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skyway bridge accidents
updated: 06.27.14

accidents occur on and around the skyway bridge, after 2000.
the 05.09.80 collapse • accidents before 2000 • incidents • articles

links could be broken at any time. (our comments follow)
06.26.14: woman in critical condition after skyway bridge crash.
Alice Marie Donahue, 67
10.31.13,, PINELLAS — A driver was critically injured during a traffic crash at 4 p.m. Thursday that blocked the northbound outside lane of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, according to Florida Highway Patrol.
A 67-year-old woman from Dunedin reportedly crashed into two unoccupied vehicles parked at the top of the bridge. The woman’s identity has not been released.
The injured woman was driving a 2009 Chevy pickup northbound on Interstate 275 in the outside lane approaching the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The vehicle apparently drifted out of the travel lane and entered the outside paved shoulder.
The pickup reportedly collided with the left rear of a 2009 Ford -F150 truck and continued northbound before colliding with the left-rear corner of a 2000 Ford F-650. The stricken vehicles were properly parked on the shoulder for construction and maintenance on the bridge, according to the FHP.
The injured woman's truck partially blocked the outside lane of the bridge after the crash, FHP reported. The woman was transported to Bayfront Medical Center with critical injuries.
Sgt. Steve Gaskins, FHP public affairs officer, said charges against the woman are pending.
10.31.13: no injuries after three-vehicle accident on sunshine skyway.
10.31.13,, Three vehicles were involved in a crash near the top of the Sunshine Skyway bridge early Thursday, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Steve Gaskins said.
Gaskins said the accident occurred about 7:13 a.m. in the northbound lane just north of the hump. No injuries were reported and the bridge was clear, despite rush hour timing that usually leads to heavy traffic over the tollway.
10.31.13, Hillsborough Sheriff, TRAFFIC CRASH - WITH INJURIES, SKYWAY BG, 0714, 0727
09.13.12: vehicle flips on skyway
09.13.12,, A rollover accident in the northbound lanes at the bottom of the Skyway Bridge has all but one lane blocked Thursday evening. Emergency crews are on scene. 10 News will have more on this story as information becomes available.
also on facebook/10 News
09.13.12,, One lane of the Sunshine Skyway bridge has been closed because of an accident. It happened along the northbound span. Traffic is backed up for miles. The view from SkyFox shows a two car accident, with one of the cars flipped over.
also on: facebook/FOX13TampaBay
10.21.11: Rescue crews search waters alongside Skyway following crash.
10.21.11,, St. Petersburg, Florida- UPDATE: According to FHP, no one was found in the water.
The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a serious crash that happened Thursday night on the Skyway Bridge.
Emergency crews arrived shortly after 8:00 to find a three-car crash in the northbound lanes and a woman down in the roadway.
A spokesman for St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue said the injured woman was rushed to Bayfront Medical Center in critical condition. He said the agency received numerous 9-1-1 calls from eyewitnesses who reported seeing someone thrown off the side of the bridge during the crash.
A St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Boat was called out to the scene and searched the water alongside the bridge but no one was found.
The Florida Highway Patrol is now taking over the crash investigation. Traffic is back to normal, but one northbound lane may be shut down overnight near the crash site as the investigation continues.
BBeau Zimmer, 10 News

08.06.11: van flips on skyway, driver ejected and killed. son, 12, injured.
Shane K. Chancy, 37

thank you, jumpnews contributor:
08.06.11, Missy, mad beach, I think someone jumped today because the Skyway is totally backed up & blocked & I saw two police cars. I'm really hoping it wasn't a jumper but I'm wondering if it was... (not a jumper, but similar result. the last known time a crash like this happened, the victim was thrown from the bridge. remember kids, always wear your seatbelt.)

any more info is welcome.

08.06.11,, Palm Harbor father killed, son injured in Sunshine Skyway accident
ST. PETERSBURG — A Palm Harbor man was killed and his 12-year-old son was critically injured after a tire blew out and their minivan overturned on the Sunshine Skyway bridge Saturday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
Shane K. Chancy, 37, was going north in a 1997 Mercury minivan on the outside lane of the bridge when he lost control of the vehicle, troopers said. The minivan veered to the outside shoulder, the Highway Patrol said, Chancy steered to the left and traveled across the roadway.
The minivan collided with the median guardrail near the 13.5 milepost of Interstate 275. The vehicle overturned and Chancy was ejected, troopers said.
Chancy was pronounced dead at the scene. His son, Seth Tyler Chancy, suffered serious injuries and was taken to All Children's Hospital, troopers said.
The crash is under investigation. [Last modified: Aug 06, 2011 10:36 PM] (our best wishes for young Seth's quick recovery.)

08.08.11,, Boy injured in rollover accident on Sunshine Skyway released from hospital
ST. PETERSBURG — A 12-year-old boy injured in a rollover crash on the Sunshine Skyway bridge on Saturday afternoon was treated and released from All Children's Hospital, authorities said.
Seth Tyler Chancy was released later Saturday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
Seth's father, 37-year-old Shane K. Chancy of Palm Harbor, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, which happened around 5:30 p.m. According to the FHP, a tire blew out on the minivan being driven by Chancy, which caused the minivan to overturn. Chancy, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected.
[Last modified: Aug 08, 2011 06:03 PM]
06.10.08: highway patrol id's 2 men involved in skyway crash.
06.10.08,, TAMPA - The Florida Highway Patrol has released the names of the drivers involved in a crash on the Sunshine Skyway bridge early this morning.
Troopers said Carl Green, 60, of Riverview, had parked his VHP Enterprises work truck on the inside northbound lane and was inspecting barricades near the hump of the bridge. A dump truck driven by Donald Williamson, 36, of Hernando Beach, struck the rear of Green's truck, then hit the concrete barrier wall just before 1 a.m., a news release states.
Several barricades were destroyed, scattering debris in the northbound lanes, and the gas tanks of both trucks ruptured, the Florida Highway Patrol said.
Northbound traffic was diverted at the south toll booth in Manatee County until hazardous material crews cleaned up the fuel. All lanes were reopened just after 5 a.m.
Neither driver was taken to a hospital. No charges have been filed.
03.28.07: almost accident.

03.28.07,, Skyway scare sends shudders
ST. PETERSBURG - Tobias Rose was navigating a 378-foot freighter filled with more than 10,000 metric tons of phosphate and heading toward the Sunshine Skyway bridge Wednesday when the ship's power and steering suddenly failed.
At that moment, the Antilles II was roughly 2,000 yards from the Skyway, where 35 people died in 1980 after a 608-foot ship rammed it.
So Rose decided to run the ship aground rather than let it veer toward the Skyway, said Allen Thompson, executive director of the Tampa Bay Pilots Association, who spoke to Rose after the incident early Wednesday. Harbor pilots guide about 5,000 large ships in and out of the Tampa port each year.
The Florida Highway Patrol closed the bridge to cars and trucks early Wednesday as a precaution, backing up traffic for miles. It reopened it in less than two hours.
"The key thing was that he realized some evasive action was necessary," Thompson said. "I think he felt the only action was put the vessel aground or risk a worst-case scenario."
But another worst-case Skyway tragedy seems unlikely, officials say.
After the May 1980 Skyway accident, a new bridge was built, designed to try to make sure the tragedy could not happen again.
So was the bridge in danger of collapsing again on Wednesday?
"The answer to that is that we have a system of protections in place to prevent" such a disaster, said Pepe Garcia, a structures and facilities engineer with the state Department of Transportation.
Garcia pointed to two key features:
- Giant concrete and wood disks called "dolphins" placed around bridge supports. These are supposed to act like bumpers, preventing ships from reaching the supports.
- Islands of rocks built around the biggest bridge supports in the channel. These are designed to make a ship run into the rocks before it could strike the supports.
Garcia said it's still good news the ship did not hit either of these features, because they could have damaged the ship and harmed the protective features themselves.
"I'm glad that no one got hurt as far as I understand," Garcia said. "No one in the ship or anywhere."
A Coast Guard investigation is continuing.
Something was up
Among early morning anglers on the two Skyway fishing piers, the incident went almost unnoticed.
Shaun Martinez of Tampa spent most of the night on the north pier. He said he saw a lot of police activity but had no idea what it was about.
"There were police lights along the bridge as far as I could see, and helicopters in the air with spotlights, and I knew something was going on, but I couldn't tell what it was," Martinez said.
Robert Abbenauer of Boston, who was fishing on the south Skyway pier, said he noticed lights near the shipping channel.
"I thought they might be a ship. But they weren't moving, so I couldn't be sure until daybreak, when it was pretty obvious," Abbenauer said.
It wasn't clear Wednesday how Rose was able to maneuver the ship when the steering was malfunctioning. He could not be reached.
But after the incident, the hull of the Antilles II came to rest in the sandy bottom south of Tampa Bay's shipping channel, about 400 yards east of the Skyway.
With the U.S. Coast Guard supervising and an assist from a high tide, workers on three tugs yanked the ship loose about noon, and tugged it to Port Manatee for an inspection. The Panamanian ship, which has a draft of 27 feet, was carrying 10,000 metric tons of phosphate and 78 metric tons of fuel to power the ship.
The incident stopped ship traffic in and out of the Port of Tampa and Port Manatee and delayed about 10 vessels.
Workers using a new system that tracks ship movements in Tampa Bay saw the Antilles II was heading aground early Wednesday and called the Coast Guard.
The system, called the Cooperative Vessel Traffic Service, monitors ships in much the same way that air traffic controllers monitor airplane flights.
-- Times staff writers Jean Heller and Steve Huettel contributed to this report.
Length of freighter: 378 feet
Draft: 27 feet
Cargo: 10,000 metric tons of phosphate
Fuel: 78 metric tons
Location: 400 yards east of Sunshine Skyway
Skyway auto traffic closed: 1 hour, 40 minutes
02.24.05: wrecks on skyway kill 2, injure 1
Erica L. Reed, 27, killed by Joel C. Melody, 25, also died. Tammy A. Webb, 27, injured.

thank you, jumpnews contributor:
02.24.05, Jessica, Apollo Beach,  FL., Hi, I found this on TBO home page, just happened about an hour ago i think....
Two Killed In Accident On Sunshine Skyway, 02/24/05 10:05:43 AM 
TAMPA - The northbound lanes of the Sunshine Skyway were temporarily closed Thursday morning due to a fatal accident. Florida Highway Patrol officers said that two people died in the crash near the top of the bridge over Tampa Bay.
A car involved in an earlier hit-and-run drove into the wrong lane and hit two other cars, according to FHP. The driver who was driving the wrong way and the driver of one of the cars he hit were killed in the crash. 
The lanes of the Skyway bridge are now open.  -- News Channel 8

02.25.05, © St. Petersburg Times, Erica L. Reed wanted nothing but the best for her newborn son.
Less than a month after giving birth, she was back at work with two jobs. Full time for a Tampa insurance company as a sales agent. Part time as a host for a Bradenton restaurant.
But the long hours would soon end. Another insurance company had offered Reed more money, and the single mother looked forward to starting the new job on Monday and spending more time with her son, Anthony Devon William Reed.
Instead, he will never know his mother.
Early Thursday, a man fleeing an accident drove the wrong way on the Sunshine Skyway bridge and slammed head on into Reed's car as she drove home from work. Reed, 27, and the man who hit her died at the scene.
"She was hard-working," said Reed's sister, Monica Williams. Her second job "was something to do to keep the bills paid up until she was able to get this other job on Monday. She would have been set up after that."
Trooper Larry Coggins, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman, said Joel C. Melody, 25, of 10130 Yacht Club Drive, Treasure Island, crashed his Jeep Grand Cherokee head on into Reed's Nissan Maxima.
After Melody hit Reed, of 3157 Diamond Knot Circle, Tampa, he hit the front end of a Buick LeSabre driven by Tammy A. Webb, 27, of 5824 S Sixth St., Tampa. Webb was listed in serious condition at Bayfront Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said. Melody had been involved in a earlier wreck in St. Petersburg, Coggins said, and had fled the scene.
Butch Rinard Jr., 47, was exiting northbound Interstate 275 at 54th Avenue S when he saw car traveling toward him, headed the wrong direction on the exit ramp.
The car slammed into the back of Rinard's Toyota Celica, spinning it around. Rinard thought the other driver, later identified as Melody, was going to stop. But he recovered and continued up the exit ramp and onto I-275, headed toward the Skyway.
Angry, Rinard chased behind, wanting to get the license number.
Rinard followed Melody toward the Skyway, and didn't realize he was traveling south in the northbound lanes until he saw the toll booth on the other side of the road, Rinard said.
He got behind Melody, traveling about 85 mph, and copied his license plate.
Oncoming traffic swerved out of the way, Rinard said.
Rinard pulled beside Melody. He honked his horn, flashed his lights, shouted for him to pull over.
Melody glanced over just once.
"He had kind of a blank look," Rinard said. "I saw no anger, no nothing. I saw no recollection of the accident, or even any emotion toward me. He looked over, then continued on."
Rinard said he pulled in front of Melody and started to decelerate, hoping to slow him down. But he said Melody just inched closer.
Rinard decided to pull off at the northbound rest stop exit, about 40 seconds after the chase began.
"I figured I wasn't going to go over the Skyway and chance it," said Rinard, of St. Petersburg.
He spotted a state trooper at the rest stop and told him a man was heading the wrong way up the bridge.
The trooper sped off, and Rinard stood beneath a full moon, watching the bridge.
He saw a stream of car headlights racing across the bridge, then suddenly, without a sound, they stopped.
Then the sirens began to wail, and Rinard knew what had happened.
Reed was the youngest of three daughters born to Clark and Elflora Reed.
Her middle sister, Monica Williams, described Reed as the most organized of the siblings.
She was funny but had a serious side, Williams said. Since Anthony's birth, Reed was starting to change, her sister said.
"Before, you're a single person and it's all about you," Williams said. "Then, when you have the baby, it kicks in that it's no longer about you. That's why she decided to get the new job. She knew that it was more than just her that she had to feed and support."
Reed graduated high school from Tampa Bay Tech and then began working for Bankers Life and Casualty insurance company.
Her oldest sister, Angela Sosik, said Reed was so good at her job, she won a trip to Hawaii last year.
"She took me as her date," said Sosik. "I was very proud of her."
Elizabeth Ovitt started work for Bankers Life and Casualty on the same day as Reed three years ago. "We were pretty much best friends," Ovitt said. "She was the one I could tell anything to without being judged."
Ovitt said Reed was the "life of the party." She laughed at Ovitt's jokes, even when they weren't funny, Ovitt said.
"I'm going to miss our four-hour chats about nothing . . . that friendship where you could call any time, any place, and just know she would be there on the other line until you're done."
Melody was cited for careless driving, a seat belt violation and an expired tag in June 2003 in Palm Beach County, according to state records.
He was convicted and received three points on his license for the careless driving charge, records show. His driving record also includes a citation for speeding in 1999, 80 in a 60 mph zone.
Melody's relatives declined to comment. "Are you kidding? We're grieving," said a woman who answered the phone Thursday.
Melody's mother died within the last two weeks, said Coggins. Melody's mother, 46-year-old Debby Angelo, owned her own day care center and Yesterday's Cafe in Treasure Island.
He did not know whether that was a factor in Melody's actions, or whether alcohol played a role.
The FHP is awaiting results of toxicology tests, which could take weeks.
Had Joel Melody survived the accident, Reed's sister said she hopes he would have learned a lesson. A lesson, Williams said, she and her family plan to teach to Anthony.
"Own up to your mistakes," Williams said. "Every action has a consequence. And this is one of the most serious actions to be taken. Someone has lost their life."
Reed's sisters are thinking a lot about lessons - lessons Erica Reed won't be around to teach her son.
"She wanted Anthony to go to college, to be a law-abiding citizen," Williams said, "and to be a man that is respectful of women."

02.26.05, © St. Petersburg Times, Driver's pursuit unwise, FHP says

07.10.05, Angela S., Tampa, FL., Thank you for the story on my sister, Erica Reed, who was killed on the Skyway Bridge on 2/24/05. I've recently had the courage to start looking at articles, which why I have not previously given my thanks. May I please request to have any and all stories relating to this accident. Specifically, I am looking for the Butch Rinard mentioned in this article. If you have any information as to how I can contact him since his name was not mentioned in the police report, it is really important to all of our family to locate him. My cell number is 813-[number withheld] if you would like to get in touch with me about anything having to do with my sister. I would like any article clippings, newsclippings, letters to paper expressing their sympathy. As you know, she has a son named Anthony who will never know his mother. Therefore, before this story gets too old in everyones mind, I would like to add to my memory box. I was too choked up to say much when the newspaper columnist contacted our family. But I can now that you just never realize how much a person is part of your life in every aspect. I can barely get through a day without tearing up and it's almost been 5 months. Thank you so much for your attention as I know that your time is very valuable. Again, I would add that this is something that means a lot to my entire family. (we are sorry for your loss. our condolences to you and erica reed's family. this site is mainly focused on people that jump off the bridge under their own power. we post various articles about other skyway incidents only as a side note. we did look around for further information and forwarded our findings to you. if anyone contacts us with more on this story, we will forward that information to you as well. we wish you much success in finding what you seek.) 

06.17.07, Cece, france, I need to reach the sister of my friend Erica Reed that died in a car crash on the skyway Bridge in Tampa, florida. Her sister also wrote on 07.10.05, Angela S.,a thank you letter and gave her number on your site that's apparently being withheld. Please give her my email adress to reach me or give me her number so I can call her. Thank you so much for your help. I need to give her my condoleances and maybe get a picture of Erica. (we passed your email to angela, but it was returned 'no such address'. we then sent you the cell number she provided for contact. good luck.)

09.14.04: car flips near the top, male driver thrown from the bridge, dies.
Christopher Henry, 25
thank you, guygetsthrownoffthebridgenews contributors:
09.14.04, unknown, @7:10 am. FHP responded to accident call on Skyway. Found crumpled car but no driver/passenger. They suspect the driver was thrown into water. Coast Guard searched for a few hours, then suspended search.

09.14.04, Mike, St. Petersburg, Story on ABC Action 28 that mystrious car accident on the north bound span. Hit both walls at a high rate of speed and fliped for 300 yrds and came to rest along the west northbound wall. They said they may have been thrown over or left in another car. Who Knows? We'll see if anything washes up.

09.15.04, Mike R., Largo, FL., Does someone being ejected from a car in a crash count as a jumper? (any unintentional 'jumper' or departure from the bridge will not be treated as an intentional jump. this guy was simply trying to get to his destination and had an unfortunate accident. the deliberate suicidal jumper is what this site is really all about. we post this incident simply as a skyway bridge news item of interest.)

09.17.04, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., Strange over the top Skyway death. This man may not have been committing hari kari, but the end result sure seemed the same. Friday's Bradenton herald police briefs indicate a man's body was found washed up on Egmont Key. Last Friday, Christopher Henry, 25 of Bradenton smashed into the wall on top of the Skyway and hadn't been seen since. Looked like he went over the edge un willingly. This should have a place as an honorable mention in Skyway Annals.... (thanks for the story link, paul.)

09.17.04, Bill E., Brandon, FL., One news article mentioned that the victim did jail time. By searching Florida Dept. of Corrections, his record can be seen, along with a picture. Florida state prison from 4/16/97 to 12/9/02 for cocaine possession. MUST HAVE BEEN A LOT. The Skyway deprives us of another drug dealer....too bad, I'm sure he was a lovely person. Early eyewitness reports said he was driving very erratic, and weaving between lanes. Sounds like he was under the influence of something. He did 4 1/2 years state prison time for cocaine possession. Autopsy results should be interesting. (perhaps mr. henry realized the errors of his way while in jail. maybe he was rehabilitated from his past life of crime and was a stellar pillar of society. then again, we wonder if he will be missed by society in general. to see this guy's criminal record, click here, input S02514 in the DC Number field, click Submit Request up to the right, and HENRY, CHRISTOPHER M on the resulting page.)  rest in peace...
09.14.04,, Coast Guard suspends search after Skyway accident.
The Coast Guard has suspended its search for a driver and possible passengers of a crumpled car found on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tuesday morning. 
Troopers believe the driver was ejected and fell into the water when the vehicle flipped and hit a guardrail. They also said it appears whoever was in the car wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
The Coast Guard searched the waters beneath the bridge for several hours but didn't find the driver or possible passengers.

09.15.04, © St. Petersburg Times, Driver missing after Skyway wreck, Officials fear the driver may have been thrown from the bridge when the car rolled over. The 2002 Chrysler was registered to a Bradenton man. By SHANNON COLAVECCHIO-VAN SICKLER and SAUNDRA AMRHEIN
A rush hour wreck that snarled traffic on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tuesday morning for three hours turned into a mystery for investigators: The driver vanished.
The 2002 Chrysler was going north on Interstate 275 in the inside lane going over the bridge around 6:50 a.m. when the driver crossed over to the outside lane, went onto the paved shoulder and struck the outside wall, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
The vehicle flew into the air, turned counterclockwise, rolled over and hit the inside concrete barrier wall. Troopers at the scene searched the Chrysler but there was no one inside, said FHP spokesman Trooper Larry Coggins. He said anyone inside the vehicle either fell into the water below or rode off in another vehicle before rescue workers arrived. But a number of witnesses arrived quickly at the scene and saw no passenger on the ground or climbing into another vehicle.
"We're fearing the worst - that he or she went over the side," Coggins said. "From the crash to the time it came to rest, passing motorists did not see anyone leaving the scene. No one saw him lying on the road or taking off."
The Coast Guard searched the water but found nothing, Coggins said. FHP says the Chrysler is registered to a Bradenton man, but as of Tuesday evening troopers hadn't determined whether he was driving it at the time of the crash.
"We can't rule out that someone else was driving the car," Coggins said. The car had not been reported stolen, he added.
Coggins said law enforcement officials have been unable to locate the owner of the Chrysler, whom he would not identify, or his family.

09.16.04, © St. Petersburg Times, Owner of crashed, empty car missing, By JAY CRIDLIN and DONG-PHUONG NGUYEN
TAMPA - Authorities now have a face and name to look for in their effort to solve the mystery of the missing driver, who vanished after a car crashed on the Sunshine Skyway bridge Tuesday morning. 
Florida Highway Patrol officials said the parents of 25-year-old Christopher Henry of Bradenton reported him missing. Henry owns the 2002 Chrysler sedan that crashed. No driver was found in the vehicle.
Authorities think the driver was either picked up by a passing motorist or was thrown into the waters below.
"All arrows are pointing to him in the water," said FHP spokesman Trooper Larry Coggins, "but we can't speculate anything, and we can't rule anything out yet."
The crash occurred about 6:50 a.m. According to reports, the car was going north in the bridge's inside lane when it crossed over to the outside lane, went onto the paved shoulder and struck the outside wall. The car went airborne, turning counterclockwise, landed and rolled over and hit the inside concrete barrier wall.
No one was found in the car. The Coast Guard searched surrounding waters and came up empty.
Henry was arrested in 1996 on a charge of cocaine possession. In 1999, he was sentenced to four years in prison on a charge of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. He was released on Dec. 9, 2002.


09.17.041,, Investigators link body to Skyway accident.
The accident happened Tuesday. Investigators say they have confirmed the body of a man found off Egmont Key is the person who drove a car that hit a guardrail on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tuesday.
After the driver hit the rail, the car flipped over.
When investigators arrived on the scene, the driver was not in the vehicle. 
Investigators believe the driver may have been ejected from the car during the crash and was thrown into the water. 
The victim was 25-year-old Christopher Henry of Bradenton, who had been reported missing since the crash. His body was found Thursday.

11.10.05, jericho, sarasota florida usa, i am responding to the message fo christopher henry the crash on the skyway . i really do not appreciatte the rude comments that you have type and that is very disrespectful. and i wish you the worst to be talking about someone so rudely ( drug dealer, and you wonder if he will be missed, and a link to his criminal record) that is very sad and you are very careless. you could of just let him rest in peace. those comments were not called for i would appreciatte it if you rephrased your words because family and everyone can see this website and he is very much missed. thank you.... (we are sorry for the pain mr. henry caused his family. we are sure his actions were more distressing then this site could ever be. mr. henry was a criminal and he will always have that in his history. as a criminal, his picture and criminal history are public record and available for all to see forever more. to avoid such treatment, mr. henry, as well as anyone else, should not become criminals. so you think by simply referring to his drug dealing criminal past, that we are being 'rude'. you are ridiculous. he dealt drugs and got caught. mr. henry = criminal. we did refrain from detailing our preferred treatment of drug dealers. had this treatment been afforded to mr. henry, he may not have been flung off the bridge at all. he would have had all the drugs in his possession at the time of arrest, injected all at once directly into his body. if he survives that, he is free to go. then maybe later flung off the bridge. we stand by our statement, "we wonder if he will be missed by society in general".)
... .
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