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1973 - 1975 jump events

updated: 08.27.12
articles about skyway jumpers before this site was created.
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12.29.75: jumper?, male, died, body recovered nearly two months later.
Thomas Brogle, 22

12.11.18, Lore T., comment from IONTBfb, Suicide is only a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The darkness that tries to convince the people that there is no hope and no one that can understand is a lie. There are many that understand Some within families some within friends. Suicide doesn't just hurt the person that takes their life , it torments those who truly Love them. Please if your reading this and you battle thoughts of Suicide please reach out to someone don't weather it alone you have so many who love you more than you will ever know. I am a survivor of a attempted suicide as well as a Niece of a Uncle who died from Jumping from the bridge. The ripples of grief are countless and devastating not just because the person is gone but because they never gave those who Love them so a chance. I pray for all who are battling this disease may they learn to reach out. Amen.

03.29.09, before we found the newspaper articles above, we received the following comments. seems the mystery of tommy brogle continues.

07.06.06, Ernestine T., Mt. Dora, Fl., Hello, do you have any information on a Tommy Brogle, who supposedly jumped from the Skyway Bridge about 25 to 30 years ago. I need the date, very important. Sincerely, Ernestine t. (the provided email address is not valid.)

07.06.06, JulieC., Orlando,Fl., I really need help finding the date of someone who jumped in the 1970's, i need the date,day, month, and year, they found his body in the Bay. His name is Tommy Brogle and this info is crucial for his justice, as he may not have "JUMPED". Please help me, i believe the approx. year they found him was either 1975 or 1976, my phone # is 352-[withheld], Thank you, JC (the provided email address is not valid.)

07.20.06, JC, Ft Lauderdale, FL, This is regarding Julie C., Orlando,Fl., The truth is that Tommy Brogle was pushed off the bridge by somebody he knew. (I am afraid to say who because he is out of jail)! (come on, say who! these comments about mr. brogle have some people all in a tizzy. more on.)
10.22.75: jumper, male, died
Donald Lawrence, 61
06.16.75: save, male
Charles A. Ponticelli, 41
06.02.75: save, female
Elaine Snyder, 21
06.02.75: full article
04.29.75: save, male
Samuel Adrian Guthrie, 48
04.30.75: full article
03.31.75: jumper, male, died
Luciano Rodriguez, 31
03.10.75: jumper, died
David Petty Justice, 38
07.16.74: jumper, male, died
Frank Dewitt, 61

04.08.74: jumper, male, lived
David Donahue, 19
10.22.73: jumper, male, died
Ronald Steens, Truck found abandoned on bridge. Suicide note in truck. Wife said he was despondent.
10.20.73: save
Mildred K. Johnson, 54
09.26.73: article
09.25.73: jumper, male, died
Harry Ostrander, 61, Jumped from southbound span. Body recovered by Coast Guard.
09.05.73: jumper, male, lived
Thomas Warns, 24

08.14.73: save, male
Andrew A. Jarzabski, 26
07.24.73: save
Langford A. Brewer, 40
07.23.73: save
William W. Phelps, 32
07.05.73: save, male
Gail Richard Caves, 30
07.06.73: full article

11.23.73: full article

florida arrests
02.06.73: jumper, male, died
Leslie Ayrton, 34, Parked on southbound side of main span, jumped. Left suicide note in car. Body recovered same day. Despondent over separation from wife.
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