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2021 jump events

updated: 01.14.23
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12.30.21: possible jumper/save
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.30.21, Cathy A., facebook, Crossed the bridge 30 minutes ago, saw the police w lights racing up, then saw car parked at top…. I realize this is toughest time for depression, hope any Jumper was stopped! Thank you for the fence!

any more info is welcome.
10.02.21: save, 9:00am, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.02.21, anon, Guy struggling with her. He was in front. She was a baker acted.

any more info is welcome.
10.02.21, iontb/fb, Skyway: Kudos to the good samaritan that assisted this emotionally distraught individual along the southbound lanes of the bridge. She is now in FHP custody.
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09.28.21: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.01.21, Michele C., Conroe, Texas, Have looked for information concerning the man that jumped off of the sky bridge on September 28, 2021. Is there any connection to the 28 year old man who jumped on the same day 2 years earlier?

any more info is welcome.
09.13.21: save, 10:00pm, male
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.14.21, Kayla H., FL., Last night around 10 pm on 9/13/2021, I witnessed a yellow VW beetle car parked at the top of the bridge. I saw a man in tan khaki shorts climbing up the barrier fence. I was in complete shock and it didn't register until i was well passed him. Does anyone know anything about this or what happened?

09.18.21, Bill P., Tampa, FL., (09.13.21, 10:00pm, male, was stopped from jumping), The young man was stopped by FHP and taken to get help. Thank you, FHP.

any more info is welcome.
09.02.21: possible jumper, 5:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
09.02.21, Suzie, Clearwater, (5:00am, male, body found), U.S. Coast Guard Facebook page.

any more info is welcome.
09.01.21: possible jumper, 4:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.01.21, Savanna R., facebook, Was on the bridge today, stopped in traffic. A cop and another emergency vehicle got there around the time I made it to the top and there was an abandoned vehicle. Have there been any reports on today?

09.02.21, Paul B., this was yesterday around 4......crashed car or jumper...dunno...did not see an accident but did see parked cars.

any more info is welcome.
08.02.21: save, 1:00pm, female, taken into custody
thank you, fence sitting reporters:
08.02.21, Christina P., facebook, There’s a jumper sitting on top of the fence. Lots of emergency activity. Female. Not sure if she'd jumped yet... only catching up on things at the moment.

08.02.21, Diane B., facebook, Just saw a post that someone is sitting on top of fence right now🤦


08.02.21, anon, Woman in custody. Nb at hump

08.02.21, Michele R., Palm Harbor, FL., (1:00pm, female), I was driving home from Ellonton outlet and heading north and soon as I got on bridge, traffic was bumper to bumper going up, the other side was empty, not one car, about 15 minutes to get to top of bridge and police were directing into one lane, with inside land closed. On other side the person had climbed the 10 to 11 foot chain link fence and was sitting up top, one leg on outer side, one on inner side of fence. Appeared to be a woman with may braids or dreadlocks, really long hair, white woman, Police at time were trying to talk her down, as I started going down the bridge, I saw the firetruck racing to get there, so not sure how long this was called in and how long police were there for. Needless to say, witnessing that is vivid in my head and I pray they got her down safely. So sad to think someone is struggling so bad to take their own life. Prayers for this woman!

08.02.21, Albert B., Possible jump today at 1.15...

08.03.21, ELN, Valrico, (08.02.21, 1:01pm, female), I was driving by at 1:01pm, emergency personnel appeared to just have arrived, traffic was just starting to back up. She assisted to be either photographing or videotaping herself.

any more info is welcome.
facebook article posts,
• 08.02.21, Ember M.,

  08.02.21, skyway, i would have bet cash money that the first to climb it would be a guy, not a woman, taking a selfie.
(dear woman on the fence, if you were indeed taking pictures, please send us at least one and perhaps, your barrier climbing story. your identity will remain anonymous.)

• 08.02.21, Rafael R., Saw traffic come to a stop and fire department from the water. Coast guard boat was ready as well.

• 08.02.21, Gryffin L., Kinda interesting since you said "you can't climb it" a couple weeks ago. Funny how that works.
  08.02.21, skyway, no, i said YOU couldn't climb it. prove me wrong and we'll see how funny that works.
  08.03.21, Gryffin L., what makes the difference between me and anyone else? Sounds like you're just bitter because someone else proved my point.
  08.03.21, skyway, no one claimed that the barrier would be 100% effective. some may get through, but it has worked and will continue to work, but please, continue to rally for it's failure. perhaps i grow weary of you detractors and maybe it comes off as bitter. i'm not, but damn you people are exhausting. my money is still on the fact that you could not climb the fence, so there's that.
08.04.21, Gryffin L., "you people" you mean people who actually understand how the mentally ill work? "They can't jump off the bridge, so that means they won't kill themselves!!! We saved the day!!" Yeah. No. Not how it works. Why don't you read up on PEMHS and tell me how great of a place it is? Because it isn't. They could've thrown the money they spent on a pointless barrier into making the mental health industry better. Why? Because the government doesn't understand how it works. Like I said, it's like hiding all the knives in the house and thinking that fixes the problem. The problem was never the knives, it's what's going on with the people that want to use them.
  08.04.21, skyway, repeating your points do not make them any more valid than the first time. i already addressed them and will leave it at that. in summary: there is a barrier, it is done, it may or may not work, suicidals may or may not try other methods, just like they have throughout history, even with knives, and there will never be enough money or people capable of handling the tsunami of the mentally ill. please feel free to venture continued redundant response, but i am out.    slurp slurp, yum yum
06.23.21: the skyway bridge suicide prevention barrier has been completed.
06.12.21: jumper, 10:00pm, male, lived, rescued at the fishing pier
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
06.12.21, John a., Tampa, (10:00pm, male, hit water, lived), I was at the south fishing pier, friend heard crys for help and we saw a man in the water, told all the other fishets and some men lowered ropes and a net in the water to keep the man afloat, could see his car parked across the bay on the skyway bridge. Police boat saved the jumper who clearly was giving up.

06.13.21, DMac, St. pete, regarding: Guy jumped last night, Hi. We luckily heard a guy calling for help as we pulled up to the south fishing pier store. He jumped from the SW bridge. We were able to follow him until he got to the fishing pier. He hung on to the net we threw him until wildlife officers finally came in a boat. There were lots of police on the SW but not the fishing pier looking for him. Do you know what happened??

06.14.21, anon, Guy got in argument with girlfriend and jumped. Drifted to south fishing pier where he was rescued. Not sure how high he was when he jumped. Definitely not at top (we would imagine that the barrier begins and ends at an elevation that would tend to be less fatal. there are several instances where guys have jumped from the skyway, due to arguments with females. [see the name list] we venture to guess that most men have considered suicide under the same circumstances. females can make us long for the solitude that only death can bring. of course, we're kidding. maybe.)

any more info is welcome.
facebook article posts,
• 06.14.21, April M., He jumped at mile marker 9, the flat part of the bridge - just a few feet down - and swam over to the south fishing pier. It wasn’t a suicide attempt. later: I work for an agency that responded to the scene. later: Heard that he was intoxicated as well so that probably had a lot to do with it.
05.30.21: possible save
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.30.21, Jdub, Bradenton, fl., Thankful for the people who called the police tonight. Saved my brothers life. He tried to jump off the skyway bridge but the officers were able to convince him to get down and was transferred for evaluation. Praise God 😭

any more info is welcome.
05.28.21: possible jumper, 11:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.29.21, Gina A., facebook, did someone jump last night seen alot of boats searching around 11pm (yours is the only report we have received.)

any more info is welcome.
05.25.21: possible jumper
unknown? Danielle Watkins?, 36
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
05.25.21, C.P., facebook, I think someone went off over the fence Black suv at the top of the bridge with a ton of Clearwater police and fhp. Car was empty.
skyway, over the fence?
C.P., Pretty sure yes It was top of the bridge and there is the fence there

any more info is welcome.
a dialog through facebook:
• 05.31.21, Neisha L., I believe the recent jumper with the black SUV is Danielle Watkins
  skyway, did you know her?
  Neisha L., Yes I did.
  skyway, sorry you had to go through this.
  Neisha L., ❤ thank you so much for your website. I’ve spent hours, up all night, including last night, wondering what was going through her head, and imagining what she went through
  skyway, i always imagine the horrific lone struggle one must go through, in order to find oneself up there, on the edge, with one step left in your life. what torment one must be going through to pull it off like that. i hope you cope with this. it's always hard for those left behind.
  Neisha L., If it helps to add detail to your site. Danielle sent a message to my dad before she jumped. Her reason for choosing the bridge was because she did not want to cause a financial burden on the family and was hoping that they would not find her body because she did not want a funeral. Her message seemed as though she was so at peace. She had her mind made up, that she did not matter. "I am no one to make a big fuss over" she says jokingly 😪 that hurts
  skyway, did she have a facebook? a photo? some memorial?
  Neisha L., Her family is honoring her wishes, so no funeral will be held and a mom?
  skyway, so sad.
  Neisha L., Yes, her youngest is my little sister 😪
  skyway, you have a tough job ahead of you. i wish you well.
  Neisha L., Thank you ❤ and again I appreciate your website so much, I can’t stop reading the stories. God bless you
  skyway, i hope you soon find peace with what you have been dealt.
  06.03.21, skyway, how old is she?

  Neisha L., 36 years old. We are receiving mixed stories. Some saying she jumped and some saying she parked under the bridge and just walked in and let the tide take her out
Danielle Watkins

facebook article posts
04.05.21: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.05.21, C.P., facebook, Sb side there’s a white Chrysler sedan parked at the top of the bridge. Appears empty. Right after I passed it there was a trooper hauling ass with lights and sirens going nb towards the bridge.

any more info is welcome.
03.17.21: jumper save, 6:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.17.21, Lee, Venice, Florida, (6:00pm, male), I saw him hang onto one of the polls as the police were running up to him I got some pictures to

03.17.21, Jamie, Manatee, (5:55pm, male), Today as I was driving north I witnessed a man sitting on the side, as I pulled over to try to talk to him he stood on the side and was swinging from the new bars, putting one hand out and one leg out. I called 911 and saw that people had called. An officer in an unmarked car arrived just as I hung up with 911, and asked if he jumped. He was still there, grey teeshirt, I never got close to him because I didn’t want to make him jump. I stayed for a bit and prayed, then left. I am unsure of the outcome.

03.17.21, Dave, Palmetto, Empty minivan at the very top with state trooper behind it. Nobody in sight walking on the bridge. Dry cleaning hanging in the backseat still :(

03.17.21, anon, St pete., (6:00pm, male), Around 6 this afternoon. Drove past signs that said right lane blocked when I got up to the top of the bridge there were about four cop cars with probably four cops about 3 ft from a guy that was hanging from a bar on top of the bridge his feet were on the concrete.

03.17.21, Sherry, Bradenton, Came over Southbound span around 722pm. A maroon truck stopped suddenly, backed up about 20 feet, swung open his door, and exited to the back of his truck. Called FHP who reported to have a trooper on site within minutes. I hope and pray it was not someone who jumped.

any more info is welcome.
03.17.21, iontb/fb, Skyway: Expect delays northbound over the Skyway due to a large emergency response at the top of the bridge. Roadway should be clearing shortly. later: Fhp trooper was able to grab subject. comments:
• Candice L., Yes a jumper. My husband and I were going over and seen the man up there clinging to the pole and a few cars pulled over trying to assit. Emergency Vehicles weren't even there yet. We continued north and started to see firetrucks, ambulances and troppers heading that way. Man looked to be maybe 45-55ish.

• Courtney H., Yes I saw him too swinging around and leaning back on the pole

• Paul B., here is the can see his head.....the moment i passed is when trooper grabbed the pic though of that.He is hanging on the the pole.

facebook article posts,
• Angela B., Thank God! I saw him hanging there. I have been a mess all night.

• Ivy N., My children watched as he screamed to the women to back off. Holding on with his legs wrapped around and one arm holding on the other telling them to back off. Smh prayers for his healing and guidance.

• Christine L., I was that woman. He was sitting in the passenger seat of his car when I pulled up. When I get out of the car he motion for me to stay away but I walked closer and he jumped out of his car and onto the bridge. I have been practicing in my head for years what I would do if I saw somebody stopped at the top. I have stopped multiple times in this is the first time that there was somebody still in the car and this is definitely the first time I dealt with somebody who was attempting. I was at a loss for what to do because it was so windy I could not hear him and he could not hear me. The only thing I knew to do was to fall to the ground and cry. I was hoping that my crying would affect him. I think it did because when our eyes first made contact after he was up there and I was crying, he had the look in his eyes of a man who sees his girl cry for the first time. Whatever it took is what I had to do. I could didn't have much that I could do. I just needed to buy time. So I cried and I screamed and I begged him not to jump
  Ivy N., Well Thank God you were there. You bought time and he is still alive because of that.
  Jamie A., Christine L., yes, i saw you there. I pulled over as well and went to the back end of my car. I was trying to yell at him from there, there’s no way he heard me. An unmarked officer pulled up behind me and put his vest on and asked whether he jumped, to which I said not yet- he was swinging his arm and leg from the bar while standing on the wall, back and forth.. I just stood there frozen and prayed... once more officers arrived I left, I could not be there if he were to actually jump. I am soooo grateful that he was rescued, and I hope he finds the help he needs! Thank you so much for your efforts, I know how it can be driving over it daily and seeing it happen. I’ve seen things before, and you’re right, all you can really do it pray and try to help them realize that they do matter
  Christine L., Jamie A., I was kind of in shock the whole time but there was someone who stopped and took my phone and called 911 and stayed with me and him. Was that you? I asked the person their name and it did not register.
  Jamie A., Christine L., no, i was in a black suv. My kids were in the car, I didn’t want to go too far from them. The guy looked my way and I was making gestures and shouting, it was unbelievably windy. I used to work the graveyard shift and once I saw a woman standing at the top of the bridge (about 2am) and it was too sudden for me to stop.. I called 911 and turned around and went back over to check on her and she was gone. I then returned to my original direction (southbound) and the FHP was standing behind her car and had her purse set on the trunk. I told myself I would never allow myself to just keep driving, because if a person who felt like there’s no reason to live just has others driving by, they probably would jump. If I could stop and at least show them I don’t want them to and I care, I’m good with that.
  Christine L., I made a commitment to God that I would stop every time. I intend to keep that commitment. I don't even care if I don't know what to do the next time other than cry on my knees. If that's all I know to do then I will do that. I will stop for every time I see a car if nobody has responded. For the past couple years I did not stop if I did not see anybody in the car. But from now on I will stop no matter what because somebody could be laying on the seat crying. It is nice to feel a sense of togetherness with you and the others who say that they also make a point to stop. Thank you for sharing
  Jamie A., Christine L., thank you.. nothing really prepares you for that situation unless it’s your job. I’m like you, I would always think about what I would do if the situation came up, and I’ve driven by MANY where it’s aftermath. I saw the woman the one night, and I saw a man with long hair on the opposite side walking around the roadway (they shut down the lanes). Nothing gets you ready for it. I met up with my husband after and when I got out of the car to explain why I was late I just collapsed and everything was spinning and went black. I bottles it up and told my kids that we could leave because the officers would save him. I pray he finds the help he needs and support he needs. So sad.
  Christine L., Jamie A., I understand what you mean is collapsing because I couldn't stop crying last night. And I am not a girl who cries. Can't remember the last time I cried before last night. And I just kept crying. I think he's going to get the help he needs. I stayed until the end and I spoke with the man very briefly before they took him away. He was going to kill himself because he got sentenced to jail for something menial. The officer was telling him that's not a big deal just do your time and you'll get out and it's not a big deal and that's all I could really hear. So, they will take him to rehab and they will not release him to the community they will release him straight to jail. He could get his jail time over with and then he can get released and start his life and he won't have to kill himself anymore. Hopefully it works out that way
  Jamie A., Christine L., it’s like we’re the same. I’m so glad you could speak with him briefly. I’m sure quite a few people were worried about him, even though he’s a complete stranger- there are good people still on this earth. I still haven’t shared it with anyone other than my husband and my sister.
  Christine L., Jamie A., that's what I was thinking. It's like we're the same
  Christine L., I'm so grateful to know that you stopped. When I was kneeling on the ground begging him not to jump I did not know who was behind me. Then I began to yell somebody call 911 somebody call 911 and someone the other woman who stopped, tapped me on the shoulder and took my phone out of my hand and called 911. I did not call 911 because I knew there were cameras on the bridge and I hoped and prayed that somebody would call but I wanted to have an audio Facebook message because I wanted my Facebook friends to pray. I thought that would be more effective then dialing 911. There are cameras and sensors up there and people driving by and First Responders were sure to come. But there was no surety that he would not jump. I made the choice to broadcast for prayer
  Christine L., The officers were really good with him. One tactic that one of the first two of them used was talking about the man's mom. The man told me he goes by Rick oh, by the way. So the officer began to talk to Rick about his mom
• Skyway Bridge most people do not stop for whatever reason. you two did and should be credited for saving this guy. well done.

03.18.21, fbplugin, Christine L., I am the person who stopped first. There must have been more than one drum for at 6 p.m. although I did not see another because two people above in this thread say that they stopped. They did not. Why would anyone claim to be the first one to stop at something like this when they were not? Anyway, I saw his car there and I pulled over in front of him I was in a gray Kia and my nursing scrubs. I was afraid that he may have thought that I was some type of authority figure because I had my uniform on so I didn't want to be pushy. And he was telling me to go away or he would jump. Additionally, the wind was so strong that I could not hear him I could only tell what he was saying and he could not hear me. Not wanting to be the Catalyst for him to jump I respected his wishes and stayed back and did the only thing I thought I had in my tool belt. I fell to my knees and cried and begged him not to jump. I continue to cry and beg him not to jump. The next person to respond with another woman. She slowly walked closer towards him and was talking with him loudly because she was still quite far away. I had been there 5 or 6 minutes maybe a little more before she stopped and then she was there about 5 or 6 minutes maybe a little more before the first police arrived. Once they arrived the other woman and I stood back. I was absolutely amazed that at least 20 cars went by beeping and yelling and screaming jump jump just do it jump. What is wrong with people? This is only my second time on this site and the first time was a long long time ago., but I thought they video footage you could find somewhere on this site. Sure would be nice to see the video of those two men up above who said they stopped first. I'm not looking for Glory but it was quite an emotional situation being up there and I really don't know how to process that two other people are independently saying that they were the first ones
03.17.21, u/cjhoops13,, Anyone know what happened to the guy about the jump off the Skyway today? He had people around and cars stopped begging him not to do it. This was about 45 minutes ago. I passed him while driving and called 911 and saw fire/police on the way but I have no idea whether he jumped or not.
03.10.21: article - skyway suicide barrier may finally stop the ripples of loss.
03.09.21: possible jumper, 7:15pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.09.21, Stacey A., Saint Petersburg, Driving North bound 7:15 pm. Cop with lights on top of bridge on the south bond behind a vehicle. Didnt see anyone.

03.09.21, 9:57pm

any more info is welcome.
02.17.21: possible jumper, 9:30am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.17.21, C.P., facebook, Today 9:30am

any more info is welcome.
02.09.21: possible jumper, 8:30pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.09.21, Annie G., facebook, Tue 8:42pm, Possible attempt, Driving over and cop has van older brown

any more info is welcome.
02.03.21: jumper, 10:00pm, female, hit water, lived, rescued
Alexa, 18
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.03.21, Concerned Citizen, St. Pete, (10:03pm), The all too familiar Fire Dept rescue assignment headed to the bridge now.

02.03.21, anon, (female, lived), 18 year old female jumped tonight, unknown if she hit the water or the rocks. She was recovered on the rocks.

02.04.21, Deacon, Bradenton, 18 yr old girl, night of 2/3/2021, She landed in the water and swam to the rocks She has a bruised lung and a broken back and is about to undergo surgery. The doctors believe she’s going to be OK...

02.05.21, Bam R., fbplugin, I heard from state trooper that - she pulled up , got out and just ran n jumped. but wasnt at the top top of bridge.

02.05.21, Lee A., Bradenton, (02.03.21, 10:00pm, female, hit water, lived), This young lady is a very close family friend. By the grace of God she will be ok. Earlier that day her boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident. She was completely grief stricken. She is having surgery and will be getting the necessary therapy afterward. When she hit the water her instinct to live kicked in otherwise she would not be with us today. She is still riddled with grief and is processing the loss of her boyfriend but is thankful she chose life while she still could. I urge anyone going through a crises that you may feel is too much to handle, please seek help. Not very many are as lucky as this young lady. I’ve never prayed so hard in my life.

any more info is welcome.

02.03.21, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, 22:10, 00:27, 2h17m
02.06.21,, By Steven Hirschfield, Teen survives jump from the Skyway Bridge as delays continue on the suicide barrier construction project.
On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, the repeated delays in the construction of this barrier failed to prevent another victim from jumping from the 196 foot high Skyway Bridge into the waters of Tampa Bay.
The 18 year-old girl learned that her 17 year-old boyfriend died in a motorcycle crash earlier the same day. The fatal crash occurred at approximately 12:50 p.m. as her boyfriend was operating his motorcycle eastbound on 63rd Avenue West near Hawaiian Drive in Manatee County. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a 75 year-old driver pulled onto the roadway and into the path of the motorcyclist, who died at the scene.
After receiving the devastating news, the distraught teenager made a decision that would change her life forever. She drove to the Skyway Bridge, exited her vehicle south of the apex and jumped at approximately 10 p.m. She not only survived the impact but was able to get herself onto the rocks under the bridge.
A trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) quickly arrived to the scene after the 911 communication center received a call from a passing motorist. Multiple other agencies responded to the scene including St. Petersburg Fire Rescue (SPFR), Eckerd College Search and Rescue(EC-SAR), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG). First responders on the bridge were able to hear her screams for help after she pulled herself out of the water and onto the rocks.
The crew from the USCG arrived on scene and located the teen on the rocks. Heavy waves and conditions made access to her very difficult and two crew members from SPFR joined forces on the USCG vessel to access her successfully. After the treacherous effort to extricate her from the rocks, she was brought to a local boat dock and transported to the trauma center at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. The teen has undergone at least one complicated spinal surgery and is facing many hurdles during her ongoing and extensive recovery and rehabilitation.
Construction on the Skyway Bridge Vertical Net suicide barrier project was scheduled to commence in June of 2020 with completion in September of 2020. The latest information shows the new start date of early 2021 with completion in the Summer of 2021. The delays appear multifactorial but appear to be focused on the shortage of materials required due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This 3.4 million dollar project will construct an 8 ft high vertical suicide barrier placed on the outside barrier wall of the bridge.
Over the past several years, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reviewed multiple options to successfully deter suicide attempts on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge while preserving the iconic design.
FDOT previously implemented non-structural deterrence methods including installing six crisis hotline phones to connect with suicide prevention staff, funding 24-hour Florida Highway Patrol coverage, installing cameras to reduce response time, installing signs that message suicide assistance is available, and implementing pedestrian and stopped vehicle detectors to reduce response time when motorists park on the bridge.
One of the initial issues surrounding the project was that a higher barrier would prevent the necessary periodic inspection of the bridge. FDOT reports that technology advancements will now allow the necessary inspection equipment to reach over and under the bridge and the Skyway Vertical Net to continue such bridge inspections.
No official statistics are available but a local website,, has been tracking jumpers from the Skyway Bridge for many years. The site shows over 350 people have jumped from the bridge since 1954. Many of those do not survive the ordeal, and those that do, suffer from the long lasting physical and emotion toll from the incident.
The true impact of these incidents, along with so many other suicides go unreported as the sigma attached to suicide is so great. Suicides are often not reported by media outlets or public safety entities which hinders the public’s awareness about the rising number of individuals killing him/herself. According to recent statistics from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in 2018 there were an estimated 1.4 million suicide attempts and more than 48,000 deaths by suicide, making it the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. This equates to, on average, 132 Americans die by suicide each day. It is the eighth leading cause of death for all Floridians.
Many survivors and their loved ones are anxiously awaiting the completion of this construction project which will hopefully facilitate the removal the Skyway Bridge from the top five suicide bridges in the United States.

08.07.21,, A taste of adrenaline in the waters of Tampa Bay. Ready for anything, Petty Officer 1st Class Jessica Herrick talks about her mission piloting a U.S. Coast Guard cutter.
By Philip Morgan, Times Correspondent
U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Jessica Herrick pilots a cutter that patrols the waters around St. Petersburg and Tampa.
"So I have all the fun", as she puts it.
Before that, she served in the Pacific on the 418-ft. national security cutter Bertholf. Herrick, 33, talked with the Tampa Bay Times about two dramatic experiences from nearly 15 years in the Coast Guard.
One night last February, you took part in the rescue of a teenager, distraught over the death of her boyfriend, who survived a jump off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. What happened?
Earlier in the day, we went out, did our boarding and came back and anchored out near Fort De Soto.
I was doing work on the bridge on the computer. It was about 10 p.m. and I hear a broadcast report of a person in the water in the vicinity of the Skyway Bridge. And we got there within, like, five minutes.
Our goal was to beat (Coast Guard) station St. Pete, because they’re right there at Bayboro. We launched the small boat (from the cutter). I got my most experienced two crewmen on board. The fire department’s on scene. We beat the station; they finally get on scene. It was really neat to see everybody just come together and help each other out. We’re doing search patterns, we’re looking for this person in the water, and the fire department spots the female. They’re pointing the spotlight. "She’s right over there."
Our small boat is the shallowest platform compared to the fire department and station St. Pete, so we’re able to get into shallower areas. I’m driving slowly so I don’t run the girl over. I’m looking for somebody in the water and I don’t see her. And then they shine the spotlight on the rocks, and this girl was on the rocks. It was really mind-boggling… because normally people that jump off that bridge, one, they don’t survive, and two, they suffer severe injuries where they’re not able to get themselves on rocks.
As I approached the rocks, my two guys, they jumped onto the rocks. And they’re assessing the victim, asking her questions. She didn’t have any feeling in her hands or her feet, so that’s telling us, okay, she probably suffered a spinal injury.
You were able to transfer medical personnel from the bigger Coast Guard boat from Bayboro Harbor to your boat and then the rocks, you say.
They have to get her on a stretcher. They strap her in. Me, I’ve got to make a decision, am I going to beach the boat on these rocks? For me, that’s taking a risk because I don’t know how sharp these rocks are. We puncture the small boat; we could end up sinking. I ended up beaching the bow of the boat on the rocks because at that time it became life versus property, and I’m not dropping this girl in the water. It’s not happening.
I’m going maybe half a knot. I put in a little bit of power to hold the bow.
We get the litter onto (the) giant inflatable fender, a collar that goes around the entire small boat. So, we set her on the side because there’s no room on the small boat, and we’re just holding her, she’s just on the edge. And I’m yelling at the guys, "Hang on to her!" "We got her!"
We transferred them onto the (bigger boat), a little bit tricky in itself, but we managed to get the job done. It was probably the most rewarding feeling that I’ve had in a while.
02.05.21,, Alexa's boyfriend Anthony was killed Wednesday in a tragic motorcycle accident. Alexa heartbroken in a desperate attempt to still be with him made a bad decision. She realized her mistake immediately but it was too late to change the choice so she fought for her life and survived something not many people have. Her heroic action saved her own life and has allowed her a second chance. Now she has a battle to heal and recover back to a normal life. After a 5 hour surgery, Dr. Befeler rebuilt her spine saving her from paralysis but the rest of the journey will be a long hard fought battle. Every penny will go to Alexa's hospital and rehabilitation bills. Thank you for helping this young artist paint a beautiful future.    
the motorcycle accident:
02.03.21,, Bradenton teenager dies in motorcycle crash, FHP says
A 17-year-old Bradenton boy is dead after his motorcycle collided with a car that turned in front of him on a Manatee County street, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
Troopers say the crash occurred around 12:50 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of 63rd Avenue West and Hawaiian Drive.
A 75-year-old Arizona woman in Nissan Versa sedan was traveling northbound on Hawaiian Drive approaching the exit of the Hawaiian Village mobile home park, according to FHP. She then attempted to make a left turn into the westbound lanes of 63rd Avenue West.
The 17-year-old motorcyclist was traveling in the eastbound lanes when the car turned in front of him, troopers say, and though he tried to slow down, he was unable to avoid colliding with the vehicle.
Manatee County EMS responders later pronounced him dead, according to FHP. Troopers noted that he was wearing a helmet.
The 75-year-old woman was uninjured, according to FHP.
The agency’s Traffic Homicide Unit continues to investigate the accident.
02.06.21, bill, st pete, I would encourage all to donate what you can. I was on top of skyway on crisis phone 7 years ago and nearly jumped, I was terrified looking down. I have since gotten help and things are much better today. I am grateful Alexa swam up and changed her mind. I am so grateful today I did not take the 200 ft plunge, I would not be here today.

facebook article posts,
• Demi H., Drove by just after this happened last night and had the worst feeling watching them run to look over the side of the bridge. Been looking for any news ever since. I hope she recovers.

• Diane J., My daughter and her best friend had just left our house and heading to New Port Richey last night she called me and said they saw the car sitting empty at the top of the bridge and and saw the police coming. I live in Bradenton off of SR 70 & 301 and all I could hear outside were Ambulances, Fire Rescue Sirens and Helicopters for the next hour & a half. It was just very sad to sit outside in my backyard in the dark knowing that someone had just tried to end their life by jumping into that dark, cold water. I passed a truck once at the top it was parked sideways and the drivers door left open. But, There was no-one around. I got the shivers bc it was such an eerie feeling thinking someone had just jumped over the side. I hope this lady gets help and that she will recover and heal wholly. It’s just so sad!

• Terri M., If people knew, how you actually died from jumping, they probably would never jump. I had a conversation with an EMT about it. It's a violent death. Sometimes people need to hear this, hopefully to avoid jumping. Anything to keep them from jumping. My Heart & prayers go out to anybody who is contemplating suicide. Call the suicide prevention hot line 800-273-8255

• Jessica F., I was listening in on the scanner when this came in last night. It it said she jumped and was waiving around in the water. Crazy later: I guess someone called before she jumped because on the scanner it said she was on the ledge and they gave a description of the car. Probably my guess is someone was there trying to talk her out of it. So they had a eye out

• Tamara M., most drown first, injuries secondary according to FHP officer I spoke to after my cousin jumped

• 02.05.21, Steve A., ALEXA UPDATE: 1:30 PM From Father. She just got out of surgery. Complete Miracle. They fused T3 through T9 In Her Spine she may walk soon. But a lot of rehab. Thanks for your prayers.

• Susan P., That bridge is scary. Takes forever to get to the top, I couldn't even imagine thinking a jump that entire drive up. I nearly drowned in a calmer area of the bay...had nightmares for a long time. The bay is a deep, dark, scary place with things that will eat you. Makes me sick to my stomach with the thought. I pray she recovers the best possible both physically AND mentally. I read on here that she lost her boyfriend or friend recently, that can definitly cause someone to lose hope. I pray she realizes how lucky she really is and knows that he would want her to carry on in life with him in her heart. 💏💞💕

• Jennifer L., her boyfriend was killed the day before in a motorcycle accident. A 75 year old Arizona woman pulled out in front of him. He was wearing a helmet but did not survive. I can imagine she was completely overcome with grief. 😢

• fbplugin: Felina K., Glad she wasn't on the top of the bridge. Probably why she survived.

• Kayla W., I'm so glad she survived. Losing your partner is one of the most difficult things someone will ever go through. I hope she receives the help she needs and finds happiness in life again. 💞
02.02.21: save? vehicle issue?, 7:00pm, female
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.02.21, Calvin H., facebook, Jumper SB side, grey Mazda CX-5 out of state plates. 2 FHP on scene.

02.13.21, Mike, Tampa, (02.02.21, 7:00pm, female, didn't jump, taken away), I was stopped in traffic she was in Mazda CX-5 out of state

02.13.21, Jessa, Tampa, (02.02.21, 7:15pm, female, was stopped from jumping), A younger female Looked like she might have been hurt as well, and accident ambulance took her, and cops had a ton of items. When we went back around to see what happened a tow truck was there taking her car. Mazda Illinois plates I believe CX-5 right lane was closed off

02.18.21, Shannon, (02.02.21, 7:00pm, female, never jumped), I was there almost behind her she was hit by a driver and then hit the wall and was injured. She didn’t appear to try to jump she was badly injured grey SUV out of state plates

any more info is welcome.
01.15.21: possible jumper, 7:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.15.21, Tpa, Any news on the black smart car at the top of the bridge this morning around 0708? One police vehicle with lights on behind it

any more info is welcome.
01.14.21: jumper, 12:50pm, male, hit water, died, body found
Joseph Albert, (unconfirmed), 63
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.14.21, anon, (1:00pm, male, hit water, died, body found)

01.14.21, Guy Who Saw, Today around 1pm a truck driver parked on the bridge, and after a road ranger and FHP trooper arrived, ran and jumped off the bridge. He was recovered by a fishing boat. Prior to the troopers arrival, the Ranger had him in a bear hug to stop him. Not sure what happened in between but he ran from the Ranger once he let him go.

01.14.21, Ed B., facebook, Lots of police on top of bridge southbound traffic backed up. Looks like they had a jumper. Saw coastguard boat headed that way.

01.14.21, Cheri M., facebook, I was on the boat and we did the CPR. I watched him jumped from the bridge while we were fishing 😞 It was tramatizing.... we were parked directly underneath the middle of the skyway along with one other small boat when he hit the water inbetween us. We were looking up talking about how it was strange that a semi truck was parked on the bridge like that, next thing we knew in a blink he was on the edge jumping. A crew member on our boat is a firefighter and we immediately went over to him and pulled him from the water and adminstered CPR until St Pete Fire Rescue arrived. He was dead when he hit the water, but we tried all we could. Myself and my friends are so sadden and couldnt believe what happened today right in front of us. God bless his family and friends and anyone who knew him.... my heart hurts for all... (sad you had to go through that. sadder yet that it will forever be in your history. you'll never forget. be well.)

01.15.21, anon, Saint Petersburg, (01.14.21, 12:45pm, male, hit water, died, body found), While fishing under the bridge i saw the man's semi truck at the top and construction workers ..then I hear sirens and told my friends someone is jumping, unfortunately I was recording and have video.. we rushed over and pulled him into our boat, a firefighter was fishing near by and came on board to assist, I believe he was gone when he hit the water but we didn't stop trying until recovery boat came. When FWC pulled up they said I appreciate your efforts but if it were to happen again please drive away or just call it in . Hard as that was to hear I understand the truth behind it because its so rare someone survives but theres noo way we weren't going to try!! Whyyyyy is there no net or supervision up there???! (so surreal and tragic for you. they are going to be installing a barrier, but it's "delayed due to covid".)  

01.17.21, Jade A., facebook plugin, I did want to remain annonoums but really not understanding why "cheri" would LIE flat out about the firefighter pulling this man from the water when my friends boat were the first to arrive and I personally am the first one who put my hands on this man's body and desperately tried to turn him over, unable to manage. my friends sal and andres pulled him onto sal's boat and did all we knew to do when the firefighter yelled from their boat we were doing it wrong and offered his assistance which we are so grateful for! My heart breaks for the family and this man and everyone involved. We are all suffering in some way, however we were directly on scene and mouth to mouth initially from start to finish its been recorded and we all wanted nothing more then this man to survive but I believe he was DOA (luckily for him) from the second he hit the water..

Jennifer M., facebook plugin, Unfortunately, I believe this was my uncle. To those who pulled him out of the water and did CPR, I and my family THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!! He was a wonderful guy. We are all in shock. He will be deeply missed. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR BEING THERE TO ADMINISTER AID. ❤❤❤ later: I am posting again on behalf of my grandparents who arent able to post on facebook. My grandparents wanted me to again thank anyone and everyone that tried to help my uncle. We all are grateful for the actions that you all took in trying to save his life. The world needs more people like you all. Again, THANK YOU to you all from the bottom of our sorrowful hearts.❤❤❤❤

any more info is welcome.  
01.14.21, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, 12:54, 18:54, 6h0m
01.14.21, iontb/fb, Skyway Bridge: Delays southbound on bridge due emergency vehicles at the top of the bridge.
post from the article:
01.14.21, Michelle H., unfortunately it was a jumper. My husband was out fishing and was the marina when the body was recovered. Very sad.
facebook article posts,
• 01.17.21, Jade A., Not that we want credit for this incident, but it was actually my friends and I on our boat who pulled the man from the water and first administered CPR, your friend, the firefighter(major thanks for all yalls efforts him especially, it was traumatic for us all) said we were doing it wrong and offered his assistance and he then came aboard our boat and attempted CPR.... the entire thing was recorded from beginning to end unfortunately. We have been haunted wondering this man's story and sad there was no hope so we have been searching for answers and came across this post.... my friend Salvador M. and his close friend Andres were the brave men who actually pulled this man's body onto Sals boat after we witnessed him jump to his death....I initially tried bc they were driving and couldnt stomach the courage as badly as I wanted to get him out and turn him over . My heart goes out to the family of this man, to the workers at the top who attempted to save his life , as well as ANYONE involved who had to witness this along with us.
11.26.22, April T., St Petersburg, FL, Does anyone know the identity of this man who jumped January 14, 2021? The video of him jumping after he got out of the semi truck has stuck in my mind for almost 2 years. Can someone tell me if he was from here or another state? (we have asked the same question. everything we know is posted here. if we ever get more, here you will find it.)

01.14.23, Joe k., Largo, (01.14.21, 12:54pm, male, hit water, died, body found), This was my best friend of 21 yrs. his name the truck driver was Joseph albert and he was living in Pinellas Park at the time. he was a really caring friend and like a brother I never had. To this day exactly 2yrs ago I still cannot understand or know why he did this every time we went over that bridge to golf in Sarasota Bradenton etc. he always looked at me and said how could someone ever jump off this bridge? The disbelief of him jumping to his death is unthinkable. R.I.P MY BROTHER MY FRIEND LOVE YOU ALWAYS JOJO. AND to the woman april t. Please contact me with any info from that day call me 727 729 **** I'm joe also would like to talk to you. (sorry for the loss of your friend. is there an obituary or news article we can link to? if April T. contacts us, we will pass along your number. thank you for your story.)
01.10.21: possible jumper, 4:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.10.21, Josie J., facebook, About an hour ago I called in a potential jumper. They said they would watch him on the cameras until FHP got there. Hoping they got to him on time. If you have any updates later on I would love to know if I was able to call in on time and potentially save him.

any more info is welcome.
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