude... So if you're planning on posting something negative, go shove your note up your ass, and have a good time. (one might expect those who wish to say nice things about the dearly departed, could do so with a less nasty attitude. suck mega-ass gooseballs? diseased hobo? guess we've been served.)

03.18.05, sean, bradenton, fl., ms. tyson was awsome she cared and was awsome she helped me on home work and loved her students so i hope she r.i.p i love you ms. tyson

03.18.05, sarah, B Florida, I can tell by all of these comments from students they need to spend more time studing then playing on the computer. I havent heard gooseballs before very creative Im sure your teacher would be proud to know the things that come out of their mouths PS: S----l T-----R Kids fill in the blanks

03.18.05, Kagome, Bradenton, Florida, Sorreh about teh gooseballs thing, miss Sarah. You're one to comment, though. Generally, middle school students don't "play" on the computer. And I have all A's except for one B. Don't go telling me I need to study. And, how can you criticize those who come to this site when you're on it? Genius. P.S. the guy in parentheses is awesome. x3 RIP Ms. Tyson! u_u (what we think sarah meant was, perhaps some of these students could use a bit more writing and spelling skills. she wasn't pointing out anything in particular about your input, other than that gooseballs thing. as for "Generally, middle school students don't "play" on the computer", we doubt that 'fact'.)

03.19.05, Ally T and Ali L., Bradenton, Fl., I am very sad about what happened to mrs. Tyson. I am in 6th grade and so I never had her for a teacher but I kno her she was nice and very helpful I will miss her so dearly and will always remeber her I love you mrs. Tyson I was also a 6th grader i am very very sad about mrs.t and i hope she rests in peace and that she nos that every 1 misses her so much we love u mrs. Tyson!!!!!!!!

03.19.05, doug, westland, mi., USA, One thing is for sure, they all had the same spelling teacher! (how dare you waltz on in here and express your opinion. you think these kids have time to actually learn english? government schools are now a hotbed of political correctness. they have nothing to do with discipline and real readin', and ritin', and learnin'. now it's all about feeling good about yourself and accepting all others equally in a world where everyone is a winner and we are all the same with no differences and no individuality. we can't be keeping scores or challenging our children anymore, because then they might fail and we can't be having any losers. that might make someone feel bad and wouldn't be fair. telling kids they have done something wrong will destroy their self esteem. how will you feel then, doug? you big bad man. don't you worry though, if the kids get too off track, there are pharmaceuticals that can 'fix' them. "there you go, billy, take your 'medicine', everything will be just fine".~)

03.19.05, Jamie, Bradenton, FL., Our teacher was the kindest person ever! It's nothing funny about it. What is with this site! I can't belive it. It makes me sick. Our teacher was awsome...n yall take it ask a's not....we lost someone we loved...i don't think this site is right...the unknown user is right this site should be shut down...I hope she/he does call the cops...this site is just wrong... n the person who made the comment about the spelling...dude thats not cool... RIP We will miss u Ms.T (see what you did, trouble maker doug? you went and said something "not cool" about kids that can't spell. now jamie may forever have a complex about his/her self esteem. are you happy now, doug?~)

03.19.05, Chelsea, Bradenton, Florida, I am a sixth grader at king middle school. I did not have Mrs.Tyson as a teacher, but i have alot of friends that did. It was awful seeing them go in and out of counceling, most of them crying their eyes out, and alot even going home early. Nobody knows what caused her to do this, But i just want everyone that reads this to know that Suicide is NEVER the answer, and there is always help out there somewhere. Mrs.Tyson- you are obviously VERY missed and will never be forgotten. We all wish we could rewind time, but this is the real world. Everything happens for a reason, right? Sometimes, i just dont understand that. (for a sixth grader, you are well versed and capable of expressing yourself better then many adults can.)

03.20.05, a kindred spirit, Bradenton, FL., while I didn't know Julie, I do know a handful of her friends who have been devastated by this. I, too, am a young teacher here in bradenton and I, too, have dealt with depression for most of my life. So I can understand some of the stress she was under as a new teacher and what it is like to live with depression. I'm not saying what she did is right, but none of us (including her family) will ever truly know what made her make that decision last Sunday. If anything good can come of this tradegy, it is perhaps that someone else who is thinking about ending their life prematurely will see the letters and feelings that have poured out this week from those who knew her. Julie left behind a wake of questions, sadness and agony for those who she left behind. However, since none of us know what kind of sadness and agony was going on insider her - let's not be too quick to judge her without at least trying to understand who she was and what made her tick. Julie, your friends who grew up with you at king, manatee high, UF and all of us who teach in the county will carry on your work and your spirit. Rest in peace Julie, wherever you are... 
----- p.s. - to the editors - while I was at first repulsed by this site, I have come to believe that it's a good thing. The only way to find answers is to talk about the issues and ask questions. I've learned alot this week about the skyway's issues and suicide in general. Thanks for your work on your site - I know this is a cliche, but if it saves one person, all the haters should be silenced. (one would hope. thank you.)

03.20.05, Ms. J., Bradenton, FL., To all the students who read this, you have just learned about losing a friend. You should share this site with your schoolmates, if only to get your feelings out. You have all said wonderful things about her, shared your anger with the creater of this site, and voiced opinions about other people. 
As a parent and as a teacher, I have so much advice to give you, but I am sure you have all read or heard enough of it. So I will only give you 2 things to remember...
1) There will always be things you do not understand or can not control. And 
2) You are loved. 
Share hugs and kisses and kind words with those you love. You can not help Ms. T, but you can remember her fondly. And you can take her memory with you. And you can do your best because that is what she wanted you to do.
Take a look at some of the links at the bottom of the page. Sometimes people need a shock or something "sick" to figure out where to get the help they need. Sometimes they just need a friend. Especially in Middle School.

03.20.05, Paula, Illinois, Parenthess red "we" people. I love reading you. You are so on the mark. You crack me up with your utter truth. Keep telling it just like you see it. (it's a good bet that many do not like 'we people' near as much. thank you.)

03.21.05, Will, i dont really have anything to say about the jumper but you were RIGHT on the mark with your statement to the doug guy about schools. its like a mass of robots "everybody be the same because diffrent people are scary and weird (and just possibly jumpers)" owell. the only real rule left in schools is: Conform or be cast OUT. sry to ramble bye (we could start a whole different website on how government schools are just so much crap anymore.)

03.21.05, scott, bradenton, fl., ms.tyson u were a mean teacher u gave me a referal for farting! what crap is that? i might miss u buti dont know! i dont know why u jumped off the skyway! i would have jumped off the sidewalk. i made up my mind now. nevermind. the guy in PARENTHISIES your pretty kool and its funny how u dis people! i dont know why u all cried about that crap it wasnt sad! she killed herself its her falt. ps peace (a referral for farting? that was harsh. it's not like we want to dis anyone, we tend to give as we get. never thought of ourselves as the 'parenthesis guy', until now.)

03.21.05, anthony r., anna maria, every one from king needs to put this behind ya it sucks but just remember the good times you had and forget the bad just get over it thats boll shit you dont need to cry about it its not like she was part of your family or anything and she wont be remember by me cause its the past cant live with the past just think of the future peace

03.24.05, a friend, Bradenton, just to let everyone know especially whoever this Bob person is saying that Julie is going to hell.....for someone to kill themselves and especially in such a way by jumping off a bridge, thier mind is not okay, they have to be sick and not thinking right. My Priest told me that God was with Julie and forgives her because she was sick. God does not punish people for being sick. He only loves and forgives. (wouldn't it be god that makes them sick in the first place? anyone that commits suicide is sick in some way. the bible does not have exceptions for different methods of suicide or levels of sickness. it declares that suicide equals eternity in hell. maybe your priest needs to read the bible.)

03.27.05, s c d., piqua, ohio, most comments i have ever seen on a jumper. if only ms tyson could have foreseen all the comments her demise has brought, she would have reconsidered. i am sorry for all the people ms. t has unwittingly hurt. really does show the pain suicide leaves behind for the people who are left behind. (this jumper has drawn the most responses to date. your comments are dead on. no pun intended.)

04.01.05, ciara g., bradenton, fl., gosh you people are so mean how would you like it if your favorite teacher died or commited suicide you people are sick! i knew her personaly and i know that if you had her you wouldn't have said that and to that german dude you need to stop like cussing on this site and and putting other ppls names cause i know a guy named andrew and he goes to king and every one yelled at him cause they went on the site and read what you wrote and they thought it was him so get a life and stop making other ppls a living hell! and you ppl who didn't know miss tyson you need to shut up and stop saying stuff your going to regret! (we use the first names of visitors as we get them. is there only one andrew in your government school? maybe someone is setting up your andrew and used his name. hey everyone at the school, it was another andrew, not the andrew you think it was. please stop hassling the wrong andrew. thank you. whether people knew ms. tyson or not, they are free to offer their thoughts on her bridge jump, much like you did. you are free to not like what they say. we bet if ms. tyson didn't jump off the bridge, everything written about her on this site, would not be on this site. our logic is rock solid.)

04.01.05, shea & kelly, bradenton, ms tyson was a really sweet, kind teacher at our skool. even tho we're in 6th grade, we know her frum our school club that we joined. she helped us out a lot. when we heard that she commited was unbelievable. i had never expected her 2 do such a thing, she's smart and i thought she would know better than 2 take the easy way out..the WRONG way out. i know we all wish we couldve known and changed her mind..and 4 all you ppl who are critizing this site, thats really stupid cuz people are saying what they feel-whats wrong with that? btw-the guy in the parentheses rocks, and 4 the ppl that he/she says the lil sarcastic remarks to, deserves them. (thanks for the good words. we understand that people hate this site and want us to go away. it's ok. if it makes them feel better about themselves to yell sweet nasties at us, then that's ok too. we just want the freedom to give back in much the same way we get.)

04.01.05, ciara G., bredenton, florida, who the hell are these ppl writing back you guys don't know anything don't you care about ppls feelings and i know that i am probably hurting yours but you have hurt a lot of ppls by this website this is not a joke i mean i still cry about her death and your saying it's alright for ppl to talk all this crap about her like she is selfish and it's bad enough there are all these rummors like she was anorexic and stuff and that when she jumped she hit a boat gosh your only making it worse for all of us and all the other ppl who have lost there freiends or family from that stupid bridge i just don't know what to doi don't know it's so hard to express your feelings when you know ppl are going to laugh at you (express your feelings to your friends. if they laugh, they are not your true friends. cross them off your list and move on to those true. it seems most adult people can count their true friends on one hand. don't feel too bad if this eventually goes for you too. if you need help, it's up to you to find help. ask around for a keyboard with a working 'period' key. people need to breathe while they read your words.)

04.03.05, truth, bradenton, yeah ok that did not make n e sense at all. this is not crap-its a way 2 actually say how u feel...and the wrong part is...? and 4 the ppl that say theyre gonna shut this website down-u REALLY need 2 actually ponder what u r writing. does it make sense wut u r writing? 4 u all who r being weird-no. i knew ms.t.-she was the kindest teacher. she meant well-helped out in fundraisers..everything. u couldnt ask more from her. this website shows how much ppl cared about her. she was loved by every1..she had an impact on peoples lives. i hate 2 see 'hate'mail right in the middle of where ppl are saying what they feel-u wont get made fun of. ms. t will never be 4gotten. we dont know why she did it, but every1 will miss her, thats 4 sure.

04.04.05, sadness, bradenton, i am still devastated that she left us. im in 6th grade- i knew her it still makes me wanna cry wen i think about her. we luv u ms tyson! RIP and 4 the person who said she wasnt going 2 heaven- thats not true. if she is a christian then she still can. shows how much u know.. (no one really knows, that what they think they know, is what can actually be known. when we are young, we are trained to believe what we are told to believe. later, it's up to us to believe the belief or deal in reality. we wish you luck in yours.)

04.04.05, kasey, Bradenton, Mrs Tyson was like my tutor i did't have her for 7th grade but the teacher that i had was never there in the morning when i need help i had no on e to turn to but lucky for me mrs tyson was there sheis basikly the reason i passed 7th grade with out her help i would be hopless. I pray for her family and hope they get through this with hope. hope to remember the good time they had with their daughter. even though it is very not fair that she couldn't have the life all of her students thought she had life will go on and in our hearts the memories or mrs tyson i luv you thank u so much i appreciate all the thing you did for me. 
TO: all of her students now
i know that this is a tuff time for you. and i see you guys in the halls with your bumper sticker in memory of mrs tyson and i think to my self that mrs.tyson will never be forgotten and i think that itis awsome     <3 mrs tyson R>I>P

04.11.05, Amy, Bradenton, Fl., I knew Julia for several years, and she was a very special woman. She was bright, caring, and smart. For those that lost her, this is a very hard time, but Julia would want everyone to remember her before passed, not the way she felt she had to do it. To all that feel that there is no other option than suicide, PLEASE, tell someone before it is too late!

05.04.05, Caring Mom, Bradenton, Fl., 12news: To all of u kids that lost your teacher; My daughter was in her home=room and had her as her math teacher also . I am sorry for all of u. It is a loss no one can replace she was a great math teacher and it was a loss that I hoped that u as 12 and 13 year olds should not have had to go through so young. I just hope that maybe it has instilled something in your heads to always find some=one to talk to don't think u are alone!!!! Because no matter how alone u feel your not, find someone. To Julia's family I am sorry for your loss and hope you are all coping. It was her fault nobody else's. May she rest in peace.

05.27.05, pexpelæ, Bradenton, A few comments ago, the guy in the parentheses said that ms.T is going 2 (down low in the fire), and that there preacher needs to read the bible a little bit more. Are you a priest? Probably not. So maybe YOU need to read the bible a little bit more. Telling a PRIEST to read the bible? That's how they learn to BE a priest. I know that she was a christian, so there is hope that she will go to heaven. And how would you know if she does or doesnt go? You won't. (we never said she was going to hell. we said that according to the bible, those that commit suicide go there. are we wrong? does the bible indeed declare that? maybe we are wrong, please help us out. if indeed it is so, how does the priest come up with a different accounting of suicide soul disposition? can he just say anything he wants so people feel better? the line about telling the priest to read the bible was satire, as anyone with at least two brain cells knows that they study the bible on an ongoing basis. it's their primary job.)

07.19.05, emily s., bradenton, Im a 6th grader from King Middle who didnt personally know Ms.Tyson, but had friends who knew her quite well. Although I never got to know you to well I wish I did. You seemed so nice, caring, and sweet, intelligent, and like such a great inspiration even for those who had no hope in math. Why did u leave us so soon? I wish i could have known you better. In my prayers are the Tyson family, and those suicidal.

04.04.06, george, helensburgh uk, If Ms Tyson,jumper on 03-13-05 was such a good teacher why oh why are her students mostly illiterate. The use of basic items such as a dictionary. (government schools are not there to teach like they used to. they are there to promote good feelings and self esteem. it doesn't work, but that doesn't stop them from shoving it down society's throat anyway. kids are doomed in government schools. anyone that doesn't believe it, then please explain the appalling high school drop out rate and the overall dumbing down of society in the past several decades. also the fact this country falls low on the list in global education achievement.)

04.09.08, jamie o., bradenton fl, the teacher who jumped off the bridge and killed herself was one of my friend’s favorite teachers and after her death my friend didn't come to dance for weeks! Soon i found out that the teacher was known by one of my friends but by ME! Julia Tyson's parents and brother live down the street from me! I had known the family for years saying hi to her brother everyday as I walked the dog, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to have a dad like they did (he played catch and basket ball with his son almost every day.) it wasn't until i saw the saw a car with an "I love math" bumper sticker that I realized who she really was. Her family doesn’t seem the same even now, three years later; I haven’t seen her brother playing catch with his dad. I have seen the car though; it’s sitting in their driveway the bumper sticker still there. I wanted to post this because I may not have known family very well, but i have seen how it affected them. What happened was terrible and isn’t something people want to look back on but it will stay with people forever.

06.14.09, pita, bradenton, damn! she was a good teacher. she was sweet and caring.

09.04.14, Sarah, Palmetto, I was looking at my senior yearbook from Manatee High School class of 1997. I saw Julia's pictured as "Most Likely to Succeed". I thought... I wonder what she is doing now. I was very sad to see that on my wedding day this beautiful woman took her life. I pray for her parents, family and students.

any more info is welcome.
03.08.05: jumper, 10:40pm, female, died, body found same day
Mia Djuana Williams, 33
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.09.05, Bill E., Brandon Fl., (03.08.05, female, water, died) HCSO site has a press release about a 'jumper'.

03.12.05, dee t., st.petersburg, recieved a call from a friend to let me know she had comitted suicide that morning. she left behind one son and no note.

any more info is welcome.
03/08/05 Hillsborough Sheriff, DEAD PERSON 1 SKYWAY BG 2240 0245 

03.09.05, Hillsborough Sheriff, Mia Djuana Williams, 33, dob 09-20-71, St. Petersburg, FL., Death Investigation, March 8, 2005 – 10:40 p.m., Skyway Bridge, On March 8, 2005 at approximately 10.30 p.m., a passing motorist observed an individual jumping from the top span of the Skyway Bridge The U.S. Coast Guard recovered the body and the victim has been identified as Mia Djuana Williams, 33 of St. Petersburg.

03.12.05, St. Petersburg Times, Woman who jumped from Skyway bridge identified, Hillsborough sheriff's officials this week identified the woman who jumped off the Skyway bridge to her death as Mia Djuana Williams, 33, of (address withheld due to it's no one's business) St. Petersburg. At 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, a motorist reported seeing a woman jump from the top span of the bridge, a sheriff's report said. The Coast Guard recovered the body, which was identified as Williams.

03.23.05, Tiff, St.Petersburg, fl., mia was a friend, and on 3/9/05 i recieved a call stating she had jumped to her death, she was a beautiful, strong minded young woman who leaves behind a son,we will never honestly know what drove her to this decision, or what drove her to that moment of desperation, we do know that she left behind fun, loving memories, may her soul rest in peace.
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