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updated: 03.03.18
~ - punctuation mark; indicating sarcasm in text based writing, when placed directly after normally used marks ending sentences, when a sarcastic interpretation is intended.

cumulodufus (cu·mu·lo·doo·fus) noun; a cloud forming a towering mass around a fat head, after he exhales his shitty vape thing.

gephyrophobia (JEFF-i-ro-FO-bee-uh) - the fear of crossing bridges.

religipocrisy - 1. that special way the religious bend and change "god's word" to suit their current need, assuring themselves they are in the right, no matter how wrong they are, or who they hurt in the process, usually by concealing their true hateful character behind a facade of fake caring, love, and goodness.
2. to demand respect for one's belief, while disrespecting all other beliefs.

sjw - social justice warriors

thumpophobia (THŬMP-o-FO-bee-uh) - the fear of being hit by a falling jumper.
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