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the st. pete piers

updated: 12.19.19
from train tracks and timbers, to classic florida architecture,
to an inverted pyramid, to the new one under construction.

1889: the railroad pier

not much to st. pete yet.

people dressed with polite style and taste, even when fishing from a pier.

railings? we don't need no stinkin' railings.

1906: the electric pier

1913: the first municipal pier

1926-1967: st. pete municipal recreation pier.

full size


1965 postcard

the beginning of the end. bringing down the pier building.

1973-2013: the 'inverted pyramid'.

full size

 Tim Arruda
Tim Arruda

 Tim Arruda
Tim Arruda

under construction.

bringing it down in 2015 full size

st. pete pier demolition, time lapse 08.19.15 - 11.13.15
 st pete pier history:
the 'future pier' debate
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