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2020 updated: 05.22.20

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow)
05.22.20, Megan K., facebook, You can obvious post what you want, hence "public page", and you can say whatever you want too.
In my opinion it takes a nasty person to type about the attempted suicide in such manner like you did, talking about how that he was identifying with being a women & other remarks you made. You have obviously never been through a terrible time or loss- to comprehend your words typed.
I'm not here to be a "Karen" that you throw around in comments. I'm writing to maybe educate you that you have no idea what your saying/typing can hurt someone. Don't be that person, because right now you are. No need to write back, I won't argue my point.
But if you were on that bridge about to jump, I wouldn't say nasty things about you on social media, I'd try to help another human being. 😏🤷 (oh, but i will write back, i must, i can't help myself. obviously, you paid zero attention to the fact that on 04.14.20, a trans man jumped, apparently unable to cope with the process, the result, and/or the family's reaction. i suppose pointing out this possibility, as well as the much higher rate of suicide amongst the group, is now a horrific hate crime! i did not determine that the almost jumper in question "was identifying with being a women". i did say, "let's not jump to conclusions, maybe he identifies as a woman and that's why he wanted to jump.~", as a sarcastic response to someone that said, "It's wound, he doesn't have a womb(only women)". i didn't want to assume anyone's gender, as that is so un p.c. i suppose the 'maybe' didn't fit well with your agenda. you really should include all the words and read all the posts leading up to the words of issue, when quoting others, or maybe you work in the msm. yes, i have been through a terrible time and loss, but will never let someone's words get in my way, as being offended is just something to get over. i am unoffendable and recommend others try to be the same. try to imagine a world where no one was offended by words. we used to teach that to children, but not any more. now we teach them that words hurt you, we need to ban words, and must punish those that use them. bullshit! i did use the slang term "Karen", as there was an overwhelming cabal of women, ranting and dictating "approved" behavior, as Karens are wont to do. it just seemed appropriate and made me laugh. choosing to be offended by it is, again, something to get over. the kids storming the beach at Normandy would not be upset with words. today's soft pansy adultbabies are on a mission to cleanse the world against reality and words that upset their delicate insecurities. bottom line, we should not bow down to sjw outrage karen mobs. thanks for writing and do stay well.)

05.21.20, Melody B., facebook, oh my bad, just read the "insensitivity trigger warning". Wish I would've paid more attention before I liked this page or group or whatever it is. Definitely not for me. Makes me dislike humans all the more. 🤷 (thank you for taking your dislike of humans elsewhere. for more about what to expect, visit our trigger warning terms of service disclaimer acceptance agreement.)

03.02.20, Real, St.pete, fl., Getting a skyway bridge tattoo with the caption suicide bridge underneath it all thanks to this page you might have blocked me on Facebook which is fine I can see your page using my wife's phone or any of my friends that come over point being is that I still have access this website and it's going to be a great tattoo again thanks to website (danny, we did block you on facebook and we had good reason. we've been all through this, when will you get it? we have no ability to block anyone from this website, nor would we try. do continue to stop by and stay a while. send us a picture of your tattoo and we will post it, just like this one. in closing, punctuation allows your readers to breathe along the way. perhaps look into it.) previously

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