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01.18.17: jumper, 8:35am, male, died, body found
David Prior, 55
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.18.17, Rebecca h., Bradenton, fl., (8:40am), I am not sure what happened but the South bound side had cops looking over bridge and as we went further towards North bound we seen paramedic's heading southbound.

01.18.17, Dave, Hillsborough County, I was driving over the Skyway this morning heading northbound when I saw all the emergency personnel at the top of the bridge in the south bound lanes. First jumper death of 2017. My condolences to the friends and family of the deceased. RIP.

any more info is welcome.



01.18.17, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0839, 1358, 5h19m
01.18.17, IONTBfb/, Sunshine Skyway: Emergency vehicles on the bridge. Recreational boat with person who jumped from the bridge. Southbound lanes. #MoveOver later: Body recovered. Deceased.
 David Prior   David Prior
01.20.17, Mike A., Coral Gables, FL., (01.18.17, 8:40am, male , hit water, died, bodyfound), Dave Leo Prior, was a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed, and he was an Army Veteran. A truly wonderful person and dear friend. He will be missed.
01.05.17: jumper save, male, 5:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.05.17, mAki, @skywayjumpers, a male attempted but the police were about to get hold of him

01.06.17, Rick H., St. Petersburg, Save, Eye on The Bay reports FHP prevented a jump attempt yesterday, Thursday.

01.06.17, f93, Bradenton, (01.05.17, 5:00pm, male), Saw this omw home. I saw this after it happened when I passed by. Looked like the had the guy on the ground on some sorta mat. I was wondering if the EMT had sedated him? The emt had gone past me right at the start of the hill heading towards bradenton.

any more info is welcome.
01.05.17, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Caution traveling atop the bridge due to law enforcement activity. Southbound lanes later: Subject taken into custody by FHP Trooper comments:
   Kevin S., I was behind the undercover cop that stopped on the NB lane and jumped the barrier. The failed jumper was just kinda starring off the edge into the distance, pretty scary. He didn't notice the cop until the last minute and by then the cop had a hand on him.
   Claudia H., It was a young boy. ··· Looked like like teens early 20s.

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