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site media mentions when news turns olds.

05.02.11: radio documentary

05.22.09: tampa tribune

u.p.i. - united press international
drudge report
the daily dirt - 05.25.00
humo - a dutch site - 05.29.00
another dutch site - 05.08.00
some swedish or norwegian site, we can't tell
netdreck - the germans have a say

this creepy website
to all media:
   if you wish to contact us for your cute little skyway bridge article or interview, don't bother. we refuse to comment. please do not attempt to lure us into yet another ambush story. we know your end game and choose to tap-out beforehand. our official statement is as follows:

   "the operators of declined to be interviewed on the record or to identify themselves. this stance is a direct response to false reporting and outright lying in the past. thanks, but no thanks."

   seriously, do not ask.

   if you have questions to ask by email, have at it.
   if you wish to contact someone through this website, give it a shot.
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