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skyway bridge webcams

there seems to be no streaming skyway cams available to post here.
if you know of any functional skyway cams, do tell.
these are the fl511.com 'still shot' cams on and around the skyway.
their small size make them virtually useless.
clever fl511.com html coding prevents them from being displayed on this site.

I-275 NB At South Rest Area

I-275 NB Past South Rest Area

I-275 NB Before Skyway Bridge

I-275 NB on North Tower

I-275 NB beyond North Tower

I-275 NB before North Rest Area

I-275 SB at North fishing pier

I-275 SB before North Tower

I-275 SB on South Tower
occasionally current web cam views from
the top of the north tower on bridgemonitoring.com.
there is no telling what will be displayed here. sometimes, it's something not the bridge.
other times, the blue screen of fail.

i275 looking north towards st. petersburg.

i275 looking south towards bradenton.

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