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call to action: the people need to put an end to jumpers.

 red hot flaming hate

some people hate this site and think it's absolutely terrible.
how can this be?
every hatred is posted in it's entirety, without editing.*
slip on your hater blockers and dig in.

if you spontaneously combust upon seeing profanity, bail now.
if you are easily offended, butthurt, and/or prone to outrage, bail now.
• hate through the years:
2019-2014  •  2013-2008  •  2007-2004  •  2003-2000
• hateage is also scattered within the annual jumper pages. for example.
• hate in the name of god.
• some haters use naughty language and desire us to perform bizarre acts with and/or to various parts of our and/or their bodies. you must be 18 or older.
. .
do you hate this site? spew your venom here!
anonymous juvenile name callers and those making threats,
can find their stellar commentation posted here.

you may leave any input field blank if you wish.
this form is anonymous and reveals nothing about you or
your computer that you do not yourself include.
if the form does not work with your device, go here.

things we have already been repeatedly told:
   • we are evil, sick, and twisted.
   • this site is evil, sick, and twisted.
   • this site should be an informational vacation destination resource.
   • you are appalled this site exists. it should be removed immediately!
   • how dare we make fun of the mentally challenged.
   • someone you know committed suicide and it's horrible.
   • what if someone we knew committed suicide?
   • suicide is not a laughing matter.
   • we need to jump as well.
   • we will rot in hell because this site makes the jesus cry.
   • you have/are a lawyer and will have this site shut down.
   • we should dedicate this site to helping others.
   • your apt skill at implementing the f-word.
   • we should not pass judgment on people.
   • hurting people is a passion of ours.
   • we don't show the slightest bit of compassion.
   • we love controversy and inflicting pain.
   • we are bad people.
   • how can we sleep at night?
   • we have hate in our cold black heart.
   • you are unprofessional.
   • we suck or you want us to suck something.

repeat these points to us if it makes you feel better, but try to be original and/or clever.
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2007-2004  •  2003-2000

   *other than deleting last names and/or naughty words, no edits are made to the hate bestowed upon us. submissions with juvenile name calling or threats are posted here.
   we feel we have made our points clearly and repeatedly. we will continue posting the same old hate mail, ad nauseum, but if you do not see a response to your clever verbiage, just assume we address similar vitriol elsewhere on this site and move along.

we can all agree to disagree.
 no love at
2019 activity  •  2018  •  2017  •  2016  •  2015
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