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1976 - 1978 jump events

updated: 09.22.11
articles about skyway jumpers before this site was created.
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07.04.78: save, female

06.30.78: save, male
06.23.78: jumper, male, died
Kimball Scott, 31

06.03.78: save
Evie J. Parker, 41
04.07.78: climber/save, male
David Bootsma, 24
04.08.79: full article

03.11.79: full article
02.09.78: jumper faker
Richard Rosemeier, 47

11.25.77: save
Myrna Dobson, 41
10.20.77: jumper, male, lived
Harry Brown, 16
05.22.09, anon, It occurred back in the late 70's/early 80's. Don't remember exactly. His name was Harry Brown. He was young - late teens/early twenties. I knew him personally and he was my friend. He lived after the jump. When I finally caught up with him, he said that he was despondant over a girlfriend issue. He was a nice guy.
08.21.77: save, male
Pat Ragan, 23
08.22.77: full article
06.26.77: intercepted
Gilbert Warner, 26
06.08.77: save
William Upton, 26
06.07.77: jumper, male, died
Robert Donovan, 32

11.01.09, joe, ft myers fl., (06.1977, pm, died), we were kids and we used to use the bridges for a drag strip. found a station wagon stopped and running. we saw a wallet on the seat but we didn't touch it another car started coming up the span so we hauled ass. my friend told me the next day that some guy had jumped off the bridge. what always hits me about it was that my mother would say " if so and so told you to jump off the skyway bridge would you do that too? I never told her about what happened that night.
06.02.77: save
Cyrus Angelo Hadley, 23

06.03.77: full article
03.27.77: jumper, male, died
Leonard Francis Logan, 41
03.28.77: full article
09.30.76: jumper, female, died
Karen Serafy, 32
04.28.76: jumper, female, died
Madeline Pope, 47
04.28.76: full article, Left note at home for husband, drove to top of bridge and jumped. Body recovered same day. Despondent over financially troubled carpet business.
01.01.76: full article
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