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2024, "Due to the incredible popularity of the 'Skyway 10k', starting this fall, the race will try a monthly schedule, on every 3rd monday."
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Lori, Annoying jerks!

Ruben B., Or not and let people commute to work on there Monday, maybe try the weekend??? All for money the caption should had read. Sense we are making a killing allowing people to run across the skyway let’s do it once a month now and make even more money. Smh

Suzanne Q., I find this very hard to believe. Especially the statement that it will be done on Mondays

Jennifer P., How about lets not do that! 1 x a year is bad enough for commuters.

Toni L., How about never closing a major road is ridiculous and shouldn’t happen. Take out barriers and get it restripesd for traffic flow

Nina R., I love to see this site light up like a Christmas tree again! Gives me the warm and fuzzies all over. I knew you all would crawl out from under your rocks at some point.
2023, "GOING GREEN! Scheduled to start sometime mid 2024, in an effort to fight 'Global Climate Change', gasoline and diesel powered vehicle traffic on the Skyway Bridge will be ended and replaced with 'carpool parking lots' and an all-electric shuttle bus service across the bridge in both directions. All electric, hybrid, emergency, and diesel powered cargo vehicles will continue to use the bridge, same as before, until further notice."

Amanda B., This is wonderful news!

Taylor T., I sat here perplexed by this for an embarrassing amount of time until I realized...

   no doubt there'd be more commentation to our foolish post, had we not been instantly spanked by a facebook "fact checker", resulting in what could only be shadow banning. very few saw it. it's now deleted.
2022, "Reports indicate that a Chinese conglomerate is set to buy the Skyway Bridge sometime this summer. They will sharply increase tolls and will begin to limit the amount of daily traffic, using a yet undisclosed 'social credit' pass system."
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Steven L., Why the actual hell would we sell the the Chinese,that’s the dumbest thing ever!

Santo F., This sounds like some libertarian fear mongering.

Greg W., Chinese. This will spawn some anger.

Daryl W., Folks who are laughing about this must not know the Chinese own every highway system and our national parks already and have for years been planning this. yawl can thank our woke society and corrupt politicians on all sides but thank the credit card spenders who filed bankruptcy the most as well to adding to our national debt thats being bought bye the Chinese on the national market for pennies on the dollar .For the icing on the cake China now is asking India for help as there falling in debt now add Russia north Korea and every other country that hates us .Ukraine is just the start of something bigger folks we are next.

Mona H., No thanks. Are they going to call it the JB tollway?

Christine L., That's it. I guess I need a raise so I can afford to go to work

Lynn A., Great just what we want to drive over a bridge in our county that's owned by China

Jacki W., Should be up to the tax payers since we paid for it. And we don't want a Chinese bridge. What happens when it needs repair? Cheap Chinese parts? Oh yah, that will make us feel safe!

Maria B., How can that be ! Don't the roads belong to the county? It's a bridge but still a roadway (not only did you post to the facebook article, you also sent a private message as well. please explain why you made such an effort, without simply clicking the provided link. we admire such dedication to running with fake news, with no desire to get truthful information.~)

Abdussalaam J., The more shocking issue here is that people didn't know our federal government sells tolls to other nations to pay off their debt....while simultaneously taxing the life out of us....Gotta get more involved kiddos.

Christopher H., Only one jumper will be allowed per day, and you will have to apply through your local committee secretary - unless you are a second child, then just go for it.

Pete M., I don't think the Florida Department of Transportation, who owns the bridge has the authority to sell it. later: Oh you got me...

Lisée M., April fools joke ?? I’m sure a lot of people are gonna get pissed before they realize it

Aaron J., The trolls are bringing the sheep out for a walk today boy...

Jennifer C., Will they sell carry out at the toll booth?

Jason H., Catch me if you can China-man!!! Mmauhhhhaaaahhh

Franca W., And they serve spring rolls on the highest point of the bridge???

Scott C., Seems like you have bad news around the same time every year. (would that make us a troll bridge?)

Lisa F., You ALMOST got me with this one. Thanks for the heart attack

Emily L., Happy April Fool's Day to you too Luv -that was terrific I love how no one ever clicks on the links (seems most don't.)
2021, "Due to the overwhelming popularity of the annual 'Skyway 10K' and with the anti-jumper barrier project nearing completion, starting this fall, northbound lanes of the Skyway Bridge will be permanently converted to pedestrian and bike trail use only. Southbound lanes will carry vehicle traffic using one lane for each direction."

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Sherri G., What a horrible idea!! We just drove over it yesterday afternoon and traffic was bumper to bumper even without the lane closures. This is going to be a nightmare for those who commute daily.
Skyway Bridge, hey, we just post the articles. it's not like we make things up.
Debbie A., yes we know that you would Never make anything up 🤣
Tony I., I agree. This is ridiculous
Sherri G., LOL joke’s on me!!

Tara H., That is the dumbest thing ever. So unsafe. So now people can have head on collisions.

Sharon, Well played! Well played🤣🤣

Nikki F., April Fools lol! You jerks had me all freaked for a second there!

Anthony S., The one thing the skyway had was the traffic was going the same way. So now they are going to be putting cars that travel 80mph + within feet of one another and they can drive closer with the wind that doesn't make them swerve or anything
Skyway Bridge, it's bound to be a nightmare!
Anthony S., Way more than a nightmare. This gonna be a shit show. People already crash on this bridge. Now they want to cut the lane down in half and bring them closer together. For bikes Really. Can't they just add a steel.cage to the outside and let them.go in that

Nikole R., Does anyone actually click the link they post or is it a race to see how many people can come to the same conclusion without reading? I have no faith in humanity 🤦
Skyway Bridge, reading takes too much time. it's far easier to run with assumptions and rumor. this is exactly how fake news gets established as real news.

Tom S., This is a classic example of why there are so many sheep in this country. They read some thing and instantly believe it as being true without doing any research. Shame on all of you. You are truly a group of lazy pathetic info junkies. That's right I said it mark this date on your calendar.
Skyway Bridge, sadly, it's far too easy to lead the masses with unmitigated bullshit.

Doug M., What savant came up with that idea?

C.J. W., What a horrible idea as somebody who uses the bridge daily traffic is bad enough to begin with we could actually use another lane on either side

Amy S., Omg, I was about to break down in tears til I actually read it. You got me! 😂

Anthony S., Hahahahaha Great one .. Boy was I mad.

April M., this legitimately gave me anxiety for a minute 🤣
2020, "Starting 04.04.20, authorities will close the Skyway Bridge for at least a week, for COVID-19 'county distancing'."
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as usual, people got angry about this stupid fool joke. sadly, far too many people read a single line on facebook and run with whatever it says, sharing and reacting, without so much as a simple 'click/tap' to read further information. wake the hell up, get a clue, research what you read, and dig for some truth, before you react to and share nonsense. you are the reason fake news proliferates. sure, we are in this chinese wuhan virus fear mongering panicdemic, but that does not mean you have to quell what little sense of humor you have left, if there was any there to begin with. lighten up. we get it, it's a dumb joke, move along. try the whine:

Joan P., This is a bad April fools joke! Shame on you for causing more panic (if our little "news" blurb, which was instantly verifiable, caused anyone to truly panic, then perhaps the internet is not for them. they'd be better off getting their fake news from the fake news professionals on the magic talking tv picture.)

Delora N Jon B., You should act responsibly and withdraw this now. A lot of people expect you to be responsible and truthful. later: Not funny. This is not the time for this kind of fake news. later: 90 shares, you are spreading lies. Be accountable, announce your irresponsibility and withdraw now. later: Take this post down. Irresponsible. People think it's real. later: Irresponsible and immature. Grow up, there's a world crisis. finally: We thought this page was for legitimate public service announcements. We had no idea it was for entertainment. Will unfollow, no problem.
Skyway, does it really take two of you to function a single facebook profile?
Jeff K., which one of you cheated?

Scott C., This better not be an april fool's prank. Some people plan weather or not to go to work around this. I talked to my boss about not being able to go to work starting the 4th. later: This joke was in very poor taste. (planning your life around random facebook posts, without so much as simply accessing the facts offered, is planning for failure, regardless of the "weather".)

Beverly P., I shared this but I am going to call Skyway bridge authorities (what did they say?!)

Robert M., Its in bad taste with everything going on. (you are free to worry and clutch your beads all day long, but some of us will continue to enjoy some mindless frivolity when we can.)

Jeremy E., No one share this garbage, please 🤦 (tell that to the 412 people that shared that garbage, even into 04.06.)

there are those that know how to roll with a joke:'
Robyn W., Pandemic April 1st trolling level: EXPERT

Ashley W., I honestly didn't even need to click the link. We homeschool and know it's March 32 😂

Brant P., Genius

Helen D., Oh I gotta share this..thats funny as hell

Jamie G., Brilliant!!

Christina J., f**king asses 😂😂😂😭😭😭

Jennifer B., Yes!!!! Good stuff. Just sent to my boyfriend, who's ESSENTIAL and used it every day. Thanks for keeping things a lil lite. 😊

Lisamichelle, thank you for continuing the April fool's during this time we need laughter we need the distraction more than canceling so I applaud you and I love driving across that bridge

marsha, I live in Arkansas but 1st thing I did was go to the link & see what it said. Loved this ~ awesome! People, get your sense of humor back! These are hard times ~ we need some lightness to remain sane! Have a good day!
2019, "Huge chunk of concrete breaks off of the Skyway Bridge, narrowly missing a boat."
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07.07.19, Dawn W., That's NOT even funny on a good day! Shame on you.🤬 (you're a lot late, but thanks for playing, sweetcheeks! 😉)

Allison S., You had me for a whole 20 seconds! 😱😨😧😬😂 I even re-read it twice lmao

Lynn M., did yall post that about a chunk falling off the bridge.. tbat is not a good joke . got me not wanting to drive over it now .. and my dad lives that way so not funny .. way back when my grandma and i drove over the sky way couple days before that happened so not funny and not a good joke (yes, we posted an april fool's joke about the bridge not collapsing. perhaps get over it.)

Kay S., I was there..The chaos and panic that ensued will forever be burned in my mind!

Meech, Man f**k yall

Hells2TheYes, No, I got clicked on that link as fast as I could. This was a good one! Believable too so, keep up the good work!

Trevor G., Bridge is jumping off itself now

Kelly R., I know its April fools but as a life long resident in Pinellas county I was a child when the bridge went down and suffer ptsd from it and never ever would of thought someone running a page representing the skyway would ever ever make a joke of this sort .I my self am totally disgusted by this and someone should definitely be losing their position over this page for this totally disgusted this is not a joke a lot of people lost their lives that day and how someone can just set that aside and make an April Fool's joke out of this I'm totally disgusted and I do hope somebody loses their job over this to bring up such horrific memories for people for you guys to post a joke it's very sad very sad and it's probably traumatizing a lot of people out there that have been here their whole lives and lived through that. (we can't imagine living a life, traumatized forever with ptsd, because a bridge went down when you were a child, while playing with your toys at home. no worries, triggered softie, we just fired ourselves and we will never make another april fool's joke about the skyway bridge until next year.~)

Ashley, a bridge collapse has happened so not a very good joke 😒 idiots (what? too soon? it's not like we indicated that the bridge collapsed. we said a hunk fell off, missing a boat, zero injuries. you may now unwad your panties.)

Erica, Bastard! Got me! LOL!!

anon, Bastards 🤣🤣
2018, "Starting in early 2019, the Skyway Bridge is to be replaced, in order to handle the newer and larger cruise ships. Taxpayers to foot the bill."
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Drew S., Most ridiculous crap I ever heard . It's already like the biggest bridge I know of , how much bigger does it need to be ? And if the sole purpose of enlarging for ships , let ships pay for it

Kisa, you are lucky i like you...

Sucker, You guys crack me tf up

Joseph A., It’s bullshit, just like the assholes that run the site. (it's contributors like you that make it all worthwhile.)

Laura A., Just a larger bridge for people to jump from. Isn't there another solution?

Bruha U., No one wants to follow the link and read the story, huh?
Linsie K., Of course not. They are too lazy and just wanna bitch 😂

Beverly, You got me!
2017, "Starting June 1st, Skyway Bridge toll going up to $5.00 each way."
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anon, Literally said "holy f*ck" when I saw it.

Amanda W., Got me! Good one! ;)

Tracy I., Thankfully I only told a few people before I realized....good job! 😂 

Russ B., Guess I'll only use it when people are visiting... They'll wanna say they drove over the big bridge.

Bianca I., What if you only want to jump off the middle? 😉

Sean B., Yeah but jumpers don't have to pay, does the bridge need repairs? Or just being greedy.  
2016, "Man base jumps from the Skyway Bridge and lands on a boat."
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Lori B. S., I hate you.

Zaza, Haha love it good one

Jessica L., I was waiting for it... then when it happened... I still clicked... smh...

Adam, I was about to say...that'd be very impressive parachute stunt. Doable...but impressive lol
2015, "Westboro Baptist church protesters say Skyway Bridge jumpers will burn in hell."

Sarah, Haha! There is no hell!! lol
2014, "On the Skyway fishing pier, man in creeper van giving away free candy to children."

Donna D., Well done. Wellll done.

Rachel S., LOL! Totally got me there.
2012, "Man falls off bridge while taking pictures at the top."

Jon, Should have known

Thomas M., :)))))))))))) Sick! :)))))))))))

Debbie A., LMAO what a moron

Danyale, i should have known better u got me

Shaun, Man, o, man, you've got one coming...

Laura B., Heh - glad it was a joke!
2011, "Family in car is blown off Skyway during violent storms that swept through the area."

Melanie L., You got me. I knew I had one coming today.

Dee S., jackass
2010, "Hot air balloon gets caught up in the Skyway Bridge structure."

Diane B., UGH!! Got me!!! LOL!!

Melissa R. S., F*cker
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