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2014 jumper list
updated: 04.11.14

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03.22.14: possible jump
03.22.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2110, 2212, 1h02m

any more info is welcome.
03.21.14: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.21.14, Mark B., facebook, 2 troopers top of bridge northbound, empty car.

any more info is welcome. 
03.19.14: possible jump, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.02.14, Stacey J., Sarasota, Florida, (7:00am, female)

any more info is welcome. 
03.18.14: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.18.14, Ryan G., facebook, Southbound at the hump......police and empty vehicle on the Skyway Bridge. Hopefully it's not a jumper.

any more info is welcome. 
03.16.14: possible jump, female
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.16.14, anon, (5:18 07pm, female), HCSO got call of female 'Shawna Watson' on way to Skyway to jump. HCSO referred call to FHP.

any more info is welcome.
03.09.14: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.11.14, Brian T., Sarasota, FL., (03.09.14, 10:00pm), Was driving over the skyway heading south. Police car was on the side with lights flashing at the top, officer was outside of his car looking at a bicycle with no one around. That's about all I could tell. (your report is all we have for skyway activity on the 9th.)

any more info is welcome. 
02.28.14: possible jumpers?
02.28.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 1054, 1416, 3h22m

02.28.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 1602, 1649, 0h47m

any more info is welcome.
02.24.14: jumper, 8:55am, male, hit water, died, body found
Craig Gilbert Crider, 47
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.24.14, Shepdog of Skyway Lanes, St Pete, FL., (8:48am, male, hit water), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Rescue 11, Truck 11, Engine 11, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and the District Chief and Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. At 8:56, Dispatch reported that a male stopped at the top in the northbound lanes and immediately jumped...At 8:57, Dispatch reported FHP could see the jumper in the water.

02.24.14, DH, Clearwater, (8:30am, hit water), Listening to Pinellas 911 crews responding to a jumper Fire Boat 11 enroute to recover. Not sure if male or female. crews at top of bridge and can see the person in the water and directing FB11 to it. Does not sound as if they survived.

02.24.14, Tom S., facebook, ‎Skyway Bridge Possible Jumper 9am. Toyota Tacoma silver.

02.24.14,, Skyway Bridge: Emergency vehicles atop and below the Skyway working a water rescue. FHP can see male jumper in water. FD responding. later: Body recovered

any more info is welcome.
02.24.14,, Incident Type: Suicide, Dispatched: 08:52 AM, Arrived: 08:53 AM, County: PINELLAS Location: SKYWAY BRIDGE NB [7 BRIDGE SKYWAY NB] [SAINT PETERSBURG]  

02.24.14,, GRID 723S, MEDICAL, FB11, R11, LR1, PD4, USCG, FFWC, E11, T11 (key)

02.24.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 0854, 2208, 13h14m

02.24.14,, Sunshine Skyway Bridge Suicide Man jumped from the center span of the bridge. Victim: Craig Crider DOB: 10-25-66, [address withheld], St. Petersburg,  Details: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating a suicide from the Skyway Bridge that occurred February 24, 2014 at approximately 8:55 a.m. According to witnesses, Crider drove his vehicle to the center span of the bridge and parked his car. He exited the vehicle, walked over to the rail and jumped over. His body was recovered and transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office.
02.24.14,, Man dies after jumping from Sunshine Skyway Bridge
by Dan Sullivan, Times Staff Writer
ST. PETERSBURG — A man died Monday morning after jumping off the center span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to Hillsborough County sheriff's officials. Craig Crider, 47, of St. Petersburg, drove his car to the top of the bridge about 8:55 a.m. and parked, authorities. He then got out, walked to the rail and jumped over. Emergency crews searched the waters below the bridge and found Crider's body, officials said. Hillsborough sheriff's deputies were investigating the death as a suicide.
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02.23.14: possible jump, 8:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.23.14, Alyssa M., Bradenton, FL., (8:00am, male), My husband saw a man this morning standing at the top looking like he was about to jump. He tried 911 but had to wait so long on hold he hung up and called FHP (we have heard of this 911 'on hold' thing before. hardly seems possible that an emergency call for help system would consider 'on hold' to be an acceptable option to those in a dire emergency.) a response:
02.24.14, David D., Pinellas Park, Saw your comment about 911 callers being placed 'on hold'. have you seen this about the volume of non-emergency calls 911 receives? (we hold the opinion these non-emergency calls to 911 would perhaps diminish if severe penalties were enacted. start fining these callers $500 per incident and apply the proceeds back into the system for additional operators. also, withholding these retards' names doesn't help. let's expose these douche nozzles for the idiots they are and publish their stupidity for all to see.)
02.24.14,, Yesterday, crews responded to vehicle atop the bridge with someone looking over about 0850. No car or person were found. (could have been a picture moment, perhaps he chickened out, or maybe it was a test run of the guy that jumped the about the same time the following day, 02.24.14.)

any more info is welcome. 
02.05.14: jumper, 2:59am, female, died
Kelly Lynn Krapfl, 35
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.05.14, Joseph D., Terra Ceia Island, Driving northbound at 3:00 am today and saw 6 police cruisers and rescue vehicles on the hump.

02.06.14, cathy W., St. pete, (02.05.14), friend going to work saw car stopped and empty on top of bridge early on the 5th

any more info is welcome.
02.05.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0259, 0903, 6h04m

02.05.14,, The woman who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been identified. Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Time: 2:59 AM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Victim: Kelly Krapfl, DOB: 8/07/1978, [address withheld], New Port Richey, FL., Details: On February 5, 2014 at approximately 2:59 a.m., Kelly Krapfl parked her vehicle at the center span of the bridge and jumped over the railing. The deceased was located in the water by St. Petersburg Fire Rescue.

09.22.13, "Lesson learned this week- Don't cry wolf bc when you really need help no one believes you."
10.18.13, "It is an awful feeling when you know something is wrong and no one believes you."

obituary • guestbook *
commenteering from facebook about these recent jumpers and suicide:
Hanns Jones, What a mess I wish I could fix it. (you tried.)
•Michael J., So tragic to read about this. Such young lives cut short.
•Devon P., Four little kids without a mom. Tragic.
•Neil T., So it goes. My childhood friend did it yesterday but had no bridge to do it. Three kids. She and I go WAY back. But I am not in her shoes. You, me and others reading this, might be stronger than Julie and this other lady. I find it interesting more than I do tragic. Might not make me the most sensitive of people but I cannot change certain things.
•Skyway Bridge, no one self-eliminates without reason. many times, those closest are clueless as to why. that is what makes suicide such a strange event.
•Mark B., it's incomprehensible how one so brave to leap from the edge lacks the courage to live
•Barbara H., From reading her Facebook posts, it appeared that the 35 year old mother seemed to be reaching out for help. I wish there wasn't a stigma attached to needing help. Not everyone endures things the same. My thoughts are with her loved ones.
•Stephanie P., My thoughts exactly mark. My 22 year old sister jumped from a similar bridge in Houston 3 1/2 months ago. I went to the bridge and stood there looking over the edge and couldn't believe my sister had the balls to jump from that high. I don't get it. Its not a pleasant way to go at all. The autopsy and police report were horrible to read and the pics that came with the police report still haunt me every hour of every day. She was my only sibling and my family has been completely shattered. I have been to that dark place in my mind where I think she was at and can understand why she did it. When you're in so much emotional pain you're not thinking of your loved ones or the consequences. You're only thinking about ending the constant internal pain. My sister's problems were not fixable. She had so many issues and alot were just not solvable. I think she had been dead on the inside for a very long time. Anyways that's just my 2 cents.
•Neil T., Barb, always open to interpretation: My friend who took her own life, no more knowledge than a Skyway leaper. They make up their mind. Social interaction/prevention? My uncle who killed himself in 1980? I couldn't have an impact on these ones where I knew the people. I think that, sadly, you have to just sit back and watch here.
•Mark B., I was stationed in San Francisco in the Coast Guard back in the day, bridge jumpers were common. I had one that survived that screamed that we were hurting him while pulling him in the boat and we couldn't believe the nerve! The damage that causes on everyone else, let alone the jumper. 18 year old kids pulling crushed bodies from the sea. I will never forget it.
•Skyway Bridge, thanks to those sharing their stories and opinions. they just prove there are forces that effect how and when we decide to take ourselves out, regardless of how friends, family, or society in general feel about it. it's been happening since the beginning and will continue to happen till the end and there is squat little that can be done to stop it.
•Linda F., It's always interesting to read posts from family members of people who committed suicide. My sister battled demons for many years. She killed herself in a more unconventional manner, she drank herself to death. I didn't really look at it that way until my best friends mother said to me that, because of my sister's religious beliefs, most likely she drank herself to death because putting a gun to her head, taking pills, or jumping off the Skyway would have put her on the "fast track" to hell. The last 10 months before she died she was drinking a gallon of vodka a day. That is almost incomprehensible to me that someone could drink that much a day. I try looking back feeling like there was more I should have done, but all of our conversations about her drinking turned into a huge argument and ended with us not speaking for a couple weeks. I'd always feel guilty and end up calling her to apologize. She will be gone 2 years on February 20th and I still feel a lot of anger with some guilt mixed in.
•Skyway Bridge, linda makes a valid point. i know several that have used cigarettes in a perhaps unintentional suicidal effort to end their lives. people will argue this, but self inflicted death is suicide, regardless the method or the time it takes to succeed.
•Neil T., Sorry Linda. Like the people I have been dealing with this week, so many of them feel that guilt too. I've had to tell people it is their own burden to put down. But I can honestly say that everyone I have ever known who cut their own lives short: There wasn't anything I could have done to change their minds. Being the cause of something is different. Being the solution is only involved if you are part of the cause.
•Linda F., Thank you Neil. I never really looked at it that way before. I guess I really should put that burden of guilt down. Makes sense that it's mine to hold on to or walk away from.
•Skyway Bridge, it seems odd that while reading some of her guestbook entries, there are several referring to her as such a good mother. makes me thankful my mother wasn't as good and didn't take herself out when i was so young.

02.08.14, Bobby, Pemborke Pines, Florida, I always look at your site but this jumper really caught my attention. According to her Facebook account she was the mother of 4 children all under I think 9 and the youngest is 5 months. WOW....Poor kids (no one will ever fully know the hell she must have felt in order to check out like she did.)

02.08.14, k., new port richey, Kelly was a friend of mine and former coworker. She has had a difficult last few months and dealing with a lot both mentally and emotionally. I can only imagine what it took for her to do this. She was a kind, and loving mom. She was amazing at her job. She was loved by many and loved many in return. The world lost a good person that night she decided to end her suffering. She will be missed by many especially her 4 children. Her baby will never know how amazing her mother was. It is tragic and sad. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this, this week. Wondering what all of us missed....unfortunately it is too late to fix it... RIP Kelly. We love you and will always remember your gently and kind ways and wonderful smile. Look down on your children, guide them, wrap your wings around them, and protect them in ways you never could....they will know you are there...never leave their hearts...
02.04.14: jumper, 9:12am, male, hit water, died
Emmanuel Almanzar, 26
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.04.14, Jess, Tampa, Fl., (9:00am, male), My boyfriend just saw a man jump. Young man in his late twenties, early thirties. Stopped at the top, got out, ran and jumped all very quickly. My boyfriend called 911.

02.04.14, jeneria, milwaukee, wi., (9:30am), From Twitter IONTB.COM ‏@IONTB 3m, Skyway: Large emergency response enroute to the top of the Skyway. Poor visibility. Marine units as well.

02.04.14, anon, (9:15am, male), Small silver car parked at top of bridge with flashers on. Lots of fire dept activity...HEAVY FOG delaying response. Much radio traffic.

02.04.14, Shepdog of Skyway Lane, St Pete, Fl., (9:11am, male, hit water), Pinellas County dispatched St Pete Rescue 11, Truck 11, Engine 11, Fire Boat 11, Eckert College SAR, the Coast Guard, Sunstar and the District Chief and Rescue Lieutenant from downtown to grid 723S. This is the standard dispatch for a jumper. At 0934, Dispatch that 2 fireboats from Tampa were enroute and that the Coasties aren't in the water yet.

02.04.14, anon, saint petersburg, (10:30am), I witnessed state troopers and county sheriffs, fire resucue, at the middle of the south bound with a small gold color 4 dr car and all of them looking over the side. What else could they be looking for?

02.04.14, Robert S., Largo, Fl., Not sure that if anyone has contacted you, but I was driving south bond, over the skyway around 9:50 this morning 2/4/14, there was a lot of activity, at the hump of the bridge (sheriff, fire, highway patrol, road ranger) a car was sitting their unoccupied and the first responders were standing along the edge it was extremely foggy, sure someone had jumped. I seen no information on this website so I wanted to let you know what I had seen.

02.04.14, Sandi B., Cortez, Fl., (9:00am, male, hit water, lived), Hear coverage on VHF radio

02.05.14, Jonathan B., St Petersburg, FL., (02.04.14, 9:10am, male, no crisis phones), I was driving across the skyway in dense fog; traffic was a little slower because of low visibility. I was traveling southbound in the left hand lane. Several car lengths in front of me I noticed a compact car, the model I didn't pay specific attention, pulled to the right shoulder at the very crest of the bridge (I don't know if it had just pulled over or had been pulled over) and as I approached it with the flow of traffic, what looked like a late twenties to thirties male exited the driver side wearing what I believe was workout attire (shorts and a short sleeve shirt with compression pants and shirt underneath), ran to and around the rear of the car and hopped over the barrier as if he was jumping over a small fence. He cleared the barrier just before I passed the car. I looked at the motorist in the lane beside me mouthing "did you see that" but he obviously didn't as he looked confused. I immediately called 911 (my phones time stamp is 9:11 am 2/4/14) and they transferred me to Hillsborough County and also they contacted FHP while I was on the line. I've looked for a story on Bay News 9 as well as google but I haven't come across any stories. It was so fast and surreal. My question to you is do theses stories typically make the news? Because of how out of place this event was compared to my experiences in the world (I've never witnessed or thought I would witness a suicide attempt) I need validation. later: (died), I sent in my eye witness account earlier this morning and my girlfriend was wise enough to suggest I look at the Hillsborough County Sherif's Departments website. Emmanuel Almanzar DOB: 7/01/1987 [address withheld], Tampa. This information was retrieved,

02.06.14, Christian W., New Smyrna Beach, Florida, (02.04.14, 9:15am), Tuesday morning, Feb 4, my girlfriend and I were in the way from St Pete to do a job in Bradenton and witnessed a car parked at the center span, with its flashes on. We didn't slowed a bit and didn't see anybody walking on the bridge. My business partner showed up about an hour later and said that he had to reroute, because the Skyway was shut down. Any info available?

02.06.14, Susan, St. Pete, Florida, (02.04.14, male, hit water, died, body found), Just to give them some credit, Eckerd College found the guy, not FWC. Amazing group of students to find him in the fog. Usually not that many people out on jumpers, either. The radio was very active for this one..

any more info is welcome.
02.04.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0912, 1729, 8h17m

02.05.14,, Man suffers fatal injuries after jumping from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Time: 9:12 AM, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Victim: Emmanuel Almanzar, DOB: 7/01/1987, [address withheld], Tampa, Details: On February 4, 2014 at 9:12 a.m., Emmanuel Almanzar parked his vehicle at the center span of the Sunshine Skyway bridge and then jumped over the side. Florida Fish and Wildlife officers located and recovered the deceased.
01.28.14: possible jump
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.28.14, Jessica F., facebook, near Tierra Verde, FL., Black Nissan sentra being loaded on a tow truck. .. Trooper parked at the top northbound lane. Any news? (yours is the first news of this.)

any more info is welcome.
01.21.14: possible jump, male
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.21.14, Gary D., Largo, FL., I was driving to south to Miami Beach. I always do that with the bridge. I saw a man in a red hat walking up the bridge and he was gone when I look back in my mirror. I know he jumped over the side where else did he go? He looked like he was maybe homeless because his clothes looked real bad and dirty. I am sure this get no coverage because nobody cares about the homeless people. So sad. I know he went into the deep blue sea and today was his last day breathing the air around us. Farewell forgotten one....

any more info is welcome.
01.21.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, REFER - FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL, SKYWAY BG, 1740, 1741, 0h01m
01.19.14: who knows? 11:00am? 5:30pm?
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.19.14, Kaleigh T., Siesta Key, Florida, While driving N bound over the skyway at approximately 11 am, I observed a white male down in between the two sides of the highway. I didn't observe any parked vehicles or construction signs so I felt a little you reporting it but called 911 and was transferred to FHP where they took the above information and my contact info. They thanked me for the information and said they were reviewing the cameras in the area to investigate. I was apologetic that I could not provide more detailed information, as I was driving 7 mph and couldn't see much more. I've been thinking about it all day and wondering what they found out? (thank you. if we get any more, here you will find it.)

any more info is welcome.
01.19.14, Hillsborough County Sheriff, SKYWAY BG, 1728, 2053 3h25m

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